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RMS Etruria Passenger List - 27 August 1898

Saloon and Second Cabin Passenger Lists for the RMS Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 27 August 1898 from Liverpool for New York, Commanded by Captain John Ferguson.


Front Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 27 August 1898 from Liverpool for New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 27 August 1898 from Liverpool for New York, Commanded by Captain John Ferguson. GGA Image ID # 15a6f6ffb4


Notable Passengers Included: Arthur Clifton Goodwin, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Graham Lusk, Captain J. B. Ranson and the wife of John Augustin Daly.


Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 27 August 1898 from Liverpool for New York

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Etruria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 27 August 1898 from Liverpool for New York, Commanded by Captain John Ferguson. GGA Image ID # 15a71e7398


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: John Ferguson
  2. Surgeon: Benj. Pitt Johnson
  3. Purser: Andrew Milliken
  4. Chief Steward: Wm. Atterby

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. J. N. Adam
  2. Mr. A. C. Ahrens
  3. Mr. L. H. Arnold
  4. Mrs. Arnold
  5. Mr. Alfred Austell
  6. Mr. S. H. Austin
  7. Mrs. Austin
  8. Miss Austin
  9. Mr. E. L. Baker
  10. Mrs. Baker
  11. Miss E. Baker
  12. Miss S. J. Baker
  13. Miss F. M. Barnefield
  14. Mr. John J. Barry
  15. Mr. Gerald J. Barry
  16. Miss Beeton
  17. Mrs. Bishop
  18. Mr. W. H. Bishop
  19. Miss E. M. Blackburn
  20. Mr. F. E. Blaisdell
  21. Mrs. Blaisdell
  22. Mr. Frank H. Blakeman
  23. Mrs. Blakeman
  24. Mr. J. W. Bouton
  25. Mr. C. E. Bretherton
  26. Miss Jenny S. Briggs
  27. Mr. W. H. D. Brook
  28. Mrs. Brook
  29. Mrs. Walter Brooks
  30. Miss Edith A. Brooks
  31. Mr. James L. Brown
  32. Mr. E. C. Brown
  33. Mr. W. T. Brundage
  34. Mrs. Brundage
  35. Mr. T. D. M. Burnside
  36. Mr. Conyers Button
  37. Mrs. Button
  38. Mrs. A. B. Carlisle
  39. Mr. P. A. Chance
  40. Hwang Chinghuei
  41. Dr. C. R. Church
  42. Miss M. Clancy
  43. Mr. Michael Connors
  44. Mr. S. Morris Conant
  45. Dr. Hannah T. Croasdale
  46. Miss F. Curtis
  47. Mrs. Augustin Daly and Maid
    Wife of John Augustin Daly (July 20, 1838 – June 7, 1899) one of the most influential men in American theatre during his lifetime. Drama critic, theatre manager, playwright, and adapter, he became the first recognized stage director in America. He exercised a fierce and tyrannical control over all aspects of his productions. His rules of conduct for actors and actresses imposed heavy fines for late appearances and forgotten lines and earned him the title "the autocrat of the stage." He formed a permanent company in New York and opened Daly's Theatre in New York in 1879 and a second one in London in 1893
