RMS Saxonia Passenger List - 17 September 1907

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Saxonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 17 September 1907 from Liverpool to New York and Boston via Queenstown (Cobh).

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Saxonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 17 September 1907 from Liverpool to New York and Boston via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain E. H. Pentecost. GGA Image ID # 159cd466a0

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: E. H. Pentecost (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: F. Harwood Hardman
  3. Purser: Thomas H. Holland
  4. Assistant Purser : J. V. Gillette
  5. Chief Steward: John Sleigh

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. G. Aberg
  2. Miss J. Aberg
  3. Mr. G. Alexander
  4. Mrs. E. Alber
  5. Miss B. Alber
  6. Miss Bella Andrew
  7. Miss N. Anderson
  8. Miss A. Anderson
  9. Miss Anna Anderson
  10. Miss A. Anderson
  11. Miss A. Anderson
  12. Miss H. Anderson
  13. Mr. Robert Anderson
  14. Mrs. Anderson
  15. Mrs. L. Appleton
  16. Miss M J. Astley
  17. Miss A A. Astley
  18. Mrs. W. Ballantyne
  19. Miss M. L. Barber
  20. Mrs. A. Barber
  21. Mrs. Barker
  22. Mrs. D. Baxendale
  23. Miss D. Baxendale
  24. Mr. J. Beams
  25. Mr. R. Beams
  26. Miss J. Bennett
  27. Miss A. Berg
  28. Miss L. Berg
  29. Mrs. 1-1. Berggren
  30. Mr. W. V. Bingham
  31. Mrs. A. Black
  32. Miss Eliz. Blackwood
  33. Mrs. A. Bowers
  34. Mr. F. Bradbury
  35. Mr. T. H. Briggs
  36. Miss J. Brook
  37. Mrs. A. Brook
  38. Master Chas. Brook
  39. Mr. A. Brown
  40. Miss E. Bryntuldson
  41. Mr. J. Buckley
  42. Miss F. Carlson
  43. Miss L. Carter
  44. Mr. Cartoof
  45. Mrs. Cartoof and Child
  46. Miss A. Champ
  47. Miss Rose Clarkson
  48. Miss C. Clayton
  49. Mrs. Collins
  50. Miss Catherine Collins
  51. Miss M. Collins
  52. Mrs. J. Conley
  53. Miss J. M. Conley
  54. Mr. William Creason
  55. Miss K. A. Crow
  56. Miss C. Crowley
  57. Miss B. Curran
  58. Miss A. Dawson
  59. Mr. George Denton
  60. Mrs. C. Denton
  61. Mrs. M. Dewhurst
  62. Mrs. M. J. Dillune
  63. Mr. V. Dreiling
  64. Mr. T. W. Drumm
  65. Mrs. A. Drury
  66. Miss Drury
  67. Miss A. Eaton
  68. Miss A. J. Eccles
  69. Mrs. M. Emmett
  70. Mr. H. Erickson
  71. Mrs. H. Erickson
  72. Mr. Fred Evans
  73. Mr. Evans
  74. Mrs. Evans
  75. Miss S. S. Evered
  76. Mr. W. Fairbrother
  77. Mrs. Fairbrother
  78. Miss M. Finnerty
  79. Miss M Fitzgerald
  80. Miss B. Flynn
  81. Miss N. Flynn
  82. Mrs. P. Foster
  83. Master B. Foster
  84. Mrs. E. Francis
  85. Mrs. A. Freeman
  86. Master Freeman
  87. Mr. G. P. Frost
  88. Rev. W. Ganly
  89. Miss J. Garrity
  90. Mrs. Gee
  91. Mr. J. Gill
  92. Mrs. Gill
  93. Mr. Robert Glasgow
  94. Mrs. Robert Glasgow
  95. Mrs. R. Goldberg
  96. Mrs. Ann May Gorlay
  97. Miss M. Gorman
  98. Mrs. Gray
  99. Miss Gray
  100. Mr. G. Greenwood
  101. Mrs. Greenwood
  102. Master Wm. Greenwood
  103. Mrs. Hadfield
  104. Miss A. Hadfield
  105. Miss Clara Hadfield
  106. Miss A. Halsall
  107. Miss M. J. Halsall
  108. Miss H. Hansen
  109. Mr. John Hardaker
  110. Mrs. A. Hartley
  111. Miss Jane Hartley
  112. Miss M. Heasman
  113. Miss A. Holland
  114. Miss R. Holt
  115. Mrs. E. C. Hutey
  116. Miss Hutey
  117. Miss M. Ireland
  118. Mr. Swan Jansson
  119. Mr. James S. Jarvie
  120. Mrs. Jarvie
  121. Miss M. Jarvie
  122. Mr. A. C. Johnsson
  123. Miss A. Johnson
  124. Miss M Johnson
  125. Miss Ida Johnson
  126. Mr. O. B. Johnson
  127. Mrs. Johnson
  128. Miss Anna Johnson
  129. Mrs. A. Johnson
  130. Mr. John Jones
  131. Mrs. J. Jones
  132. Miss Lillian Jones
  133. Miss M. Jones
  134. Mr. A. Kinquist
  135. Mrs. A. Larder
  136. Miss A. Larson
  137. Miss A. Larson
  138. Mrs. Edith Lees
  139. Mrs. C. Lindmark
  140. Miss A. Lindquist
  141. Miss C. Lindquist
  142. Miss E. Lof
  143. Mrs. E. Lord
  144. Miss Annie MacDonald
  145. Miss J. Magmussan
  146. Mrs. A. Mahoney
  147. Mrs. H. Mansson and Two Children
  148. Miss R. Mansson
  149. Mr. William Mason
  150. Mrs. Mason
  151. Master M. Mason
  152. Miss Mason
  153. Mrs. A. McCoy
  154. Miss Mary Morgan
  155. Mr. O. Mortensen
  156. Mr. James Nicholson
  157. Miss E. Nilson
  158. Miss Nora O'Connor
  159. Mrs. S. Parr
  160. Miss M. Parr
  161. Mr. A. Petterson
  162. Mrs. C. Petterson
  163. Miss E. M. Pethick
  164. Miss L. Pethick
  165. Mrs. H. Piper
  166. Miss W. Piper
  167. Miss Power
  168. Mr. W. J. Raper
  169. Miss Annie Reece
  170. Miss A. Reilly
  171. Miss E. Reynolds
  172. Mrs. George Rouse
  173. Miss B. Ryan
  174. Mr. G. Scarr
  175. Mrs. Scarr
  176. Mrs. George Schneider
  177. Miss May Schofield
  178. Miss E. J. Sharpe
  179. Miss L. Sharpies
  180. Mr. A. Sharpies
  181. Mrs. Sharpies and Child
  182. Miss S. J. Sharpies
  183. Miss A. Shaw
  184. Mr. E. Shorrock
  185. Mrs. Shorrock
  186. Mr. R. Size
  187. Miss Margaret Spratt
  188. Mrs. Jane Stanfield
  189. Mr. G. Stenerson
  190. Mrs. S. Stevenson
  191. Miss M. Sutton
  192. Mrs. G. Swan
  193. Mrs. Charles Thompson
  194. Miss H. Thompson
  195. Miss M. Toomey
  196. Miss E Toomey
  197. Rev. Father Tovey
  198. Mr. Peter Tully
  199. Mr. Joseph Tully
  200. Mr. Joseph Walker
  201. Miss W. M. Walsh
  202. Mr. G. F. Webster
  203. Mrs. Webster
  204. Mr. S. K. Webster
  205. Mr. A. E. Wilby
  206. Mrs. M. Wilkinson
  207. Miss Ellen Wilkinson
  208. Miss Mary Wilkinson
  209. Mr. Seth Wilkinson
  210. Mrs. Wilkinson
  211. Mr. E. Wilkinson
  212. Miss A. Wilkinson
  213. Mr. J. Williams
  214. Mrs. M. A. Williamson
  215. Miss H. Williamson
  216. Miss M. Wold
  217. Mrs. M. Woodhouse
  218. Miss Agnes Woodhouse
  219. Mr. Robert Wooley
  220. Mrs. Wooley
  221. Mr. Robt. Woolfenden
  222. Mrs. Woolfenden
  223. Mrs. E. Woolston
  224. Miss E. E. Wylde

