RMS Lucania Passenger List - 8 September 1900

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 8 September 1900 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Lucania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 8 September 1900 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded By Captain Horatio McKay. GGA Image ID # 15a7cbd519


Notable Passengers: Bainbridge Colby, William Earl Dodge, Jr., William Thomas Eldridge, Dr. John Grant Lyman, John Smith Murdoch CMG, Sir William Osler, 1st Baronet, Leo. S. de Pinna, James Ford Rhodes, John Ross Robertson, Charles Michael Schwab, John Elbert Wilkie, Wife of Herbert W. Thayer.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Horatio Mckay (Lt. R. N. R.)
  2. Surgeon: James Pointon
  3. Purser: William Field
  4. Chief Steward: Henry Clark


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. M. A. Abbott
  2. Mr. Guilliam Aertsen, Jr.
  3. Mrs. A. H. Allen
  4. Mr. T. J. Arnold
  5. Mrs. Arnold and Child
  6. Master Ivan Arnold
  7. Mrs. Mary Arnold
  8. Mrs. Jennie Arnold
  9. Mr. C. H. Arnold
  10. Mr. Morris H. Aylesworth
  11. Mr. J. F. Bain
  12. Mr. Harry Bardswell
  13. Mr. John H. Barney
  14. Rev. John G. Bawn, Ph.D
  15. Mrs. J. G. Bawn
  16. Miss Ruth Bawn
  17. Mrs. R. W. Becker
  18. Mr. George W. L. Benedict
  19. Mrs. Benedict
  20. Mr. Vitall Benguiat
  21. Mr. John R. Bennett
  22. Mr. John H. Beveridge
  23. Mr. John Biddle
  24. Mr. Joseph S. Bigelow
  25. Mrs. Bigelow
  26. Miss Mary C. Bigelow
  27. Mr. Joseph S. Bigelow, Jr.
  28. Mr. Cleveland Bigelow
  29. Mr. Jacob Block
  30. Mr. Isaac Block
  31. Mr. Charles Boote
  32. Mrs. Boote
  33. Mr. Thomas F. Boyle
  34. Mrs. Boyle
  35. Mr. E. Bringhurst
  36. Mrs. E. W. Britt
  37. Miss Constance Britt
  38. Miss Agnes Britt
  39. Mr. C. H. Burton
  40. Mrs. Burton
  41. Mr. C. H. Burton, Jr.
  42. Master Burton
  43. Miss R. J. Bush
  44. Mr. John Butcher
  45. Mr. T. Cambefort
  46. Mrs. Cambefort and Maid
  47. Mr. Cambefort, Jim
  48. Mr. John Campbell
  49. Mrs. Campbell
  50. Mrs. Edward N. Carrington
  51. Mrs. Charles
  52. Mrs. Chase
  53. Mr. J. Chibnall
  54. Mr. W. B. Clarkson
  55. Mrs. Clarkson
  56. Mr. G. Clarkson
  57. Miss Clarkson
  58. Mrs. E. W. Clement
  59. Miss Clement
  60. Miss P. J. Clements
  61. Mr. E. S. Clouston and Valet
  62. Mr. Bainbridge Colby
    Bainbridge Colby (December 22, 1869 – April 11, 1950) was an American lawyer, a co-founder of the United States Progressive Party and Woodrow Wilson's last Secretary of State. Colby was a Republican until he helped co-found the National Progressive Party in 1912; he ran for multiple offices as a member of that party, but always lost
  63. Mr. W. R. F. Cole
  64. Mrs. Cole
  65. Mr. W. H. Coleman
  66. Mrs. Coleman
  67. Miss S. Coleman
  68. Dr. W. M. L. Coplin
  69. Mr. Jos. Colquhoun
  70. Mrs. Colquhoun
  71. Master Willie Colquhoun
  72. Master Clifton Colquhoun
  73. Mr. R. Y. Cook
  74. Mrs. Cook
  75. Mr. Howard Coonley
  76. Mrs. J. B. Crane
  77. Capt. Crawford
  78. Mr. A. J. Crawford
  79. Miss Crowley
  80. Mr. Danson Cunningham
  81. Mr. H. H. Curteis
  82. Mr. Joseph G. Darlington
  83. Mrs. Darlington
  84. Mr. A. C. Davey
  85. Miss J. B. Davis
  86. Miss E. Davis
  87. Mr. Warren E. Dennis
  88. Mrs. Dennis
  89. Master F. J. Dennis
  90. Master W. E. Dennis
  91. Miss Mildred Dennis and Maid
  92. Mr. William E. Dodge
