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Our Navy Magazine 1 July 1959 Fatter Bodies and Fatter Heads

1 July 1959 Our Navy Magazine

The Voice of all Navymen
1 July, 1959
Vol. 54 No. 3

OUR COVER: Old Glory rises of the flagstaff of the carrier Oriskany. Picture, provided courtesy the San Francis° Naval Shipyard "Drydocker," was taken at the Oriskany's recommissioning following a two year yard period.


  • Washington Bulletin
    by Harold Helfer 3
    Latest from the Pentagon and Capitol Hill
  • Bulletin Board of Naval Interest
    by Our Navy Reporters 11
    With bluejackets ashore and afloat and from coast to coast.
  • Navy Sports Through the Long Glass
    by Fred Thornberry 30
    ho won what, when, and where.


  • U.S. Sailors Visit Hong Kong
    by David Strickler 24
    An illustrated description of a fabulous city .
  • Fatter Bodies and Fatter Heads
    by Harold B. Rice 26
    Americans are getting bigger and bigger, weaker and weaker.
  • The Lost Art of The Sea Story
    by Dan Whelpley 32
    The more sophisticated we get. the fewer become our pleasures.


  • The Sudden Fall of Mighty Joe
    by R. N. Sheridan 28
    He was a terror to everyone who crossed his path, except for one.


  • Speaking of Cars              31
  • Contacts & Swaps            45
  • Salt Shakers        44
  • Notes of Interest 46
  • Editorial               48

Editor: Frank Uhlig, Jr.
Assistant Editor: Dean Campbell
Circulation Manager: Chris J. Lund.
Contributing Editors: Harry Dwyer (Sports), Walt Munson, Charles M.
Hatcher, Harold Helfer (Washington), Vic Rendina

address all material to: Our Navy, Inc., 1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn 17, N. Y.

Our Navy is published the 1st and 15th of each month by Our Navy, Inc..

Owen Watson, President; Paul R. Watson, General Manager.

All photographs are official Department of Defense or Our Navy photos unless otherwise credited. All opinions expressed are those of the editors or contributors, and are not necessarily the official views of the Navy Department or the U. S. Government.

Member of Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Entire contents copyrighted, 1959, by OUR NAVY, Inc.

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