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SS Ivernia Passenger List - 15 July 1908

Passenger List, RMS Ivernia, Cunard Line, July 1908, Boston to Liverpool

Saloon Passenger List for the SS Ivernia of the Cunard Line, Departing Wednesday, 15 July 1908 from Boston to Liverpool. Cunard Daily Bulletin, Ivernia Edition for Wednesday, July 22, 1908. GGA Image ID # 174950d86d

Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss Ames
  2. Mr. C. L. Ames
  3. Mr. Jos. August
  4. Mrs. August
  5. Mrs. R. C. Barran
  6. Mr. Charles Robzin
  7. Mr. C. F. Brigham
  8. Mrs. Brigham
  9. Miss Buffinton
  10. Mr. John W. Cashin
  11. Miss Eliza Cashin
  12. Mr. Homer Chapman
  13. Mrs. Chapman
  14. Mr. L. E. Chamberlain
  15. Mr. W. R. Chester
  16. Mrs. Jas. Carroll
  17. Miss Veria M. Carroll
  18. Mr. E. V. Carroll
  19. Mr. Chas. H. Collins
  20. Mr. Herbert E. Davidson
  21. Mr. H. Coolidge Davidson
  22. Mr. William Dunn
  23. Mr. William J. Dunn
  24. Mr. James T. Dunn
  25. Mr. William J. Dunn, Jr.
  26. Mr. Charles F. Fairbanks
  27. Mr. W. G. Fisher
  28. Mrs. Fisher
  29. Miss Beatrice B. Fisher
  30. Master Wm. G. Fisher, Jr.
  31. Master Craig R. Fisher
  32. Mr. Charles H. Fiske
  33. Mr. Fred W.. Filoon
  34. Mrs. Filoon
  35. Mr. J. G. Freeman
  36. Mrs. Freeman
  37. Mr. N. P. Frye
  38. Mr. E. P. Gallup
  39. Mr. Richard L. Gay
  40. Mr. Edward Grace
  41. Mrs. Grace
  42. Mr. Samuel Gregston
  43. Mrs. Gregston
  44. Miss Jessie M. Green
  45. Mr. F. E. Greenwood
  46. Mrs. T. C. Hare
  47. Mrs. Lewis L. Harris
  48. Mr. John P. Hession
  49. Mrs. Hession
  50. Mr. William L. Hodgman and Manservant
  51. Mrs. Hodgman
  52. Miss Hope K. Hodgman
  53. Mr. Thomas W. Holmes
  54. Mrs. Mary Howard
  55. Miss Nellie B. Howard
  56. Mr. Frank M. Howe
  57. Mrs. Howe
  58. Miss Dorothy Howe
  59. Mr. Edward Hutchins
  60. Mr. James. F. Jackson
  61. Mrs. Jackson
  62. Miss Edith Jackson
  63. Mr. W. J. Ladd
  64. Mrs. Ladd
  65. Mrs. G. M. Lee
  66. Mr. Frederick E. Lowell
  67. Mrs. Lowell
  68. Mrs. George F. Lowell
  69. Mr. Earle Pike Lowell
  70. Mr. H. J. Martin
  71. Mr. Edwin D. Mead
  72. Mrs. Mead
  73. Mrs. Robert McArthur
  74. Miss Lena G. McArthur
  75. Mr. G. M. Morgan
  76. Judge James M. Morton
  77. Mrs. Morton
  78. Miss M. E. Morton
  79. Mr. E. B. Nash
  80. Miss Alice L. Rowley
  81. Miss E. Ryan
  82. Mr. Ellery Sedgwick
  83. Mrs. Charles M. Sherman
  84. Master Hoyt Sherman
  85. Master John Sherman
  86. Miss Hannah L. Sherman
  87. Mr. E B. Sherman
  88. Mr. E. C. Sherman
  89. Miss Maurine D. Silvey
  90. Rev. Thomas Sims
  91. Mr. John A. Stewart
  92. Mr. Theo. B. Stork
  93. Mrs. Stork
  94. Miss Edith Stone
  95. Mr. C. S. Spencer
  96. Mr. Harry L. Spencer
  97. Mr. John O'Connor
  98. Miss O'Connor
  99. Mrs. Daniel Owen
  100. Mrs. John K. Taylor
  101. Mr. D. B. Trottier
  102. Mr. George P. Tilton
  103. Mrs. Tilton
  104. Mr. H. Asa Thomas
  105. Mr. James L. Tryon
  106. Mr. John Trowbridge
  107. Mr. Walter Van Sands
  108. Mrs. Van Sands
  109. Miss Adele Palmer
  110. Miss E. E. Palmer
  111. Mr. Charles S. Penhallow
  112. Mr. George E. Perry
  113. Mr. Wallace L. Pierce
  114. Mr. Vassar Pierce
  115. Prof. William Watson
  116. Mr. Francis H. Rowley
  117. Mr. Howard F. Whipple
  118. Mrs. Rowley
  119. Mrs. J. J. Whipple


  1. Mr. F. Moore
  2. Mr. Moody
  3. Miss Moody
  4. Mrs. Thurmond

Not on Board.

  1. Mr. E. B. Nash
  2. Mr. F. E. Greenwood

Summary of Passengers

  • First Class: 122
  • Second Class: 266
  • Third Class: 301
  • Crew: 265
  • Total Number on Board: 954

Information for Passengers

The RMS Ivernia of the Cunard Line

Divine Service.
, ---
Choral Service was held in the Saloon on Sunday at 10:30 am There was a good attendance, and at the close a collection was made in aid of the Seamen's Charities of Liverpool and Boston.

Amount realised £7 10s. 8d.

Daily RUNS.

  1. Wednesday noon, from Boston Light-ship.
    369 miles
  2. Thursday, Lat. 41.23 N. Long. 54'24 W.
    364 miles
  3. Friday, Lat. 41.17 N. Long. 46.27 W.
    366 miles
  4. Saturday, Lat. 44'38 N. Long. 29.06 W.
    38o miles
  5. Sunday, Lat. 47.28 N. Long. 30'54 W.
    381 miles
  6. Monday, Lat. 49.45 N. Long. 21.40 W.
    391 miles
  7. Tuesday, Lat. 5rio N. Long. 11.36 W. 393 miles.
    To Daunt's Rock
    132 miles


Passengers are urged not to leave any Articles of Value about the Saloon, Staterooms, or elsewhere, especially before the departure of the Steamer. Money, Jewellery, or other Valuables should be deposited with the Purser for safe keeping.

Camp Stools can be obtained from the Bedroom Steward.

Wireless Telegraph

Tuesday: At 9:45 am when leaving Boston, communication was established with the land station at Cape Code and maintained until 8:00 pm


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