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Our Navy Magazine 1 December 1959 Future of the WAVES

1 December 1959 Our Navy Magazine

The Voice of all Navymen
1 December 1959
Vol. 54 No. 13

OUR COVER: Mary Lou Baker, TD2, now at NAS Memphis, is shown at the control board of Link Trainer. The soft voice of a woman is a welcome relief to student after the harsher words of airborne instructors.


  • Washington Bulletin
    by Harold Helfer 3
    Latest from the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.
  • Bulletin Board of Naval Interest
    by Our Navy Reporters 11
    With bluejackets ashore and afloat.
  • Navy Sports Through the Long Glass
    by Fred Thornberry 30
    Jacksonville Flyers spin in.


  • The Best Bean Soup in The Navy
    by Emmett Mourn 21
    The all-Navy contest winner's secret.
  • The Future of the WAVES
    by Capt. Joy Bright Hancock, USN (Ret.) 23
    Former top Wave speaks with confidence.
  • In the Air Reserve
    by Ed Galing 24
    Along our second line of defense.
  • Red Sweeney
    by Doug Wilson 28
    Making good on a prayer.
  • The Right Combination
    by William J. Miller, JOCM 32
    Sailors save an Air Force man from a Ions


  • Lesson in Humility
    by Roscoe W. Davis 26
    Whoever this Red Deacon was, he was a sloppy sailor.
  • At Ease
    by E. S. Welch 27
    With the men of the Arizona.
  • Sleeping Beauty-San
    by James W. Hanker 29
    Kissee make everybody takusan happee.


  • Speaking of Cars 31
  • Notes of Interest 46
  • Contacts and Swaps 43
  • Editorial 48

All photographs are official Department of Defense or Our Navy photos unless otherwise =edited. All opinions expressed are those of the editors or contributors, and are mot necessarily the official views of the Navy Department or the U. S. Government.

Entire contents copyrighted, 1959, by OUR NAVY, Inc.

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