RMS Ivernia Passenger List 24 May 1910

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Ivernia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 24 May 1910 from Liverpool to Boston.

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Ivernia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 24 May 1910 from Liverpool to Boston, Commanded by Captain Thomas Potter. GGA Image ID # 159f3cd39d

This passenger list contained Map of Cunard Line New Express Route: New York to London & Continent (Direct) via Fishguard.

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Captain: Thomas Potter
  • Surgeon: J. M. G. Ewing
  • Purser: J. N. L. Roberts
  • Assistant Purser : G. D. Lancaster
  • Chief Steward: J. C. Sharpe


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. B. M. Adam and Infant
  2. Master John Adam
  3. Mr. G. R. Allan
  4. Miss S. Allen
  5. Mrs. B. Almond
  6. Miss E. Amies
  7. Mr. K. W. Anderson
  8. Miss O. Anderson
  9. Miss A. Anderson
  10. Mr. George Anderton
  11. Mrs. Anderton
  12. Master Albert Anderton
  13. Master E. Anderton
  14. Mrs. H. Andrew
  15. Miss E. Andrew
  16. Mr. J. S. Armstrong
  17. Mrs. G. Ashworth
  18. Mr. John Atkinson
  19. Miss H. Baldwin
  20. Mrs. R. A. Barker
  21. Mrs. Bartlett
  22. Miss Nancy Bartlett and Maid
  23. Mr. W. Bellis
  24. Miss M. Bellis
  25. Miss R. Bellis
  26. Mr. W. Berenquin
  27. Mrs. E. Berenquier
  28. Miss C. C. Black
  29. Miss K. Black
  30. Mr. L. Bottomley
  31. Mrs. E. Bowker
  32. Mrs. M. Bracewell
  33. Mr. James Bratherton
  34. Miss M. Brennand
  35. Miss Annie Brogan
  36. Mr. H. Brook bank
  37. Mr. K. P. Brooks
  38. Mrs. Brooks
  39. Miss Brooks
  40. Mrs. C. M. Brooks
  41. Mr. George Brooks
  42. Mr. W. Brooks
  43. Mr. William Burrows
  44. Miss F. E. Burrows
  45. Mrs. E. Butterworth
  46. Mrs. Butterworth
  47. Mr. F. L. Callister
  48. Miss A. Cameron
  49. Miss Mary H. Caroline
  50. Mr. J. Campbell
  51. Mrs. P. Capper
  52. Miss Florence Capper
  53. Mr. L. Carine
  54. Miss J. Charlton
  55. Miss M. A. Clarke
  56. Miss Lizzie Cleland
  57. Miss A. Collister
  58. Mrs. S. Coope
  59. Miss K. Coupland
  60. Mr. J. Cowburn
  61. Mr. Cowell
  62. Miss Crabtree
  63. Mr. Henry Crampton
  64. Mrs. Crampton
  65. Mr. J. H. Crooks
  66. Mr. G. Cunningham
  67. Mr. George Curnow
  68. Mrs. Cuzner
  69. Mr. James Daly
  70. Mr. J. S. Day
  71. Mr. B. W. Deane
  72. Mrs.. B. Deane
  73. Mr. O. H. Dingsor
  74. Mrs. Dingsor and Child
  75. Mrs. C. A. Dixon
  76. Mr. T. Douther
  77. Mr. Owen Dyer
  78. Mr. William Dyer
  79. Mrs. A. Dyson
  80. Miss L. Dyson
  81. Mr: J. Earnshaw
  82. Mrs. D. Easterly
  83. Master C. Easterly
  84. Mr. A. J. Ebbatson
  85. Mrs. Ebbatson
  86. Mr. F Ellison
  87. Miss Ellison
  88. Mr. C. W. Entwistle
  89. Miss J. Entwistle
  90. Mr. N. Flatin
  91. Mr. R. Forrest
  92. Mrs. Forrest
  93. Master R. Forrest
  94. Master Robert Forrest
  95. Mr. B. Forrest
  96. Mr. S. Forrest
  97. Mrs. S. Fowler
  98. Mr. R. Freidman
  99. Mrs. A. J. Gabbott
  100. Mrs. S. A. Garside
