Our Navy Magazine - 15 August 1949 - Traditions

15 August 1949 OurNavy Magazine

Our Navy
Mid-August, 1949 Vol. XIV, No. 6

Cover Picture. USS BEATTY DD-756 and USS KEARSARGE CV-33 refuel at sea from USS PAWCATUCK AO-108 during Caribbean maneuvers.


Table of Contents: THE LOG

  • Traditions of the Navy
    by C. W. Windas 2
  • Our Naval Views and Comments
    by the Editor 3
  • Operation Student
    by Lee E. Roach 4
  • Peepsight and the Atom Bomb
    by Harold Helfer 8
  • The Flight of the Aerobee
    by Robert P. Rypinsky 11
  • Delving in the Deep
    by Jay Williams 13
  • USS BURNS DD-588 15
  • Crossword Puzzle 17
  • State Bonuses
    by W. R. Kreh 18
  • Naval Air News 20
  • Match-O-Philes
    by Walt Mensch 24
  • Salt Shakers
    by Walt Munson 25
  • Bulletin Board of Naval Interest 26
  • Personnel Information 32
  • Sports Around the Fleet 34
  • Notes of Interest 40
  • Lay Aft on the Fantail 47
  • Skipper and the Boot 48

Take a Bearing On

"Operation Student" by Lee E. Roach. Lee, currently working with PIO, took his first trip on a submarine with some of the students and faculty of the Armed Forces Staff College of Norfolk. He has expressed in this article his feelings about submariners, and his great respect for them. Written in a sometimes frivolous fashion, the article tells, for the inexperienced mariner, just what to expect on that first cruise in a pigboat. The admiration expressed by Lee is not only an expression of his feelings, but those of the Army and Air Forces as well. The submarines, more than any other naval craft, seem to demonstrate that team work is the essential element for success in any military operation, whether it be intra-Navy or inter-service.

* * *

"Peepsight and the Atom Bomb" by Harold Helfer. He's back, and just as naively stupid as before. Yes, Peepsight, the pride of the Navy, just can't keep out of trouble. His latest episode deals with the atom and with a group of foreign spies which he astounds with his comprehensive knowledge of what should be done with the atom rather than splitting it. The whole story revolves around a gardenia, and that a flower by any name smells as sweet . . . just so long as it is a gardenia. Peepsight's mountainous pile of stupidity is a blessing when it comes to dealing with the you-know-what.

* * *

"Flight of the Aerobee" by Robert P. Rypinsky. Launching rockets into the stratosphere and above from shipboard has been in question for just about as long as the Country has been working with that powerful weapon. It has now been done, and Mr. Rypinsky has given us an excellent description of the tenseness and effort apparent when the Navy took the USS NORTON SOUND off the coast of Peru with the intention of determining whether it could be done.

* * *

"Delving in the Deep" by Jay Williams. The trials and tribulations, plus the training, of divers for operational work below the surface are herein described by Mr. Williams. Whether or not you are a diver, it is an interesting article that will convince you that diving is a dangerous business, even with the exceptional amount of training and the great number of precautionary measures taken by the Navy for the diver's protection.

* * *

"State Bonuses" by W. R. Kreh. Bill is back with us this issue to give you a comprehensive coverage of the question of state bonuses. Whether anything has been done in your state, or whether anything will be done, is included in this fine collection of facts. The collecting of state bonuses is a big question now, and it might be worth your while to determine your eligibility now.

* *

Naval Air News is primarily dedicated to LTA as summarized by RADM C. E. Rosendahl, USN (Ret.) in this issue. Although the blimp and the dirigible are looked upon as something somewhat behind the times, ADM Rosendahl's outlook is that, given half a chance, LTA can become a very potent weapon.

* * *

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EDITOR: R. W. Dibling
Written By and For All Navymen.
Member Audit Bureau of Circulations
CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Harry Dwyer, Glenn W. Dye,
Walt Munson, B. G. Nelson, Charles M. Hatcher, A. F.
Schroeder, Jr., Richard A. Shafter, and Cedric W. Windas.

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