  48. Colonel Asa W. Dickinson
  49. Mrs. Dickinson and Nurse
  50. Miss Duggan
  51. Mrs. Margaret Dunn
  52. Miss Madora Dunn
  53. Miss E. A. Dunn
  54. Mrs. W. L. Durhin
  55. Mr. Durbin
  56. Mr. Adolph Elgutter
  57. Mrs. Elgutter
  58. Mr. G. B. Ennis
  59. Mr. Montgomery Evans
  60. Hon. Sidney Fisher
  61. Mr. N. T. Fleming
  62. Mr. D. Forhes
  63. Mr. M. Fordyce
  64. Mrs. Fordyce
  65. Mr. George Fox
  66. Mr. W. E. L. Gaine
  67. Mrs. Gaine
  68. Mr. Gerald Garnett
  69. Mr. W. Gibbings
  70. Mr. A. Gihbings
  71. Miss J. Gibbings
  72. Mr. Thomas Glass
  73. Mr. W. I. Goddard
  74. Mr. A. C. Goodwin Arthur Clifton Goodwin (1866-1929) is known primarily for his sontaneously executed impressionistic views of docks, harbors, landscapes and cityscapes in and around Boston, Gloucester and New York City. He spent most of his professional life in Boston (before 1920 and from 1928-1929, and again from 1925-until his death) and New York City (1920-1927). He painted in oil and/or pastel. (Pierce Galleries)
  75. Mr. Louis J. Grant
  76. Mrs. Grant
  77. Mr. W. Cameron Grant
  78. Mr. W. A. Griffin
  79. Mr. Moses H. Grossman
  80. Mrs. Grossman
  81. Mrs. J. H. Hadley
  82. Master Hadley
  83. Mr. W. M. Hannay
  84. Mr. Julius Harburger
  85. Miss Helen Ruger Hay
  86. Mr. Walter Hazell, M.P
  87. Mr. W. H. Hazell
  88. Mr. R. C. Hazell
  89. Mr. A. Hemins
  90. Mr. Hetherington
  91. Mr. Walter L. Hill
  92. Mr. C. W. Hillard
  93. Mrs. Hillard
  94. Mr. Justice O. W. Holmes Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (March 8, 1841 – March 6, 1935) was an American jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1902 to 1932, and as Acting Chief Justice of the United States January–February 1930.
  95. Mr. G. C. How
  96. Miss Howe
  97. Mr. W. F. Incledon
  98. Mr. Charles Ingham
  99. Mr. Rohert A. Johnston
  100. Mr. A. M Johnston
  101. Mr. G. A. Jones, Jr.
  102. Mr. J. A. Jones
  103. Mr. Edward B. Jordan
  104. Mr. George E. Keith
  105. Mr. John Kellogg, Jr.
  106. Mr. William Kelly
  107. Mr. David Kelley
  108. Mr. Paul D. Kelley
  109. Mr. William J. Kerr
  110. Mr. Arthur Reed Kimball
  111. Mrs. Kimball
  112. Mr. H. B. Kirk
  113. Mr. F. D. Lecompte
  114. Mrs. Urquhart Lee
  115. Mr. G. Livingstone
  116. Mrs. Livingstone
  117. Mr. T. B. Lloyd
  118. Mr. Alfred Loader
  119. Mr. E. H. Lord
  120. Dr. Graham Lusk Graham Lusk (15 February 1866 - 18 July 1932) was an American physiologist, and nutritionist. He graduated from Columbia University, and from University of Munich with a PhD
  121. Mr. Malloch
  122. Mrs. Marion Martin
