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TSS Cassandra Passenger List 29 August 1914

Front Cover - Passenger List, Donaldson Line, TSS Cassandra, 29 August 1914

Cabin Passenger List for the TSS Cassandra of the Donaldson Line, Departing 29 August 1914 from Glasgow to Quebec and Montreal, Commanded by Captain Robert C. Brown.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: Robert C. Brown, Commander
  2. Chief Officer: J. McFadyen
  3. Surgeon: Dr. Gibb
  4. Purser: R. J. C. Fulton
  5. Assistant Purser: J. Caldwell
  6. Chief Steward: W. Proudfoot
  7. Stewardess: Mrs. Nicol
  8. Matron: Mrs. Seaton

Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. Allan
  2. Miss Mary Allan
  3. Mr. Hugh Anderson
  4. Mrs. Anderson
  5. Miss May F. Anderson
  6. Mr. George Anderson
  7. Mrs. Anderson
  8. Miss Eliza Baird
  9. Mrs. Barclay
  10. Miss Mabel Barclay
  11. Miss Genevieve Barker
  12. Miss Barksdale
  13. Rev. G. Bell
  14. Miss M. Bell
  15. Mrs. Beckwith
  16. Miss Dorothy Beckwith
  17. Mr. R. Bickerton
  18. Mr. Robert Blair
  19. Mrs. Blair and Infant
  20. Master Lewis Blair
  21. Master Stewart Blair
  22. Mr. David Boyd
  23. Mrs. Boyd
  24. Miss Florence A. Bright
  25. Mr. James Brown
  26. Mr. William Brown
  27. Rev. E. B. Brown
  28. Mrs. Brown
  29. Miss J. Brown
  30. Miss Me Brown
  31. Mrs. Brown
  32. Mr. James Bruce
  33. Mr. Charles E. Byers
  34. Mrs. Byers
  35. Mr. Elbridge Calby
  36. Mr. E. G. Campbell
  37. Mrs. Canham
  38. Mrs. Carmichael
  39. Rev. R. A. Chase
  40. Mr. Neil Cochrane
  41. Mrs. Colquhoun
  42. Miss Doreen Colquhoun
  43. Miss Carolyn Conkling
  44. Miss Mary Conkling
  45. Mr. Albert E. Connor
  46. Mrs. Connor
  47. Miss Edith Connor
  48. Master Neil Connor
  49. Mr. Converse
  50. Miss Cooper
  51. Mr. A. D. Crawford
  52. Miss J. Cumming
  53. Mr. H. G. Davisson
  54. Miss Dickerson
  55. Prof. E. W. Van Drusen
  56. Mrs. Duncan
  57. Miss Bella Duncan
  58. Miss Kate Duncan
  59. Miss Beatrice Eddy
  60. Miss Helen Eddy
  61. Miss Elwell
  62. Miss Emerson
  63. Mr. M. F. Emery
  64. Mrs. Emery
  65. Miss Ida Emrich
  66. Miss Vena Emrich
  67. Miss Elsie Emrich
  68. Miss Enbank
  69. Mr. G. Enbank
  70. Miss Agnes Ewing
  71. Miss Fergeson
  72. Miss A. P. Fisher
  73. Mr. John H. Fisher
  74. Miss Clara B. Flick
  75. Miss Mildred Flick
  76. Miss Margaret Forbes
  77. Mrs. Forbes
  78. Miss Forbes
  79. Miss Foster
  80. Mr. J. B. Fotheringham
  81. Miss G. Fraser
  82. Mr. William Freeland
  83. Mrs. Freeman
  84. Miss Jessie Garbet
  85. Mrs. Garbett
  86. Miss Nellie E. Goldthwaite
  87. Miss A. G. Goodman
  88. Madame Grohe
  89. Miss Gunn
  90. Mrs. Guthrie
  91. Mr. David V. Guthrie
  92. Mrs. Hackett
  93. Miss Jean M. Hall
  94. Rev. Robert Hall
  95. Mrs. Hall
  96. Mr. John B. Harries
  97. Mrs. Harries and Infant
  98. Miss E. M. Hawkins
  99. Miss Hause
  100. Mrs. Hause
  101. Miss C. A. Hearne
  102. Mrs. Hill
  103. Miss Davina Holm
  104. Mr. James S. Horton
  105. Mrs. Horton
  106. Mr. E. J. Houghton
  107. Mrs. Houghton
  108. Miss B. E. Hoxsey
  109. Mrs. Hubbard
  110. Miss Hubbard
  111. Miss Ruth Immel
    The GG Archives also has a Westbound Ticket Order for Second Class passage for Passenger Miss Ruth Immel. Provides cost of voyage
