RMS Lusitania Passenger List - 6 June 1908

RMS Lusitania Salonn Passenger List for 6 June 1908. Published in the Cunard Daily Bulletin, Lusitania Edition, 10 June 1908.

Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Lusitania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 6 June 1908 from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain James B. Watt. Published in the Cunard Daily Bulletin, Lusitania Edition, 10 June 1908. GGA Image ID # 131ff6c130


The RMS Lusitania of the Cunard Line, departed Saturday, 6 June 1908 at 6:00 pm from Liverpool for New York, arriving in New York on Friday, 12 June 1908 at 8:00 am.

The Lusitania record for crossing the Atlantic is 4 days 15 hours.

On this voyage, the Lusitania made another record-breaking trip, during which the long route of 2.890 nautical miles was covered in four days 20 hours and 8 minutes, the average speed for the entire trip having been 24.88 knots.

The best day's run during this trip was 641 nautical miles, the actual steaming period having been 25 hours 16 minutes (this variation from the 24 hours in a “land” day having been caused by the difference in longitude between the points of departure and conclusion of the day’s run). The speed for this day figured out at 25.37 knots. (International Marine Engineering, August 1908, p. 362)


The RMS Lusitania Entering New York Harbor

The RMS Lusitania Entering New York Harbor. GGA Image ID # 174c92b7ba


Listing of Saloon Passengers contained within the Cunard Daily Bulletin, Lusitania Edition for Wednesday, 10 June 1908. Passenger provided an insert with handwritten notes about the Passengers. primarily where they were from or what they did.