  123. Mr. E. Masuret
  124. Mr. Walter S. Mather
  125. Mr. Peter McArthur
  126. Rev. J. J. McCabe
  127. Mr. James McEnery
  128. Mr. J. H. McEwan
  129. Mr. Patrick McGovern
  130. Judge McKean
  131. Mr. C. J. McLennan
  132. Rev. W. A. McLoughlin
  133. Mr. J. J. McNamara
  134. Mr. W. L. Moorman
  135. Mr. La Moriniere
  136. Mrs. E. D. Morse
  137. Mr. J. S. Murdock
  138. Mr. H. F. Mytton
  139. Miss L. A. Norcott
  140. Miss M. J. Norcott
  141. Mr. P. W. Northcutt
  142. Mr. W. J. O'Kelly
  143. Mr. Timmis Olsen
  144. Mrs. Olsen
  145. Mr. Ernest Overbeck
  146. Dr. L. C. Pardee
  147. Mr. T. M. Parr, Jr.
  148. Mr. F. J. Parrott
  149. Mr. E. B. Parrott
  150. Mr. L. W. Partridge
  151. Miss Grace J. Paterson
  152. Miss Jemima G. Paterson
  153. Miss Agnes C. Paterson
  154. Mr. J. M. S. Patton
  155. Mr. E. N. Perkins
  156. Mr. D. P. Perkins
  157. Mr. Edward Petter
  158. Mr. Thomas Phillips
  159. Mr. Tom Pitt
  160. Mr. B. M. Plummer
  161. Mrs. Plummer
  162. Miss Grace Plummer
  163. Miss Henrietta Plummer
  164. Mr. Walter H. Podesta
  165. Mr. Gustav Porges
  166. Mrs. Porges
  167. Mr. J. S. Powers
  168. Mrs. Powers
  169. Mr. Serge Proudnikoff
  170. Mrs. Proudinkoff
  171. Mr. J. B. Ransom Captain J. B. Ranson OBE was a commander of White Star Line liners. He was born in 1864. His marine career began at the age of 14, when he joined the Pacific Steam Navigation Company. He joined the White Star Line in 1891.
  172. Mr. Mathew Rath
  173. Mrs. C. Reynolds
  174. Miss D. Reynolds
  175. Miss Mot
  176. Mr. George Robertson
  177. Mr. B. W. Robertson
  178. Mrs. Robertson
  179. Miss Margaret Robertson
  180. Miss Effie Robertson
  181. Mrs. B. F. Romaine and Maid
  182. Dr. A. E. Roussell
  183. Dr. A. G. Rosenthal
  184. Mr. F. S. Royster
  185. Mr. W. S. Royster
  186. Mr. Salinger
  187. Mr. Joseph Scholes
  188. Mrs. Scholes
  189. Mr. J. Scholes, Jr.
  190. Mr. Herbert Seymour
  191. Mr. Waldron Shapleigh
  192. Mr. James Sibbald
  193. Mr. Charles S. Sinclair
  194. Mr. William J. Slidell
  195. Mrs. T. M. Smith
  196. Miss C. B. Spence
  197. Mr. Louis Spitzel
  198. Mr. S. Spitzel
  199. Mr. J. Spitzel
  200. Mr. W. M. Stockbridge
  201. Mr. Stanley Stillman
  202. Mrs. Stillman
  203. Mr. Sybrandt
  204. Mr. Charles H. Thompson
  205. Mr. A. Thornett
  206. Mr. P. J . M. Tighe
  207. Mrs. Tighe
  208. Mr. Henry M. Tracy
  209. Mr. J. T. Waller
  210. Mr. J. B. Warren
  211. Mrs. Watt
  212. Master Watt
  213. Mr. J. S. Weatherley
  214. Mrs. Weatherley
  215. Mr. W. H. Whyte
  216. Miss C. A. Williams
  217. Mr. Edward Willmott
  218. Mr. Frederick Winsor
  219. Mrs. Winsor
  220. Mr. Winterfield
  221. Mr. John A. Wood
  222. Mrs. Wood
  223. Mrs. Henesey (Note 1)
  224. Miss. Henesey (Note 1)

Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1898.

Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1898. Included Outward and Homeward Distances, and a Notice: With a View of Diminishing the Chances of Collision, Steamers of This Line Take Specified Courses According to the Seasons of the Year. Back Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Etruria Dated 27 August 1898. GGA Image ID # 15a702f084

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. John Abbey
  2. Mrs. A. Abbey
  3. Mr. David Addison
  4. Mrs. S. J. Agnew
  5. Mr. Agnew
  6. Rev. J. B. Baker
  7. Rev. Thomas H. Baragwanath
  8. Mrs. Baragwanath
  9. Master John Baragwanath
  10. Miss Ruth Baragwanath
  11. Mr. William Barker
  12. Mr. A. E. W. Barker
  13. Miss Barnes
  14. Mr. James Barnhill
  15. Mrs. Barnhill
  16. Master William Barnhill
  17. Miss Jessie Barnhill
  18. Mr. John Barry
  19. Mr. John Bates
  20. Mr. Frank Bates
  21. Miss Maud Beaumont
  22. Mr. Beeston
  23. Mr. Michael Beggan
  24. Miss Beggan
  25. Miss Delia Beggan
  26. Mrs. Annie Benner
  27. Mr. Seth C. Bennett
  28. Mr. Thomas L. Bennett
  29. Mrs. Bernstein
  30. Mrs. Beswick
  31. Miss Beswick
  32. Miss Emily Bird
  33. Mr. G. Blows
  34. Mr. E. E. Boothroyd
  35. Mr. Henry Brown
  36. Mrs. M. A. Butler, Child and Infant
  37. Miss A. E. Butts
  38. Mr. John Byrne
  39. Wm. Calder
  40. Miss J. C. Campbell
  41. Miss A. M. Campbell
  42. Mr. E. A. Cantliff
  43. Mrs. Cantliff and Infant
  44. Rev. M. D. Carey, M.A
  45. Mr. Sidney Cartwright
  46. Mrs. S. J. Cartwright
  47. Master F. Cartwright
  48. Mr. A. Caughie
  49. Mr. J. P. Chandler
  50. Miss Gertrude Chandler
  51. Miss Kate Clark
  52. Mr. Edward Clarke
  53. Mr. Thos. Cleverley
  54. Mrs. Cleverley
  55. Miss M. A. Colgan
  56. Miss Anna Colgan
  57. Miss B. J. Collins
  58. Miss Mary Collings
  59. Mr. Edward Cornwall
  60. Miss Bertha Cornwall
  61. Mr. C. C. Cruze
  62. Mr. John Cubbon
  63. Miss Catherine Cubbon
  64. Miss J. K. Cutler
  65. Mr. Joshua Dale
  66. Mrs. Dale
  67. Mrs. Augustin Daly's Maidservant
  68. Mr. John J. Davies
  69. Miss F. Dillon
  70. Miss K. Dillon
  71. Mr. J. Downs
  72. Mr. M. Drasy
  73. Mr. Henry A. Dudgeon
  74. Miss B. Duffy
  75. Mr. J. R. Duncan
  76. Mr. Dupuch
  77. Mrs. Dupuch
  78. Miss Emma Edwards
  79. Mrs. N. Ellen
  80. Mr. G. F. Emery
  81. Rev. W. L. Evans
  82. Mrs. Evans
  83. Miss M. Farrell
  84. Mrs. Jane Fayter
  85. Mr. M. P. Fitton
  86. Miss S. J. Fletcher
  87. Mr. James Formby
  88. Mr. W. H. Frankby
  89. Mr. Duncan Fraser
  90. Mrs. Margaret Fraser
  91. Mr. M. A. Freeney
  92. Mr. William Gammie
  93. Mrs. Gammie
  94. Miss Alice Gammie
  95. Miss Mary Glennen
  96. Miss M. J. Glesson
  97. Mr. Wong Lin Goh
  98. Mr. James J. Govey
  99. Miss Annie Grenfell
  100. Mrs. F G. Griswold
  101. Mr. Thomas Halpin
  102. Mr. J. T. Halpin
  103. Miss F. Hancock
  104. Mr. H. W. Harper
  105. Mrs. A, J. Hathorn
  106. Master W. Irvin Hathorn
  107. Master Robert Haltom
  108. Miss Annie R. Hathorn
  109. Mrs. Elizabeth Hay
  110. Miss Elsie Hay
  111. Miss Head
  112. Mr. D. B. Herk
  113. Mrs. Ann Heslop
  114. Mr. L. Hughes
  115. Mr. John Hughes
  116. Mrs. Hughes
  117. Mrs. C. Hunkin
  118. Mrs. Ann Hurst
  119. Miss Annie Ramsey Irvine
  120. Mrs. Mary E. Jackson
  121. Mr. Jenkins
  122. Mrs. Jenkins
  123. Mr. Edward Johns
  124. Master S. Johns
  125. Mr. E. Johns
  126. Mr. W. Johns
  127. Mrs. Johnson
  128. Mr. W. E. Jones
  129. Mr. J. H. Jones
  130. Mr. John Kavanagh
  131. Mrs. A. Kramhear
  132. Mrs. Gertrude Ladner
  133. Mrs. Lambert and Infant
  134. Miss Maggie Lane
  135. Miss Mary Lane
  136. Mr. James A. Leonard
  137. Mr. J. A. Linville
