RMS Umbria Passenger List - 29 April 1893


Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 29 April 1893 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 29 April 1893 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Horatio McKay. GGA Image ID # 175195c1cc


Notable Passengers: Samuel Butler, William Powell Frith, Charles Mossant, Alton Brooks Parker.


Photograph of the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Liine, 24 July 1905.

Photograph of the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Liine, 24 July 1905. GGA Image ID # 1751cbdb4c


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. Richard Agar
  2. Rev. J. C. Allard
  3. Miss Sarah A. Allen
  4. Mr. Felix Antoine
  5. Capt. N. Aoki
  6. Mr. E. Arrowsmith
  7. Capt. Auld
  8. Mr. F. G. Austin
  9. Mr. Emerson Bainbridge
  10. Mr. Trevor Baldwin
  11. Mr. A. R. Baldwin
  12. Miss Edith Barber
  13. Mr. John Barclay
  14. Mr. Alex. Barlow
  15. Mr. R. J. Barry
  16. Mr. E. S. Barton
  17. Mr. Beckett
  18. Mrs. Beckett
  19. Miss Beckett
  20. Mr. J. T. Belfrage
  21. Mrs. Bell
  22. Mr. C. R. E. Bell
  23. Mrs. Bell
  24. Mr. A. J. Bennet
  25. Mr. Henry Beuttell
  26. Mrs. M. Bird
  27. Miss E. Bird
  28. Miss Eleanor Bird
  29. Rev. Mr. Bonebrake
  30. Mr. Boniface
  31. Mr. R. S. Bowden
  32. Mr. George Bradford
  33. Mr. Max Brand
  34. Mr. A. C. Brechin
  35. Mr. G. R. Brewis
  36. Mr. C. P. Bromley
  37. Mrs. C. P. Bromley
  38. Master P. D. Bromley
  39. Mrs. P. M. Bromley, Two Children and Two Nurses
  40. Mr. John Brown
  41. Mrs. Brown
  42. Miss Brown
  43. Miss S. Brown
  44. Mrs. F. C. C. Burpee
  45. Mr. Samuel Butler (Note 1)
  46. Mr. J. M. Cantley
  47. Mr. G. W. Cassell
  48. Dr. G. P. Chappell
  49. Mr. H. D. Cheever
  50. Mr. R. R. Clapp
  51. Mr. W. W. Clark
  52. Mrs. Clark
  53. Mr. T. Cleveland
  54. Mr. E. A. Cohen
  55. Mrs. G. Condory
  56. Mr. Charles C. Cowlin
  57. Miss Lena Davis
  58. Mr. W. H. Deacon
  59. Rev. Mr. Dease
  60. Mrs. Dease and Child
  61. Miss De Pledge
  62. Mr. Doniger
  63. Mrs. Doniger
  64. Dr. Frank Dossert
  65. Mrs. Henry Downs
  66. Mr. Hugh Duffey
  67. Mrs. Duffey
  68. Mr. J. C. Dugan
  69. Mr. C. Dunstan
  70. Mr. George Edwards
  71. Right Rev. E. M. Emard (Bishop of Valleyfield, Canada)
  72. Mr. G. W. Fackler
  73. Mr. W. Farnsworth
  74. Mr. W. A. Ellis
  75. Capt. N. Fonkuhara
  76. Mrs. A. S. Foster
  77. Master Samuel Foster
  78. Mr. Lewis Firth
  79. Mrs. Firth
  80. Mr. Robert Fisher
  81. Mr. J. Alfred Fisher
  82. Mr. Edson Fitch
  83. Mrs. Fitch
  84. Miss Etta Fitzgerald
  85. Mr. William Frith (Note 2)
  86. Miss Gallimore
  87. Rev. Gascoigne
  88. Mr. W. E. Gaynor
  89. Mr. O. Gedde
  90. Miss Gillespie
  91. Miss Grace Gillespie
  92. Mr. Henry Glass
  93. Mr. C. B. Goldschmidt
  94. Miss Goodbody
  95. Master Goodbody
  96. Mr. E. Gould
  97. Mr. J. O. Green
  98. Mrs. Green
  99. Mr. Elias Haiman
  100. Mrs. Haiman
  101. Miss Helen Haiman
  102. Master Henry Haiman and Nurse
  103. Mrs. S. C. Hall
  104. Miss Hall
  105. Mr. C. K. Hamilton
  106. Mr. J. W. Hanson
  107. Mr. J. W. Heckman
  108. Mr. Alex. S. Henderson
  109. Mr. H. A. Herbert
  110. Mrs. Herbert
  111. Mr. H. H wet
  112. Mr. George Hird
  113. Mr. H. Hockmeyer
  114. Mrs. Hockmeyer
  115. Mr. M. H. Hodder
  116. Mrs. Hodder
  117. Mr. Robt. M. Horne-Payne
  118. Mr. C. H. Imhoff
  119. Mrs. Imhoff
  120. Master R. Imhoff
  121. Mr. Lewis Jacobs
  122. Miss L. A. Johnson
  123. Mr. C. S. Johnson
  124. Mr. E. A. Jones
  125. Miss Kendrick
  126. Mr. P. Kershaw
  127. Master Kershaw
  128. Mr. S. Kraft
  129. Mr. C. D. Langworthy
  130. Mr. N. Lazarus
  131. Mr. D. N. Lebess
  132. Mrs. Leausi
  133. Mr. John H. Leeds
  134. Miss Eva Lennon
  135. Miss K. Lovick
  136. Mrs. Edwin H. Low
  137. Mr. Stephen A. Marshall
  138. Mr. N. Matoba
  139. Mrs. Joseph Mattison
  140. Miss Mattison
  141. Mrs. Mays
  142. Mr. W. R. McArthur
  143. Mr. Clarke McIlroy
  144. Mr. W. McIlroy
  145. Mrs. Mcllroy
  146. Commodore McVickar, and Manservant
  147. Miss J. B. Mein
  148. Miss Mellett
  149. Mr. John Mynekyn
  150. Mr. Wm. Forbes Morgan
  151. Mr. Charles Mossant (Note 3)
  152. Mr. William Muller
  153. Mr. Newsum
  154. Mr. G. Nicholson
  155. Mr. John C. Orr
  156. Mr. A. B. Parker (Note 4)
  157. Mrs. Parker
  158. Mr. J. P. Pattinson
  159. Mr. John Phillips
  160. Hon. E. J. Price
  161. Mr. John Rankin
  162. Mrs. Rankin
  163. Mr. F. J. Rebman
  164. Mrs. Rebmsn
  165. Mr. H. Riker
  166. Mr. Victor Roditi
  167. Mr. Roseman
  168. Mrs. M. L. Sanders
  169. Miss M. A. Sanders
  170. Mr. Sandeman
  171. Major-General Sandham
  172. Mrs. Sandham
  173. Mr. Walter Scott
  174. Mr. Russell Scott
  175. Mr. Jas. Shackleton
  176. Mrs. Shackleton
  177. Mr. J. G Sidey
  178. Miss Simpson
  179. Mr. Enos Smith
  180. Mr. Mark Smith
  181. Mr. S. Solomon
  182. Mr. P. G. Spence
  183. Dr. W. Jebson Stothard
  184. Mrs. Stothard
  185. Mr. Otto Strakosch
  186. Mr. Jacob Strauss
  187. Mr. William Sullivan
  188. Miss A. J. Swan
  189. Miss M. A. Swan
  190. Major Miss Swift
  191. Mr. P. Taylor
  192. Mr. Joseph Thomas
  193. Mrs. Frances Timpson
  194. Mr. C. Tolley
  195. Mr. Henry Tongue
  196. Mr. E. M. Townsend
  197. Mrs. Townsend
  198. Mr. H. R. Townsend
  199. Mr. R. C. Townsend
  200. Mr. H. E. Townshend
  201. Mr. Arnold Turner
  202. Mrs. H. L. Waddell
  203. Mr. E. P. Watkins
  204. Mr. Tom Watson
  205. Mr. Alfred Whitley
  206. Mr. John Whittaker
  207. Miss Whittaker
  208. Mr. J. E. Hodder Williams
  209. Mr. Joseph Wilson
  210. Mr. C. M. Wright
  211. Miss Alice Zimmern


