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RMS Caronia Passenger List - 8 May 1906

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Caronia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 8 May 1906 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Caronia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 8 May 1906 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain James C. Barr. GGA Image ID # 159c4b9825

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: James C. Barr
  2. Surgeon: Benj. Pitt Johnson
  3. Chief Steward: W. T. Bryden
  4. Purser: Joseph Lancaster
  5. Asst. Purser: J. C. Humphreys
  6. Typist & Steno: Miss Cummins
  7. Purser's Clerk: Ernest J. Robin


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mrs. A. D. Aldrich
  2. Mr. George H. Archibald
  3. Mrs. Archibald
  4. Miss Ethel J. Archibald
  5. Mr. J. Benn, Jr.
  6. Mr. H. E. Bennett
  7. Mr. F. Bird
  8. Mrs. Bird
  9. Mrs. Marshall A. Bishop
  10. Miss Helene Bishop
  11. Mrs. Ellen Brown
  12. Mrs. Porter Chandler
  13. Master P. Ralph Chandler
  14. Mr. John Cheshire
  15. Mrs. H. B. Cook
  16. Mr. S. W. Cropper
  17. Mr. D. A. Curle
  18. Mr. W. H. Dawson
  19. Miss Gladys Dean
  20. Mr. Alex. Dow
  21. Mrs. Dow
  22. Master George Lathrop Dow
  23. Master James Douglas Dow (2 May 1900 - 14 Jan 1991)
  24. Mr. C. R. Dunbar
  25. Mrs. Dunbar
  26. Miss Alice Farncomb
  27. Mrs. C. Fender
  28. Mrs. Ezra C. Fitch and Maid (Ezra C. Fitch held two patents on watch case design and one on dial manufacturing. He was also the Managing Superintendent at Waltham and then the President from 1883 to 1921. )
  29. Miss Fitch
  30. Mr. A. J. Forbes - Arthur J. Forbes - Promeninet New York Businessman
  31. Mr. Howard Frank
  32. Mrs. Frank
  33. Miss Mary D. Frank
  34. Mr. C. J. Garland
  35. Mr. Eugene Gindre
  36. Mr. F. A. Goodwin
  37. Major J. R. D. Graham
  38. Mr. C. E. Graham
  39. Mr. J. A. Graham, Jr.
  40. Mr. W. T. Gray
  41. Mrs. Gray
  42. Miss Daisy Green
  43. Mr. G. W. Hammond
  44. Mr. Leopold Hess
  45. Mrs. Hess
  46. Mr. D. R. Holmes
  47. Mr. W. L. Holloway
  48. Mrs. Holloway
  49. Miss Holloway
  50. Mr. C. Inskeep
  51. Miss Ellen Inskeep
  52. Mr. Thomas Jevons
  53. Mrs. Jevons
  54. Miss Jevons
  55. Mrs. Charles Kaufman and Maid
  56. Miss M. Kaufman
  57. Mr. S. H. M. Killik
  58. Mr. Le Roy King
  59. Mr. J. S. King
  60. Mrs. L. A. Kramer
  61. Mrs. Laidlaw
  62. Miss Mildred Laidlaw
  63. Mr. David Levi
  64. Mr. S. M. Levy
  65. Mr. William MacMaster
  66. Mr. A. J. Mason
  67. Mr. Louis B. McCagg and Manservant
  68. Mrs. McCagg and Maid
  69. Miss M. Augusta McCagg
  70. Master Louis B. McCagg
  71. Master Edward McCagg
  72. Master Ogden McCagg, Governess, and Nurse
  73. Mr. McMurtry
  74. His Excellency Rafael Montoro (Cuban;Minister to Great Britain)
  75. Mrs. Montoro and Maid
  76. Miss Cristine Montoro
  77. Miss Consuelo Montoro
  78. Miss Maria Montoro
  79. Mr. Carlos Montoro
  80. Mr. Rafael Montoro
  81. Master Octavio Montoro
  82. Master Jose Erique Montoro
  83. Master Mario Montoro
  84. Mr. Alfred M. Moodie
  85. Mr. W. L. Morkill
  86. Mrs. Morkill
  87. Mr. Andrew Morton
  88. Rev. J. B. Munro
  89. Mr. J. W. Palmer
  90. Miss Patterson
  91. Mrs. E. B. Perkins
  92. Miss M. Perkins
  93. Miss L. Perkins
  94. Mr. Pulson
  95. Mr. Joseph Reichardt
  96. Mrs. Reichardt and Maid
  97. Miss Margit Reichardt
  98. Miss Pepita Reichardt
  99. Miss Mercedes Reichardt
  100. Master Paul Reichdardt
  101. Mr. John Rowan
  102. Mr. S. H. Shuttleworth
  103. Mrs. Shuttleworth
  104. Miss Beatrice Shuttleworth
  105. Mr. Michael Simons
  106. Mr. W. B. Skinner
  107. Mr. W. P. Stewart
  108. Mrs. D. A. Stewart and Maid
  109. Mr. R. B. Symington
  110. Mrs. Symington
  111. Mr. R. B. Symington, Jr.
  112. Mr. Theodore Charles Tebbetts
  113. Mr. H. D. Thompson
  114. Mr. James Thompson
  115. Mr. A. L. Thorndike
  116. Mrs. Thorndike
  117. Miss Louise Thorndike
  118. Mr. J. Edward Touch
  119. Mr. Juan E. Wester
  120. Mr. James Oscar Williamson
  121. Mr. Searing Wilson
  122. Mr. W. D. Wood
  123. Mr. C. P. Wright
  124. Mrs. Wright
  125. Miss Wright


American & British Lights, 1906.

American & British Lights, 1906. Back Cover of the RMS Caronia Saloon Passenger List from 8 May 1906. GGA Image ID # 159ca8eaa1


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