RMS Etruria Passenger List - 23 October 1886

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 23 October 1886 from Liverpool for New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 23 October 1886 from Liverpool for New York, Commanded by Captain T. Cook. GGA Image ID # 159ffa6b1b


Famous Passenger included the author Bram Stoker. Between 1879 and 1898, Stoker was a business manager for the world-famous Lyceum Theatre in London, where he supplemented his income by writing a large number of sensational novels, his most famous being the vampire tale Dracula published on 26 May 1897.

Notable Passengers: Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, Dr. Ernst Freund, Master Charles Samson, and Mr. Bram Stoker, M.A.


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. George Abbott
  2. Jun. Mrs. Abbott
  3. Mr. E. R. Ackerman
  4. Mrs. T. R. Adams and Son
  5. Miss W. Adger
  6. Miss Margaret Agnew
  7. Mr. J. Heron Allen
  8. Mrs. H. S. Anderson
  9. Mr. S. T. Appolonio
  10. Mrs. Appolonio
  11. Mrs. H. Ashurst
  12. Mr. W. H. Ashurst, Jr.
  13. Mrs. H. Ashurst
  14. Mr. Bernard N. Baker
  15. Mr. W. Barron
  16. Mr. J. O. Bartholomew
  17. Mr. A. A. Bartlett
  18. Mrs. Joseph W. Bates
  19. Mrs. W. R. Balch
  20. Miss M. V. Beck
  21. Mr. H. L. Bedell
  22. Rev. Henry Ward Beecher Henry Ward Beecher (June 24, 1813 – March 8, 1887) was an American Congregationalist clergyman, social reformer, and speaker, known for his support of the abolition of slavery, his emphasis on God's love, and his 1875 adultery trial
  23. Mrs. Beecher
  24. Countess Bertinatti
  25. Miss A. E. Biddle
  26. Mr. J. Robertson Blackie
  27. Mrs. Blanchard and Maid
  28. Mr. R. Bonson
  29. Mr. W. Bonson
  30. Mrs. R. Bonson
  31. Mr. Chas. Booth
  32. Mr. H. S. Brooker
  33. Mr. Rivers S. Browne
  34. Mr. P. J. M. Brown
  35. Miss Elizabeth Brown
  36. Mrs. Bryan
  37. Mr. W. F. Buckley
  38. Mrs. R. H. Bull
  39. Mrs. John Burns
  40. Miss Burns
  41. Mrs. C. A. Burt
  42. Mrs. Butterfield
  43. Miss Butterfield and Maid
  44. Mr. E. T. Butterworth
  45. Mr. Ernest Cady
  46. Mr. J. C. Cannington
  47. Miss Ida Caster
  48. Mr. G. Castillo
  49. Mr. R. H. Cazalet
  50. Mr. J. M. Chandler
  51. Mr. W. W. Clendenning
  52. Miss E. Cleeve
  53. Miss Coates
  54. Mr. J. B. Colgrove
  55. Mr. E. F. L. Conyngham
  56. Mrs. Sydney W. Cooper
  57. Miss Corbally
  58. Mrs. C. L. Courtney
  59. Mr. W. M. Cranston
  60. Miss Cranston
  61. Mr. Andrew Croke
  62. Mr. H. L. F. Cross
  63. Mr. H. A. Devries
  64. Mr. Grand D'Hauteville
  65. Mr. Chas. Donnelly
  66. Mrs. Donnelly
  67. Miss Nana Donnelly
  68. Miss Bessie Donnelly
  69. Mr. Chas. Downton
  70. Mr. D. L. Einstein
  71. Mrs. Einstein
  72. Miss Florence Einstein
  73. Master Louis Einstein
  74. Miss Amy Einstein, Maid, and Stewardess
  75. Mr. J. R. Ely
  76. Mrs. Ely
  77. Mrs. J. T. Farish and Maid
  78. Mr. James Farrell
  79. Mr. A. Fatman
  80. Mrs. Fatman and Maid
  81. Mr. E. Fauser
  82. Miss Minnie Fay
  83. Mr. Robert J. Fearon
  84. Mts. Fearon
  85. Mr. E. C. Fearon
  86. Mr. F. B. Fearon
  87. Mr. R. T. Fearon
  88. Master P. H. Fearon
  89. Miss Ethel Fearon
  90. Miss Hilda Fearon
  91. Miss Dorothy Fearon and Two Nurses
  92. Mrs. E. L. Fellows
  93. Miss E. F. Fellows
  94. Mr. Harry L. Fesler
  95. Miss C. F. Fleming
  96. Mr. George Forbes
  97. Mr. Charles Forbes
  98. Mr. C. V. Fornes
  99. Mr. T. D. Foster
  100. Mr. L. J. Francke
