RMS Cephalonia Passenger List - 22 August 1895

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Cephalonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Thursday, 22 August 1895 from Liverpool to Boston.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Cephalonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Thursday, 22 August 1895 from Liverpool to Boston, Commanded by Captain Seccombe. GGA Image ID # 15a3ed9aa2

Notable Passengers: George Fiske, Gertrude Mary Hirst, George Fred Williams.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Seccombe
  2. Surgeon: Dr. F. E. Cane
  3. Purser: Ambrose Shea
  4. Chief Steward: Thos. G. Findlow

Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss Olive Ackerman
  2. Mrs. Lucy N. Adams
  3. Miss Edith Adams
  4. Mr. Wm. Agge
  5. Miss Agge
  6. Miss Maud Ahern
  7. Miss Edith Albery
  8. Rev. W. H. Alexander
  9. Mrs. D. A. Andrews
  10. Mr. John Avery
  11. Mrs. Avery
  12. Mr. A. E. Bailey
  13. Miss Bailey
  14. Miss A. Bancroft
  15. Mr. S. L. Bartlett
  16. Mrs. Bartlett
  17. Miss Lucy Beadle
  18. Miss E. E. Bickford
  19. Mr. F. A. Bower
  20. Mr. Antonio Braga
  21. Miss Marian Brazier
  22. Miss Isabel Breed
  23. Miss Brewer
  24. Miss A. L. Brigham
  25. Mr. F. H. Bronson
  26. Miss S. Eliz. Brown
  27. Miss Kate L. Brown
  28. Miss Lucy L. Burgess
  29. Mr. Charles Burt
  30. Rev. E. P. Butler
  31. Mr. George O. Carpenter
  32. Mrs. Carpenter
  33. Miss B. F. Caton
  34. Mrs. C. C. Chadwick
  35. Miss Eva Chandler
  36. Miss B. Child
  37. Mr. A. D. Cole
  38. Mrs. A. D. Cole
  39. Miss Jennie Cole
  40. Miss L. H. Cook
  41. Mr. W. Kirk Corey
  42. Mrs. Corey
  43. Miss Grace Crawford
  44. Miss Eva A. Davis
  45. Mrs. John Dean
  46. Mr. John E. Devlin
  47. Mrs. Devlin
  48. Miss Alice M. Dickey
  49. Mr. G. E. Dorman
  50. Rev. C. A. Eaton
  51. Mrs. Eaton
  52. Mr. T. J. Egan
  53. Mrs. Egan
  54. Mr. Charles H. Fiske
  55. Mr. George Fiske George Fiske (October 22, 1835 – October 21, 1918) was an American landscape photographer
  56. Mrs. Fiske
  57. Miss Gertrude Franklin
  58. Mr. H. C. French
  59. Mrs. French, and Maid
  60. Hon. C. T. Gallagher
  61. Mrs. Gallagher
  62. Miss S. L. Gardner
  63. Mrs. W. F. Goodwin
  64. Mr. F. C. Granger
  65. Mr. Guertler
  66. Mr. J. Hall
  67. Miss Hall
  68. Miss C. Hall
  69. Miss Marion B. Hall
  70. Miss Orianna Hall
  71. Miss Alice S. Hall
  72. Miss M. Hamlin
  73. Prof. J. J. Hayes
  74. Miss S. C. Hayward
  75. Miss E. W. Hill
  76. Miss Gertrude Hirst Gertrude Mary Hirst (January 22, 1869 – January 12, 1962), better known as G. M. Hirst, was an English-American classicist. She published a number of papers in classics journals, mainly commentaries on Roman authors. Her most influential publication was her 1926 proposal (in Classical World vol. 19) that Livy was born in 64 BC, rather than the traditional date of 59 BC; this claim would later also be advocated by Ronald Syme.
  77. Mrs. G. H. Hood
  78. Miss Helen Hood
  79. Miss Florence Hood
  80. Mr. J. F. Hopkins
  81. Mrs. Howarth
  82. Mr. C. A. Howland
  83. Miss Mabel Howland
  84. Miss M. R. Hunt
  85. Mrs. E. F. Jones
  86. Miss M. Keith
  87. Mr. Kidder
  88. Miss Lizzie G. Knapp
  89. Miss F. M. Lamson
  90. Mr. J. F. Lennon
  91. Miss E. M. Locke
  92. Mr. P. Lyons
  93. Mrs. Lyons
  94. Mr. J. C. McCarthy
  95. Mrs. McCarthy
  96. Miss A. C. McNay
  97. Miss Anna L. Moore
  98. Mr. Muller
  99. Mrs. Murray
  100. Miss F. L. Osgood
  101. Mrs. F. E. Packard
  102. Mrs. H. V. Pinkham
  103. Miss S. Louise Pinkham
  104. Mr. C. A. Potter
  105. Mr. F. F. Ramos
  106. Mrs. E. H. Rice
  107. Mr. E. A. Rich
  108. Mrs. Rich
  109. Mrs. Chandler Robbins
  110. Mr. Chandler Robins
  111. Mr. W. B. Robins
  112. Mr. T H. Robins
  113. Mr. E. A. Samuelson
  114. Mr. A. F. Sanford
  115. Mr. W. A. Sargent
  116. Mrs. Sargent
  117. Mrs. O. L. Shatter
  118. Miss B. Shatter
  119. Mr. W. Stansfield
  120. Mr. John J. Stevens
  121. Miss Sweet
  122. Miss Edith Thacker
  123. Miss Hariot Thorns
  124. Mr. T. H. Thornley
  125. Miss A. A. Tilton
  126. Miss Helen Tinker
  127. Mrs. A. P. Tucker
  128. Miss E. Vail
  129. Mr. Isaac Walker
  130. Miss S. A. Waterman
  131. Miss C. E. Webster
  132. Mr. John Wells
  133. Mrs. Wells
  134. Mrs. S. R. Wentworth
  135. Mr. Thomas Weston
  136. Mr. Thomas Weston, Jr.
  137. Mr. E. A. Whitman
  138. Mrs. Whitman
  139. Miss Maud Wiggin
  140. Mrs. George F. Williams George Fred Williams (July 10, 1852 – July 11, 1932) was a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  141. Rey. G. W. Winch
  142. Mr. D. L. Winchester
  143. Mrs. Winchester
  144. Dr. J. Henry Wood
  145. Mrs. Wood
  146. Mr. C. H. C. Wright
  147. Mrs. M. B. Wright
  148. Mrs. M. E. York


Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1895.

Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1895. Included Outward and Homeward Distances, and a Notice: With a View of Diminishing the Chances of Collision, Steamers of This Line Take Specified Courses According to the Seasons of the Year. Back Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Cephalonia Dated 22 August 1895. GGA Image ID # 15a3eee44d


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