Passenger also filled in the Log of the voyage (A rare occurrence) (Note 5):

  1. 29/4/93 Left Moorings about 7:00 pm
  2. 30/4/93 Am Osborn 8 Dup 1:30 Fashet 4:46 ??
  3. Latitude 50.40 Longitude 19.52 Distance 449
  4. Latitude 48.55 Longitude 31.10 Distance 450 Remarks: Headwind
  5. Latitude 45.50 Longitude 40.57 Distance 439 Remarks: Stronger Head Wind
  6. Latitude 42.20 Longitude 50.28 Distance 464 Remarks: Trade wind??
  7. Latitude 41.23 Longitude 61.04 Distance 477 Remarks: Wind calm but swell occasionally
  8. Latitude 40.25 Longitude 71.06 Distance 459 Remarks: Calm, Slight Headwind
  9. To Sandy Hook west Distance 132 Remarks: Quarantine 7:30 Too late to pass
  10. Landed next morning at 8:30


Passenger List Notes

  1. Samuel Butler (4 or 5 December 1835 – 18 June 1902) was an iconoclastic Victorian-era English author who published a variety of works. Two of his most famous pieces are the Utopian satire Erewhon and a semi-autobiographical novel published posthumously, The Way of All Flesh. He is also known for examining Christian orthodoxy, substantive studies of evolutionary thought, studies of Italian art, and works of literary history and criticism. Butler also made prose translations of the Iliad and Odyssey which remain in use to this day.
  2. William Powell Frith (19 January 1819 – 9 November 1909) was an English painter specialising in genre subjects and panoramic narrative works of life in the Victorian era. He was elected to the Royal Academy in 1853, presenting The Sleeping Model as his Diploma work. He has been described as the "greatest British painter of the social scene since Hogarth."
  3. Mossant was a famous brand of hat manufactured in France and well known in the United States for most of the twentieth century. The company was founded by Charles Mossant in the nineteenth century, and by 1929 more than 2,000 hats a day were being produced. Charles Mossant, of the firm of Mossant, Freres & Vallon, leading hat manufacturers of France, died at Nice, on January 20, 1908, at the age of 72 years. Mr. Mossant was a well known personage, and held prominent positions in the civic and commercial affairs of his country, being president of the Chamber of Commerce, president of the Societe dArcheologie de la Drone, ex-president of the Commerce of Romans, ex-Mayor of Bourg-de-Peage, and administrator of the Banque de France. (The American Hatter, Volume 37, No. 9, March 1908, New York, 106)
  4. Alton Brooks Parker (May 14, 1852 – May 10, 1926) was an American judge, best known as the Conservative Democrat who lost the presidential election of 1904 to incumbent Theodore Roosevelt in a landslide.
  5. Original Owner of the Passenger List made the Notation: My State room 76, Seat in Dining Saloon 270 (Captains Table). This person also made notations of all Japanese Passengers (Aoki, Fonkuhara, Matoba); made an "X" by Major Miss Swift and marked ten other Passengers with an "--" after their name.


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