RMS Umbria Passenger List - 22 July 1905

Page 1 of 2, RMS Umbria Saloon Passenger List, 22 July 1905, Liverpool to New York via Queenstown.

Page 1 of 2, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 22 July 1905 04:46 PM from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain T. Stephens. Included within the Cunard Daily Bulletin for Monday, July 24, 1905. Arrived at the Port of New York on 30 July 1905. GGA Image ID # 13257c043e

RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line

Senior Officers

  • Commander: Captain T. Stephens
  • Surgeon: Douglas D. Macrae

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Joseph Baptist
  2. Mrs. Baptist
  3. Mr. W. M. Barnes
  4. Mrs. Barnes
  5. Mr. R. Barritt
  6. Mr. J. S. Berger
  7. Mr. Robert Brooks
  8. Mr. C. J. Budge
  9. Miss Cora L. Butler
  10. Mr. R. C. Cairns
  11. Mr. Lo Chong
  12. Mr. Charles Clark
  13. Mr. Algernon W. Claxon
  14. Mr. A. M. Clonney
  15. Miss B. V. Crayne
  16. Mr. G. Dearborn
  17. Mr. S. Draper
  18. Mr. W. M. Duff
  19. Mr. Francis Eccles
  20. Mr. W. H. Folwell
  21. Mr. Robert Folwell
  22. Mr. E. C. Folwell
  23. Mrs. Franklyn
  24. Mr. A. W. Fraser
  25. Mr. Robert Freebairn
  26. Lt.-Col. R. B. Gaisford
  27. Mr. T. Goldsworthy
  28. Mrs. Goldsworthy
  29. Mr. Patrick Hogan
  30. Mr. F. W. Hooslef
  31. Mrs. Hooslef
  32. Miss Hooslef and Nurse
  33. Mrs. Gordon Kane
  34. Mrs. George B. Kellog
  35. Mr. John L. Kennedy
  36. Mr. James J. Killelea
  37. Miss Maude Leekley
  38. Mr. John E. Leonsi
  39. Mr. W. L. Miller
  40. Mrs. Miller
  41. Mr. W. Wood Miller
  42. Mrs. George E. Nichols
  43. Mr. J. R. Van Ormer
  44. Mrs. Van Ormer
  45. Mr. O. W. Palm
  46. Professor John Rankin
  47. Miss Nellie Regan
  48. Mr. A. S. Robertson
  49. Dr. George H. Robinson
  50. Miss Alice E. Russell
  51. Miss Madge Ryan
  52. Mr. L. C. Sandford
  53. Mr. Oscar Seagle
  54. Mrs. Seagle
  55. Mr. William H. Smith
  56. Mrs. Smith
  57. Miss Jeanie L. Smith
  58. Miss Edna E. Smith
  59. Mr. A. M. Stevenson
  60. Mr. J. A. Stewart
  61. Mr. N. B. Stone
  62. Mr. Samuel Stretch
  63. Mr. Wm. H. Thompson
  64. Mr. Warren P. Thorpe
  65. Mrs. Thorpe
  66. Mrs. F. R. Wainwright
  67. Miss K. M. Walsh
  68. Mr. E. Ward
  69. Mrs. Ward
  70. Mr. J. Whitaker
  71. Mr. H. S. Young


Saturday, July 22nd.

  • 4- 46:00 pm Left Liverpool Landing Stage.
  • 5- 05:00 pm Rock Lighthouse abeam.
  • 5-49:00 pm Bar Lightship abeam..

Sunday, July 23rd.

  • 7-08:00 am Arrived Queenstown, (Roches Point).
  • 9-38:00 am Left Queenstown, (Daunts Rock).
  • 12-36:00 pm Fastnet abeam.

Sunday, July 23rd.

From L'pool Bar L'ship to Queenstown.
228 miles.
From Daunts Rock to noon - 53 miles.

Monday, July 24th.

Lat. 50.06 N. Long. 20.50 w. Distance, 456 miles


Saturday, July 22nd.
Moderate wind and sea, clear weather,

Sunday, July 23rd.
Moderate to fresh breeze, rough sea, clear weather, cloudy sky.

Monday, July 24th.
Moderate wind and sea, overcast, hazy weather.

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