  112. Mrs. Jack
  113. Mrs. Jobson
  114. Master Harry Jobson
  115. Mr. Kenneth Johackair
  116. Miss Johnson
  117. Mr. A. B. Johnson
  118. Miss Jeannie Johnstone
  119. Miss Jones
  120. Miss E. Kennell
  121. Mrs. Knight
  122. Miss C. Knox
  123. Mr. Krug
  124. Mrs. Krug and Three Children
  125. Mr. A. H. Kuhn
  126. Mrs. Kuhn
  127. Miss Lee
  128. Miss Lee
  129. Miss Hattie Lewis
  130. Miss Sarah Lickorish
  131. Miss Lincoln
  132. Miss Frances Long
  133. Miss G, Lowry
  134. Miss G. McClinie
  135. Mr. W. McConkey
  136. Mr. P. McConkey
  137. Miss Florence McCrossin
  138. Miss Alta McKinney
  139. Miss Annie McLauchlan
  140. Mr. Murdo MacLeod
  141. Miss Jessie McMaster
  142. Miss L. McMaster
  143. Miss M. McNeill
  144. Mr. William McNeill
  145. Miss Mallory
  146. Mr. A. Marrill
  147. Mrs. Marrill
  148. Mrs. Marshall
  149. Master Thomas Marshall
  150. Mrs. Martin
  151. Miss Anna Martin
  152. Miss N. Maurice
  153. Miss Mary Melrose
  154. Miss Mary Mennies
  155. Miss Elizabeth M. Meyers
  156. Mr. Andrew Millet
  157. Mrs. Milliken
  158. Miss Moran
  159. Miss Catherine Morrison
  160. Mr. Alexander Morrison
  161. Mr. William Morrison
  162. Miss E. Morrison
  163. Miss Frances Mosford
  164. Miss Emily J. Mosford
  165. Miss Mary C. Mulvey
  166. Mrs. Neilson
  167. Mrs. Noble
  168. Mr. N. L. Norden
  169. Mr. Elbur E. Orcutt
  170. Mrs. Orcutt
  171. Miss Osborn
  172. Mrs. Parker
  173. Miss Jeanie Parker
  174. Mrs. Parker
  175. Master Kenneth Parker
  176. Prof. Clarence Perkins
  177. Mrs. Perkins
  178. Mrs. Plonke
  179. Miss Maxine A. Plonke
  180. Miss Abbie E. Pzeifer
  181. Miss Sophia Pzeifer
  182. Miss M. J. Reid
  183. Miss Joan Renton
  184. Mrs. Richmond
  185. Mr. Gavin S. Richmond
  186. Miss Riggs
  187. Mr. T. Robertson
  188. Miss Anna Ross
  189. Miss A. Rowe
  190. Mrs. Russell
  191. Miss Russell
  192. Miss Russell
  193. Miss N. F. Ryley
  194. Miss M. Ryley
  195. Miss Scott
  196. Mrs. Seavey
  197. Mr. F. R. Selleck
  198. Mr. William J. S. Sharp
  199. Mr. Thomas Shepherd
  200. Mr. Robert ShiefT
  201. Mrs. Short
  202. Master Stewart Short
  203. Master Andrew Short
  204. Miss Margaret Short
  205. Miss G. Shrader
  206. Miss Bernette Site
  207. Mrs. Slater
  208. Miss L. Smith
  209. Mr. F. Smith
  210. Miss Snyder
  211. Miss R. Spencer
  212. Mrs. Star
  213. Miss Margaret Steven
  214. Miss J. Stevenson
  215. Miss Edith Stocking
  216. Miss C. L. Stockley
  217. Miss Stuart
  218. Mrs. Teachout
  219. Miss Adda Thomas
  220. Miss Thompson
  221. Mrs. Tinkham
  222. Miss Cora C. Tinkham
  223. Mr. Ralph Tinkham
  224. Mrs. Townsend
  225. Miss Traker
  226. Mr. William Ure
  227. Mr. William A. Wallace
  228. Miss Genevieve L. Weems
  229. Mrs. Weir
  230. Miss Whittrock
  231. Miss Catherine Whyte
  232. Miss Mae M. Williams
  233. Mrs. Witt
  234. Miss Elme Wulfikuhlei
  235. Mr. Alexander Young
  236. Mrs, Young
  237. Master Alexander Young
  238. Master Sam Young


Meals will be served at the following hours— Breakfast, 8:00 am Lunch, 1:00 pm Dinner, 6:00 pm
The bugle will sound promptly at the above hours and also half an hour before breakfast and dinner.

