RMS Parisian Passenger List - 6 April 1912


Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the RMS Parisian of the Allan Line, Departing Saturday, 6 April 1912 from Glasgow to Halifax and Boston.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the RMS Parisian of the Allan Line, Departing Saturday, 6 April 1912 from Glasgow to Halifax and Boston via Moville, Commanded by Captain William P. Hains. GGA Image ID # 204470aff7


This passenger list of the RMS Parisian was 50 miles from the Titanic on April 14, 1912. The Parisian was near the Titanic when the disaster occurred, but it did not immediately respond to the distress signals. While the Parisian was not directly involved in the rescue, its presence in the area highlights the coordination and cooperation among various ships during the tragedy.


Chart No. 3: Ships Positions Near the RMS Titanic.

Chart No. 3: Ships Positions Near the RMS Titanic. Titanic struck ice at 10:07 pm and sent CQD at 10:25 pm, April 14, 1912. Ships Times Reduced to EST (New York), Prepared in the Hydrographic Office. The RMS Parisian is shown on this Chart as Being 50 Miles from the Titanic. GGA Image ID # 20456be54a


The Baltic's operator overheard ice reports going to the Titanic from the Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm and the Amerika. In contrast, the Carpathia, on the same day, overheard the Parisian talking with other ships about ice. All hopes that any other vessel had been able to rescue any of the Titanic's passengers were practically abandoned Wednesday when it was announced that neither the Parisian nor the Virginian, which, on receipt of wireless calls for aid, had been speeding toward the scene of the colossal tragedy, had anyone on board.


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain William P. Hains
  2. Chief Officer: Daniel Darroch
  3. Purser: James S. Shaw
  4. Surgeon: Dr. John Brown
  5. Chief Engineer: John A. Ferguson
  6. Chief Steward: Arthur W. Dent
  7. Stewardess: Mrs. Wright
  8. Stewardess: Mrs. McPherson
  9. Stewardess: Mrs. Pettigrew
  10. Stewardess: Mrs. Wood


Cabin Passengers


▓▓▓ "A" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Kate Abrahamson
  2. Mr. James Aitken
  3. Miss Annie S. Alexander
  4. Mrs. Anderson
  5. Mrs. Anderson and Two Children
  6. Miss Edith A. Anderson
  7. Miss Nettie Angus
  8. Mr. John Annand


▓▓▓ "B" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss A. Bailey
  2. Mr. Stewart Bain
  3. Miss Williamina Bain
  4. Mr. Alex. C. Balmer
  5. Mr. George Balmer
  6. Mr. Walter Balmer
  7. Miss R. Bingham
  8. Mr. Alex. Birnie
  9. Mr. James Black
  10. Mrs. Black
  11. Miss S. I. Blackstock
  12. Mr. Tames A. H. Bowden
  13. Mr. David Braid
  14. Mrs. Braid
  15. Miss A. Braid
  16. Miss K. Braid
  17. Mr. James Branker
  18. Miss Katherine Branker
  19. Miss Allies Branker
  20. Miss Jane Breslin
  21. Miss Agnes Breslin
  22. Mr. Henry Breslin
  23. Miss G. M. Brown
  24. Miss S. E. Brown
  25. Mr. Alex. B. Buchanan
  26. Mrs. Bulloch, Child, and Infant
  27. Miss Alice Burgess
  28. Miss Annie Burnett
  29. Miss Lizzie Burnett
  30. Miss M. Butler
  31. Miss J. Butler


▓▓▓ "C" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Lizzie Caddell
  2. Mr. Alex. Cameron
  3. Miss Elizabeth Cameron
  4. Miss Margaret Cameron
  5. Mr. John Campbell
  6. Mrs. Carswell and Two Children
  7. Mr. Thomas Chapman
  8. Mrs. Chapman
  9. Mr. M. N. Chatterjee
  10. Miss Margaret Cheatley
  11. Mr. Christian
  12. Miss L. Clarke
  13. Mr. Ben. Coburg
  14. Mr. Wm. Coldwell
  15. Mr. David Collins
  16. Mrs. Collins
  17. Miss Mary Congdon
  18. Mr. J. Coulter
  19. Mrs. Creech and Infant
  20. Miss Ruby B. Cunningham


▓▓▓ "D" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Thos. Davie
  2. Miss Jessie Derby
  3. Mr. David Dewar
  4. Mr. Henry Dewar
  5. Mrs. Dewar
  6. Miss Jane Dewar
  7. Miss Annie Dewar
  8. Mr. James Dewar
  9. Mr. Robert Dickson
  10. Miss Annie L. Donald
  11. Miss Kate Downie
  12. Mr. Leo B. Doyle
  13. Mr. Thomas Drever
  14. Mrs. Drever
  15. Mr. Thomas Dunsire
  16. Miss Barbara Duthie


▓▓▓ "F" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Annie Ferguson
  2. Mr. Archibald Ferguson
  3. Mr. Donald Ferguson
  4. Miss Katherine Ferguson
  5. Mr. Wm. Ferguson
  6. Mr. A. O. Fleming
  7. Mrs. Funston