  138. Mrs. Linville
  139. Mr. A. Ludlow
  140. Mrs. H. N. Malloy
  141. Mr. James Mann
  142. Mr. J. Marriott
  143. Mrs. Marriott and Infant
  144. Miss Marriott
  145. Miss Alice Marriott
  146. Miss Lilly Marriott
  147. Miss Ivey Marriott
  148. Master Frank Marriott
  149. Master Alfred Marriott
  150. Miss Elsie Marriott
  151. Mr. John S. McCullough
  152. Mr. Michael McEnery
  153. Mr. T. Marr
  154. Mr. McMaster
  155. Mr. James Mellowes
  156. Rev. C. Metcalf
  157. Mr. S. Millner
  158. Mrs. Dr. S. Miner
  159. Mr. R. Mirfield
  160. Mrs. A. W. Moore
  161. Miss Grace Moore
  162. Miss Edith Moore
  163. Mr. D. J. Moran
  164. Mr. James Moran
  165. Mrs. Morison
  166. Mrs. L. Morris
  167. Mr. W. B. Morse
  168. Mr. Alfred Moult
  169. Mrs. W. D. Muir
  170. Mrs. J. P. Mulally
  171. Mr. P. V. Mulcahy
  172. Miss B. A. Mulcahy
  173. Mr. Peter Murphy
  174. Mr. J. Murray
  175. Mrs. Nicholls
  176. Master Henry Nicholls
  177. Mr. Frank Norton
  178. Mrs. Norton and Infant
  179. Mrs. Mary Olsen
  180. Miss M. Olsen
  181. Mrs. E. C. Organ
  182. Mrs. Ortega
  183. Miss L Ortega
  184. Mr. Frank E. Packard and Boy
  185. Mr. H. Parrott
  186. Mr. Robert Parsons
  187. Mrs. Naomie Parsons
  188. Miss Isabella Patterson
  189. Mr. F. T. Persons
  190. Thomas Phillips
  191. Mr. William Phillips
  192. Mr. F. Pierce
  193. Mrs. Pollard
  194. Mr. John A. Pope
  195. Mrs. C. M. Pope
  196. Master Bentley Pope
  197. Miss Lottie Pope
  198. Master Stanley Pope
  199. Mrs. J. S. Printy
  200. Master Francis Printy
  201. Master Emmet Printy
  202. Mr. J. Proctor
  203. Miss Proctor
  204. Mrs. B. Quinn and Child
  205. Miss G. Rabey
  206. Mr. J. Rees
  207. Mrs. Rees
  208. Mr. H. Richardson
  209. Mrs. Ann Rilley
  210. Dr. J. Robbins
  211. Mr. J Robertson
  212. Mr. Russell Robinson
  213. Miss Annie Robinson
  214. Miss Kate Robinson
  215. Miss Rogers
  216. Miss M. E. Shetky
  217. Mr. Edward A. Schumacher
  218. Mr. Scott
  219. Mrs. S. Scott
  220. Rev. J. B. Seabury
  221. Mr. G. F. Searle
  222. Mr. W. J. Semebroth
  223. Mrs. Semebroth
  224. Mr. Andrew Shaw
  225. Mrs. Martha Shaw
  226. Miss Lilly Shine
  227. Miss H. L. Shoemaker
  228. Mrs. Sidebotham
  229. Miss Sidebotham
  230. Mr. A. Simpson
  231. Mr. Nath. Slocombe
  232. Mr. H. C. Smart
  233. Mrs. A. Smith
  234. Miss N. Smith
  235. Miss A. Smith
  236. Master H. Smith
  237. Mr. William Smith
  238. Miss Louise Smith
  239. Mr. P. J. Sullivan
  240. Master John Sullivan
  241. Mrs. Sutcliff
  242. Mr. R. D. Sutcliffe
  243. Miss Symes
  244. Mrs. Symons
  245. Mr. James Taylor
  246. Mrs. C. Thomas
  247. Miss H. Thomas
  248. Miss G. Thomas
  249. Mrs. A. Thorne
  250. Mr. J. Turner
  251. Mr. F. Truedley
  252. Miss Givenu Vaughan
  253. Mrs. C. E. Walker
  254. Master Basil Walker
  255. Mr. Thomas Walters
  256. Mr. Thomas Watkins
  257. Miss E. R.. Whitaker
  258. Mrs. Ellen Williams
  259. Miss Edith Williams
  260. Mr. S. Willner
  261. Rev. B. Winget
  262. Mr. Forbes Wood
  263. Miss P. J. Wright
  264. Miss Wylie
  265. Mr. H. Young
  266. Mr. W. H. Trimby
  267. Mr. J. B. Baker
  268. Mrs. Rosa Cipido
  269. Mr. A. E. Gould
  270. Miss K. Freney
  271. Mr. M. Deasy
  272. Mr. P. B. Hearle
  273. Miss L. Olsen
  274. Miss C. Olsen
  275. Mr. Thos. Lynas
  276. Mrs. Dupuch's Infant

Note 1: Names were penciled in by original passenger - May have been Passengers not listed on Passenger List.

Back Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Etruria Dated 27 August 1898.

Back Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Etruria Dated 27 August 1898. GGA Image ID # 15a774ec7d

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