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RMS Ascania Passenger List - 29 August 1911

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the TSS Ascania of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 29 August 1911 from Southampton to Quebec and Montreal

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the TSS Ascania of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 29 August 1911 from Southampton to Quebec and Montreal, Commanded by Captain G. W. Melsom (Lt. RNR). GGA Image ID # 1743947b12

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Commander G. W. Melsom (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon: Osborne Lunt
  3. Purser: E. G. F. Brown
  4. Chief Steward: J. Bragg


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Professor Alcock
  2. Mr. E. E. Berl
  3. Mrs. Alcock
  4. Mr. F. H. Blair
  5. Miss Ambrose
  6. Miss M. Boulton
  7. Mrs. Anderson
  8. Mr. E. R. Boyle
  9. Mr. J. A. Ansley
  10. Mr. C. Bridge
  11. Mr. Atkinson
  12. Mr. J. E. E. Brookfield
  13. Mrs. Atkinson
  14. Mr. E. P. Burrill and Family
  15. Mr. G. F. Burke
  16. Mrs. Burke
  17. Miss Burrows
  18. Mrs. C. S. Burrows and Son
  19. Miss A. Balfour
  20. Miss A. Ball
  21. Miss Barclay
  22. Mrs. F. Beadon
  23. Rev. G. H. Bennee
  24. Mr. C. Christensen
  25. Mrs. Bennee
  26. Mrs. J. Christensen and Family
  27. Miss L. Clark
  28. Mr. A. H. W. Cleave
  29. Mrs. Cleave
  30. Miss M. Clee
  31. Mr. M. Davies
  32. Mrs. Davies
  33. Miss De Yarmond
  34. Miss E. Duke
  35. Miss Dyton
  36. Miss Edwards
  37. Mr. H. W. Edwardson
  38. Mr. Edwardson
  39. Mrs. Edwardson
  40. Miss Edwardson
  41. Mrs. A. F. Engers
  42. Miss Ericson
  43. Miss J. Farnham
  44. Mrs. Finch
  45. Mr. C. P. Foster
  46. Mr. R. Foster
  47. Miss D. Foster
  48. Miss M. Foster
  49. Mrs. M. French and Daughter
  50. Mr. J. W. Frierson
  51. Mr. G. Gale
  52. Mrs. G. Gale
  53. Mr. William Gelling
  54. Mr. C. E. Geoghegan
  55. Mr. J. Godwin
  56. Mrs, C. Godwin
  57. Mr. R. H. Greaves
  58. Miss D. Green
  59. Miss E. Gregory
  60. Sister Gwendolen
  61. Mrs. M. J. Hage
  62. Mrs. M. S. Hall
  63. Mr. H. Hatfield
  64. Miss R. Hatfield
  65. Miss E. Hock
  66. Mr. Charles F. Hooper
  67. Mrs. B. Hooper
  68. Mrs. L. B. Houghton
  69. Mr. J. F. Hudson
  70. Mrs. D. Hughes
  71. Miss Hughes
  72. Miss C. Hyde
  73. Sister Isabella
  74. Mr. H. Jackson
  75. Mrs. B. Jensen
  76. Mr. B. Jensen
  77. Mr. J. Jeremy
  78. Mrs. J. E. Jeremy
  79. Mr. Ed. Johnson
  80. Miss L. Kavanaugh
  81. Miss N. L. Kavanaugh
  82. Mr. M. Larsen
  83. Mrs. I. Larsen and Family
  84. Mrs. Lawson
  85. Dr. G. W. Lovejoy
  86. Mrs. Lovejoy
  87. Miss B. Ludvigsen
  88. Mr. C. McCarthy
  89. Miss McOlaw
  90. Miss A. Mainwood
  91. Miss E. Mainwood
  92. Mrs. A. Mallett
  93. Mrs. C. A. McDonald
  94. Miss Y. McDonald
  95. Miss J. McDonald
  96. Mr. R. McGregor
  97. Miss J. McGregor
  98. Mr. H. C. Mitchell
  99. Miss Morgan
  100. Mrs. D. Mortlock
  101. Miss Newman
  102. Mr. E. Lloyd Owen
  103. Mr. V. Lloyd Owen
  104. Miss H. M. Peacock
  105. Miss Porter
  106. Mr. T. Pouting
  107. Mr. R. L. Prince
  108. Miss Prestwich
  109. Mr. R. L. Ramsey
  110. Miss Rice
  111. Mr. Robinson
  112. Mrs. Robinson
  113. Mr. J. G. Rollins
  114. Mrs. Rolph
  115. Miss B. Rolph
  116. Miss L. Rolph
  117. Miss R. B. Rose
  118. Mrs. Rowland
  119. Mrs. E. L. Sears
  120. Miss L. Sears
  121. Rev. S. Semple
  122. Mrs. H. Semple
  123. Mr. S. M. Semple
  124. Mr. Robert Semple
  125. Mr. R. J. Sharp
  126. Mrs. R. J. Sharp
  127. Mr. James Shea
  128. Mr. L. Sheppard
  129. Mrs. F. Sillence and Family
  130. Miss M. Sillence
  131. Miss A. Simmonds
  132. Mr. E. Sirunionds
  133. Mr. H. C. Simpson
  134. Mrs. E. Sirett
  135. Mr. A. Smith
  136. Mr. H. F. Softley
  137. Mr. A. Stedman
  138. Mrs. F. M. Stedman and Family
  139. Mrs. F. Stoodley
  140. Mrs. M. Sturgeon
  141. Miss Sutherland
  142. Mr. F. Tipping
  143. Mrs. L. Tipping
  144. Miss M. Trent
  145. Miss N. Tubbs
  146. Miss Underwood
  147. Mr. A. P. Van Someren
  148. Mrs. A. P. Van Someren
  149. Mr. E. S. Vertne
  150. Mrs. E. E. Vertue
  151. Miss E. M. Vertue
  152. Mrs. C. A. Walker
  153. Mrs. H. T. Welch
  154. Miss L. Whitby
  155. Mr. George Wisner
  156. Mr. John Woodward
  157. Mr. Arthur Woodward
  158. Mr. William J. Woodward
  159. Mrs. A. Woodward
  160. Miss C. Woodward
  161. Miss F. Woodward