  101. Miss L. Garside
  102. Miss A. Garside
  103. Master A. Garside
  104. Mr. F. Garside
  105. Mrs. A. Gold
  106. Mr. W. P. Good
  107. Mrs. Gourlay
  108. Miss E. Gourlay
  109. Miss M. Gourlay
  110. Miss E. Gourlay
  111. Miss L. Gourlay
  112. Master A. Gourlay
  113. Mr. J. Grant
  114. Miss L. Greene
  115. Mr. W. Greenwood
  116. Mrs. E. Gribble
  117. Miss E. Gribble
  118. Miss A. Hague
  119. Mrs. A. Hanly
  120. Master James Hanly
  121. Master Wilfred Hanly
  122. Mr. George W. Hant
  123. Mrs. Hant
  124. Miss Hant
  125. Miss Hant
  126. Mrs. M. Hanks
  127. Miss Ada Hanks
  128. Master John Hanks
  129. Mr. John Hargreaves
  130. Mr. D. Haringman
  131. Mrs. C. Harland
  132. Miss B. Harley
  133. Miss R. A. Harley
  134. Mr. J. Harrison
  135. Miss Harrison
  136. Mrs. H. Harroby
  137. Mr. H. Haslam
  138. Miss K, Hayes
  139. Miss L. Hewerdine
  140. Mr. E. Heys
  141. Mrs. C. Heys and Infant
  142. Mrs. S. Hill
  143. Miss A. Hill
  144. Rev. Holton
  145. Mrs. Holton
  146. Master H. Holton
  147. Miss Ruth Holton
  148. Miss Sylvia Holton
  149. Mr. William Hornshaw
  150. Mrs. Horrocks
  151. Mr. J. Horsby
  152. Miss A. Howarth
  153. Mrs. M. Howarth
  154. Miss M. Hughes
  155. Miss K. Hunt
  156. Miss H. Hurst
  157. Mr. J. R. Ingham
  158. Mrs. Ingham
  159. Mr. B. Jackson
  160. Mr. J. L. Jackson
  161. Miss J. Janson
  162. Mr. J. Jelly
  163. Mrs. M. Jelly
  164. Mrs. H. Johanson and Infant
  165. Miss Johanson
  166. Miss D. Johanson
  167. Miss K. Johnson
  168. Miss K. Joseph
  169. Miss L. Kearney
  170. Mr. I. Keillen
  171. Mrs. C. E. Kellett
  172. Master F. Kellett
  173. Miss M. Kidney
  174. Miss G. Kilpatriek
  175. Mr. S. Kirkwood
  176. Miss E. Kirkwood
  177. Mr. W. Knowles
  178. Mr. Simon Kurtis
  179. Mr. H. Lancey
  180. Mrs. Lancey and Infant
  181. Mr. G. Langenus
  182. Miss L. Larson
  183. Miss Lena Larson
  184. Mrs. E. Law
  185. Mr. Charles Lay
  186. Mr. J. J. Layland
  187. Mrs. M. E. Lee
  188. Miss M. Lee
  189. Miss S. Leigh
  190. Mr. R. Little
  191. Miss B. Littlejohn
  192. Miss I. Littlejohn
  193. Mr. Herbert Lord
  194. Mrs. Lord and Infant
  195. Master E. Lord
  196. Miss Lord
  197. Miss A. Lowe
  198. Mrs. N. Lund
  199. Miss B. Lyons
  200. Mr. K. P. Magnusson
  201. Mr. M. Mahony
  202. Miss M. Marrow
  203. Mr. B. Marshall
  204. Mrs. E. A. Martin
  205. Master H. Martin
  206. Master Harry Martin
  207. Miss O. Massey
  208. Miss M. L. May
  209. Mrs. Evelyn Mayoh
  210. Master Robert Mayoh
  211. Master Harry Mayoh
  212. Miss Lucy. Mayoh
  213. Mr. William H. Mlicot
  214. Mrs. E. Mercer
  215. Miss F. Mercer
  216. Miss Ellen Metcalf
  217. Miss Dora Middleton
  218. Mr. Harry Miles
  219. Mrs. P. Mitten
  220. Miss B. Monk
  221. Miss M. Morrisey
  222. Mrs. M. Mulligan
  223. Mrs. A. Mulvey
  224. Mr. P. Munnock
  225. Master W. Munnock
  226. Master H. Munnock
  227. Mr. J. Naismith
  228. Mrs. J. Nelson
  229. Mrs. M. Nelson
  230. Miss Agnes Newell
  231. Mr. R. W. Nicoll
  232. Miss Alice Nield
