RMS Umbria Passenger List - 3 October 1891

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 3 October 1891 from Liverpool to New York

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 3 October 1891 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Horatio McKay. GGA Image ID # 15a2f986e8

Saloon Passengers

  1. Dr. Peter H. Abercrombie
  2. Mr. John J. Adam
  3. Mr. Ernest Adams
  4. Miss Allen
  5. Rev. J. K. Allen
  6. Mr. H. G. Asten
  7. Mrs. H. Aub
  8. Miss Aub
  9. Mr. H. P. Baldwin, II
  10. Mr. A. H. Barendt
  11. Mr. H. Barnard, Jr.
  12. Mr. William Barr
  13. Mrs. Barr
  14. Mr. James T. Barrow
  15. Mrs. Barrow
  16. Miss Adele Barrow
  17. Miss M. G. Barry
  18. Miss A. Bates
  19. Miss F. Bates
  20. Miss Sarah Battye
  21. Miss Elsie M. Battye
  22. Mrs. Beecher
  23. Miss Beecher
  24. Mr. Henry Beers
  25. Mrs. Beers
  26. Mr. H. T. Bellamy
  27. Mr. A. Bellamy
  28. Mrs. S. Bendit
  29. Mr. R. R. Bennett
  30. Mr. George W. Biddle George Washington Biddle (11 January 1818 - 29 April 1897) Philadelphia lawyer and second of three sons of Colonel Clement Cornwell Biddle and Mary Searle Barclay Biddle
  31. Mrs. Biddle Maria Coxe McMurtrie Biddle (1818-1901)
  32. Hon. C. R. Bishop Charles Reed Bishop (1822–1915) was a businessman and philanthropist in Hawaii, who married into the Hawaiian royal family. Born in Glens Falls, New York, he sailed to Hawaii in 1846 at the age of 24, and made his home there. Bishop was one of the first trustees of and a major donor to the Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii. He also founded the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, and founded Hawaii's first successful bank, which is now known as First Hawaiian Bank
  33. Mrs. Bliss
  34. Miss Bliss Lillie P. Bliss (born Lizzie Plummer Bliss, April 11, 1864 in Boston; died March 12, 1931 in New York City) was an American art collector and patron. At the beginning of the 20th century, she was one of the leading collectors of modern art in New York. One of the lenders to the landmark Armory Show in 1913, she also contributed to other exhibitions concerned with raising public awareness of modern art. In 1929, she played an essential role in the founding of the Museum of Modern Art. After her death, 150 works of art from her collection served as a foundation to the museum and formed the basis of the in-house collection. These included works by artists such as Paul Cézanne, Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Amedeo Modigliani
  35. Mr. C. N. Bliss Cornelius Newton Bliss (January 26, 1833 – October 9, 1911) was an American merchant, politician and art collector, who served as Secretary of the Interior in the administration of President William McKinley and as Treasurer of the Republican National Convention in four successive campaigns
  36. Mr. C. N. Bliss, Jr. Cornelius Newton Bliss Jr. (April 15, 1875–April 5, 1949) was an American merchant, political organizer, and philanthropist. He was born in April 15, 1875 in New York City to Cornelius Newton Bliss, a prominent Republican Party politician later named Secretary of the Interior under President William McKinley. Bliss Jr. was raised in New York City and attended Harvard University, graduating in 1897 with a bachelors of arts. After college, he entered the family dry goods business, later becoming a full partner. In 1906, he married Zaidee C. Cobb, with whom he had three children: daughter Elizabeth and sons Cornelius Newton III and Anthony Addison
  37. Rev. Dr. Body
  38. Mrs. Body
  39. Miss Constance Body
  40. Mrs. Bridge
  41. Miss A. A. Bridge
  42. Mr. John J. Broderick
  43. Mrs. Broderick
  44. Master J. K. Broderick
  45. Master Arthur Broderick
  46. Miss Angela Broderick
  47. Mr. John A. Brown, Jr.
  48. Mrs. Brown
  49. Mr. George Brown
  50. Miss Rosalie C. Brown, Jr., and Maid
  51. Mr. Adam T. Brown
  52. Mrs. James H. Bucklin
  53. Miss Bertha S. Bucklin
  54. Mr. James Burns
  55. Miss Burridge
  56. Miss Jane Burrill
  57. Miss Caldwell
  58. Rev. L. Campbell
  59. Mrs. C. S. Canton
  60. Miss Canton
  61. Mr. William Chamberlain
  62. Master Wm. G. Chamberlain
  63. Mr. James Cheatle, Jr.
  64. Miss Chittenden
  65. Mrs. Clagett
  66. Miss G. L. Clagett
  67. Hon. A. S. Claghorn
  68. Mr. Charles Clark and Manservant
  69. Mr. A. J. Clock
  70. Mr. James Coats Sir James Coats, 1st Baronet (1834-1913) The Coats Baronetcy, of Auchendrane in Maybole in the County of Ayr, is a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom. It was created on 7 December 1905 for James Coats, Director of J. and P. Coats Ltd, sewing cotton manufacturers
  71. Mrs. Coats and Two Manservants
  72. Mr. W. C. Codman
  73. Miss L. H. Conger
  74. Mr. Alexander Cook
  75. Mr. J. A. Cooper
  76. Miss Cooper
  77. Miss L. Corkhill
  78. Mr. G. F. Cornell
  79. Mrs. Cornell
  80. Miss Annie Cornell
  81. Miss J. H. Cornwall
  82. Mr. G. Coudy
  83. Mr. Clarence Cowton
  84. Mrs. Cowton
  85. Mrs. C. H. Craig
  86. Miss H. N. Craig
  87. Miss E. W. Craig
  88. Mr. William Cranston
  89. Mr. Cranston, Jr.
  90. Mr. Robt. S. Crawford
  91. Mrs. Sarah E. Crocker
  92. Mr. J. H. Crosby
  93. Mrs. Crosby
  94. Miss Cumming
  95. Mr. W. Mansell Daintrey
  96. Mr. R. H. Davis
  97. Mr. G. B. Davison
  98. Mrs. G. B. Davison
  99. Mr. T. Dimmock
  100. Mrs. Dimmock
  101. Miss Earle
  102. Dr. Jacob Ebersole
  103. Mrs. Ebersole
  104. Mr. D. Egan
  105. Miss Mary M. Elder
  106. Miss Emery
  107. Count Erdody
  108. Mr. H. A. Esling
  109. Mrs. Esling, Child, and Maid
  110. Mr. Fergus Ferguson
  111. Mr. J. Fernie
  112. Miss A. Fernie
  113. Mrs. Fernie
  114. Mr. W. B. Fetterman
  115. Mr. E. H. Finlay
  116. Mrs. H. P. Finlay
  117. Miss M. Finlay
  118. Miss A. Finlay
  119. Master S. Finlay
  120. Master C. Findlay
  121. Mr. J. M. Forster
  122. Mrs. Forster
  123. Miss Forster
  124. Mr. John Herbert Foster
  125. Miss A. M. Fowler
  126. Mr. John W. Fox
  127. Mrs. Fox
  128. Mr. Peter L. Foy
  129. Mrs. P. L. Foy
  130. Miss Foy
  131. Mr. W. Freund
  132. Mrs. Sarah J. Gano
  133. Mr. D. G. Gardiner
  134. Mrs. Margaret S. Gardner
  135. Miss Eliza Gardner
  136. Mrs. L. Gascoyne
  137. Mr. W. Gasten
  138. Mrs. Gaston
  139. Miss J. Gasten
  140. Miss M. Gasten
  141. Mrs. R. Gasten
  142. Mr. Isaac W. Glasgow
  143. Mr. E. K. Glezen