  101. Dr. Ernst Freund Ernst Freund (January 30, 1864 in New York City – October 20, 1932 in Chicago, Illinois) was a noted American legal scholar. He received a Dr. Jur. from the University of Heidelberg (1884); a Ph. D. in political science from Columbia University (1897) He was professor of political science at the University of Chicago (1894–1902) and professor of law at Chicago (1903–32). He was John P. Wilson Professor of Law (1929–1932). Freund was principally responsible for the development of administrative law in the United States during the early twentieth century. He was one of the organizers of the Immigrants' Protective League (1908). The University of Chicago Law School has established the Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professorship of Law and Ethics in his honor, a seat currently held by philosopher Martha Nussbaum
  102. Mr. J. G. Fuller
  103. Mr. Atherton Furlong
  104. Mrs. M. R. Gately
  105. Mrs. G. G. Gaylor
  106. Mrs. George, and Child
  107. Mr. Vincent Gibbon
  108. Mr. Henry F. Gillig
  109. Mr. H. Goldschmidt
  110. Mr. J. E. H. Gordon
  111. Mr. Adolf J. Grinberg
  112. Mrs. Griswold
  113. Miss Griswold and Maid
  114. Mrs. Nellie Grundy
  115. Mrs. Henry Hart
  116. Mr. J. Hartog
  117. Mr. Henry P. Hatch
  118. Mr. Fred. A. Hawkes
  119. Rev. A. W. Hazen
  120. Mrs. Hazen
  121. Miss F. M. Hazen
  122. Mr. W. Hilton
  123. Mrs. Hilton and Maid
  124. Mr. Alfred C. Hirsh
  125. Mr. R. F. Hobson
  126. Mrs. Hobson
  127. Col. A. A. Hosmer
  128. Mr. Edward Hosmer
  129. Mr. Hosmer, Jr.
  130. Mrs. Hosmer
  131. Miss Hosmer
  132. Mr. George W. Howe
  133. Mrs. Howe
  134. Mr. H. C. Howells
  135. Mr. Chas. J. Hower
  136. Mrs. Hower
  137. Mrs. Huntoon
  138. Miss Huntoon
  139. Miss Hutchinson
  140. Miss M. H. Hutchinson
  141. Mr. Hutton
  142. Mrs. E. Hutton
  143. Miss M. S. Hutton
  144. Mr. Henry B. Hyde
  145. Mrs. Hyde
  146. Master J. H. Hyde and Two Maids
  147. Mrs. Jacobs
  148. Hon. Henry S. James
  149. Mr. Franklin E. James
  150. Mr. Edgar M. Johnson
  151. Mr. J. W. Kaufman
  152. Mrs. J. W. Kaufman
  153. Master Burt Kaufman
  154. Master Harold Kaufman
  155. Miss Violet Kaufman and Maid
  156. Mr. Edward Kemp
  157. Mrs. Kemp
  158. Miss Louise M. Kemp and Maid
  159. Mr. Alfred A. Keun
  160. Lt. Gov. H. G. Knight
  161. Mr. S. B. Ladd
  162. Miss Fannie Lahey
  163. Mr. S. Laiser
  164. Mr. S. Lambardi
  165. Mrs. Lambardi
  166. Mrs. Otto J. Lang
  167. Mr. F. Lartigue
  168. Mrs. Lartigue
  169. Miss Marie Lartigue
  170. Miss Suzanne Lartigue
  171. Master Andre Lartigue
  172. Mr. R. Le Conte
  173. Mr. C. Lesquereux
  174. Mrs. Joshua B. Lippincott and Maid
  175. Mr. B. Lockwood
  176. Mr. B. C. Lockwood
  177. Miss Lord and Maid
  178. Mrs. C. P. Lothrop
  179. Mr. F. Ludlam
  180. Mrs. J. M. Ludlam
  181. Miss L. Ludlam
  182. Rev. A. J. Lyman
  183. Mrs. Lyman
  184. Mr. C. B. Macdonald
  185. Mrs. Macdonald
  186. Mr. C. W. Machen
  187. Mr. Howard Mansfield
  188. Mr. Max Mark
  189. Mr. Martin
  190. Miss M. McCallum
  191. Mrs. J. R. McKay
  192. Miss Marion McKay
  193. Mr. A.J. McKenna
  194. Miss Grace McManus
  195. Miss Kate McManus
  196. Miss Ann Meigs
  197. Mr. W. Mills
  198. Mr. Jas. Mills
  199. Mr. A. E. Mirfield
  200. Miss Annie Mitchell
  201. Mr. W. G. Moehring
  202. Mrs. Moehring
  203. Miss S. E. Moehring
  204. Miss M. J. Moehring
  205. Mr. George Morrell
  206. Miss Tot Myers
  207. Dr. Andrew Nash
  208. Mr. Walter Newton
  209. Mr. Richard Nicholson
  210. Dr. O'Neill
  211. Mr. J. M. O'Neill
  212. Miss O'Neill
  213. Mr. Lewis B. Paton
  214. Mrs. J. W. Patterson
  215. Miss Patterson
