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RMS Virginian Passenger List - 14 September 1906

Front Cover, Second Cabin Passenger Passenger List from the RMS Virginian - 1906-09-14.

Front Cover of a Second Cabin Passenger List for the RMS Virginian of the Allan Line, Departing Friday, 14 September 1906 from Liverpool to Quebec and Montreal, Commanded by Captain A. H. Vipond. GGA Image ID # 58aaf62e35.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: A. H. Vipond
  2. Chief Officer: E. Cooke
  3. Surgeon: Dr. J. Trumbull
  4. Purser: J. Stewart
  5. Chief Engineer: W. Martin
  6. Chief Steward: H. Rogers
  7. Stewardess: Mrs. Roberts
  8. Second Cabin Steward: J. Dash
  9. Second Cabin Stewardess: Miss West

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Frank Adcock
  2. Mrs. M. Aitkonhead and Child
  3. Mr. J. Akers
  4. Miss Allan
  5. Miss Allan
  6. Mr. E. G. R. Ardagh
  7. Mr. C. V. Armhis
  8. Miss Agnes Aston
  9. Miss V. Baird
  10. Mr. W. G. Bailey
  11. Mrs. Bailey
  12. Mr. William Baker
  13. Mrs. Hetty A. Balmforth
  14. Master Wm. Balmforth
  15. Mrs. Barnes
  16. Miss Barnes
  17. Mr. P. Bassac
  18. Mr. J. Bath
  19. Mr. E. Beaumont
  20. Miss M. Belyea
  21. Mrs. Ann Benson and Two Children
  22. Miss M. Bissett
  23. Mr. James Blakey
  24. Mrs. Blakey and Two Children
  25. Mr. Charles R. Blount
  26. Miss Elizabeth B. Boak
  27. Mr. Frank Bowers
  28. Mrs. Bowers
  29. Miss A. Boyd
  30. Mr. C. Brotherton
  31. Master N. Brotherton
  32. Master V. Brotherton
  33. Miss S. Brotherton
  34. Miss Janet Brown
  35. Mrs. Brownridge
  36. Miss Alice Bull
  37. Miss L. Bull
  38. Miss Margaret H. Bull
  39. Mrs. Hector Campbell and Two Children
  40. Mr. Michael Carolan
  41. Mrs. A. Chambers and Child
  42. Mr. W. M. Chapman
  43. Mr. Charles Cherratt
  44. Mr. W. H. Chill
  45. Mrs. Chill
  46. Mr. Charles W. Chill
  47. Mr. Hy. E. Chill
  48. Miss Louise K. Chill and Child
  49. Miss Mary Clarke
  50. Mrs. Betsy Cliff and Child
  51. Mr. T. H. G. Clann
  52. Miss L. Cockell
  53. Miss M. Cockell
  54. Mrs. Harriet Cooling and Child
  55. Master Maurice Cooling
  56. Mr. C. Couche
  57. Mrs. Couche
  58. Mrs. T. Crop
  59. Miss Jessie C. Dale
  60. Mr. William David
  61. Mr. J. Davies
  62. Mr. Samuel Davies
  63. Mrs. Davies and Child
  64. Miss Edith Davies
  65. Mr. B. T. Dean
  66. Mr. H. H. Dodsworth
  67. Miss H. M. Dean
  68. Miss E. Deggar
  69. Mr. John Dewall
  70. Miss Christina M. Donald
  71. Miss Mary A. Douglas
  72. Miss Christina Douglas
  73. Mr. J. H. Dunford
  74. Mrs. Mary S. Eddington
  75. Mr. J. Edgcombe
  76. Mr. R. Emond
  77. Mrs. Emond
  78. Mrs. Emond and Child
  79. Mr. W. R. Erskine
  80. Miss E. Eyton
  81. Mr. J. Finn
  82. Mrs. S. Forshaw and Child
  83. Miss Bessie Foster
  84. Mrs. Fannie Foster
  85. Miss Louisa Foster
  86. Mrs. Mary Fox and Two Children
  87. Mr. H. E. Foxall
  88. Mr. C. R. Foxlow
  89. Miss Mary France
  90. Miss E. Garratty
  91. Mrs. Jane Goddard
  92. Miss Nellie Goddard
  93. Mr. H.. H. Gosland
  94. Mr. John Gothorpe
  95. Mrs. H. Haile
  96. Master Joseph Haile
  97. Master Walter Haile and Two Children
  98. Mrs. Hall
  99. Miss Lena Hall
  100. Mr. William J. Harris
  101. Mr. L. Harvey
  102. Mr. Herbert Hawkins
  103. Rev. Thos. Hebrings
  104. Miss Hetherington
  105. Miss Hillary
  106. Mr. W. Hind
  107. Miss Hinde
  108. Mr. C. Holding
  109. Miss Nellie E. Holding
  110. Mr. Richard Holt
  111. Mr. Hopwood
  112. Mr. M. Horsburgh
  113. Miss F. G. Horton
  114. Mr. A. Howard
  115. Miss Winifred Howell
  116. Mr. T. B. Hugrade
  117. Mr. H. Hugrade