  144. Mr. J. E. Glover
  145. Mr. L. E. Glover
  146. Mr. H. C. Graham
  147. Miss A. M. Graham
  148. Mr. T. C. Graham
  149. Mr. H. A. Grant
  150. Mrs. Grant
  151. Master Grant
  152. Miss Grant
  153. Mr. N. B. Gresley
  154. Mrs. A. Guthrie
  155. Miss Guthrie
  156. Mrs. M. A. Halsey
  157. Mrs. Haldeman Daly
  158. Mr. D. Harry Hammer
  159. Mr. Henry Harrison
  160. Mr. Judah Hart
  161. Mrs. Hart and Child
  162. Miss Hart
  163. Mr. G. C. Harvey
  164. Mrs. Harvey
  165. Mr. John Hawkes
  166. Mr. F. Hazleton
  167. Miss M. H. Hazleton
  168. Mr. F. Henniker
  169. Mr. S. C. Henning
  170. Mrs. J. W. Henning
  171. Miss Henning
  172. Miss R. Hinshelwood
  173. Mr. Charles Hirst
  174. Mr. J. G. Hodgson
  175. Miss Louise T. Hoey
  176. Dr. Charles F. Hoffman
  177. Mrs. Hoffman
  178. Mr. P. M. Hogan
  179. Mr. Horne
  180. Mrs. M. E. Howard
  181. Rear-Admiral John C. Howell
  182. Mr. S. S. Ingham, Jr.
  183. Mr. W. S. Isham
  184. Mr. Percy F. Jaynes
  185. Miss Louise Jaynes
  186. Mr. F. Joy
  187. Mr. E. C. Jungerich
  188. Mrs. Jungerich
  189. Miss Jungerich and Three Children
  190. Mrs. E. C. Keith
  191. Miss Keith
  192. Miss Keith and Maid
  193. Rev. John W. Kern
  194. Major John B. Ketchum
  195. Mr. George Gordon King
  196. Mrs. King
  197. Miss Gertrude Kingsley
  198. Mr. Alfred Kinnear
  199. Rev. Lucien L Kinsolving
  200. Mr. C. F. Kirby
  201. Mr. James B. Kirkaldy
  202. Mr. Kirkwood
  203. Miss Fanny Klein
  204. Mrs. J. Koch
  205. Master R. J. Koch
  206. Mr. Landels
  207. Mr. John Lake
  208. Mr. Gilbert D. Lamb
  209. Miss Lane
  210. Mrs. Lawlor
  211. Mr. David Lawson
  212. Mr. F. P. Lefroy
  213. Mrs. Lefroy
  214. Mr. C. A. Lewis
  215. Rev. J. D. Lewlin
  216. Mr. James Locke
  217. Mr. George Mackintosh
  218. Dr. Beverley MacMonagh
  219. Mrs. MacMonagh
  220. Mr. Guy Magee
  221. Mr. J. G. Makin
  222. Mr. Joseph Marshall
  223. Mrs. Marshall
  224. Dr. J. B. Marvin
  225. Mrs. Marvin
  226. Master Benson Marvin
  227. Miss Martha Marvin
  228. Miss Minnie Marvin and Maid
  229. Mr. N. L. McCready
  230. Mrs. McCready and Maid
  231. Mr. J. E. McDuffee
  232. Mr. W. MeDnffee
  233. Mrs. McDuffee
  234. Mrs. McFadgen, Two Children, and Two Maids
  235. Mr. John Maier
  236. Miss H. J. McLaren
  237. Miss M. McLaren
  238. Mr. James McLean
  239. Mr. Robert McMillan
  240. Miss McMillan
  241. Mr. S. E. Mezes
  242. Mr. A. D. Middleton
  243. Mrs. Middleton
  244. Miss Louisa Middleton and Maid
  245. Mrs. Miller
  246. Mr. J. Milliken
  247. Mr. S. Mizuno
  248. Mrs. L. B. Moore
  249. Mr. Moorman
  250. Mrs. Moorman
  251. Mrs. J. J. Morley
  252. Miss Edith H. Moss
  253. Miss Mullinger
  254. Mr. Charles Mulliken
  255. Mr. Martin Nathan
  256. Mr. Charles Neave
  257. Mr. J. S. Neave
  258. Mrs. Rob. Nicol
  259. Mr. Edwin Norton
  260. Mrs. Norton
  261. Mr. G. W. Norton
  262. Mrs. Norton
  263. Miss L. W. Norton
  264. Miss M. A. Norton
  265. Mr. W. A. Nosworthy
  266. Mr. Charles Nutley
  267. Mr. H. O'Connor
  268. Mr. O'Connor, Jr.
  269. Mr. M. J. O'Connor
  270. Mr. J. Van V. Olcott
  271. Mrs. Olcott
  272. Dr. A. P. Ordway
  273. Mr. Frank L Ordway
  274. Mr. S. Ovington