    William Earl Dodge, Jr. (February 15, 1832 – August 9, 1903) was an American businessperson and philanthropist. For many years, he was one of two controlling partners in the Phelps Dodge Corporation, one of the largest copper mining corporations in the United States
  93. Mrs. (Sarah Hoadley) Dodge and Maid
  94. Mr. John P. Doherty
  95. Rev. James Donohoe, LLD
  96. Miss Annie Donohoe
  97. Mr. George Draper
  98. Mr. Thomas Draper
  99. Mr. J. W. Duntley
  100. Mrs. Duntley
  101. Mr. Edwin Eddison
  102. Mr. William T. Eldridge William Thomas Eldridge (1862–1932) Texas businessman who was prosecuted for two murders: the first in 1904 for the murder of William Dunovant and the second in 1907 for the murder of William Edward Calhoun. After being acquitted of murder charges for killing two men who threatened his life, he moved to Sugar Land and, with the prominent Kempner family of Galveston, bought the Cunningham Sugar Refinery and its 20,000-acre plantation
  103. Mr. Richard H. Ewart
  104. Mrs. Ewart and Maid
  105. Mr. Talbot Ewart
  106. Mr. A. P. Fachiri
  107. Mr. W. H. Farquaharson
  108. Mr. W. R. Farquhar
  109. Mrs. Farquhar
  110. Miss Annie R. Felton
  111. Mr. L. Ferguson
  112. Mrs. J. Scott Ferguson
  113. Miss Annie Ferguson
  114. Miss Julia B. de Forest
  115. Mrs. M. B. Fowler
  116. Mr. Albert Fowler
  117. Mr. Max Frachois
  118. Mrs. Frachois
  119. Mr. Samuel Frank
  120. Mr. R. Gallaway
  121. Mr. W. B. Galway
  122. Mrs. Galway
  123. Mr. R. Gedge
  124. Mrs. R. Gedge
  125. Miss Mary Gedge
  126. Miss E. Gibson
  127. Mr. Abe Godshaw
  128. Mr. E. E. Gore
  129. Mrs. Gore
  130. Mr. John Goulding
  131. Mr. Louis J. Grant
  132. Mrs. Grant
  133. Mr. W. Cameron
  134. Miss Gray Grant
  135. Mr. Grindrod
  136. Mr. W. M. Haley
  137. Mr. F. M. Hambright
  138. Miss Clio Hamer
  139. Mr. A. D. Hannay
  140. Mr. R. S. L. Hardie
  141. Mr. H. Hardwick
  142. Mr. E. T. Hargrove
  143. Mr. H. S. Harris
  144. Dr. J. Allton L. Harriss
  145. Mr. James Hay
  146. Mrs. Hay
  147. Mr. R. S. R. Hitt
  148. Mr. W. W. Hodgman
  149. Mrs. W. W. Hodgman
  150. Mr. P. A. Hoffman, Jr.
  151. Miss Elfrida Hoffman
  152. Miss E. O. Hoffman
  153. Mr. J. R. Hogg
  154. Mr. D. HoIsman
  155. Mrs. F. W. Horne
  156. Mr. Raymond Howard
  157. Mrs. Raymond Howard
  158. Mr. R. A. Hudnut
  159. Mrs. Hudnut
  160. Mr. H. N. Hudson
  161. Mrs. C. C Hughes
  162. Mr. Clarence M. Hyde
  163. Mrs. Hyde and Maid
  164. Miss Clara Hyde and Maid
  165. Miss Elizabeth Hyde
  166. Mrs. Hannah Irons
  167. Miss Alice Ives
  168. Mr. A. L. Jacoby
  169. Mr. H. C. Janion
  170. Mr. F. E. Jevons
  171. Mr. Ferdinand Jevons
  172. Mr. T. Seton Jevons
  173. Mr. A. Johnson
  174. Mr. H. S. Johnson
  175. Mrs. Johnson
  176. Mr. J. Lindsay Johnson
  177. Mr. Lewis Johnston
  178. Mrs. Johnston
  179. Mr. L. A. Jonas
  180. Dr. W. Kaplin
  181. Mr. S. J. Keiser
  182. Dr. Fred B. Keppy
  183. Mr. John Kidwell
  184. Miss Eleanor B. Kilham
  185. Mr. W. Klingenstein, Jr.
  186. Mr. James L. Knox
  187. Mr. C. L. Kurtz
  188. Mts. Kurtz
  189. Mr. C. L. Kurtz, Jr.
  190. Miss Kurtz
  191. Miss Eleanor Kurtz
  192. Mr. J. W. P. Laird
  193. Mr. J. A. Lamb
  194. Mr. T. V. Lamb
  195. Mr. C. L. Lanier
  196. Miss E. C. Law
  197. Miss Annie Laws
  198. Miss Florence Laws
  199. Mr. G. D. F. Leith
  200. Miss Lemle
  201. Mr. L. R. Leopold
  202. Mrs. B. Leopold
  203. Miss F. Leopold
  204. Mr. W. D. Lidderdale
  205. Mrs. G. H. Lincoln
  206. Miss G. D. Linton
  207. Dr. J. E. Lloyd