It is strictly forbidden to serve meals in staterooms unless ordered by the Surgeon.

Lights will be extinguished in. the saloon at 10.30, and in the smoking room at 11:00 pm

The bar will be closed punctually each night at 11.

Passengers are not allowed to change their staterooms without the sanction of the Purser.

Passengers are warned against opening the portholes. The stateroom stewards will do this whenever practicable.

Divine service held once only on Sunday, at 10:30 am

Deck chairs and steamer rugs may be rented for the trip at 75c. or 3s.

VALUABLES.—Jewellery, money, and other valuables should be given to the Purser for deposit in his safe. He will give a receipt for same, but as no charge is made for carriage of valuables, the Company does not accept responsibility for their loss or damage.

A printed receipt should be obtained for all money paid on board.

Letters for Quebec and Father Point should be mailed on board ship one hour before arrival at either place.

Letters for passengers should be sent to the care of Purser.

The Chief Steward has the arrangement of seats at table.

Baggage.—Only hand bags and steamer trunks, which will fit underneath the berths, are allowed in staterooms.

All complaints of inattention or incivility on board ship should be made in the first instance to the Chief Steward, and failing satisfaction to the Purser.

Smoking in corridors, or in the saloon, music room or staterooms is prohibited. This regulation will be strictly enforced.

Donaldson Line of Steamers

MANAGING OWNERS: Donaldson Brothers, Ltd., 54-58 Bothwell Street, Glasgow.

Head Agents For Canada & United States

The Robert Reford Co., limited*


Rates at which Messages can be transmitted by Marconi Wireless System, with which the ship is equipped

CANADA.—The Marconi rate via Cape Race, Sable Island, Cape Sable, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations, is calculated at 8^d. per word with a minimum of 7s. Id. for 10 words, plus 4d. per word without minimum; thus for a message of ten words or more the through rate is 1s. Ojd. per word; every word in the address, text, and signature counted; landline charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The Marconi rate via Montreal, Quebec, Father Point, Three Rivers, Grosse Isle, Cape Bear, Pictou, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations, is calculated at l^d. per word with a minimum of 1s. 3d. fer JO. words, plus Id. per word without minimum; thus for a of 10 words or more the, through rate is 2|d. per word; every word in the address, text, and signature counted; landline charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

The Marconi rate via Clarke City, Fame Point, Harring­ton, Heath Point, Magdalen Island, North Sydney, Halifax, St. John, Belle Isle, Cape Ray, Point Rich, Point Amour, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these stations, is calculated at 3d. per word with a minimum of 2s. 6d. for 10 words, plus 2d. per word without minimum; thus for a message of 10 words or more the through rate is 5d. per word; every word in the address, text, and signature counted; landline charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

UNITED KINGDOM.—The rate via Malin Head or other stations in the United Kingdom, or through the medium of a passing steamer, is 10d. per word; every word in the address, text, and signature counted; landline charges additional; all fees must be prepaid.

SHIP TO SHIP.—The general rate on ship to ship messages is 8d. per word, but as German, Dutch, and certain other vessels apply a ship tax with a minimum of 10 words, the charges on messages to these vessels will be calculated as follows :—English ship tax, 4d. per word without minimum; German, Dutch, etc., ship tax, 4d. per word with a minimum of 3s. 4d. Thus for a message of 10 words or more the charge is 8d. per word; all fees must be prepaid.
All the Donaldson Line Passenger Steamers are fitted with Marconi Wireless Telegraph

Westbound Ticket Order - Second Cabin - 8 July 1914

Westbound Ticket Order - Second Cabin - 8 July 1914

Westbound Ticket Order from the Donaldson Line for Second Cabin Passenger Miss Ruth Immel, departing on the SS Cassandra from Glasgow to Montreal, Issued by C.V. Dasey & Son, Boston.

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