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Our Navy Magazine January 1960 Tomorrow's Navy

January 1960 Our Navy Magazine

January 1960
Vol. 55 No. 1

OUR COVER: The strange shape of our cover is the nuclear-powered submarine USS Skipjack (SSN-585), silhouetted against the evening sun at Newport, R. I.


  • Our Navy in Brief 2
  • Tomorrow's Navy            3
  • USS Dewey (Dlg-14) 7
  • Yes, This Is Pio 8
  • Gilbey's Page 10
  • Saga of The Ill-Starred USS Keokuk 11
  • Britain's Newest Sea Fighters 12
  • Paul Revere Rides Again 13
  • Special Sea Detail 14
  • Atlantic Report 17
  • Pacific Report 25
  • The Pineapple Squadron 32
  • Washington Briefs 34
  • Pentagon Report 35
  • Inland Navy Report          41
  • Weapons Reliability Report 42
  • Sports Report 46
  • Movie Report 48
  • Car Report 50
  • Crossword Puzzle 51
  • Salt Shakers 52
  • "Too Much Morale!" 53
  • Contacts and Swaps 57
  • The Wind in The Rigging 61
  • Editorial 64

All photographs are official Department of Defense or Our Navy photos unless otherwise credited. All opinions are those of the editors or contributors, and are not necessarily the official views of the Navy Department or the U. S. Government.

Entire contents copyrighted, 1960, by OUR NAVY, Inc.

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