SS Lucania Passenger List - 22 September 1900

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 22 September 1900 from New York and Boston for Liverpool via Queenstown (Cobh).

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List from the SS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 22 September 1900 from New York and Boston for Liverpool via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain Horatio McKay. GGA Image ID # 15a8261e9a


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain. Horatio McKay (Lt. R.N.R.)
  2. Surgeon, James Pointon;
  3. Purser. Wm. Field
  4. Chief Steward, Henry Clark


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. J. T. Asherwood
  2. Mrs. Hannah Aus
  3. Mr. J. T. Asherwood
  4. Mrs. S. M. Angel, and child
  5. Mrs. Bourne
  6. Mrs. Helen Brown
  7. Mr. Chas. Bourne
  8. Miss Mary Beynon
  9. Mr. Ballantyne
  10. Mr. Wm. Byrne
  11. Capt. Brown
  12. Mrs. W. J. Burns
  13. Mrs. Jennie Berkelson
  14. Master Harry Berkelson
  15. Mr. Escott G. Byford
  16. Mr. Alfred Binehan
  17. Mrs. Cartwright
  18. Miss Cartwright
  19. Mrs. J. Coleman
  20. Miss Bridget Crennan
  21. Mr. Cartwright. and child
  22. Miss W. Cook
  23. Miss M. Cook
  24. Mr. W. H. Crowther
  25. Mrs. Annie Capper
  26. Miss Alma Collis
  27. Mr. J. Cairns
  28. Mr. Capley
  29. Mrs. Capley
  30. Mr. Peter Clark
  31. Miss Helen Drummond
  32. Mr. Albert Dunstan
  33. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Dunstan
  34. Mrs. Dickinson
  35. Miss Mary Duffy
  36. Mr. W. P. Edwards
  37. Mr. W. Edwards
  38. Mr. Robt. G. Edib
  39. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fothergill, and two Infants
  40. Mr. A. D. W. Faulkner
  41. Miss Mary E. Gibbons
  42. Mr. Bluff Garrett
  43. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Gane
  44. Mrs. A. Gundling
  45. Mrs. A. Greenwall
  46. Mr. C. Grenville Harston
  47. Mr. R. Hakeswessel
  48. Mr. and Mrs. Pat'k Halligan
  49. Mrs. Sarah A. Parsons
  50. Miss Gertrude Parsons
  51. Miss Hannah Powell
  52. Mr. W. Parr
  53. Mr. W. S. Ruckman
  54. Mr. John Reiley
  55. Mr. Dan'l O. Reardon
  56. Mrs. Annie Richards
  57. Miss Julia O. Connor Kirby
  58. Mr. Rozaris
  59. Mrs. Kemp
  60. Mr. P. H. Rowan
  61. Miss C. King
  62. Miss Rose King
  63. Miss H. Stewart
  64. Miss E. Stewart
  65. Mrs. Lawson
  66. Miss C. J. Satchell
  67. Mr. Ed. Lee
  68. Mr. Thos. Slater
  69. Mr. and Mrs. Leach
  70. Miss Ada Slater
  71. Mr. John S. Skjerdal, and child
  72. Mr. C. J. Shireff
  73. Mr. David M. Stanton
  74. Mrs. Sarah Harper
  75. Master Clifford Harper
  76. Mr. James Jessiman
  77. Miss Mary Jones
  78. Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Johnson
  79. Miss Violet Johnson
  80. Mrs. Mary Murray
  81. Miss Marg't McConville
  82. Mr. F. F. McDonough
  83. Miss Mackay
  84. Mr. Henry Miller
  85. Mrs. Edward Milne
  86. Mr. A. O. Meara
  87. Mr. S. M. McDonald
  88. Mr. Milne
  89. Mr. D. Mitchelson
  90. Mr. John McKinzie
  91. Mr. N. Morton
  92. Mr. N. A. McManus
  93. Mr. A. A. Merlett
  94. Mr. Jos. O'Neil
  95. Mr. B. J. Olson
  96. Mr. Harry Osgood
  97. Mrs. Sarah Thomas
  98. Mrs. Mary Thompson
  99. Mr. Rhys. Thomas
  100. Mr. J. J. Twomey
  101. Mr. John Thom
  102. Mr. A. F. Townsend
  103. Mr. John I. Wilson
  104. Miss J. E. Wallace
  105. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Wood
  106. Mrs. Maria Watson
  107. Mrs. Harriet Wellwood
  108. Mr. Stanley P. Wadson
  109. Mr. Wm. A. Welsh
  110. Mr. George Wilshire
  111. Mr. Henry Wilcke
  112. Mr. Thos. P. Williams


Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1900.

Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1900. Included Northern Routes Westbound and Eastbound, Southern Routes Westbound and Eastbound. Back Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Etruria Dated 22 September 1900. GGA Image ID # 15a82b99c6


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