SS Carpathia Passenger List - 4 October 1904

Front Cover, Cunard Line RMS Carpathia Cabin Class Passenger List - 4 October 1904.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Carpathia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 4 October 1904 from New York to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain W. T. Turner. GGA Image ID # 13b7f2842e


Notable Passengers on this voyage included: Count Bethlen Istvan, Thomas White Lamb

The Carpathia is renown as the first rescue ship of the Titanic. The survivors of the Titanic disaster were taken to New York on the Carpathia.


Photograph of the RMS Carpathia, 1903.

Photograph of the RMS Carpathia, 1903. GGA Image ID # 1748477e6f


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: W. T. Turner
  2. Surgeon: James Spencer
  3. Purser: W. M. Pitts
  4. Chief Steward: F. V. Jones
  5. Assistant Purser: T. Holland


Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Allsop
  2. Mrs. Allsop
  3. Miss Allsop
  4. Mrs. William A. Angus
  5. Miss Winifred Angus
  6. Mrs. A. F. Armstrong
  7. Master Erbin D. Armstrong
  8. Mr. P. Beckwith
  9. Mrs. P. Beckwith
  10. Mr. Arthur K. Bennett, M.D. - Health Officer of Marquette, MI - Appointed in 1904 to serve as a Missionary in Arabia - Presbyterian Reformed Church
  11. Mr. M. Langdon Bird
  12. Mr. J. M. Bloom
  13. Mrs. J. M. Bloom and Infant
  14. Miss M. Bloom
  15. Miss D. Bloom and Nurse
  16. Mr. Mossom De G. Boyd
  17. Mr. G. Cust Boyd
  18. Mr. Lawrence C. Boyd
  19. Mr. W. W. Boyd
  20. Miss R. Brown
  21. Mr. W. J. Bryan
  22. Mr. F. C. Burgess
  23. Mr. Alfred Bindon (1870 - ) American, Returned to New York on the Etruria on 5 December 1904
  24. Miss A. L. Couch
  25. Mr. H. Van Cuylenburg - Member of the Royal Asiatic Society (Ceylon Brach) - Served on the General Committee of teh Ceylon Court
  26. Mrs. H. Van Cuylenburg
  27. Mr. Samuel Dickson (1837 - 28 May 1915) One of Philadelphia's Oldest and most widely known lawyers was a master in unraveling the tangled affairs of railroads that had gone into receivership
  28. Mrs. Samuel Dickson
  29. Mrs. Horace Dow
  30. Mr. William B. Dowell
  31. Mr. H. Earle
  32. Miss Sarah Edwards
  33. Mr. Egan
  34. Rev. E. D. Eshoo
  35. Miss Susie Fackrell
  36. Mrs. J. Fox
  37. Mr. J. Fraser
  38. Miss Foster
  39. Miss M. Gawler
  40. Mr. Corrie Grant. M. P. (1850-1924) British Politician
  41. Mrs. Corrie Grant
  42. Mr. Thomas Grealy
  43. Mr. John P. Hartford
  44. Mr. E. Carmen Harkness
  45. Miss Ruby K. Harkness
  46. Miss Isabella Herron
  47. Mr. C. Wentworth Hill
  48. Mrs. C. Wentworth Hill
  49. Miss Bertha Hoffmann
  50. Mr. A. Holborn
  51. Mr. Frank Heath
  52. Miss Jennie lrvino
  53. Mr. Robert Isherwood
  54. Count Bethlen Istvan (Oct. 8, 1874 - Oct. 5, 1946) statesman and Hungarian prime minister from 1921 to 1931, who maintained the old order in Hungary after World War I. In 1927 he signed a treaty with fascist Italy. From 1931 to 1935 he was leader of a conservative group in opposition. He resisted the Germans during World War II
  55. Countess Bethlen Istvan
  56. Miss E. J. Jacob
  57. Mr. A. W. Juncker - Conductor, Organist
  58. Dr. W. J. Keane
  59. Rev. C. A. Keare
  60. Miss Hannah Keneally
  61. Mr. William H. Kent - New York Lawyer
  62. Mr. Kirwan
  63. Mr. Thomas Lamb - Thomas White Lamb (1871 - 1942) was one of the foremost American theater and cinema architects in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is noted for designing New York's Ziegfeld Theatre, as well as Madison Square Garden. Lamb's architectural archive is held by the Drawings and Archives Department of Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University
  64. Mrs. C. B. Larzelere
  65. Mr. J. W. Leitch
  66. Mrs. J. W. Leitch
  67. Mr. Alfred Lowman
  68. Miss Harriet Lowry
  69. Mr. John F. Lyons
  70. Mrs. John F. Lyons
  71. Mr. G. T. Mackney
  72. Miss M. MacDonald
  73. Mrs. Matilda de Marsan
  74. Mr. W. H. Martin
  75. Mr. Joseph Maxfield
  76. Mr. Michael McGrath
  77. Dr. McGregor
  78. Mr. W. A. Mitchell
  79. Rev. Mulvany
  80. Miss Menzies
  81. Miss Annie McDonnell
  82. Mr. John C. Miller
  83. Mr. John J. Nagle
  84. Mr. V. S. Persons
  85. Miss Gertrude Quine
  86. Mr. Fred. R. Raven
  87. Mrs. Fred. R. Raven
  88. Mrs. A. J. Raven
  89. Miss A. M. Raven
  90. Miss Theodora Read
  91. Mrs. George E. Rees
  92. Miss Jennie M. Rees
  93. Mr. George Richardson
  94. Miss Alice Shepard
  95. Mr. C. T. Sigueland
  96. Mrs. Mary Smart
  97. Mr. A. Gerald Smith
  98. Mr. Leslie V. Smith
  99. Mr. William J. Smith
  100. Mrs. Margaret J. Smith
  101. Mr. Sz. Stankovits
  102. Mr. Starmer
  103. Mrs. Starmer
  104. Dr. E. S. Strout
  105. Mr. Sullivan
  106. Mr. E. C. Taylor
  107. Dr. S. J. Torney
  108. Miss Edith A. Townsend
  109. Rev. Francis Wall
  110. Miss Lillian Whish
  111. Miss Elizabeth Wild
  112. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson
  113. Miss M. E. Wilson
  114. Miss M. Wilson
  115. Rev. A. Woods


Photograph of the SS Carpathia circa 1905.

Photograph of the SS Carpathia circa 1905. GGA Image ID # 17486441a9


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