RMS Caronia Passenger List - 2 November 1912

Front Cover, Cunard RMS Caronia Passenger List - 2 November 1912

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Caronia of the Cunard Line, Departing 2 November 1912 from Liverpool to New York via Queenstown (Cobh), Commanded by Captain James Clayton Barr. GGA Image ID # 11c78dc1cf


Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain James Clayton Barr
  • Surgeon: J. F. McDermott
  • Chief Steward: Thos, Dickinson
  • Purser: J. A. McCubbin
  • Assistant Purser: J. M. Ekins
  • Typist and Steno: Miss Hale


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. G. S. Ackley
  2. Mrs. M. D. Alexander
  3. Mrs. F. P. Allen
  4. Miss M. P. Allen
  5. Mr. J. R. Andrews
  6. Mr. Ugo Ara
  7. Mr. T. d'Archambeau
  8. Mrs. C. H. Armfield
  9. Dr. Austin
  10. Capt. Campbell E. Babcock
  11. Mr. Adolphe B. Babcock
  12. Mrs. William Barnes
  13. Mr. J. W. Barrett
  14. Mrs. Barrett
  15. Mr. E. T. Bartlett
  16. Mr. E. Baylis
  17. Mrs. Baylis
  18. Mrs. E. T. Beadle
  19. Miss P. H. Beadle
  20. Mr. Adolfo Betti
  21. Mr. J. P. Bland
  22. Mrs. Bliss, Two Maids and Manservant
  23. Miss Susan Bliss
  24. Mr. George M. Booth
  25. Mrs. M. A. Bostwick
  26. Mrs. A. Bowman and Maid
  27. Master A. Gordon Bowman
  28. Mr. Henry G. Brock
  29. Mrs. Robert C. H. Brock and Two Maids
  30. Miss Alice G. Brock
  31. Mr. J. H. Bromley
  32. Mrs. Bromley
  33. Mr. E. G. Brown
  34. Mrs. Brown
  35. Mr. O. J. Buck
  36. Mrs. Buck
  37. Mr. E. W. Buckley
  38. Miss M. Byron
  39. Mr. John R. Carnell
  40. Miss Carnell
  41. Mr. Peter Caubu
  42. Mrs. Caubu
  43. Mr. H. G. Chatain
  44. Mr A E. L. Chorlton
  45. Miss Louise Watson Clarke
  46. Mr. H. G. Cleverton
  47. Miss Lucille Colby
  48. Mr. J. G. Conrad
  49. Mrs. Conrad
  50. Capt. Mervyn Crawshaw
  51. Mrs. Crawshaw and Maid
  52. Mr. Paul Crompton
  53. Mrs. Crompton
  54. Mr. Joseph Crowther
  55. Miss H. C. Cunningham
  56. Mrs. Livingston Davis
  57. Mr. G. P. Dawnay
  58. Miss D. Denil
  59. Miss Blanche Dennis
  60. Mdlle. Gaby Deslys and Two Maids
  61. Mr. Ent
  62. Mr. F. S. Ferguson
  63. Mrs. W. H. Field and Maid
  64. Miss Field
  65. Mr. Walter L. Fisk
  66. Mrs. John A. Foley
  67. Miss Bridget Foley
  68. Dr. Fowler
  69. Mr. Gilbert Fraser (H.B.M. Consul. Baltimore)
  70. Mrs. Fraser
  71. Mr. Edgar Garnett
  72. Mrs. Garnett
  73. Master Heath Garnett
  74. Miss M. Geisinger
  75. Miss Mary K. Gibson
  76. Mr. G. Glasgow
  77. Mr. Leopold Godowsky
  78. Mrs. Godowsky
  79. Mr. Oscar F. Grab
  80. Mr. C. R. Grace
  81. Mrs. C. W. Graham
  82. Mr. Thomas T. Greaves
  83. Mrs. Greaves
  84. Miss Ada Greaves
  85. Miss Dorothy Greaves
  86. Miss Florence Greaves
  87. Miss Marjorie Greaves
  88. Mr. Charles Greenough
  89. Mrs. Greenough Infant, Nurse and Maid
  90. Mr. K. Hallman
  91. Mr. H. R Hayward
  92. Miss Healey
  93. Mr. G. H. Hedley
