Our Navy Magazine February 1960 USS Hancock (CVA-19)

February 1960 Our Navy Magazine

February 1960
Vol. 55 No. 2
The Navy Man's Magazine Founded 1897

On the Cover: Radioman Gary Tatum poses on the USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887) with Noell, the orangoutang from the San Diego Children's Zoo.


  • Inside Our Navy 2
  • Why Pro Pay Laid an Egg 3
  • Norfolk — About Face 5
  • USS Hancock (CVA-19) 8
  • The Really Quite American 10
  • Seabees Play at War 12
  • Frozen, Lonely Continent of Death 13
  • Special Sea Detail (Part II) 15
  • Gilbey's Page 17
  • Atlantic Report 18
  • Pacific Report 25
  • Phib Lant — Stars of The Show 32
  • Washington Briefs 34
  • Pentagon Report 35
  • Sports Report 42
  • Movie Report 44
  • Car Report 46
  • Reading Report 48
  • Sea Story 49
  • Bosun's Bark 54
  • Crossword Puzzle 55
  • Contacts and Swaps 59
  • Salt Shakers 60
  • The Wind in the Rigging 61
  • Editorial 64

All photographs are official Department of Defense or Our Navy photos unless otherwise credited. All opinions are those of the editors or contributors, and are not necessarily the official views of the Navy Department or the U. S. Government.

Entire contents copyrighted, 1960, by OUR NAVY, Inc.

Publisher's Letter

NAVYMEN who reenlist for a second, third, or fourth hitch realize that OUR NAVY is run solely for Navymen. A Chief Radioman wrote, "Please renew my subscription, but send three copies of each issue instead of one. I will give the extra copies to my men so they too, will learn why career men swear by OUR NAVY."

A captain wrote, "I can remember my father saying he read OUR NAVY when he was a plebe at the Academy. It was good enough for him, then, and it is good enough for me now." Letters like these help us do a better job for you. Your letters tell us what's wrong and we proceed to help. For example .. .

It was OUR NAVY who suggested that line officers were poor selections for the posts of running Ship's Service Stores; now wiser heads have changed all this and your Welfare & Recreation Funds attest to the Supply Corps' effectiveness.

With our own money, we sued the government for the return of reenlistment allowances, which had been withheld and for the right of Navymen to sue the government in their local District Courts.

This relieved Navymen of the financial burden of traveling to, and boarding, in Washington, D. C. at their own expense. We won this battle, and while we didn't get the withheld part, you are enjoying reenlistment allowances today.

In more recent years we fought for the return of the Signalman rate, which you now have. We fought to throw out the zippered trousers and return to the 13-button fronts, and every old timer will tell you of our fights with the old Norfolk.

Our editorials, correspondence and personal appeals have helped Navymen against the few misguided officials, civilians, and Congressman who would do him wrong. All we ask in return is for you to continue reading your magazine, for it is created and published just for you.

Some of our readers have gone even further than reading OUR NAVY themselves. They have looked around for a representative to sell the magazine when no one was handling it and several have even recommended us to Welfare & Recreation Committees with surpluses to spend. No matter how you get your copy—just keep on reading it and we will keep on trying to help you and your shipmates.


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