  208. Mrs. Lloyd
  209. Miss G. Lloyd
  210. Mr. H. L. Lloyd
  211. Mr. L. de Lolel
  212. Mr. Adam Long
  213. Mr. John T. Lord
  214. Dr. John Grant Lyman and Valet Dr. John Grant Lyman, swidler who opened an office in Broad Street, New York, under the very eyes of the authorities, and in a few short months is reported to have fleeced the investing public of nearly $700,000. John Grant Lyman, was tried and convicted in the criminal court of Baltimore city and sentenced to the Maryland penitentiary for the term of ten years
  215. Mrs. John Grant Lyman
  216. Mr. John Lynn
  217. Mrs. Lynn
  218. Mr. Edgar Allen Lynn
  219. Miss Ethel D. Lynn
  220. Mr. H. MacDaniel
  221. Mr. J. R. Macomber
  222. Mr. J. B. MacTaggart
  223. Mrs. MacTaggart
  224. Mr. D. E. McComb
  225. Mr. Paul McCormack, Jr.
  226. Mr. H. L. McCready
  227. Mr. H. R. McCullough
  228. Mrs. McCullough
  229. Miss Belle McCullough
  230. Miss Florence McCullough
  231. Mr. G .McKenzie
  232. Mrs. V. Lamar McLaren
  233. Mr. G. K. McLeod
  234. Mr. A. McNeill
  235. Mr. Basil Miles
  236. Miss N. B. Mitchell
  237. Mr. Jack Morrill
  238. Miss Rhea Morrill
  239. Mr. Percy C. Morris
  240. Mrs. Percy C. Morris
  241. Mrs. Morris
  242. Miss F. Morrison
  243. Mr. W. A. Morschhauser
  244. Mrs. Morschhauser
  245. Mr. E. W. Mulligan
  246. Mr. J. S. Murdoch John Smith Murdoch CMG (29 September 1862 – 21 May 1945) was the chief architect for the Commonwealth of Australia from 1919, responsible for designing many government buildings, most notably the Provisional Parliament House in Canberra, the home of the Parliament of Australia from 1927 to 1988
  247. Mr. Ed. M. Murphy
  248. Mr. Howard J. Musselman
  249. Mr. P. Musson
  250. Mrs. Musson
  251. Miss Sarah Musson
  252. Mr. Robert Nichols
  253. Mrs. E. Nicoll
  254. Miss F. Nicoll
  255. Rev. D. O'Meara
  256. Dr. William Osler Sir William Osler, 1st Baronet (July 12, 1849 – December 29, 1919) was a Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Osler created the first residency program for specialty training of physicians, and he was the first to bring medical students out of the lecture hall for bedside clinical training.[1] He has frequently been described as the "Father of Modern Medicine".[2] Osler was a person of many interests, who in addition to being a physician, was a bibliophile, historian, author, and renowned practical joker
  257. Mrs. Osier
  258. Master E. R. Osler and Governess
  259. Miss Rosa Paine
  260. Mr. J. V. Painter and Valet
  261. Mrs. Painter
  262. Mr. K. V. Painter
  263. Miss Painter
  264. Mr. G. C. Pease
  265. Miss L. Percival
  266. Mr. L. S. Perry
  267. Miss M. T. Perry
  268. Mr. Wallworth Pierce
  269. Mr. Leo. S. de Pinna De Pinna was a men's and women's high end clothier founded in 1885, in New York City, by Alfred De Pinna (1831 - 1915), a Sephardic Jew born in England. They also sold menswear-inspired clothing for women that was finely tailored. The flagship store was located at 642-50 Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street. Alfred De Pinna retired from the company in 1912, and turned operations over to his son, Leo S., who ran the store until his retirement in 1939.
  270. Mr. S. W. Wyllys Pomeroy, Jr.
  271. Mr. Gustavus Pratt
  272. Mr. C. D. Prickett
  273. Mr. D. M. Prouty
  274. Mr. A. B. Randolph
  275. Mr. E. Reynolds
