Approach - Diverting Carrier Aircraft - January 1961

1961-01 Approach: The Naval Aviation Safety Review Magazine

APPROACH Vol. 6, No. 7, January 1961
The Naval Aviation Safety Review
Published by U. S. Naval Aviation Safety Center


  • Bingo Fuel
    Fuel Computation For Diverting Carrier Aircraft To Landing Fields 3
  • 'C' Notes
    Carrier Flight Operational Tips 8
  • Match for Met Man
    A Wartime Forecaster Gets a Line on Local Weather From the Natives 10
  • Target for Today
    Incidents Submitted by Any mouse 13
  • Headmouse
    Technical Questions and Answers 16
  • Pedal Pushers
    Aircraft Braking Technique 18
  • Rub-A-Dub-Dub
    Two Pilots Struggle for a One-Man Raft 24
  • Details, Details
    Events Leading to A4D Accident 26
  • Slide Out!
    Narratives of F3D Bailouts 28
  • In the Blind
    Ejection and Survival After F4D Collision 30
  • Notes from Your Flight Surgeon 34\
  • Runaway!
    Inadvertent Operation of Afterburner Causes F4D To Jump Chocks 36
  • Down but not Locked
    Mechanic-Induced Wheel Retractions During Maintenance 42
  • Notes & Comments on Maintenance 45
  • It Could Be YOU
    FOD Prevention 46
  • Murphy's Law
    Crossed Wires in Fuel Pump Cause F8U Explosion 47

From the Back Cover

Approach Magazine, January 1961, Back Cover

Why SOP?

Analysis of the Aircraft Accident Reports for just the three months of January, February and March 1960 reveals that 23 of 162 accidents were associated with non-adherence to a non-existence of standing operating procedures! In these 23 accidents there were 10 fatal accidents with a total of 30 fatalities and 23 aircraft destroyed. The total dollar loss amounted to more than 17 millions.

This is a high price to pay just for the privilege of doing things differently!

Publication Information

Purpose and Policies: APPROACH is published monthly by the U.S. Naval Aviation Safety Center and is distributed to naval aeronautical organizations on the basis of 1 copy per 12 persons.

It presents the most accurate information currently available on the subject of aviation accident prevention. Contents should not be construed as regulations, orders or directives. Material extracted from Aircraft Accident Reports (OpNays 3750-1 and 3750-10), Medical On. cer's Reports (OpNav 3750-8) and Any. mouse (anonymous) Reports may not be construed as incriminating under Art. 81.

UCMJ. Photos : Official Navy or as credited, Non-naval activities are requested to contact NASC prior to reprinting APPROACH material.

Correspondence: Contributions are welcome as are comments and criticisms. Views expressed in guest-written articles are not necessarily those of NASC.

Requests for distribution changes should be directed to NASC, NAS Norfolk 11, Va., Att: Literature Dep't.

Printing: Printing of this publication approved by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, 31 Dec 1957.

Subscriptions: Single copy 30 cents; 1-year subscription $3.25; • 75 cents additional for foreign mailing.

Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C.

Library of Congress Catalog No. 57-60020.

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