Cunard Daily BULLETIN. 15

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Charles E. Allan
  2. Mr. P. Anensen
  3. Miss Isabel A. Ballantine and Maid
  4. Mr. J. W. Bannon
  5. Mr. Mayson Beeton
  6. Mr. Benjamin Benguist
  7. Mrs. Benguist
  8. Mr. W. P. Bettendorf
  9. Mr. Joseph T. Bowen
  10. Mr. Bowen, Jr.
  11. Mr. J. W. Brandes
  12. Mr. Richard Burke
  13. Mr. William P. Burke
  14. Miss Sarah E. Campbell
  15. Mr. L. A. Carrier
  16. Mr. R. B. Caverly
  17. Mr. C. C. Conway
  18. Rev. Russell Conwell
  19. Mrs. Conwell
  20. Mr. Charles de Cordova
  21. Mrs. J, D. Cowan
  22. Mr. Albert S. Crane
  23. Mrs. Crozier
  24. Mrs. R. W. Cumming and Maid
  25. Miss Isabelle Cumming
  26. Miss Mary Cumming
  27. Miss Elizabeth Cumming
  28. Miss Helen Cumming and Maid
  29. Master Robt. W. Cumming
  30. Mr. E.H. Cutlibertson and Valet
  31. Mr. Ruben De Launty
  32. Mr. Joseph J. De Long
  33. Mrs. T. E. Dorr
  34. Mr. Byron E. Eldred
  35. Mrs. Mary Lee Evans
  36. Mr. G. A. Fay
  37. Mrs. Fay
  38. Mr. F. G. Herman Fayen
  39. Mrs. Fayen
  40. Mr. Thomas L. Feild
  41. Mr. R. Fielding
  42. Miss E. T. Fisher
  43. Mr. T. J. Fleming
  44. Mr. F. Murray Forbes
  45. Mrs. Forbes
  46. Mrs. Foster
  47. Dr. H. H. Germain
  48. Mrs. Germain
  49. Miss L L. Gilmore
  50. Mr. W. L. Gough
  51. Mr. Carl Grabow
  52. Mr. Robert S. Gray
  53. Mr. Wentworth Gray
  54. Mr. Thomas Greenlees, Jr.
  55. Mr. W. Jardine Gresson
  56. Mrs. Gresson and Maid
  57. Mr. T. D. Grimke-Drayton
  58. Mr. H. B. Guentzer
  59. Mr. L. Gunzenhauser
  60. Mr. Carl Hagen
  61. Mrs. Arthur Hammerstein
  62. Mr. Mitchell Harrison and Manservant
  63. Mrs. Harrison
  64. Mr. W. J. Haywood
  65. Mr. Reginald F. Henderson
  66. Dr. A. Parker Hitchens
  67. Mr. C. T. Howe
  68. General G. W. Huddleston
  69. Mr. W. S. Hurley
  70. Mrs. Hurley
  71. Mr. J. Starr Hunt
  72. Mrs. Hunt
  73. Mr. E. H. Inman
  74. Mr. C. C. James
  75. Mrs. James
  76. Mr. Samuel R. James
  77. Mrs. James
  78. Miss Grace F. James
  79. Miss Virginia M. James
  80. Mr. W. R. Johnston, Jr.
  81. Miss Theodosia Jones
  82. Dr. Robert J. Kahn
  83. Mrs. Kahn
  84. Miss F. Kallery
  85. Mr. E. A. Kimball
  86. Mrs. Kimball
  87. Miss E. Kimball
  88. Mr. P. W. Kirkland
  89. Mr. H. M. Kisch
  90. Mr. Antony Korostowetz
  91. Mr. Cyril Korostowetz
  92. Mrs. O. W. Kulp
  93. Mr. S. H. Lane
  94. Mr. Charles H. Larkin
  95. Hon. George A. Laughlin
  96. Mrs. Juliet Lee
  97. Mr. G. A. Lindon
  98. Mr. Albert Martel
  99. Mrs. Martel
  100. Mr. A. J. Matheson
  101. Mrs. Matheson
  102. Miss Madie Matheson
  103. Mr. Lee McClung
  104. Mr. McGregor
  105. Miss Gwen McGregor
  106. Miss Anna C. McGuire
  107. Miss Irnogen 'McGuire
  108. Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan, K.C.M.G
  109. Lady McMillan
  110. Mr. Pedro Mendez y Mendez
  111. Mrs. Mendez
  112. Mr. C. O. Miller
  113. Mrs. Miller
  114. Mr. D. V. Moses
  115. Alm. Moses
  116. Mrs. D. E. Murphy
  117. Miss M. Teresa Murphy
  118. Miss Rosalie Murphy
  119. Mr. C. Murray
  120. Mrs. Murray
  121. Mr. S. L. Newman
  122. Mr. Axel Robert Nordvall
  123. Mrs. Nordvall
  124. Mr. William O'Brien
  125. Mr. G. Okada
  126. Mr. George S. Peck
  127. Mrs. Ann Penoyer
  128. Mr. Daniel Pierson, Jr.
  129. Mr. G. Hutton Potts
  130. Mr. A. E. Reed
  131. Miss Rehn and Companion
  132. Mr. L. A. Riley
  133. Mrs. Riley and Maid
  134. Miss M. M Riley
  135. Mr. Thornton Delano Roberts
  136. Mr. G. Robins
  137. Mr. Warren D. Rollins
  138. Mr..Saklatvala
  139. Miss G. W. Sargent
  140. Mr. Arnold Schlaet
  141. Mr. George F. Schrafft
  142. Mr. Edward C. de Segundo
  143. Mr. John U. Shedd
  144. Mrs. Shedd
  145. Miss Shedd
  146. Miss Shedd
  147. Mr. F. Shuman
  148. Mr. Alfredo G. Siegert
  149. Mr. William Simpson
  150. Mr. S. T. Skidmore
  151. Mrs. Skidmore
  152. Mr. E. Smellie
  153. Mrs. Wylie Smith
  154. Mrs. Henry Smith and Maid
  155. Mr. Wm. S. Spaulding
  156. Mr. John T. Spaulding
  157. Mrs. M. D. Spaulding and Maid
  158. Mr. H. H. Stacy
  159. Mr. St. Clair
  160. Mr. H. Sternberg
  161. Mr. Herbert Watson Sullivan
  162. Mr. Hugh B. Sutherland
  163. Mr. Edson Webster Sutphen
  164. Mr. J. Sutcliffe
  165. Mr. Mayer M. Swaab, Jr.
  166. Mr. J. R. Tennant
  167. Mr. Charles W. Trumball
  168. Mrs. Trumball
  169. Miss S. A. Ubill
  170. Mr. P. L. Underwood
  171. Miss Van Ornum
  172. Mr. V. A. Van Valkenbourg
  173. Miss Helen Viles
  174. Mr. A. Vogel
  175. Mr. C. F. Wadsworth
  176. Mr. G. D. Waterman
  177. Miss J. Weallson
  178. Mr. Edwin W. Weil
  179. Mr. Edward L. Welsh and Valet
  180. Mrs. Welsh and Maid
  181. Miss Sarah Welsh
  182. Mr. John L. Welsh and Valet
  183. Mr. Alain C. White
  184. Miss M. W. White and Maid
  185. Mr. F. W. White
  186. Mr. J. H. Wright
  187. Mr. Edwin Wilcock
  188. Mrs. Wright
  189. Mr. Max Wuthenow
  190. Mr. J. Young
  191. Mr. W. M. Young

Additional Passengers

  1. Mr. E. F. Child
  2. Mrs. C. C. Conway
  3. Miss N. L. Covington
  4. Mr. Perey Daniels
  5. Mr. T. C. Dawson
  6. Mrs. Von Glehn
  7. Mrs. G. A. Lindon
  8. Col. and Mrs. J. R. Moodie
  9. Mr. Bernard Weiler


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