RMS Scythia Passenger List - 16 July 1881

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Scythia of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 16 July 1881 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Scythia of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 16 July 1881 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Murphy. The ship arrived in New York on 26 July 1881. Image of Girl by John A Lowell & Co., Boston, USA. GGA Image ID # 159feaff05

Notable Passengers: Charles W. Boynge, John Stiles Collins, Sir Bache Cunard, William Butler Duncan.

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Joseph Adams
  2. Mr. Frank Arnold
  3. Mrs. Arnold
  4. Mr. J. M. Attwood
  5. Miss Baldwin
  6. Miss F. Baldwin
  7. Mr. W. R. Barbour
  8. Mr. Harry Barton
  9. Mr. B. H. Barton
  10. Mr. M. Bendheim
  11. Mr. A. D. Bendheim
  12. Mrs. Bendheim
  13. Mr. A. Z. Bendheim
  14. Mr. E. P. Bennett
  15. Mr. W. P. Bennett
  16. Mr. E. W. Blinn
  17. Mr. C. W. Bonynge - Note 1
  18. Mr. Brooks
  19. Mr. Jose E. Bustamente
  20. Mr. John G. Carlyle - Attorney
  21. Mrs. Carlyle
  22. Mr. John Cartledge - Note 2
  23. Miss Cartledge
  24. Mr. Case
  25. Mrs. Case and Child
  26. Mr. E. Cheetham
  27. Mrs. Cheetham, and Two Children
  28. Mr. W. E. Clark
  29. Mr. W. Clatworthy
  30. Mr. John S. Collins - Note 3
  31. Miss Coombs
  32. Mr. W. G. Crenshaw, Jr.
  33. Mr. W. Creighton
  34. Sir Bache Cunard - Note 4
  35. Mrs. L. Cutler
  36. Mr. Albert Diehl
  37. Mr. J. Diggleman
  38. Miss Doussin
  39. Miss Dubreuil
  40. Mr. W. Butler Duncan - Note 5
  41. Mrs. Duncan. and Maid - Note 6
  42. Miss Duncan - Note 7
  43. Mr. R. Dunlop
  44. Mr. F. Durand
  45. Mr. W. Ellis
  46. Mrs. Ellis
  47. Mr. Benjamin Fish
  48. Mr. D. L. Foley
  49. Mr. J. H. Forbes
  50. Mrs. Forbes
  51. Mr. F. Forbes
  52. Mr. Francis Francis
  53. Mr. T. H. French
  54. Mr. H. L. Gargan
  55. Mr. J. Drayton Grimke
  56. Mr. J. Grose
  57. Mrs. Grose
  58. Mr. George Guestier
  59. Mr. John Hamilton
  60. Mrs. Hamilton, and Two Children
  61. Dr. J. W. Hartley
  62. Miss Frances Harvey
  63. Miss E. Harvey
  64. Mr. Alexander Henderson - Note 8
  65. Miss A. Hertz
  66. Mr. H. Howell
  67. Mr. O. Howes
  68. Mrs. A. B. James
  69. Mr. C. L. Jarvis
  70. Mrs. Jarvis
  71. Miss L. Jarvis
  72. Miss H. Jarvis
  73. Miss C. Jarvis
  74. Miss F. Jarvis
  75. Mr. Henry Johnston
  76. Mr. L. Jotcham, and Friend
  77. Mr. Robert Lamb
  78. Miss Lane
  79. Mr. James Lawrence
  80. Mrs. Lawrence
  81. Miss E. Lawrence
  82. Master James Lawrence
  83. Master Richard Lawrence, and Two Servants
  84. Mr. Otto Leverkus
  85. Mr. Joseph L. Levi
  86. Mr. W. Penn Lewis
  87. Mr. C. H. L'Hommedieu
  88. Mr. Littledale
  89. Mrs. Littledale, and Maid
  90. Mr. J. Littlewood
  91. Mr. G. C. W. Lowrey - Note 9
  92. Mr. Amasia Lyon
  93. Mr. Lyton's Man-servant
  94. Mr. Thomas H. Macklin
  95. Mr. N. Marx
  96. Mr. T. McKiernan
  97. Mrs. McKiernan
  98. Mr. C. A. McMaster
  99. Mr. Peter S. Moher
  100. Mr. W. T. Moore - Note 10
  101. Mr. S. Mortimer
  102. Mr. Pedro Munguia
  103. Mr. D. J. Murphy
  104. Dr. Nachtel, Child, and Maid - Note 11
  105. Mr. Thaddeus Norris
  106. Mrs. Norris, Child, and Maid
  107. Mr. R. C. Perkins
  108. Mrs. E. Perkins, Child, and Maid
  109. Dr. G. L. Platt - Note 12
  110. Mrs. Platt
  111. Dr. W. B. Platt
  112. Mrs. Rathbone
  113. Miss A. Rathbone
  114. Miss C. Rathbone, and Maid
  115. Mrs. O'Reilly
  116. Mrs. Robinson
  117. Mr. Manuel Romano, and Man-servant
  118. Mr. G. Schmer
  119. Mr. John Scott
  120. Mr. Otho Shaw - Note 13
  121. Mr. Alex. Shields
  122. Mr. Theo. E. Smith
  123. Mr. C. R. St. George
  124. Mr. St. George. Jr.
  125. Mr. J. Snitzler
  126. Mrs. Snitzler
  127. Mr. William Stevens
  128. Mr. W. P. Stevens
  129. Mr. J. R. Stitt
  130. Miss Stitt
  131. Mr. James H. Storey
  132. Mr. A. J. Stratton
  133. Mr. J. R. Sutton
  134. Miss Sutton
  135. Mr. E. A. Temple
  136. Mr. Wm. Thompson
  137. Mrs. Ella Thompson
  138. Mr. John Thompson
  139. Mrs. Thompson
  140. Mr. G. W. Vail
  141. Mr. H. C. Ward - Note 14
  142. Miss E. J. Ward - Note 15
  143. Mr. A. Watson
  144. Mr. C. Wellington
  145. Mr. Isidor Westheimer
  146. Mr. H. C. Whittle
  147. Mrs. Alex. Young


