Our Navy Magazine 15 June 1959 Controversial Submarine

15 June 1959 Our Navy Magazine

The Voice of All Navymen
15 June, 1959
Vol. 54 No. 2

OUR COVER: This is not the world's most controversial submarine. For that story, see page 23. This is the Growler (SSG-577) from which the Regulus I missile was fired successfully just 3,000 yards off the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station. For a complete rundown of the important role this base is playing in missile readiness, see page 21.


  • Washington Bulletin
    by Harold Helfer 3
    Latest from the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.
  • Bulletin Bluejackets Interest
    by Our Navy Reporters 11
    With bluejacket, ashore and afloat and from coast to coast.
  • Navy Sports Through the Long Glass
    by Fred Thornberry 30
    Who won what, when, and when


  • Roosevelt Roads
    by E. S. Welch, J02 21
    It may become most important bastion on the Atlantic Coast.
  • Goodbye East Main
    by Paul B. Anderson, JOC 22
    A. beat up old chief takes a last look at Navy's famous street.
  • The World's Most Controversial Submarine
    by Norman C. Polmar 23
    The inside dope on the USS Triton.
  • Fantasy to Fact
    by Harold Helfer 27
    There's a crewless craft in your future.


  • Cinderella-San and The Glass Getas
    by James W. Hanker 28
    A modern fable.


  • Broadway Scuttlebutt 29
  • Speaking of Cars 31
  • Our Reel Navy 32
  • Platter Periscope 34
  • Swaps 43
  • Sound Off! 44
  • Notes of Interest              45
  • Editorial 48

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