  216. Miss Patterson
  217. Mr. H. H. Peacock
  218. Mr. M. B. Peacock
  219. Mr. Wm. Pearre
  220. Mr. George A. Pearre
  221. Mr. W. W. Phipps
  222. Major J. B. Pond
  223. Mr. O. Pond
  224. Mr. Thomas Porter
  225. Miss V. D. Prentiss
  226. Mr. J. J. Pringle
  227. Mr. Robt. Pryor
  228. Rev. W. Punnett
  229. Mr. Purnell
  230. Mr. J. Ransome
  231. Mr. Ralston
  232. Mrs. Ralston
  233. Mr. Amand J. Ravel
  234. Mr. Jules M. Ravel
  235. Miss Roberts
  236. Mr. S. Robinson
  237. Mr. Theron Rockwell
  238. Gan. P. D. Roddey
  239. Mrs. Thos. H. Rodman and Child
  240. Miss Josephine Ross
  241. Mr. H. C. Rounds
  242. Mr. Thomas Russell and Son
  243. Mr. John de Ruyter
  244. Mr. Felix Samson
  245. Mrs. Samson and Two Nurses
  246. Miss Edna Samson
  247. Miss Ada Samson
  248. Master Charles Samson Air Commodore Charles Rumney Samson CMG, DSO & Bar, AFC (8 July 1883 – 5 February 1931) was a British naval aviation pioneer. He was one of the first four officers selected for pilot training by the Royal Navy and was the first person to fly an aircraft from a moving ship. He also commanded the first British armoured vehicles used in combat. Transferring to the Royal Air Force on its creation in 1918, Samson held command of several groups in the immediate post-War period and the 1920s.
  249. Master Victor Samson
  250. Mr. Santeross
  251. Mrs. George H. Sargent
  252. Miss Sargent
  253. Mr. J. Scholan
  254. Capt. H. J. Scobell
  255. Mrs. Hill Scott
  256. Mrs. Wm. Shall
  257. Mr. L. Sheary
  258. Mr. E. H. Sheldon
  259. Mr. R. K. Sheldon
  260. Mr. Jos. M. Shephard
  261. Mr. John A. Shephard
  262. Mr. R. M. Sheridan
  263. Captain Shuldham
  264. Mrs. Shuldham and Maid
  265. Mr. Thos. K. Simpson
  266. Mrs. Simpson
  267. Mrs. Sinclair
  268. Miss Sinclair
  269. Mr. Howard C. Smith
  270. Mr. Chas. Smith
  271. Mrs. Smith
  272. Mr. Rufus M. Smith
  273. Mr. T. H. R. Sorby
  274. Mr. M. A. Sorchan
  275. Mr. Victor Sorchan
  276. Mr. W. L. Spencer
  277. Mr. J. D. Standish
  278. Mrs. Standish
  279. Miss J. H. Standish
  280. Mr. E. T. Steele
  281. Mrs. Steele
  282. Mr. Theo. W. Stemmler, Jr.
  283. Mr. Bram Stoker, M.A. Abraham "Bram" Stoker (8 November 1847 – 20 April 1912) Stoker's stories are today included in the categories of "horror fiction," "romanticized Gothic" stories, and "melodrama." Stoker's original research notes for the novel Dracula are kept by the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia, PA. A facsimile edition of the notes was created by Elizabeth Miller and Robert Eighteen-Bisang in 1998.
  284. Mr. M. P. Stone
  285. Mr. Sullivan
  286. Rev. Chas. Taylor, D.D
  287. Mr. S. Tenney
  288. Dr. A. M. Thomas, Jan
  289. Miss Thomson
  290. Mr. J. J. Thompson
  291. Captain Threshie
  292. Mr. H. B. Tompkins
  293. Miss Treves
  294. Mrs. Tucker
  295. Mrs. J. E. Tuckett
  296. Mr. A. P. Turner
  297. Mr. H. McK. Twombly
  298. Mrs. Twombly
  299. Miss Alice Twombly
  300. Mies Florence Twombly
  301. Miss Ruth Twombly and Two Nurses
  302. Mr. J. F. Tyler
  303. Mr. H. Urquhart
  304. Mrs. P. S. Van Rensselaer and Maid
  305. Miss M. L. Warren
  306. Mr. Hamilton Fish Webster
  307. Mr. Sidney Webster
  308. Mrs. Webster, Maid and Manservant
  309. Mr. Arthur White
  310. Mr. Walter W. White
  311. Mr. W. F. Whitehouse
  312. Mrs. Whitehouse, Five Children, and Two Nurses
  313. Mr. Whitson
  314. Mr. George A. Wilkins
  315. Mr. S. Worth
  316. Miss S. A. Wright
  317. Miss Wyatt


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