  233. Mr. William Norse
  234. Mrs. E. Nuttall
  235. Mr. F. Ogden
  236. Mr. J. Ormerod
  237. Mrs. Ormerod
  238. Mrs. S. E. Oxley
  239. Mr. D. O. Pascoe
  240. Mrs. H. Pascoll
  241. Mr. H. Pascoll
  242. Master H. G. Pascoll
  243. Miss E. Peake
  244. Miss M. Pemberton
  245. Mr. J. Pennington
  246. Mr. B. Pickard
  247. Mr. F. Pickup
  248. Mr. James Price
  249. Mr. J. A. Proctor
  250. Mr. J. J. Rainbow
  251. Mr. Fred. Raistrick
  252. Mrs. Raistrick
  253. Mr. J. Reay
  254. Mrs. A. Rees
  255. Mr. William Renahen
  256. Mr. J. Reid
  257. Mrs. J. Reid
  258. Mr. A. Richards
  259. Miss E. Righy
  260. Mr. G. H. Riley
  261. Mrs. Riley
  262. Mr. George Robertson
  263. Miss M. Robertson
  264. Mrs. E. Robinson
  265. Miss K. Robinson
  266. Mrs. A. Rollins
  267. Master E. Rollins
  268. Master C. H. Rollins
  269. Mr. F. Rosenberg
  270. Miss M. Rosenberg
  271. Mr. R. B. Russell
  272. Master H. Russell
  273. Master G. W. Russell
  274. Miss B. M. Russell
  275. Mr. R. Scaiffe
  276. Mrs. Schofield
  277. Mrs. E. Sewell
  278. Master N. Sewell
  279. Mr. W. Shelton
  280. Mrs. H. Shelton
  281. Master B. Shelton
  282. Master H. Shelton
  283. Mr. J. H. Shepherd
  284. Mrs. M. Slater
  285. Master G. Slater
  286. Mrs. M. A. Smith
  287. Mr. W. H. Stanley
  288. Mrs. H. M. Stones and Infant
  289. Master D. Stones
  290. Miss B. Stones
  291. Miss Alice Stones
  292. Miss A, Stones
  293. Mrs. E. Strickland
  294. Mr. L. Strong
  295. Mrs. E. Surbrets and Infant
  296. Miss S. Surbrets
  297. Mr. S. J. Svenson
  298. Miss H. Svensen
  299. Mr. G. H. Swain
  300. Mr. Switzer
  301. Mrs. Switzer and Child
  302. Mr. W. Thompson
  303. Miss J. Thompson
  304. Mrs. M. A. Thorn and Infant
  305. Miss E. Thorn
  306. Master W. Thorn
  307. Miss A. Thornton
  308. Mr. H. Thomas
  309. Mrs. Titherington
  310. Mr. J. E. Tollan
  311. Mrs. C. Tomlinson and Infant
  312. Mr. A. Turner
  313. Mrs. J. Turner
  314. Miss N. Turner
  315. Mr. R. Upton
  316. Mrs. William Usher and Child
  317. Mr. R. H. Wade
  318. Mr. Victor Wade
  319. Miss H. Wahlgren
  320. Mrs. S. Waisaner
  321. Mr. E. Wallis
  322. Mrs. Wallis
  323. Mr. H. Walton
  324. Miss M. E. Warburton
  325. Miss M. H. Wardle
  326. Mrs. L. J. Waring
  327. Master Harold Waring
  328. Mr. A. H. Watson
  329. Miss J. F. Watt
  330. Mr. George Whalley
  331. Mrs. Whalley
  332. Miss Emma Whalley
  333. Master George Whalley
  334. Mr. J. Whittaker
  335. Mrs. Whittaker
  336. Mr. R. Wilkinson
  337. Mrs. Wilkinson
  338. Mr. W. Williams
  339. Mr. L. Williams
  340. Miss W. Williams
  341. Mrs. M. Wilson
  342. Miss A. Wilson
  343. Master D. Wilson
  344. Mr. Thomas G. Windle
  345. Mr. D. Winter
  346. Mrs. E. Winter
  347. Miss E. Winter
  348. Master D. Winter
  349. Master G. Winter
  350. Miss Annie Winter
  351. Mr. W. Winter
  352. Mr. D. Winter
  353. Miss C. Wistrand
  354. Mr. W. Wood
  355. Mrs. S. Wood
  356. Master A. Wood
  357. Master H. Wood
  358. Mr. Henry Woods
  359. Mrs. Woods
  360. Miss Woods
  361. Master J. Woods

