RMS Pavonia Passenger List - 23 August 1887

Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Pavonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 23 August 1887 from Liverpool to Boston

Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Pavonia of the Cunard Line, Departing Tuesday, 23 August 1887 from Liverpool to Boston, Commanded by Captain A. McKay. Illustration by Waterlow & Sons, Limited, London Wall, London. Publishers: The Edwardes Menu Company Ltd. GGA Image ID # 15a1add855

Notable Passengers included: Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Julius Eichberg, William H. P. Faunce, Henry L. Pierce, Denman W. Ross, Frederick Stone, Louis Sulzbacher.

Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. T. B. Aldrich. Thomas Bailey Aldrich (November 11, 1836 – March 19, 1907) was an American poet, novelist, travel writer and editor
  2. Mr. C. F. Aldrich
  3. Mr. H. F. Allen
  4. Mr. George E. Atwood
  5. Miss Nellie Barrett
  6. Mr. E. M. Beach
  7. Mr. R. R. Bishop
  8. Mrs. Bishop
  9. Mr. J. T. Bishop
  10. Mr. Benjamin Booth
  11. Mrs. Booth, and Maid
  12. Dr. A. Boothby
  13. Rev. G. M. Boynton
  14. Alderman Bromwich
  15. Mrs. Bromwich
  16. Rev. F. G. Burgess
  17. Mr. N. S. Burton
  18. Mr. H. F. Burton
  19. Rev. W. Calkins, D.D
  20. Mrs. Calkins, and Child
  21. Miss Calkins
  22. Master Calkins
  23. Master Calkins
  24. Mr. James A. Carlaw
  25. Mr. J. Carney
  26. Mrs. Carpenter
  27. Hon. P. C. Cheny
  28. Mrs. Cheny
  29. Miss Agnes Cheny
  30. Mr. Frederick Clark
  31. Mr. Atherton Clark
  32. Mr. J. M. Clark
  33. Mr. George L. Clark
  34. Mr. A. D. Cole
  35. Mr. A. Coleby
  36. Miss H. L. Cudlipp
  37. Mr. N. A. Cumner
  38. Mrs. Cumner
  39. Mr. A. B. Cumner
  40. Mr. E. A. Cushing
  41. Mr. Charles Davis
  42. Mrs. Davis
  43. Mr. Harleston Deacon
  44. Mrs. M. C. Dillon
  45. Miss M. Dillon
  46. Mr. T. H. Duggan
  47. Mr. James Dwight
  48. Mrs. Dwight
  49. Mr. John Edmunds
  50. Mrs. Edmunds
  51. Miss Edmunds
  52. Mr. H. W. Edson
  53. Mrs. Edson
  54. Mr. Julius Eichberg. Julius Eichberg (13 June 1824 – 18 January 1893) was a German-born composer, musical director and educator who worked mostly in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States
  55. Mr. Isidore Eichberg
  56. Miss Caroline Evans
  57. Miss Farrell
  58. Mr. W. H. P. Faunce. William Herbert Perry Faunce (January 15, 1859 – January 31, 1930) was an American clergyman, educator and the son of Daniel Faunce. He graduated in 1880 at Brown University (where he then taught mathematics for a year), and at 1884 at Newton Theological Seminary, and from 1884 to 1889 was pastor of the State Street Baptist Church of Springfield, Massachusetts
  59. Mrs. Faunce
  60. Rev. R. H. Fergurson
  61. Ex-Mayor James A. Fox
  62. Miss L. V. Fox
  63. Mr. Edward Fuller
  64. Mrs. Fuller
  65. Mr. A. J. George
  66. Miss E. A. George
  67. Mr. L. B. Gertz
  68. Mr. A. H. Gilman
  69. Mrs. Gilman
  70. Mrs. M. Goddard
  71. Miss Julia Goddard
  72. Mr. N. Goodwin
  73. Mr. George Goslin
  74. Mrs. Goslin
  75. Mr. S. Gregston
  76. Miss Ella Gregston
  77. Miss Laura Gregston
  78. Mr. W. M. Greenlee
  79. Mr. D. Haswell
  80. Mr. James W. Hawley
  81. Mr. L. A. Hills
