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Anderson, SC USA

SS Monarch of Bermuda Passenger List - 17 September 1938

Front Cover, Furness Bermuda Line SS Monarch of Bermuda Cruise Passenger List - 17 September 1938.

Front Cover, Furness Bermuda Line SS Monarch of Bermuda Cruise Passenger List - 17 September 1938. GGA Image ID # 1316a9be06

Cruise Passenger List from the SS Monarch of Bermuda of the Furness-Bermuda Line, Departing Saturday, 17 September 1938 from New York to Bermuda, Commanded by Captain A. R. Francis.

Unusual View of the SS Monarch of Bermuda Entering New York Harbor circa Late 1930s.

Unusual View of the SS Monarch of Bermuda Entering New York Harbor circa Late 1930s. GGA Image ID # 1316d77a32

Senior Officers and Staff

  • Commander: Captain A. R. Francis
  • Staff Captain‭: ‬L. F. Banyard
  • Chief Officer‭: ‬J. F. Dunnett
  • Chief Engineer‭: ‬J. Hardy
  • Purser‭: ‬L. Hickson
  • Senior Assistant Purser: F. A. Clarke
  • Surgeon‭: ‬G. I. Hislop
  • Chief Steward‭: ‬A. C. McHaffie
  • Staff Chief Steward: C. Green
  • Chief Radio Officer: ‬A. G. Shoebridge
  • Assistant Radio Officer‭: ‬D. Menzies
  • Hostess: Mrs. Helen Sprague

Cruise Passengers

  1. Mr. Howard Anderson
  2. Mrs. Anderson
  3. Mr. L. L. Anderson
  4. Miss H. Alexander
  5. Mr. R. E. Adamson
  6. Mrs. Adamson
  7. Miss M. Alexsey
  8. Mr. R. Avigdor
  9. Miss W. Angstron
  10. Miss L. Baker
  11. Mr. C. A. Brown
  12. Mrs. Brown
  13. Mrs. F. Buechner
  14. Mr. F. Buechner
  15. Master Buechner
  16. Mr. ¥m. Bruckner
  17. Mrs. Bruckner
  18. Mr. John Brashear
  19. Mr. J. T. Burke
  20. Mrs. Burke
  21. Mr. M. Butterfield
  22. Mr. J. Buttner
  23. Mr. R. F. Baldwin
  24. Mrs. Baldwin
  25. Mr. J. W. Beasley
  26. Mrs. Beasley
  27. Miss E. Bond
  28. Mr. H. Barnard, Jr.
  29. Miss Muriel Barnes
  30. Mrs. A. Brennan
  31. Mr. T. C. Beug
  32. Mrs. Beug
  33. Miss R. Basile
  34. Mr. G. E. Bouton
  35. Mrs. Bouton
  36. Miss J. Brooke
  37. Miss D. Beek
  38. Mrs. F. B. Borchert
  39. Rev. J. J. Curry
  40. Mr. J. H. Cooper
  41. Mr. H. C. Cluthe
  42. Mr. T. Clark
  43. Mrs. Clark
  44. Miss A. Cooper
  45. Mr. Wm. Crosby
  46. Mr. W. A. Clem
  47. Mrs. Clem
  48. Mr. R. Crichton
  49. Mr. C. Charnock
  50. Mrs. Charnock
  51. Miss M. Clinton
  52. Miss M. F. Cannaday
  53. Miss V. Curtis
  54. Mrs. H. V. Cerf
  55. Miss R. Chapdelaine
  56. Miss M. Casey
  57. Mr. C. H. Cushing
  58. Mr. John Cox
  59. Mr. H. V. Clark
  60. Mr. M. Clark
  61. Miss F. Connery
  62. Mr. R. J. Carey
  63. Mrs. Carey
  64. Miss E. Dailinger
  65. Dr. L. Defurio
  66. Mrs. Defurio
  67. