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U.S. Navy Magazine - 4th Quarter 1985

Front Cover, U.S. Navy Magazine: The Independent News Sentinel of the Navy, 4th Quarter 1985.

Front Cover, U.S. Navy Magazine: The Independent News Sentinel of the Navy, 4th Quarter 1985. GGA Image ID # 1cff60e339

The 4th Quarter 1985 issue articles include "OUR NAVY'S SHIP OF THE QUARTER" USS AUGUSTA SSN710, MIA Report, Navy Awards Fleet & Personnel Awards, Change of Command Around the Fleet, and More.

Table of Contents


  • Skipper's Message
  • 'Who? What? Where? When? Why?' Before Reading
  • First Class News Around the World
  • MIA Report
  • Pacific Report Pacific Fleet Activities
  • Atlantic Report Atlantic Fleet Activities
  • Sports In Brief Ship & Shore
  • Navy Awards Fleet & Personnel Awards
  • Change of Command Around the Fleet
  • In The Mediterranean with the Sixth Fleet 6th Fleet Activities
  • Families and the Fleet Navy Family News
  • Chaplain's Corner Religious Activities in the Fleet
  • Locator Patrol Special Search Column
  • VA News à Commentary
  • Washington and the Fleet News Update from DC
  • In the Ship's Library Books of Interest
  • The F ANT AIL A Look Back
  • The HORIZON A Look Ahead
  • Editorial Comment
  • SAY AGAIN/Memorable Experiences Letters to the Editor
  • 'The Best Part' Laugh Lines
  • Cyndee's Mess Recipie Column For the Gals
  • Navy Necrology The Passing of Navymen of Interest
  • OUR NAVY'S LIBERTY CALL Toulon. France by James Seda, USN
  • Minute Briefs Last Minute News


  • REUNIONS Recent & Upcoming Reunions and Stories
  • Official USN Reunion Listing Largest Reunion Listing in World


  • WSAR TV2 : USS SARATOGA CV60 Peter Denworth, USN
  • The Taste of a 'New Generation' - IS NOT PEPSI!
  • What To Say When Mom Asks, 'What Kind Of Navy Are You In?'
  • My Newest Friend - Is Also My Oldest A Special Interview
  • No Time To Quit! Reenlisting in the U.S. Navy
  • CHINA: Waiting for Our Navy
  • Missing Your Wife
  • Problem on the USS PETREL ASR14
  • Chicago Bears
  • "We Don't Forget ln I RONTON, OHIO" an interview
  • Please Don't Forget Me! I'm Hurt A Special Report
  • Just For A Friend A Suprise For Michael Madden

U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE is published quarterly by PATRIOT PUBLICATIONS of AMERICA. PO Pox 6061, South Station. Fall River. MA 02724. The entire contents of this magazine is COPYRIGHT 1986 by Michael G. Stevenson and family. Copies are on file in the Library of Congress. Washington. DC.

No part of this publication may be reproduced without express consent of the copyright. All material presented in U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE are the views of the editorial staff or contributors, and arc not necessarily the views of the Department of the Navy or U.S. government. This is an independently published magazine and has no official connection with the United States Navy.

Excerpts from "The Skipper's Message

All issues of U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE are dedicated to both our serving youth and former sailors. But this Issus has a special attachment for it represents the beginning of a challenge for all Americans, whether sailors, veterans, or citizens.

This is the "LAUNCH ISSUE "of a national campaign for all of America to "KNOW OUR NAVY!" It's the beginning of a learning relationship between old and new sailors, the youth of America, and everyday citizens. It's the start of a campaign to send * SILVER STAR * copies all over the country to VA facilities and Veteran's Homes so that we may demonstrate our remembrance of these men, who were once "boys" defending our way of life.

It's the launch of a campaign to send * SILVER STAR * copies to high schools and public places from Maine ta Oregon so that our youth and everyday citizens may "KNOW THEIR NAVY!" It's a campaign to teach the fleet the essentials of genuine PRIDE AND PROFESSION A HIM In the United States Navy.

As everyday American citizens, you and I do not realize the many ways in which the Navy is part of our lives. When you read U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE, it is hoped that you will begin to sec a relationship in your own lives with our country's Navy.

I hope you understand the effort it will take to achieve most of these goals. One does not need lookers or talkers. I need people to help me, to hear me, and to support me.

I don't care who you are, a sailor, an officer, a veteran, a carpenter, a plumber, a taxi driver, a corporate executive, or the President of the United States. Find the time and a chair - sit down and read this magazine from cover to cover. Look past the errors and understand the message we all need to hear.

Excerpt from THE FACTS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW Before Reading

Though the beginning of U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE was in 1972 in a little room in Toledo, Ohio, the first official issue was published in March 1976 after the Stevenson family moved to Newport, RI.

For the first two years, the magazine was published biannually. In 1978, after Stevenson bought his first printing press, the magazine began quarterly printing. The magazine was written and published in the evening hours after Stevenson worked at a car dealership as a mechanic.

Stevenson has worked in many capacities, earning extra money to ensure the publication of his dream. Today, because of a fire in 1980, U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE is published in Newport, RI, by a faithful printer who understands the principles and purpose of this magazine.

From 1898 through 1972, 75 years, Owen, Paul, and Jack Watson published the famous and respected OUR NAVY Magazine. It was a privately published, independent, family-owned Navy magazine that entertained generations of sailors.

When OUR NAVY ceased publication in 1972 - as a former reader - Stevenson realized the loss of a faithful friend and, therefore, was determined to do his best to replace the magazine. It was also the opportunity for the 20-year-old Stevenson to bring into reality his dream of telling America about her Navy.

It was and is a particular dream of Stevenson to demonstrate the honor and respect due to our country's veterans and serving youth, wherever they may be.

This is one reason he began the *SILVER STAR* distribution program, whereby copies of U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE are distributed all over the country freely by its readership (barber shops, laundromats, high schools, doctor's offices, etc.).

Each quarter the President, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Chief of Naval Operations are sent personal copies accompanied by a letter from the Stevensons. All U.S. ships receive at least one *SILVER STAR* copy each quarter. This monumental and costly task is accomplished through U.S. NAVY MAGAZINE'S profits!

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