  94. Mr. C. J. Hewitt
  95. Mr. Gerald H. J. Hooghwinkel
  96. Mrs. Alonzo Hornby
  97. Mr. C. W. Hunter
  98. Mr. A. Wendell Jackson
  99. Miss B. S. Jansen
  100. Mr. A. B. Jarvis
  101. Mr. D. H. Kay and Manservant
  102. Mrs. Kay Child and Nurse
  103. Col. P. A. Kenna, V.C., D.S.O., A.D.C.
  104. Mrs. Ernest Lawford
  105. Mr. H. W. Lawrence
  106. Mr. Charles Le Boutillier
  107. Mrs. Le Boutillier
  108. Mr. A. B. I.égaré
  109. Mrs. Legaré and Maid
  110. Mrs. Marie Lerner
  111. Miss Tina Lerner
  112. Mr. K. W. Rühle von Lilienstern-ter-Meulin
  113. Mr. K. H. Litchfield
  114. Mrs. Litchfield and Mais
  115. Miss Litchfield        
  116. Miss Marion Litchfield
  117. Mr. E. E. Lloyd
  118. Mr. R. Lloyd-Jones
  119. Mr. R. C. Macbain
  120. Mrs. Leith MacGregor
  121. Mr. Gerald MacIntyre
  122. Mr. John A. Manley
  123. Mrs. Manley
  124. Mr. A. L. Marlow
  125. Mr. W. F. McAndrew
  126. Miss Anna McConnell
  127. Mr. John McCormack
  128. Mrs. McCormack
  129. Master Cyril McCormack
  130. Miss Gwendoline McCormack and Nurse
  131. Mr. James McCormack
  132. Mr. Garret W. McEnerney
  133. Mrs. McEnerney and Maid
  134. Mr. J. W. McGillivray
  135. Dr. J. McKenzie
  136. Mrs. McKenzie
  137. Mr. A. F. Merry
  138. Mr. Charles L. Miller
  139. Mrs. Miller
  140. Mr. K. F. Miltenberger
  141. Mr. Charles Minzesheimer
  142. Mr. John W. Mitchell
  143. Miss H. M. Monkhouse
  144. Mr. J. H. Moore
  145. Mrs. Moore
  146. Master J. B. Moore
  147. Miss J. Moore
  148. Mr. A. Morris
  149. Mr. J. D. Morrisey
  150. Mrs. Oliphant Morrison and Maid
  151. Mr. V. Brew Mulhallen
  152. Mr. J. Munro
  153. Mr. Charles Neukirch
  154. Mrs. Neukirch and Maid
  155. Miss Sadie Neukirch
  156. Miss Ethel Opie
  157. Mrs. Patterson
  158. Mr. Harry Pilcer
  159. Mr. Alfred Pochon
  160. Miss Porteous
  161. Lieut. R. M. Stewart Richardson
  162. Mr. Theodor Rimpan
  163. Mr. L. J. Rivet
  164. Mrs. Rivet
  165. Mrs. J. B. Robbins
  166. Miss Dorothy Robbins
  167. Mrs. Rosenfeld and Maid
  168. Mr. Leopold Rossbach
  169. Mr. J. Ruiz
  170. Mr. Oscar J. Saxe
  171. Mrs. Saxe
  172. Miss M. L. Schell and Maid
  173. Mr. H. Schowe
  174. Mr. Georg C. Shattenk
  175. Mr. G. Skinner
  176. Mr. Winchell Smith
  177. Mr. Samuel Smith
  178. Mr. Jock Solomon
  179. Mr. Frederick Speth
  180. Mr. Charles Speth
  181. Mr. A. Stewart
  182. Miss Stewart
  183. Mrs. George W. Stoddard
  184. Miss A. Stoddard
  185. Mr. Strappaquaglia
  186. Mr. T. W. Surette
  187. Mrs. Surette
  188. Miss M. de Bree Taylor
  189. Mr. Charles H. Thompson
  190. Mr. E. J. Tobin
  191. Mrs. Tobin
  192. Sir Henry Trickett
  193. lion. D. C. Trott
  194. Mrs. Trott
  195. Mr. Harley Trott
  196. Mr. E. Verley
  197. Miss L. Walker
  198. Mr. Wallace
  199. Mrs. E. P. Washburn
  200. Mr. J. R Webb
  201. Mrs. J. M. Wiley
  202. Mrs. E. W. Wilson
  203. Mrs. Wollersen
  204. Mr. L F. Young