Additional Passengers Boarding

  1. Miss Alcock
  2. Miss D. Alcock
  3. Master N. Alcock
  4. Mrs. Alcock's Infant and Two Maids
  5. Miss C. Bourguais
  6. Mr. J. J. Bergen
  7. Mrs. Bergen
  8. Miss E. Christensen
  9. Master K. Christensen
  10. Mrs. Davies' Infant
  11. Miss Vera Estes
  12. Mrs. Engers' Infant
  13. Mrs. Finch's Infant
  14. Master J. C. Hooper
  15. Master A. D. Hall
  16. Mrs. Lawson's Infant
  17. Mrs. Mortlock's Infant
  18. Mr. C. Perkins
  19. Mrs. Robinson's Infant
  20. Mr. C. W. Reynolds
  21. Mrs. Reynolds
  22. Mr. N. Reynolds
  23. Miss W. E. Sirett
  24. Miss M. Sirett
  25. Mr. St. B. Baker J. Scott

Passengers Not on Board

  1. Mr. E. P. Burrill
  2. Mr. H. Jackson
  3. Miss B. Ludvigsen
  4. Miss J. McDonald
  5. Mr. H. C. Mitchell
  6. Miss Morgan
  7. Miss Porter


  • Cabin ... 195
  • Third-Class ... 349
  • Total ... 544

This Steamer is Fitted with Marconi's System of Wireless Telegraphy, Also with The Submarine Signalling Apparatus.

The " Lusitania " and " Mauretania " are the Fastest Steamers in The World.


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