▓▓▓ "G" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Albert Gibbon
  2. Mr. Alex. Gibson
  3. Miss Agnes Gibson and Child
  4. Mr. J. J. Gibson
  5. Mr. Robt. Gillespie
  6. Mr. Peter Gillespie
  7. Mr. Thos. D. Gold
  8. Miss Isabella M. T. Gordon
  9. Mr. Francis Gowan
  10. Mr. John Graham
  11. Mr. Robert Graham
  12. Mr. James Grant
  13. Mr. Robert F. Gray
  14. Mr. Jas. B. Greig
  15. Mr. George Groves


▓▓▓ "H" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. B. Hall
  2. Mr. Andrew Hamilton
  3. Miss Kate Hamilton
  4. Miss Bella Hammond
  5. Mr. Bob Hammond
  6. Mr. James Hanley
  7. Miss H. Harkin
  8. Mr. Thomas Harris
  9. Mrs. Harris
  10. Miss S. E. Hatrick
  11. Mr. Geo. Hemphill
  12. Mr. R. Holmes
  13. Miss Maggie A. Hood
  14. Mr. Wm. F. Hunter
  15. Mr. W. L. Hunter
  16. Miss Flora Hutchison


▓▓▓ "I" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. James S. Ingram


▓▓▓ "J" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Alf. Jackson
  2. Mr. Jas. L. Jamieson
  3. Mr. Samuel M. Jamieson
  4. Mr. Alex. Johnston
  5. Mr. Alex. Jones


▓▓▓ "K" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Alex. Kennedy
  2. Mrs. Kennedy and Two Children
  3. Mr. David Kerr
  4. Mr. Wm. Kerr
  5. Miss N. C. Kilpatrick
  6. Miss A. Kilpatrick


▓▓▓ "L" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. E. L. Lamont
  2. Mr. George Lawrie
  3. Mr. J. Lawrie
  4. Mrs. Lawrie
  5. Mr. Alex. Lawrie
  6. Mr. Robert Leishman
  7. Mr. James Leishman
  8. Mr. Lewis Leslie
  9. Mrs. Leslie
  10. Mr. John Livingstone
  11. Mrs. Logue, Two Children, and Infant
  12. Mr. John Lyall


▓▓▓ "Mc/Mac" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. John McBride
  2. Mrs. McBride and Four Children
  3. Mrs. McCallum
  4. Miss Cissie McCallum
  5. Mr. John McCallum
  6. Mr. Geo. R. MacClelland
  7. Mr. John McCormiek
  8. Miss Rose McEvoy
  9. Mr. Wm. Macfie
  10. Mrs. Macfie
  11. Miss Bella McGlashan
  12. Mr. James McGlashan
  13. Mr. Robert McGowan
  14. Mr. John McInnes
  15. Miss Mary J. McIntosh
  16. Mr. John McIntosh
  17. Mrs. McKay
  18. Mr. W. J. McKay
  19. Master John McKay
  20. Mr. K. McKenzie
  21. Mr. Walter McKenzie
  22. Mrs. McKenzie
  23. Mr. Alex. McLennan
  24. Mrs. McLennan
  25. Mr. Hugh McLennan
  26. Miss Jessie McLennan
  27. Miss Mary McMillan
  28. Miss Agnes McNeil
  29. Mr. David John McNicoll
  30. Mr. L. L. McPliait
  31. Mrs. McPherson and Child
  32. Miss Mary McPhie
  33. Mr. Alex. J. McPhie


▓▓▓ "M" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Mary Mair
  2. Miss Nettie Malcomson
  3. Mr. Harry Malone
  4. Mr. Ivie Meikle
  5. Mrs. Miskimmins and Child
  6. Mrs. Mitchell
  7. Mr. Donald Murray
  8. Mr. Janies Murray
  9. Mr. Pat. S. Murray


▓▓▓ "O" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Ernest Oliver


▓▓▓ "P" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss C. Park
  2. Mr. Archibald Paterson
  3. Mr. Jas. Stewart Paton
  4. Miss Mary Pattison
  5. Miss Eliz. Jane Peckman
  6. Miss Mary Perrie
  7. Mr. H. Pringle
  8. Mrs. Pringle


▓▓▓ "R" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Robert Rae
  2. Mrs. Rae and Two Children
  3. Mr. John Ramage
  4. Mr. James H. Rattray
  5. Mr. Wm. Reddie
  6. Mr. David Reid
  7. Mr. G. Reid
  8. Miss Mary Reid
  9. Miss H. Rennie
  10. Miss L. Rennie
  11. Mr. Wm. Ritchie
  12. Mr. Samuel W. Robertson
  13. Mr. Wm. Young Robertson
  14. Miss Robertson
  15. Mr. Alex. Rock
  16. Mr. Rogerson
  17. Mrs. Rogerson and Child
  18. Miss Jessie Ross
  19. Mr. R. Routledge
  20. Miss A. E. Rutherford


