SS Mongolian Passenger List - 25 June 1897


Front Cover, Passenger List, Allan Line, SS Mongolian, 25 June 1897

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the SS Mongolian of the Allan-State Line, Departing Friday, 25 June 1897 from New York to Glasgow via Londonderry, Commanded by Captain A. G. Braes. GGA Image ID # 2802f52e0a.


Note: In 1891, the Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers took over the State Line (founded 1872) and was often referred to as the Allan & State Line. In 1897, Andrew Allan amalgamated the various branches of the Allan shipping empire under one company, Allan Line Steamship Company Ltd., of Glasgow.

This passenger list was affected by that transformation during 1897, likely one of the last time the Allan-State Line reference was used.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: A. G. Braes, Commander
  2. Purser: Hugh Woodside
  3. Surgeon: Adam C. Muir, M.B.C.M
  4. Chief Officer: Wm. Hewson
  5. Chief Engineer: Alex. Grant
  6. Chief Steward: Archibald Stewart
  7. Stewardess: Miss Clark


First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Allan Arthur
    Glasgow, Scotland
  2. Miss Sarah Adie
    Aberdeen, Scotland
  3. Miss Lillie Bullock
    New York
  4. Miss Mina M. Brown
    Barre, VT
  5. Prof. F. A. Blackburn
    Chicago, IL
  6. Miss M. C. Crane
    Chicago, IL
  7. Miss Lyde Caldwell
    Memphis, TN
  8. Miss Evelyn Caldwell
    Memphis, TN
  9. Miss Marion Cock
    West Chester. PA
  10. Mr. W. L. Crow
    New York
  11. Mr. David Clark
    New York
  12. Miss Annie B. Donohue
    Memphis, TN
  13. Miss Beulah Darlington
    West Chester, PA
  14. Miss Mary Darlington
    West Chester, PA
  15. Mr. W. M. Downie
    Marion, IA
  16. Mrs. W. M. Downie
    Marion, IA
  17. Miss Lizzie Eglinton
    New York
  18. Prof. A. H. Flack
    Claverack, NY
  19. Miss Anna Ferguson
    Chicago, IL
  20. Mr. Daniel J. Flaherty
    Boston, MA
  21. Rev. J. Freri
    Boston, MA
  22. Mr. Jas. Gray
    Springfield, MA
  23. Mrs. Jas. Gray
    Springfield, MA
  24. Miss Ethel Gray
    Springfield, MA
  25. Mr. Walter Grace
    New York
  26. Mr. Percy Grace
    New York
  27. Mr. C. G. Ganson
    Springfield MA
  28. Miss M. E. Gilkes
    New Haven, CT
  29. Mr. Henry Glen
    Schenectady, NY
  30. Miss E. Herzog
    Yonkers, NY
  31. Miss Luella Heinrothf
    Chicago, IL
  32. Mr. Arthur J. Hubbard
    Boston, MA
  33. Mrs. Arthur J. Hubbard
    Boston, MA
  34. Mr. Thos. B. Hewitt
    Brooklyn, NY
  35. Mr. Thos. D. Hewitt
    Brooklyn, NY
  36. Mr. Brower Hewitt
    Brooklyn, NY
  37. Mrs. Thos. B. Hewitt
    Brooklyn, NY
  38. Miss M. Hewitt
    Brooklyn, NY
  39. Prof. S. B. Howe
    Schenectady, NY
  40. Mrs. S. B. Howe
    Schenectady, NY
  41. Dr. Marie J. Hyndman
    Philadelphia, PA
  42. Miss Carolyn L. Haynes
    Chicago, IL
  43. Miss Emma Jacobson
  44. Miss Caroline J. Jordan
  45. Mr. J. H. Jones
    Boston, MA
  46. Miss Minetta Knapp
    Rockport, IL
  47. Mr. Daniel B. Luten
    Lafayette, IN
  48. Judge Levi F. Longley
    Claverack, NY
  49. Miss Sarah L. Lines, M.D
    Brooklyn, NY
  50. Miss E. M Lukes
    Chicago, IL
  51. Miss Lou Mills
    Washington, DC
  52. Miss M. Manwaring
    New York, NY
  53. Miss Julie Mayse
    Danvers, MA
  54. Miss E. Morgan
    Chicago, IL
  55. Mr. Jas. Noble
    Hagersville, ON
  56. Mrs. Jas. Noble
    Hagersville, ON
  57. Mr. Alb. H. Noyes
    Chicago, IL
  58. Dr. Julius Pohlman
    Buffalo, NY
  59. Miss I. J. Perry
    Asbury Park, NJ
  60. Miss Minnie P. Pack
    Rockport, IL
  61. Mrs. George Bander
    New York
  62. Bev. M. C. Banseen
    Chicago, IL
  63. Mrs. M. C. Banseen
    Chicago, IL
  64. Mr. George Bander
    New York
  65. Mr. T. B. Biggs
    Santee Agency, NE
  66. Miss K. A. Shepard
    Asbury Park, NJ
  67. Miss Ernestine Stockwell
    Chicago, IL
  68. Dr. Clara L. Smith
    Chicago, IL
  69. Miss Nellie P. Smith
    Chicago, IL
  70. Miss Laura B. Smith
    Chicago, IL
  71. Miss J. L. Schryver
    Chicago, IL
  72. Mr. W. G. Stoughton
    Hanover, NH
  73. Mrs. Sarah A. Scott
    New York
  74. Mr. Silverhorn
    Chicago, IL
  75. Bev. H. A. Todd
    Corona, LI
  76. Mrs. F. A. Temple
    Chicago, IL
  77. Miss Emma Worthy
    Chicago, IL
  78. Miss M. D. Wingate
    Chicago, IL
  79. Mrs. Mary E. Wood
    New York
  80. Mr. James Watson
    St. Louis, MO
  81. Mr. Alcott William
    Alderson, WW
  82. Mrs. Alcott William
    Alderson, WW


Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. John Allison, and Infant
  2. Master John Allison
  3. Mr. James Bennett
  4. Mrs. James Bennett
  5. Miss Ethel Bennett
  6. Miss Josephine Bennett
  7. Mr. W. E. Burton
  8. Mr. James Bryce
  9. Mr. James Brodie
  10. Miss Susan Core
  11. Mr. Robert Core
  12. Mr. William B. Craib
  13. Mrs. William B. Craib
  14. Mrs. E. W. Coates
  15. Miss Florence L. Coates
  16. Dr. W. K. Callahan
  17. Mrs. J. Craig
  18. Master Willie Craig
  19. Mr. James Currie
  20. Mrs. Margaret McDougal and Infant
  21. Miss Lizzie Dickson
  22. Miss Bella Dickson
  23. Miss Elizabeth M. Evans
  24. Miss Jeannie Fairweather
  25. Miss Lizzie Grier
  26. Miss Elsie Grant
  27. Mrs. Maggie Grier
  28. Master James A. Grier
  29. Master Robert A. Grier
  30. Master Sydney Grier
  31. Mr. Robert Guy
  32. Miss Mary Harper
  33. Mrs. S. Hall
  34. Mr. Harwood, Sr
  35. Mr. L. M. Harwood
  36. Mr. Thomas Hogg
  37. Miss Jennie Haddow
  38. Mr. John W. Johnston
  39. Mrs. Isabel Lockhart
  40. Miss Lottie Lundgreen
  41. Mr. James Lockhart
  42. Miss Mina Miller
  43. Mr. J. McAnstin
  44. Mrs. A. McAnstin
  45. Mrs. Victor Mynsbridge
  46. Mr. Alexander McIntosh
  47. Mr. William Miller
  48. Mrs. C. Maguire
  49. Mr. William Meldon
  50. Mr. David Murdie
  51. Mrs. Mary Nicol
  52. Master Norman Nicol
  53. Miss Maggie Nesbitt
  54. Mrs. Bella Baton
  55. Mr. John Patterson
  56. Mrs. Jeannie Russell
  57. Miss Agnes Robb
  58. Mrs. Mary Sword
  59. Mrs. W Spencer
  60. Miss Edith Spencer
  61. Miss Ellen J. Sproul
  62. Miss Elizabeth Turnbull
  63. Miss Mary Thomson
  64. Mr. J. K. Woodward
  65. Mrs. J. K. Woodward and Child
  66. Mrs. Robert Young
  67. Master George Young
  68. Master Spencer Young


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