  276. Mr. James Ford Rhodes James Ford Rhodes (May 1, 1848 – January 22, 1927), was an American industrialist and historian born in Cleveland, Ohio. After earning a fortune in the iron, coal, and steel industries by 1885, he retired from business. He devoted his life to historical research and publishing a seven-volume history of the United States beginning in 1850; his work was published from 1893-1906. He published an eighth volume in 1920. His work, History of the Civil War, 1861-1865 (1918), won the Pulitzer Prize for history that year.
  277. Mrs. Rhodes
  278. Mr. C. E. Rich
  279. Miss M. A. Robb
  280. Mr. J. Ross Robertson John Ross Robertson (December 28, 1841 – May 31, 1918) was a Canadian newspaper publisher, politician, and philanthropist in Toronto, Ontario
  281. Mrs. Robertson
  282. Mr. J. Robertson
  283. Miss Ina L. Robertson
  284. Mr. Ed. Moore Robinson
  285. Mr. D. Roditi
  286. Mr. W. B. Roe
  287. Mrs. Roe and Servant
  288. Mr. W. C. Rommel
  289. Mr. C. Peyton Russell
  290. Mrs. Russell
  291. Miss Sackett
  292. Mr. C. M. Schwab Charles Michael Schwab (February 18, 1862 – September 18, 1939) was an American steel magnate. Under his leadership, Bethlehem Steel became the second largest steel maker in the United States, and one of the most important heavy manufacturers in the world
  293. Miss E. Scott
  294. Mrs. M. Seaton
  295. Mr. W. B. Selby
  296. Mrs. Selby
  297. Mrs. A. H. Selwyn
  298. Master Selwyn
  299. Dr. J. F. Shafer
  300. Dr. C. D. Shafer
  301. Mr. Shannon
  302. Mrs. A. M. Sheldon
  303. Miss Isabella Shepard
  304. Mrs. Sheridan
  305. Mr. W. P. Siebert
  306. Mr. George W. Sillcox
  307. Miss M. Simonds
  308. Lt.-Col. Smith
  309. Mrs. Smith
  310. Miss W. A. Smith
  311. Mr. A. A. Sterling
  312. Mr. Edward A. Stern
  313. Mr. Daniel Stern
  314. Mr. Stevenson
  315. Mr. John Stevenson
  316. Mr. A. F. Stewart
  317. Mr. J. F. Stewart
  318. Mr. Robert R. Stewart and Manservant
  319. Mrs. Struthers
  320. Mr. Thomas W. Surette
  321. Mrs. Surette
  322. Mr. A. Herman Sykes and Two Friends
  323. Mr. R. B. Symington
  324. Mrs. Symington
  325. Mr. Clark Symington
  326. Mrs. Taylor
  327. Mrs. H. W. Thayer Wife of Ex-Representative Herbert W. Thayer (1840-1915) who was trampled to death by a runaway horse. The animal was attached to an express wagon and became frightened by an electric car. As K.R. Jewett, the driver, tried to control him, one of the reins broke and the horse swerved suddenly to the sidewalk, where Mr. Thayer was passing
  328. Miss Thayer
  329. Mr. John Thompson
  330. Mr. William S. Todd
  331. Mrs. Todd
  332. Mr. E. S. Toothe
  333. Mr. G. H. Tousey
  334. Mr. C. H. Turnbull
  335. Mr. W. B. Valentine
  336. Mrs. Valentine
  337. Mr. J. Lewis Walker
  338. Mrs. Walker
  339. Mr. H. Waller
  340. Mrs. Waller
  341. Miss Waller
  342. Dr. Luis P. Walton
  343. Mr. T. A. Ward
  344. Master Lamar Washington
  345. Mr. H. P. Wertheim and Valet
  346. Mrs. Wertheim and Maid
  347. Mr. H. E. West
  348. Mr. C. E. Whitehurst
  349. Mr. John Wilkie John Elbert Wilkie (1860 – December 13, 1934) was an American journalist and Director of the United States Secret Service from 1898 to 1911
  350. Mr. William Wilson
  351. Mr. B. Wilson
  352. Mrs. Wilson
  353. Mr. J. S. Wilson
  354. Mrs. Wilson
  355. Mr. A. L. Wolff
  356. Mrs. Wolff
  357. Miss Wolff
  358. Miss E. H. Wood
  359. Miss A. L. Wood
  360. Mr. Robert Woolfenden
  361. Mr. Clarence M. Woolley
  362. Mrs. Woolley
  363. Miss S. H. Woolley
  364. Miss Alice Wyman
  365. Mr. W. H. Yawkey