  118. Mrs. Hugrade
  119. Mr. Nathan Jacobs
  120. Mr. Dan Johnson
  121. Mrs. Betty Johnson
  122. Mr. H. L. Johnson
  123. Mr. E. V. Johnson
  124. Mr. J. H. Johnston
  125. Mrs. J. H. Johnston
  126. Mrs. Johnston
  127. Miss Annie Johnston
  128. Miss Ellen Johnston
  129. Mrs. Dora H. Jones
  130. Mr. de Jougu
  131. Mr. H. Karsmith
  132. Mrs. Karsmith
  133. Miss Kempster
  134. Mrs. Rose Keys and Two Children
  135. Mr. William King and Four Children
  136. Mr. V. Van der Lende
  137. Mr. Leonard
  138. Mrs. Leonard
  139. Miss Leonard
  140. Mr. Hy. A. Lenton
  141. Mrs. E. Limon and Child
  142. Mrs. Sarah H. Littler and Child
  143. Mr. R. A. W. Long
  144. Miss Esther K. C. Lucas
  145. Miss Sarah MacCall
  146. Mrs. Mannens
  147. Miss Mannens
  148. Mrs. Dora Marsh and Four Children
  149. Mr. M. Matoff Mrs. Matoff
  150. Mr. Matthews
  151. Miss Gertrude Mayo
  152. Mr. W. P. McCarthy
  153. Mrs. McCarthy
  154. Miss E. McDonald
  155. Rev. Harvey McKay
  156. Dr. McMane
  157. Rev. W. C. Minnfie
  158. Miss Martha J. Mitchell
  159. Mr. J. Moore
  160. Mrs. Moore
  161. Mr. Jos. H. Moore
  162. Mr. B. M. Moore
  163. Miss Morgan
  164. Mr. H. F. Moses
  165. Mrs. Moses and Child
  166. Miss Fanny Moses
  167. Miss M. C. Moverley
  168. Miss Naylor
  169. Mr. E. Newton
  170. Mrs. Newton
  171. Mr. D. Nicholson
  172. Mrs. J. E. Nicholson
  173. Mrs. Emily Norton
  174. Mrs. Nurse
  175. Mrs. E. Oakland
  176. Miss A. Oakland
  177. Miss F. Oakland
  178. Miss B. Oakland
  179. Miss L. Oakland
  180. Master B. Oakland
  181. Master H. Oakland
  182. Mrs. E. Ogden and Child
  183. Mr. B. K. Oldfield
  184. Miss E. Orford
  185. Miss G. Osborne
  186. Miss Emma Pallat
  187. Mr. Parkinson
  188. Miss Mary Parkinson
  189. Miss Emily Parments
  190. Mr. H. Parratt
  191. Mr. William Partledge
  192. Mrs. Pearce
  193. Miss Pearce
  194. Mrs. E. Pearson
  195. Mr. T. W. Perrett
  196. Mrs. Perrett and Child
  197. Mr. H. A. Philips
  198. Mrs. S. E. Phillips
  199. Master F. Phillips
  200. Master R. Phillips
  201. Mr. G. E. Piper
  202. Mr. D. Pitchford
  203. Mr. Thos. H. Punt
  204. Miss Rainsley
  205. Miss Rajjen
  206. Mrs. G. E. Randall and Child
  207. Miss Annie Raney
  208. Mr. G. H. Rawlinson
  209. Miss Maggie Read
  210. Mrs. M. Richards
  211. Mrs. Richardson and Two Children
  212. Mrs. L. A. Rivett and Child
  213. Miss Rogers
  214. Mrs. Emily Sanders
  215. Miss Elsie Sanders
  216. Mr. Scott
  217. Mrs. Scott
  218. Mr. V. J. Shannon
  219. Mrs. Margaret Sheppard
  220. Mrs. Prudence Skeet
  221. Mr. Alfred Smee
  222. Mrs. Smee and Two Children
  223. Mr. George Smethurst
  224. Mrs. Smethurst and Two Children
  225. Mrs. Sarah H. Smith and Child
  226. Miss Edith Smith
  227. Miss Hetty Smith
  228. Mr. Alfred Smith
  229. Mr. Fred. Smith
  230. Mrs. Southward
  231. Miss NI. Speechley
  232. Mrs. J. H. Stephens
  233. Mr. Henry Strong
  234. Miss Sutherford
  235. Rev. W. J. W. Swetman
  236. Mr. A. V. Tanfourd
  237. Mrs. Tanfourd and Child
  238. Mrs. Tarlton and Two Children
  239. Miss Tavman
  240. Mr. Samuel S. Teckat
  241. Mr. Harold Thayts
  242. Miss Emma Thomas
  243. Miss Edith Thore
  244. Mrs. J. R. Todd
  245. Mr. Ernest G. Tompson
  246. Mr. E. A. Tragaskit
  247. Miss A. Walford
  248. Mr. W. Walker
  249. Mr. T. H. Waltham
  250. Mrs. Waltham
  251. Mr. A. Waters
  252. Rev. C. A. Whittaker
  253. Miss R. A. Whittington
  254. Mr. W. Wiles
  255. Mrs. Wiles
  256. Mrs. Williams and Child
  257. Mr. Thomas Woods
  258. Mrs. L. W. Woods


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