Information for Passengers

Telegraphic Code

For the convenience of passengers copies of the Western Union Telegraphic Code and of Lieber’s Code are carried on this steamer, and same can be referred to on application to the Purser.

Wireless Telegram Rates


Minimum Rate, 8d. (16 cents) per word; every word in address, text, and signature counted, and all charges must be prepaid.

Between British and Foreign vessels the charge is 4d. (8 cents) per word, without minimum, plus 4d. (8 cents) per word with a minimum of 3s. 4d. (80 cents). For example, a message of eight words from a British vessel to a Foreign vessel would be charged eight words at 4d. (8 cents) = 2s. 8d. (64 cents), plus 3s. 4d. (80 cents) = 6s. (144 cents). A message of ten words or more would be 8d. (16 cents) per word.


The minimum Marconi Rate, via Crookhaven, or other stations in the United Kingdom, or through the medium of a passing steamer, is 10d. (20 cents) per word; every word in address, text, and signature counted; land charges additional; all charges must be prepaid.


The minimum Marconi Rate, via Sea Gate, Sagaponack, or (for steamers in the Boston Service only) South Wellfleet, Cape Cod, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations is 8s. 4d. ($2) for ten words. Each extra word 6d. (12 cents); text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all charges must be prepaid.

  • The minimum rate via Siasconsett or Cape Race, or through the medium of a passing steamer and these stations is 12s. 6d. ($3) for ten words. Each extra word 9d. (18 cents); text only counted; address and signature free; land charges additional; all charges must be prepaid.
  • The minimum Marconi Rate via Sable Island, or through the medium of a passing steamer and this station is 16s. 8d. ($4) for ten words. Each extra word 1s. (24 cents); text only counted; address and signature free land charges additional; all charges must be prepaid.

Travelers’ International Cheques

For the convenience of its Patrons the Cunard Company now issues CHEQUES of $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00, with Foreign money equivalents distinctly printed thereon, at which they will be cashed by its Agents and Correspondents throughout the world; thus providing not only the safest and most economical means of taking funds abroad, with an absolute certainty as to value, but also A Simple and Effective Means of Identification in Case of Need.

Full information regarding these Cheques will be given on application to any of the Company’s principal Agencies throughout the United States.

All Cunard Steamers in the Liverpool, New York and Boston Services and in the New York-Mediterranean Service carry Orchestras of professional musicians, which play at appointed times and according to requirements.

Chairs and Rugs may be Hired at a Cost of 4/- (or $1) each on application to the Deck Steward.   Each Rug will be contained in a sealed cardboard box and will bear a serial number which will be worked into the material so that passengers will have no difficulty in identifying their rugs.

At the end of each voyage, the rugs which have been in use, will be sent to the store and thoroughly cleaned, before being re-issued.

Stenographer and Typist Is on Board for the Convenience of Passengers and Is Prepared to Attend Promptly to All Work Required.

Meals will be served in the Saloon at the following times:

  • Breakfast at 8.30 to 10:00 am.
  • Luncheon at 1:00 pm
  • Dinner 7:00 pm.
  • Supper if required must be ordered before 10 o’clock

The Bar will be closed at 11.30 p.m.

Seats at Table

Application may be made at any of the Chief Offices in advance, or to the Second Cabin Steward on board the steamer on day of sailing.

Divine Service on Sunday at 10:30 am


Passengers are recommended to insure their Baggage, as the Company's liability is strictly limited in accordance with Contract Ticket.  All enquiries regarding Baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Baggage Master.


The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables or money are kept in the Staterooms. The same should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt will be given on the Company’s form.

As no charge is made for carriage the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising, but passengers can protect themselves by insurance.

Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company's form for any additional Passage Money or Freight paid on board.

Exchange of Money

The Purser is authorized to exchange money at the following rates. He will give American money for English at $4.80 to the pound sterling and English money for U.S. Currency at £1 sterling for $4.95.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating any passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided free.


Passengers are notified that dogs cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a license has previously been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of license must be obtained by direct application to the Department before the dog Is taken on board.


The Purser can give full information to passengers who wish to hire Automobiles for Touring purposes, and on receipt of instructions will send Marconigram to Head Office ordering same.

Arrivals at New York

Passengers are landed at the Company’s Piers 54 to 56, North River, Foot of West 14th Street, where railway tickets can be purchased, and baggage checked to any part of the United States and Canada.

After landing, passengers should enquire at the desk on the wharf for letters and telegrams.

When any of the Company’s steamers arrive at the Pier after 8:00 pm passengers have the option of remaining on board overnight and landing after Breakfast the following morning.

Public Telephones

Telephone service with booths and operator in attendance will be found near the Customs Lines on the New York wharf.

Taxicabs and Carriages

These can be hired at the New York Piers. Passengers by communicating their wishes regarding conveyances to the Purser can have them reserved in advance. The Purser will forward such requests by Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company to the New York Office.

This passenger list contained Map of Cunard Line New Express Route: New York to London & Continent (Direct) via Fishguard.


Arrivals at Liverpool

Time of Landing Passengers — When any of the Company’s steamers arrive alongside the Liverpool Landing Stage after 8 p m. it is optional for the passengers to go on shore that night. In the event, however, of their remaining on board, they will be landed after breakfast the following morning, either at the stage or in dock as circumstances may make desirable.

When the vessel reaches the river but does not come alongside the Stage, to prevent inconvenience and to most emergencies, any passengers desirous of disembarking will, on arrival of the steamer, be landed, with hand baggage only, by tender, provided that the Purser is advised before leaving Queenstown or Fishguard of the passenger’s wish to do so.

Notice will be placed in the Companionway on arrival at Queenstown or Fishguard advising passengers of anticipated arrival at Liverpool, and arrangements for landing.


Back Cover, Cunard RMS Caronia Passenger List - 2 November 1912.

Back Cover, Cunard RMS Caronia Passenger List - 2 November 1912. GGA Image ID # 11c792c637


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