Additional Passengers

  1. Miss Annie Allen
  2. Mr. Edward Creswick
  3. Miss M. A. Coleman
  4. Mr. R. E. Dawson
  5. Mr. Andrew Duxbury
  6. Master H. R. Deane
  7. Master George W. Deane
  8. Miss Beatrice Deane
  9. Mr. A. Denby
  10. Mrs. M. Ekberg
  11. Mr. E. A. Germonferez
  12. Mr. W. Greenwood
  13. Mr. George W. Hunt
  14. Mrs. Hunt
  15. Miss Hunt
  16. Miss Bertha E. Hunt
  17. Mr. George R. Hall
  18. Mr. Jno. Naylor
  19. Mr. Frank Pascoe
  20. Mr. Chas. H. Rollins
  21. Mrs. Frances Robinson
  22. Mr. Olaf H. Solem - Cunard Steamship Line Trondhjem, Norway Agency
  23. Mr. V. Sanderson
  24. Mrs. Schofield's Child
  25. Miss Annie Thorley

Corrections to Ships List

Miss J. Entwistle should read Mrs. J. Entwistle

Passengers Not on Board

  1. Miss K. Black
  2. Miss J. Charlton
  3. Mr. George W. Hant
  4. Mrs. Hant
  5. Miss Hant
  6. Miss Hant
  7. Mrs. Horrocks
  8. Miss L. Larson
  9. Mr. P. Munnock
  10. Master W. Munnock
  11. Master H. Munnock
  12. Mrs. M. Nelson
  13. Mr. George Robertson
  14. Miss K. Robinson
  15. Master C. H. Rollins
  16. Master H. Russell
  17. Master G. W. Russell
  18. Miss B. M. Russell
  19. Mrs. William Usher's Child
  20. Mr. D. Winter

Information For Passengers

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times :

  • Breakfast at 8:00 am;
  • Dinner 12:30 pm;
  • Tea 5:30 pm;
  • Supper 8:30 pm

The Bar and Smoking Room will be closed at 11:00 pm

Seats at Table.—Application may be made at any of the Chief Offices, or to the Second Cabin Steward on board the steamer.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10:30 am

Baggage.—All enquiries regarding baggage should be addressed to the Purser.

Steamer Chairs may be hired from the Deck Steward at a cost of 4s. for the voyage.

Valuables.—The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables or money are kept in the staterooms. The same should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt will be given on the Company's form. As no charge is made for carriage the Company can not accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board.

Exchange of Money.—The Purser is authorized to exchange money at the following rates. He will give American money for English at $4.80 to the pound sterling and English money for U.S. Currency at £1 sterling for $4.95.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating any Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided free.

Dogs.—Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board.

Arrivals at Liverpool—Time of Landing Passengers.—

When any of the Company's steamers arrive alongside the Liverpool Landing Stage after 8:00 pm it is optional for the Passengers, to go on shore that night. In the event, however, of their remaining on board, they will be landed after breakfast the following morning, either at the Stage or in dock as circumstances may make desirable.

When the vessel reaches the river but does not come alongside the Stage, to prevent inconvenience and to meet emergencies, any Passengers desirous of disembarking will on arrival of the steamer be landed, with hand baggage only, by tender, provided that the Purser is advised immediately after departure from Queenstown of the passenger's wish to do so. Notice will be placed in the Companionway on arrival at Queenstown advising Passengers of anticipated arrival at Liverpool, and arrangements for landing.

Arrivals in Boston.—When any of the Company's steamers arrive at the Wharf after 8:00 pm, Passengers have the option of remaining on board over night and landing after Breakfast the following morning.

Special Trains area run between Euston Station, London, and Riverside Station, Liverpool, in connection with the departure of these Steamers. All the other Railway Stations in Liverpool are within a few minutes' drive of the Prince's Stage.

Ship's Orchestra

The "IVERNIA" carries an orchestra of highly-trained musicians, which will play at the undermentioned times and places :—

  • Second Class Dining Saloon : 10-30 to 11-30 a.m
  • First Class Dining Saloon : 1:00 to 2-00 p.m
  • Second Class Dining Saloon : 3-00 to 4:00 p.m
  • First Class Dining Saloon : 7:10 to 8-10 p.m
  • First Class Dining Saloon : 9:00 to 10:00 pm

This arrangement may be altered as circumstances necessitate.

Travellers' International Cheques.

For the convenience of its Patrons the Cunard Company now, issues Cheques of $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00, with Foreign money equivalents, at which they will be cashed by its Agents and Correspondents throughout the world, distinctly printed thereon; thus providing not only the safest and most economical means of taking funds abroad; with an absolute certainty as to value, but also A SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE MEANS of IDENTIFICATION in Case of NEED.

Full information regarding these Cheques will be given on application to any of the Company's principal Agencies throughout the United States.

This Steamer is Fitted with Marconi's System of Wireless Telegraphy and Also with Submarine Signalling Apparatus.

Wireless Telegram Rates.

United States.—The minimum Marconi Rate, via Sea Gate, Sagaponack or South Wellfleet (Cape Cod), or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations is 8s. 4d. for ten words. Each extra word 6d.; text only counted; address and, signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The minimum rate via Siasconsett or Cape Race, or through the medium of a passing steamer and these stations is 12s. 6d. for ten words. Each extra word 9d; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The minimum Marconi Rate via Sable Island, or through the medium of a passing steamer and this station is 16s. 8d. for ten words. Each extra word, Is.; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

United Kingdom.—The minimum Marconi Rate, via Crookhaven, or other stations in the United Kingdom, or through the medium of a passing steamer, is 10d. per word; every word in address, text, and signature counted; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

Ship To Ship.—Minimum Rate, 8d. per word : every word in address, text, and signature counted, and all fees must be prepaid.

This Steamer is Fitted with Marconi's System of Wireless Telegraphy Also with The Submarine Signalling Apparatus.

The " Lusitania " and "Mauretania " are the Largest and Fastest Steamers in The World.

Extra : Liverpool-New York Service (May 1910)

"Carmania" & "Caronia."

The " Carmania " (Turbine) and " Caronia" have now taken their place in the Liverpool-New York Tuesday service, and with the exception of the sailing of the " Caronia " on Saturday, 23rd July, they will maintain a regular mid-week fortnightly service between Liverpool and New York. Outwards from Liverpool these mid-week steamers call at Queenstown, and leaving New York for Liverpool on the Saturday, they will call at both Queenstown and Fishguard.

These vessels are among the largest and finest on the Atlantic, and have magnificent accommodation. They are each 20,000 tons gross, and their great size, special design, and bilge keels have won for them a high reputation for steadiness in all kinds of weather.

Minimum Second Cabin Rate, £11.


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