  82. Mrs. Hills
  83. Mr. Hills, Jr.
  84. Dr. E. A. Hornell
  85. Dr. Emil Hougberg
  86. Mr. James Hunter
  87. Mr. H. S. Johnson
  88. Mrs. Johnson
  89. Miss E. W. Kaan
  90. Dr. J. E. L. Kimball
  91. Miss L. A. Kimball
  92. Mr. M. Kunkel
  93. Mrs. Kunkel
  94. Mr. T. Loring
  95. Mrs. T. Loring
  96. Miss Loring
  97. Mr. Patrick Lyons
  98. Mrs. Patrick Lyons
  99. Mr. W. P. McQuade
  100. Rev. Dr. R. R. Meredith
  101. Miss J. M. Milne
  102. Major P. E. Murphy
  103. Miss Nathurst
  104. Mr. Peter Nerney
  105. Mrs. Nerney
  106. Mrs. F. Nicholson
  107. Miss M. E. Nicholson
  108. Mr. D. W. Noyes
  109. Mrs. Noyes
  110. Mr. P. O'Connor
  111. Miss M. J. Owens
  112. Mr. W. N. Le Page
  113. Mr. W. H. Peterson
  114. Mr. H. L. Pierce. Henry Lillie Pierce (August 23, 1825 – December 17, 1896) was a United States Representative from Massachusetts. He was born in Stoughton on August 23, 1825. He pursued classical studies, attended the State normal school at Bridgewater, and engaged in manufacturing. He was elected a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, a member of the Boston Board of Aldermen, and served as Mayor of Boston
  115. Mr. H C. Puffer
  116. Miss Nellie Puffer
  117. Miss M. E. Putney
  118. Mr. George H. Quincey
  119. Rev. W. H. Ramsey
  120. Miss Annie Ramsey
  121. Mr. D. C. Roney
  122. Mr. Denman W. Ross. Denman Waldo Ross (1853-1935) was an American painter, art collector, and scholar of art history and theory. He was a professor of art at Harvard University and a trustee of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  123. Mrs. J. L. Ross
  124. Mr. G. A. Russell
  125. Miss Eva Russell
  126. Mr. M. M. Sanders
  127. Mrs. Sanders
  128. Dr. N. H. Shaffer
  129. Mr. P. Sheppard
  130. Mr. H. Schuller
  131. Mr. J. L. Smith
  132. Mr. Dexter Smith
  133. Mr. S. D. Smith
  134. Miss H. F. Smith
  135. Miss E. T. Smith
  136. Mr. G. W. Snow
  137. Mr. R. H. Stearns, Jr.
  138. Mr. A. W. Sterns
  139. Mr. A. Stewart
  140. Miss M. Stewart
  141. Miss M. A. Stewart
  142. Hon. F. M. Stone. Frederick Stone (February 7, 1820 – October 17, 1899) was a U.S. Congressman from the fifth district of Maryland, serving two terms from 1867—1871
  143. Mr. Sulzbacher. Louis Sulzbacher (May 10, 1842 – January 17, 1915) was the first continental American appointed as Associate Justice of the newly created Supreme Court of Puerto Rico in 1900. Appointed by President William McKinley he assumed his post in August 1900 and served until 1904
  144. Dr. George S. Taylor
  145. Rev. Dr. R.. Thomas
  146. Mr. B. D. Thresher
  147. Mr. A. N. Thresher
  148. Mr. W. T. Titcomb
  149. Mrs. F. Townson
  150. Miss M. Townson
  151. Mr. J. R. Van Zandt
  152. Mr. J. H. Voss
  153. Miss Waldo
  154. Mr. Henry Whitmore
  155. Mr. Charles E. Whitmore
  156. Mrs. Whitmore
  157. Miss M. A. Willcox
  158. Mrs. Williams
  159. Mrs. De Wolf
  160. Miss De Wolf
  161. Mr. Thomas F. Wright
  162. Mrs. Wright

Leading British Hotels & Railway Announcements, 1887.

Leading British Hotels & Railway Announcements, 1887. Back Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Pavonia Dated 23 August 1887. GGA Image ID # 15a1de403a

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