▓▓▓ "S" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss H. M. Scott
  2. Mr. Samuel Scott
  3. Miss Jessie Sheriffs
  4. Mrs. She wan and Infant
  5. Mr. Adam Simpson
  6. Mrs. Simpson
  7. Mr. Wm. Simpson
  8. Master Adam Simpson
  9. Master Thos. Simpson
  10. Master Robert Simpson
  11. Mr. Wm. Sligo
  12. Mrs. Smellie
  13. Mr. Joseph Spence
  14. Mr. Robert H. Steel
  15. Mr. Hugh W. Steel
  16. Miss Sophia Stephen
  17. Mr. James F. Stevenson
  18. Mr. James Matthew Stewart
  19. Mr. Thomas Stobie
  20. Mr. John A. Struthers
  21. Miss A. M. H. Struthers
  22. Mr. Alex. Sutherland
  23. Mr. Charles Sutherland
  24. Mr. David Sutherland
  25. Mr. John Swan
  26. Mr. James Syme


▓▓▓ "T" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Robert S. Tait
  2. Mr. Donald S. Tait
  3. Misai E. M. Tasker
  4. Mr. T. H. Taylor
  5. Miss Annie Taylor
  6. Mr. Wm. Taylor
  7. Mr. R. Thomson
  8. Mr. John Tosh
  9. Miss M. Tulley


▓▓▓ "V" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. J. H. Veitch


▓▓▓ "W" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Elizabeth Walker
  2. Mrs. Walker and Three Children
  3. Miss Catherine Walker
  4. Miss Elizabeth Wallace
  5. Miss Isa McN. Wallace
  6. Mr. Wm. Wardrop
  7. Miss Barbara Watson
  8. Mr. David Watson
  9. Mr. Watson
  10. Miss Watson
  11. Miss Watson
  12. Mr. Geo. O. Webster
  13. Miss Mary Webster
  14. Mr. Samuel Weir
  15. Mr. James Wheelan
  16. Mr. James Whyte
  17. Mr. Frank Williamson
  18. Mr. Allan Wilson
  19. Miss Bessie Wilson
  20. Mr. John Wilson
  21. Mrs. Winning and Three Children
  22. Mr. John Wisely
  23. Miss M. A. Wodrow
  24. Mr. H. Wood
  25. Mrs. Wood
  26. Mrs. Wotherspoon and Child
  27. Mr. Wm. Wright


▓▓▓ "Y" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. James Young
  2. Mr. James Young


Information for Passengers



  • Breakfast 8:30 a.m.
  • Luncheon 1:00 p.m.
  • Dinner, 6:00 p.m.

When two sittings are necessary the hours are—;

First Sitting.

  • Breakfast 7:30 a.m.
  • Luncheon 12:30 p.m.
  • Dinner 5:30 p.m.

Second Sitting.

  • Breakfast 8:30 a.m.
  • Luncheon 1:30 p.m.
  • Dinner 6:30 p.m.

The Bar and the Smoke Room are closed at 11 p.m.

Deck Chairs can be hired at a cost of 3s. each for the single journey.

Cablegrams and Telegrams should be handed to the Purser or to his Assistant.

Stamps, Telegraph Forms, Books of Reference, and Railway Time Tables of the principal Companies are supplied by the Saloon Steward on application.

Baggage.—Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Third Officer, who is the Ship's Baggage Master. Trunks or Rugs which passengers may desire to leave in charge of the Company, should be properly labelled and handed to the Baggage Master on the wharf; and such articles will be stored entirely at owner's risk. It is necessary for passengers themselves to see all their Baggage passed by the Customs Authorities on landing.

Valuables or Money should be handed to the Purser for deposit in his safe. As no charge is made, the Company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage, however arising.

Receipts for Payments.—-Passengers are requested to ask for a receipt on the Company's Form for any additional Passage Money or extra baggage charges paid on board.

Letters addressed to passengers to the Company's care should be superscribed as follows : — Name Name of Steamer From (Sailing Port) on (Date of Sailing), c/o (Agents at Port of Embarkation or Debarkation).

Divine Service is held in the Saloon on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


Wireless Telegram Rates, RMS Parisian Cabin Passenger List from 6 April 1912.

Wireless Telegram Rates, RMS Parisian Cabin Passenger List from 6 April 1912. GGA Image ID # 20452c7d33


Track Chart Included With Allan Line RMS Parisian Cabin Passenger List from 6 April 1912.

Track Chart Included With Allan Line RMS Parisian Cabin Passenger List from 6 April 1912. GGA Image ID # 20454c7636


Back Cover, Allan Line RMS Parisian Cabin Passenger List from 6 April 1912.

Back Cover, Allan Line RMS Parisian Cabin Passenger List from 6 April 1912. GGA Image ID # 20455f041e


Passenger List Images Courtesy of Bill MacFie, 14 December 2023.


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