  275. Mr. George H. Page
  276. Mrs. Page
  277. Mr. Fred Page
  278. Mrs. Marshall Page
  279. Mr. H. de B. Parsons
  280. Mrs. Parsons
  281. Mrs. Wm. Barclay Parsons
  282. Mr. George Pease
  283. Miss Pease
  284. Mr. James A. Peror
  285. Miss Addie Perrin
  286. Miss Helen Perrin
  287. Mrs. Kathleen M. Preedy
  288. Mr. J. J. Pringle
  289. Mrs. S. A. Quamby
  290. Mr. Fred H. Rand
  291. Mr. H. J. Real
  292. Mr. Charles R. Relph
  293. Mrs. C. Reynolds and Child
  294. Mr. F. W. Rhinelander
  295. Mrs. Rhinelander
  296. Miss F. Rhinelander
  297. Miss H. Rhinelander
  298. Miss I. Rhinelander
  299. Mr. T. N. Rhinelander
  300. Mr. P. M. Rhinelander and Two Maids
  301. Mr. Arthur Rhys
  302. Mr. Herbert Richardson
  303. Miss E. J. Rindskoph
  304. Mr. Edwin Rost
  305. Mr. A. Lee Robinson
  306. Mrs. J. A. Robinson
  307. Miss Robinson and Maid
  308. Mr. G. Foster Rogerson
  309. Mr. Francis M. Rosen
  310. Mr. James A. Scott
  311. Miss Scott
  312. Mr. A. Sexton
  313. Mrs. Sexton
  314. Miss Sexton
  315. Mrs. R. A. Shotwell
  316. Miss Simson
  317. Mr. James M. Sing
  318. Mrs. B. Singer
  319. Mr. C. Barton Smith
  320. Miss Snow
  321. Mrs. George Stanton
  322. Miss H. Stanton
  323. Miss J. Stanton
  324. Mr. R. R. Stewart and Manservant
  325. Mr. J. Sutton
  326. Mr. J. H. Swinburn
  327. Mr. R. E. Sykes
  328. Mrs. Sykes
  329. Mr. R. B. Symington
  330. Mrs. Symington and Son
  331. Mrs. W. T. Taliferno
  332. Miss M. E. Tayler
  333. Mr. J. W. Thacker
  334. Mrs. Thacker
  335. Miss Thorner
  336. Mr. J. Ross Todd
  337. Mrs. M. M. Todd
  338. Miss Todd
  339. Mrs. H. E. Toovey and Two Children
  340. Mr. G. L. Trelease
  341. Mr. G. Trowbridge
  342. Mrs. Trowbridge, Two Children, and Governess
  343. Mr. Thomas Turner
  344. Mrs. Turner
  345. Miss Ellen T. Turner
  346. Mr. Thomas Turner
  347. Mrs. Turner
  348. Miss Alice C. Twitchell
  349. Miss Emma F. Twitchell
  350. Mrs. F. S. Twitchell
  351. Mr. E. Van Ness
  352. Mrs. Van Ness
  353. Mr. W. G. Harcourt Vernon
  354. Mrs. Harcourt Vernon, Child, and Nurse
  355. Mr. R. W. Virgoe
  356. Miss Mary L. Walker
  357. Mr. N. M. Wallace
  358. Miss K. Walmsey
  359. Mr. M. Ward. Mr. Ward
  360. Mr. Henry S. Warner
  361. Mrs. Warner
  362. Miss Warner
  363. Miss Marion Warner
  364. Mr. F. M. Warner
  365. Mr. H. W. Warner
  366. Mr. Lancelot Watson
  367. Rev. A. R. Watson
  368. Mr. John T. Whitaker
  369. Mr. W. H. White
  370. Mr. Wigglesworth
  371. Rev. J. W. Williams
  372. Mr. O. H. Williams
  373. Rev. C. S. Williams
  374. Mr. A. Ponsonby Wilmer
  375. Mr. S. W. Winslow
  376. Mr. N. L. Wittich
  377. Mr. M. Wittich
  378. Miss Woods
  379. Mr. L. C. Woolfolk
  380. Mrs. Woolfolk
  381. Miss Woolfolk

Cunard Track Chart With Outward and Homeward Distances, 1891.

Cunard Track Chart With Outward and Homeward Distances, 1891. Notice: With a View of Diminishing the Chances of Collision, Steamers of this Line Take Specified Courses According to the Seasons of the Year. Back Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line Dated 3 October 1891. GGA Image ID # 15a31a4d02

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