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The State Line Steam-Ship Company now runs its steamers from New York to Glasgow and the north of Ireland fortnightly; but it is expected that early in July 1873, the departures will be more numerous and that vessels offering superior accommodations to passengers will be dispatched weekly.

Its steamers are provided and fitted with all the modern improvements for the convenience and security of the passengers, and their wants are catered to in a manner equal to any line crossing the Atlantic.

The SS State of Pennsylvania, of this line, a fine steamer, with suitable accommodations for passengers, will leave here on May 7, 1873. Her berths are nearly all engaged.

The SS State of Georgia, another of the line, will follow on June 4, 1873. New ships will be added as rapidly as possible to the requirements of traffic.

The State Line Steam-Ship Company plied between Glasgow, Liverpool, and New York beginning in April 1873. On 30 May 1891, after the company encountered severe financial difficulties, the line was purchased by the Allan Line which then operated the ships under the name Allan-State Line. (See Allan Line 1897-06-25 SS Mongolian Passenger List)

1883-06-28 SS State of Pennsylvania

1883-06-28 SS State of Pennsylvania

  • Steamship Line: State Line Steamship Co.
  • Ship: SS State of Pennsylvania
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 28 June 1883
  • Route: New York to Glasgow


New York Time, April 29, 1873, p. 5.

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