Additional Passengers

  1. Mrs. Croke
  2. Miss E. Hanlon
  3. Mrs. J. Garrity
  4. Miss M. Hill
  5. Miss E. Gee
  6. Miss V. Petersen
  7. Miss M. Hargreaves
  8. Miss S. E. Suoma

Passengers Not on Board

  1. Miss A. Anderson
  2. Miss A. Larson
  3. Miss J. Garrity
  4. Mrs. S. Parr
  5. Miss H. Hansen
  6. Miss M. Parr
  7. Miss A. Larson
  8. Mr. George Rouse

Information for Passengers

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times :

  • Breakfast at 8:00 am;
  • Dinner 12:30 pm;
  • Tea 5:30 pm;
  • Supper 8.30 p.m

The Bar and Smoking Room will be closed at 11:00 pm

The Second Cabin Steward has the arrangement of the seats at the table.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10:30 am

All enquiries regarding Baggage should be addressed to the Purser.

Steamer Chairs may be hired from the Deck Steward at a cost of 4/- for the voyage.

Gentlemen are requested not to smoke in the Saloons, Staterooms, or Companion-ways.

The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables or money are kept in the Staterooms. The same should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt will be given on the Company's form. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but Passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company's form for any additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board.

The Purser is authorized to exchange money at the following rates. He will give American money for English at $4.80 to the pound sterling and English money for U.S. Currency at £1 sterling for $4.95.

Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board.

Special trains are run between Riverside Station. Liverpool, and Euston Station, London, in connection with the arrival and departure of these Steamers, and sleeping berths can be secured on trains leaving Liverpool at 10:00 pm, or later : charge, Ss. each. All the other Railway Stations in Liverpool are within a few minutes' drive of the Prince's Stage.

Wireless Telegram Rates.

United States.—The minimum Marconi Rate, via Sea Gate, Babylon, Sagaponack, or South Wellfleet (Cape Cod), or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations, is Ss. 4d. for ten words. Each extra word 6d.; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The minimum rate via Siasconsett or Cape Race, or through the medium of a passing steamer and these stations is 12s. 6d. for ten words. Each extra word 9d.; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The minimum Marconi Rate, via Sable Island, or through the medium of a passing steamer and this station is 16s. 8d. for ten words. Each extra word, 1s.; text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

United Kingdom. —The minimum Marconi Rate, via Crookhaven, or other stations in the United Kingdom, or through the medium of a passing steamer, is 6s, for twelve words. Each extra word 6d.; every word in address, text, and signature counted; land charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

Ship To Ship. —Minimum Rate, 6s. for twelve words. Each extra word 6d.; every word in address, text, and signature counted, and all fees must be prepaid,

This Steamer is Fitted with Marconi's System of Wireless Telegraphy, Also with The Submarine Signalling Apparatus.

The " Lusitania" and " Mauretania," are the Largest Steamers in The World.

American And British Lights (Lighthouses)

American & British Lights, 1907.

American & British Lights, 1907. Back Cover of an RMS Saxonia Second Cabin Passenger List from 17 September 1907. GGA Image ID # 159d62eca5


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