RMS Lucania Passenger List - 17 June 1899

Saloon Class Passenger Lists for the RMS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 17 June 1899 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger Lists for the RMS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 17 June 1899 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Horatio McKay. GGA Image ID # 1598cf51d2

Notable Passengers Included: Walter Owen Briggs, Hon. George Edwards, Cornelius Vanderbilt.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Horatio McKay (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: James Pointon
  3. Purser: William Field
  4. Chief Steward: Henry Clark


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Richard H. Abbott
  2. Mrs. Abbott
  3. Mr. J. G. Anderson
  4. Mr. G. C. Andreae
  5. Mr. W. S. Armitage
  6. Mr. G. E. Armstrong
  7. Mrs. Armstrong
  8. Mr. W. E. Bagshawe
  9. Mr. Balmford
  10. Mr. Frank Barrowcliff
  11. Mr. R. D. Beals
  12. Mr. Neptune Blood - Brother of Lady Colin Campbell had figured prominently in the Perot abduction case - he assisted Mrs. Perot to abduct her daughter from the residence of the child's grandfather in 1900
  13. Mr. Walter Briggs - Walter Owen Briggs, Sr. (February 27, 1877 – January 17, 1952) was an American entrepreneur and professional sports owner. He was owner of the Detroit Tigers in Major League Baseball from 1935 to 1952
  14. Mr. A. L. Brown
  15. Mr. H. A. Butters
  16. Mr. Fred B. Carpenter
  17. Mr. F. M. Cartan
  18. Mr. H. Cartan
  19. Mr. George V. Cartwright
  20. Mr. James Cartwright
  21. Mr. Louis S. Cates (1881 - 1959) CEO of Phelps-Dodge
  22. Mr. John Clark
  23. Mr. J. W. Condit - Died of Typhoid fever in September 1906 - Was a Director of the Colonial Assurance Company and the Empire City Fire Insurance Company
  24. Mrs. Condit
  25. Mr. H. A. Dailey
  26. Mr. H. J. Davis
  27. Mr. J. A. Dillon
  28. Miss E. Dillon
  29. Mr. Oswald Dobell (1864 - 1912)
  30. Mrs. Katherine Dubois (1843-1924)
  31. Mr. E. Duche
  32. Mrs. Doche
  33. Mr. B. Edgerton
  34. Hon. George Edwards Member of the Australian House of Representatives1901-1906, 1910 - He died in 1911
  35. Mr. C. F. Emerson
  36. Mr. Leopold E. Eno - Committed suicide in March of 1905 - he was employed as clerk in the office of Paul F. GERHART & Co., agents for the Lamport and Holt line
  37. Miss Beatrice E. Eno
  38. Mr. H. Evans
  39. Mr. J. Fahys
  40. Mrs. Fahys
  41. Mr. G. Flood
  42. Miss A. M. Florence
  43. Mr. H. W. Forster, M.P. Member of the House of Commons
  44. Mr. Charles G. Foster
  45. Miss Cara R. Foster - Golfer
  46. Mr. A. V. Fraser
  47. Mr. Hamlin Garlant
  48. Mrs. T. H. Gelston
  49. Mrs. Gilbert
  50. Miss Gilbert
  51. Hon. H. D. Gordon
  52. Mr. Gould
  53. Mr. A. Hartman
  54. Mr. William Horlick, Jr.
  55. Mr. E. H. Hotchkiss - Eli Hubbell Hotchkiss
  56. Mrs. W. R. Hotchkiss - Wife of W. R. Hotchkiss of Deluxe Corp
  57. Mr. E. H. Howard
  58. Miss Alice Nugent Humble
  59. Mr. J. E. A. Hussey
  60. Mr. F. Hutchings
  61. Mrs. Hutchings
  62. Mr. Clarence M. Hyde
  63. Mrs. Hyde and Maid
  64. Miss Clara F. Hyde
  65. Miss Elizabeth Hyde
  66. Mr. N. King
  67. Mr. S. Kutnow
  68. Mr. William Laimbeer and Manservant - William Laimbeer, a member of the New York Stock Exchange and a graduate of Harvard, and Clara Button Bloodgood, the actress, were married 29 May 1902
  69. Mr. Leuenberger
  70. Miss Levy
  71. Miss S. Levy
  72. Mr. de Lery Macdonald
  73. Dr. A. C. Maclean
  74. Mr. A. E. Marchalleck
  75. Mr. W. E. Marrian
  76. Mr. Jenner G. Marshall - Engineer
  77. Dr. C. F. McGahan - Director of Aiken Cottage Sanitarium
  78. Mr. A. W. Merrill - Principal of Commercial Banking firm Sleeper & Merrill
  79. Mr. Charles W. Minor
  80. Miss M. E. Mitchell and Maid
  81. Mr. E. La Montagne, Jr. - Edward La Montagne, Jr., a well-known member of the Stock Exchange, and formerly head of the firm of La Montagne, Clarke Co
  82. Mr. Robert W. Moore
  83. Mr. George D. Morgan
  84. Mr. F. B. Morgan
  85. Mrs. Morgan
  86. Mr. A. R. Morrell
  87. Mr. James Morrish
  88. Mr. T. B. Morse
  89. Mr. Hugh Maser
  90. Mr. H. S. Naul
  91. Mr. Charles Neumann
  92. Mrs. John W. Van Oost
  93. Mr. Hubert G. Palmer
  94. Mr. Charles H. Petsch
  95. Mr. R. Popkiss
  96. Miss Catherine A. Power
  97. Mr. Thomas Pratt
  98. Mrs. W. A. Prime and Maid
  99. Master Prime
  100. Mr. George Quackenbush
  101. Mrs. J. P. Rafferty
  102. Mr. E. P. Rammell
  103. Miss M. Raymond
  104. Mr. Renner
  105. Mr. M. Resher
  106. Mr. Charles E. Rieman
  107. Mrs. Rieman
  108. Miss K. A. Rust
  109. Mr. John F. Saunders
  110. Mr. W. M. Scheftal
  111. Mr. Max Scheuer founder of the Century Doll Company
  112. Mr. Robert Scott
  113. Mr. C. C. Shoyer
  114. Mr. George C. Smith
  115. Mr. William G. Staniland
  116. Mrs. Staniland
  117. Master Alfred Staniland
  118. Mr. R. H. Stearns, Jour
  119. Mr. Simon Sterne - (23 July 1839 - 22 September 1901) Prominent Attorney - After 1870, Mr. Sterne made frequent trips to Europe to study the relation of railroads and corporations to the Governments
  120. Mrs. Sterne [Mathilde Elsberg Sterne - sister of Doctor Louis Elsberg, the celebrated laryngologist]
  121. Mrs. Isaiah Stetson
  122. Miss Lilly Stetson
  123. Miss Louise Stetson
  124. Mr. A. H. P. Stoneham
  125. Mr. D. Strachan
  126. Mr. James W. Sullivan - Typographer and Author
  127. Col. R. M. Thompson and Valet - Former president of the Canadian Copper Company
  128. Mrs. Thompson
  129. Miss Ruth Thompson - (September 15, 1887 - April 5, 1970) Attorney, Republican Representative for Michigan
  130. Miss C. E. Thompson
  131. Mr. H. L. Thompson
  132. Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt and Two Menservants (Either Cornelius Vanderbilt II (November 27, 1843 – September 12, 1899) was a member of the prominent United States Vanderbilt family. or Cornelius Vanderbilt III (September 5, 1873 – March 1, 1942) was a distinguished American military officer, inventor, engineer, and yachtsman, and a member of the prominent American Vanderbilt family
  133. Mrs. Vanderbilt and Maid
  134. Miss Vanderbilt and Maid
  135. Mr. R. C. Veit - Richard Charles Veit, (? - 1919) Secretary of the Standard Oil Company of New York
  136. Mrs, Veit
  137. Mrs. W. H. Virgoe
  138. Mr. James R. Walker
  139. Mr. Charles A. Walker
  140. Mr. Bert Walker
  141. Mr. Ray Walker
  142. Mr. A. Warne-Browne - Artist Naval paintings and Landscapes
  143. Mr. J. P. Watson
  144. Mr. Edgar Watts
  145. Mr. R. L. Weighton - Marine Engineer
  146. Mr. J. D. Weir
  147. Mrs. Weir
  148. Mr. F. N. White
  149. Mr. A. S. White
  150. Master White
  151. Mr. G. F. Willett - President of Willett & Company
  152. Mrs. Willett
  153. Mr. J. R. Barton Willing - John Rhea Barton Willing, (1865 - 1913) brother of Mrs. John Astor, accomplished fencer, boxer, and oarsman, died of diphtheria
  154. Mr. Harold Wilson
  155. Miss Ella Wilson
  156. Mr. Abe Wineburgh
  157. Dr. Peter B. Wyckoff
  158. Mrs. Wyckoff and Maid
  159. Miss Wyckoff
  160. Miss M. Alice Wyld - Author
  161. Mr. E. B. Wyman
  162. Mrs. Wyman

