Express Route between New York and London via Fishguard (ca 1911)

From the Cunard Line


The attention of Passengers is specially drawn to the facilities provided by the Cunard Line for their American patrons in reaching London and the Continent by travelling via Fishguard on the South Wales Coast, which is now recognised as the most expeditious route.


Cunard's New Express Route via Fishguard

Map of Cunard's New Express Route via Fishguard. RMS Laconia Passenger List, 11 June 1912. GGA Image ID # 20b042f38e. Click to View Larger Image.


The " Lusitania " and " Mauretania " will leave the New York Pier at 9 a.m. and proceed direct to Fishguard, without calling at Queenstown. All other New York Steamers will call at both Queenstown and Fishguard.

The Great Western Railway provide special trains from Fishguard for London (Paddington), the Railway journey occupying about 4 hours.

Fishguard is the nearest British port to New York, and this route is therefore the most direct to London.


America to London and the Continent via Fishguard -- Which Is Recognized As the Most Expeditious Route with the view of enabling Passengers to reach London on Monday afternoon and Paris the same evening or following morning, the" Lusitania" and" Mauretania " have been scheduled to leave the New York Pier at 1 a m. on Wednesdays and proceed direct to Fishguard without calling at Queenstown (Cobh). The steamers will thus be due at Fishguard on Monday morning.


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