Passenger Notes

  1. Charles W. Boynge ( - 18 Aug 1913), son-in-law of Viscount Deerhurst, a great horseman, he was of medium size, his once black hair and whiskers tunring white. Bonynge was one of England's immortal six hundred which made the grand cavalry charge at the battle of Balaklava in the Crimean War. He was a broker in Virginia City from 1864 tto 1870 and joined the San Francisco Stock and Exchange Board in 1870, buying the seat of Andrew Jackson Moulder. He amassed a large fortune and returned to live in London where he died in 1913.
  2. John Cartledge (16 May 1855 – 8 July 1907), born John Cartledge Foster, was an English cricketer who played for Derbyshire in 1878.
  3. John Stiles Collins (1837-1928) builder of the Collins Bridge and co founder of Miami Beach, Florida Florida Photographic Collection
  4. Sir Bache Cunard - Third Baronet (1851–1925); father of Nancy Cunard, Sir Bache Cunard was an heir to the Cunard Line shipping businesses, interested in polo and fox hunting.
  5. William Butler Duncan - (17 Mar 1830 - 20 Jun 1912) of Duncan, Sherman & Co and Former head of the ancient and honorable Saint Andrew's Society, and President and Chairman of the Board of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company from 1874 until his death in 1912. Mr. Duncan had the distinction of being the only American member of London's exclusive club, the Travelers. He became a member of this club in 1868.
  6. Mrs. Duncan - Jane Percy Sargent (ca 1830 - 11 Dec 1905) One of the best known hostesses in New York society originally from Philadelphia.
  7. Dame Jessie Percy Butler Wilton (1855–1934), educational administrator.
  8. Mr. Alexander Henderson - (photographer) (1831–1913), Scots-Quebecer merchant and photographer.
  9. Commodore G. C. W. Lowrey, President of the Vanderbilt Mining Company, a large stockholder in the Rock Island and other railroads
  10. Walter T. Moore - Manager of the Lowell Coal Company ( ? - 23 Nov 1904) committed suicide. Subseqently his death and insurance policy was tried in the Massachuetts Supreme Court (Moore vs. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.)
  11. Dr. Henry Nachtel - Left for Paris aboard the Scythia on 29 September 1880 - He was a prominent physician who promoted the idea of emergency medicine and quick response for those in medical need. His wife was quite ill at the time and it was reported that they would spend the winter in the south of France.
  12. Dr. G. L. Platt - Began his Journey from New York to Liverpool on the Steamship Germanic on 30 April 1881 - This was his return voyage (with his wife).
  13. Mr. Otho Shaw - Owner of Arrowe Park and Arrowe Hall property that was handed down to Captain Otho Shaw whose main interest was traveling the World. As a result, the Hall became virtually a private museum to house items he had collected during his travels. His collection included a fine collection of glass and pottery more than 2000 years old which came from the Tombs of Cyprus and a carved oak bedroom suite made in York in 1684.
  14. Henry C. Ward (1845 - 3 May 1912) well-known yachtsman was a Vice Commodore of the New York Yacht Club and Director in the German-American Insurance Company and the German Alliance Insurance Company. He was also a member of the Huguenot Society.
  15. Miss E. J. Ward - Believed to be the sister of Henry Ward


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