US Naval Institute Proceedings - September 1982

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute	Proceedings, Volume 108/9/955, September 1982.

Front Cover, U. S. Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 108/9/955, September 1982. GGA Image ID # 1d079b3ba5

On the Front Cover

An F/A-I8 Hornet streaks toward the zenith, finally breaking free from the controversy that has surrounded its bid to become the first operational aircraft in naval aviation history designed for both fighter and attack roles. (Photograph by Robert L. Lawson)


30 Maneuver Warfare At Sea
By Commander Robert J. Kelsey, USN
Maneuver warfare is too important to be left to the generals; it's time the admirals had a shot at it.
36 Maneuvering in the Falklands
By Commander Robert J. Kelsey, USN
39 The Captain
By Commander John L. Byron, USN
The Navy places great power and responsibility and trust in the hands of those chosen for command.
46 Requiem for the Sixth Fleet?
By Commander P. T. Deutermann, USN
Would disestablishment of the Sixth Fleet be like handing the Mediterranean to the Soviets on a platter?
50 The Navy as Neighbor
By Captain Andrew C. A. Jampoler, USN
Sure, you can fight city hall, as the Navy found out. Whether you can win or not is another question.
57 The Fleet Connection
By Richard Boyle
"Stick close to your desks and never go to sea, and you all may be Rulers of the Queen's Navee!"
62 Lessons From the Past
By Saburo Toyama
Throughout World War II, Japanese planners seem to have ignored history or drawn the wrong lessons from it.
70 The Falklands Conflict
By Sir James Cable
Why did the British fight for distant and rather unimportant islands they had earlier failed to defend?
Nobody asked me, but 122
Wanted: Thirty-year
Book Reviews 97
The Underwater War Infamy
At Dawn We Slept
The Pacific War Professional Notes 105
Thoughts on the
Falkland Islands War Ship Survivability: A Design Trade-Off
The Marines: Taking the Heat
Operating in the I.O. One Hornet, Two Stings
Other Departments
Secretary's Notes 11
Comment & Discussion 20
Books of Interest

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