Cunard Line Atlantic Fleet

  1. Aurania

Information for Passengers

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times: Breakfast from 8:30 to 10; Luncheon at 1:00 pm; Dinner (a la Carte) at 7. Supper, if required, must be ordered before 10 o'clock. The Bar will be closed at 11:00 pm and the Smoking Room at 11:30 pm

The Second Steward has the arrangement of the seats at table.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10:30 am

All enquiries regarding Baggage should be made to the Purser.

Steamer Chairs may be hired from the Deck Steward at a cost of 4/- for the voyage.

Valuables and money should be deposited with the Purser, who will give a receipt for same on the Company's form.

Information as to the methods of Customs Inspection at New York, dutiable articles and rate of duty thereon, can be obtained from the Purser.

Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog is taken on board.

Special Trains are run between Riverside Station. Liverpool, and Euston Station, London, in connection with the arrival and departure of these Steamers. All the other Railway Stations in Liverpool are within a few minutes' drive of the Landing Stage.

RECORD Passages and Fastest Ocean STEAMING.

Steamer. Fastest HIGHEST AVERAGE Speed
Knots. Knots Per HOUR.

Ship Days:Hours:Minutes Best Days Run (In Knotical Miles) Knots per Hour
LUCANIA 6:7:23 562 22'01
CAMPANIA 5:9:6 553 21'88
ETRURIA 5:20:55 509 20'00
UMBRIA 5:22:7 510 19'76

A Special Train leaves " Euston " for Riverside Station, Liverpool, with Saloon Passengers, at 12 noon every Saturday.


Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1900.

Cunard Atlantic Ocean Track Chart, 1900. Included Northern Routes Westbound and Eastbound, Southern Routes Westbound and Eastbound. Back Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Etruria Dated 8 September 1900. GGA Image ID # 15a8099ef6


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