Information for Passengers

Record Passages and Fastest Ocean Steaming.

Steamer Fastest Passage Day's Run Knots
LUCANIA 5 7 562 22.01
CAMPANIA 5 9 558 21.88
ETRURIA 5 20 509 20.00
UMBRIA 5 22 510 19.78


For the convenience of Passengers from London and the South a Special Train will leave "Euston," London, for Riverside Station, Liverpool, at 12 Noon every Saturday.

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times :—

  • Breakfast from 8:30 to to;
  • Luncheon at 1:00 pm;
  • Dinner (a la Carte) at 7
  • Supper, if required, must be ordered before 10 o'clock

The Bar will be closed at 11:00 pm and the Smoking Room at 11:30 pm

The Second Steward has the arrangement of the seats at table.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10:30 am

All enquiries regarding Baggage should be made to the Purser.

Steamer Chairs may be hired from the Deck Steward at a cost of 4/- for the voyage.

Valuables and money should be deposited with the Purser who will give a receipt for same on the Company's form.

Information as to the methods of Custom's Inspection at New York, dutiable articles and rate of duty thereon, can be obtained from the Purser.

Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has been issued by the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms for license can only be obtained by direct application.

Special Trains are run between Riverside Station, Liverpool, and Euston Station, London, in connection with the arrival and departure of these Steamers All the other Railway Stations in Liverpool are within a few minutes drive of the Landing Stage.


Cunard Transatlantic Track Chart, 1899. Back Cover of RMS Lucania Passenger List from 17 June 1899.

Cunard Transatlantic Track Chart, 1899. Back Cover of RMS Lucania Passenger List from 17 June 1899. GGA Image ID # 1599c29bc0


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