RMS Campania Passenger List - 7 May 1898


Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Campania of the Cunard Line, Departing 7 May 1898 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Campania of the Cunard Line, Departing 7 May 1898 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain H. Walker (Lt. R.N.R.). GGA Image ID # 208c3285d6


Notable Passengers: Charles Scribner II, George Percival Scriven, and Herbert Mason Sears.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain H. Walker (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: Dr. Benjamin Pitt Johnson
  3. Purser: T. Graham
  4. Chief Steward: W. T. Bryden


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Oliver Ames and Valet
  2. Mrs. Ames and Maid
  3. Mr. William Anderson
  4. Master John Anderson
  5. Master William Anderson
  6. Miss Jessie M. Anderson
  7. Mr. E. C. Averett
  8. Mrs. Aylsworth
  9. Mr. Joseph Ballin
  10. Mr. Herbert Barber
  11. Mrs. Barber
  12. Miss Alice Barber
  13. Miss Mabel Barber
  14. The Hon. M. Justice Barker
  15. Mr. W. S. Barstow
  16. Mrs. Barstow
  17. Mr. D. J. M. Bates
  18. Mr. K. W. Blackwell
  19. Mr. L. Bendann
  20. Mr. G. H. Bend
  21. Mr. S. F. B. Biddle
  22. Mrs. Biddle
  23. Mr. Wilfred Buckley
  24. Mr. W. M. Bullivant
  25. Mr. S. Carsley
  26. Mr. S. J. Cawley
  27. Mr. L. B. Churchill
  28. Mr. W. A. Clark
  29. Mr. Robert Clark
  30. Mr. H. Cockshaw
  31. Mr. Cockshaw
  32. Mr. R. M. Cox
  33. Mr. H. C. Custer
  34. Mr. John Daly
  35. Mrs. Daly
  36. Mr. W. F. Dalzell
  37. Mrs. M. Davidson
  38. Miss Davidson
  39. Mr. G. A. Devlin
  40. Mr. George Dickinson
  41. Mrs. Dickinson
  42. Mr. L. S. Donaldson
  43. Mr. F. Donovan
  44. Mr. J. Heron Duncan
  45. Mr. James C. Eadie
  46. Mr. Edward F. Ernot
  47. Mr. William Firth
  48. Mr. Charles M. Gay
  49. Mr. C. P. Hall
  50. Mr. A. Mackenzie Hay
  51. Mr. J. B. Hearne
  52. Mrs. Hearne
  53. Miss Hegeman
  54. Mr. G. F. Hinton
  55. Mr. Seymour J. Hyde
  56. Mrs. Hyde
  57. Mr. N. Imhaus
  58. Mr. M. B. Johnson
  59. Mrs. Johnson
  60. Mr. I. C. Jolies
  61. Mrs. Pembroke Jones and Maid
  62. Miss Sadie Jones and Maid
  63. Master Pembroke Jones
  64. Mr. Keane
  65. Mrs. Keane
  66. Mrs. James Kilduff
  67. Mr. W. H. Killick
  68. Mr. Killick
  69. Miss Lachapelle
  70. Mr. George H. Laflin
  71. Mrs. Laflin
  72. Mr. H. K. Laflin
  73. Mr. Robert Lamb
  74. Mrs C. D. Langhorne
  75. Miss P. Langhorne
  76. Dr. Thomas S. Lee
  77. Mr. Charles Lindsay
  78. Mrs. J. M Lobban
  79. Mr. W. E. McCaw
  80. Mrs. McCaw
  81. Mr. W. H. McCormack
  82. Mr. Clarence J. McCuaig
  83. The Very Rev. J. H. McKenzie
  84. Mr. J. H. Merriman
  85. Mr. W. A. Murphy
  86. Mrs. Murphy
  87. Mr. James V. Nelson
  88. Mrs. H. D. Norris
  89. Dr. A. P. Ordway
  90. Mr. C. D. Owen, Jr.
  91. Mr. T. Paton
  92. Mrs. Paton and Maid
  93. Mr. Walter C. Peck
  94. Mrs. Peck
  95. Capt. Thos. D. Petty
  96. Mr. H. K. Porter
  97. Mrs. Porter
  98. Mr. H. H. Rose
  99. Mr. S. J. Rose
  100. Mr. A. Rosenthal
  101. Mrs. Rosenthal
  102. Mrs. Rogers
  103. Miss Ross
  104. Mr. M. Rothschild
  105. Mrs. J. P. Sanger
  106. Miss Sanger
  107. Mr. John Saville
  108. Mrs. F. Schroeder
  109. Miss H. M. Schroeder
  110. Mr. Adolf Schaus
  111. Mr. Charles Scribner (Note 1)
  112. Mrs. Scribner and Maid
  113. Mr. George P. Scriven (Note 2)
  114. Mr. Herbert M. Sears (Note 3)
  115. Mrs. Sears and Maid
  116. Mr. J. A. Seybold
  117. Mr. Robert G. Shaw
  118. Mrs. Shaw
  119. Major G. Shiba
  120. Mr. F. Slade
  121. Mr. G. W. Sillcox
  122. Mr. J. Augustine Smith
  123. Mr. M. H. Smith
  124. Mr. F. N. Stackpole
  125. Mrs. Emma Starr
  126. Mr. M. Stiefel
  127. Mrs. Stiefel
  128. Mr. H. E. Suares
  129. Mr. R. H. Titherington
  130. Mrs. Titherington
  131. Master Titherington
  132. Mr. N. Walker
  133. Mr. H. Walters
  134. Mr. Thomas H. Watson
  135. Mr. A. V. White
  136. Mr. G. M. Wilkinson
  137. Mr. James R. Wilson
  138. Mr. Alex. de Witt
  139. Mrs. de Witt
  140. Mr. C. C. Woods


Notes About Saloon Passengers

Note 1: Charles Scribner II (October 18, 1854 – April 19, 1930) was the president of Charles Scribner's Sons and a trustee at Skidmore College.

Note 2: George Percival Scriven (February 21, 1854 – March 7, 1940) was the seventh Chief Signal Officer of the United States Army (1913–1917). In this position he commanded the Aeronautical Division (1913–1914),and later the Aviation Section (1914–1917) of U.S. Signal Corps, the forerunner of the United States Air Force.

Note 3: Herbert Mason Sears (1867-1942) was a noted yachtsman and businessman in Boston, Massachusetts. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre for his contributions during World War I.


Track Chart on the Back Cover of a Cunard Line RMS Campania Saloon Passenger List from 7 May 1898.

Track Chart on the Back Cover of a Cunard Line RMS Campania Saloon Passenger List from 7 May 1898. GGA Image ID # 208c3cefe9


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