RMS Campania Passenger List - 19 January 1908

Saloon Passenger List, RMS Campania, 19 January 1908 Published in the RMS Campania Edition of the Cunard Daily Bulletin for 24 January 1908.

Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Campania of the Cunard Line, Departing Sunday, 19 January 1908 from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain D. Dow, R.D., R.N.R. Cunard Daily Bulletin, 24 January 1908. GGA Image ID # 131154c230

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain D. Dow, R.D., R.N.R.
  • Surgeon: A. W. Mackenzie

Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss Margaret V. Abbott
  2. Mrs. Mary E. Allen
  3. Mr. E. Anderson
  4. Mr. H. J. Hains
  5. Mr. L. de Bernardy
  6. Mr. H. L. Bowdoin
  7. Mr. John Boyd
  8. Mrs. Boyd
  9. Mr. Thomas Brem
  10. Mr. Wilton Brooke
  11. Mr. F. L. T. Burr
  12. Mr. Joseph II. Capper
  13. Miss T. Carbis
  14. Mr. G. A. Clarke
  15. Mr. J. W. Converse
  16. Mr. N. L. Cowan
  17. Miss V. Cruger and Maid
  18. Mr. H. Daly
  19. Mrs. Daly
  20. Rev. F. B. Dowd
  21. Miss Esther Edwardes
  22.  Mr. Francis Eccles
  23. Mr. D. C. Elliott
  24. Mr. E. Escliivege
  25. Mr. E. J. L. Evans
  26. Miss Korbes
  27. Mr. George Friedlander
  28. Miss Emily Fyffe
  29. Mrs. Gehre
  30. Mr. A. T. Gilliland
  31. Mr. .1. Greenwood
  32. Mr. P. S. Hairston
  33. Mrs. Hairston
  34. Mr. Hamkens
  35. Mrs. C. Hammerstein
  36. Mr. K. Hogli Henrikssen
  37. Mr. K. Hopkinson-Evans
  38. Mr. C. Jordan
  39. Mr. J. M. Jowett
  40. Mr. C. C. Kenworthy
  41. Mr. John C. Knight
  42. Mr. A. C. Krouskoff
  43. Mr. Joseph Lees
  44. Mrs. Allan J. G. Macduff
  45. Mr. A. MacLean
  46. Mr. H. W. Masters
  47. Mr. Jacob Matthews
  48. Mr. W. E. Matthews
  49. Mrs. A. Medbury
  50. Mr. George J. Mercer
  51. Mrs. Mercer Mr. Roy Mullin
  52. Mr. T. H. Overton
  53. Mr. Edward L. Peacock
  54. Mr. Charles Patten Percy
  55. Mr. J. O. Piazza
  56. Mr. Maurice Picquay
  57. Mrs. Picquay
  58. Mr. W. Reichert
  59. Mr. Charles E. Riley
  60. Mr. W. Beverley Robinson
  61. Mr. Runciman
  62. Mr. W. M. Schoenmaker, Jr.
  63. Miss Catherine Smith
  64. Miss Leigh Spencer
  65. Mr. A. Sundstrom, Jr.
  66. Mr. W. Taylor
  67. Mr. G. S. Thomas
  68. Mr. F. Thorpe
  69. Mrs. Thorpe and Three Children
  70. Mr. Reginald Tobey
  71. Mr. Henry Tom
  72. Rev. James J. Wade
  73. Mr. Edward C. Washburn
  74. Mrs. Washburn
  75. Mr. Frank Whiteley
  76. Mrs. Wilson
  77. Mr. A. J. Young
  78. Mrs. Young
  79. Mr. Francisco Zeferino

Information for Passengers

Saloon Passenger List for the westbound voyage of the RMS Campania was published in the 24 January 1908 Campania Edition of the Cunard Daily Bulletin. Captain D. Dow, R.D., R.N.R. was not explicitly stated as the commander, however, he was listed on the passenger manifest as the commander of the Campania on this voyage. The RMS Campania arrived in New York on Saturday, 25 January 1908.

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