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Established in Glasgow in 1854 by Donaldson Brothers, who started the business with the little wooden bark Joan Taylor, of 229 tons, trading between Glasgow and the River Plate.

Their first iron vessel was the bark Miami, built in 1867, and their first steamer the Astarle, 863 tons, built 1870. They now have a large fleet, which regularly trades between Glasgow and St. John, N.B., Quebec, Montreal, Baltimore, Norfolk, and Newport News, and make a specialty of livestock and frozen cargoes, their primary steamers being fitted with cold storage on Hall's principle.


Westbound Second Cabin Ticket Order Dated 8 July 1914.

SS Cassandra Westbound Ticket Order - 8 July 1914

Westbound Ticket Order dated 8 July 1914 from the Donaldson Line for Second Cabin Passenger Miss Ruth Immel, departing on the SS Cassandra from Glasgow to Montreal, Issued by C.V. Dasey & Son, Boston.


1914-08-29 TSS Cassandra

1914-08-29 TSS Cassandra Passenger List

  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 29 August 1914
  • Route: Glasgow to Québec and Montréal
  • Commander: Captain Robert C. Brown


Donaldson Line Fleet (1911)

  • Alcides
  • Almora
  • Athenia
  • Cassandra
  • Concordia
  • Hestia
  • Indrani
  • Kastalia
  • Lahonia
  • Marina
  • Orlhia
  • Parthenia
  • Salacia
  • Saturnia
  • Tritonia

65,000 Gross Tonnage


Donaldson Line Rates of Passage (1915)

MONTREAL TO GLASGOW. Cabin (called second), $47.50 and up. British third class, East, $31.25; prepaid West, $31.25.


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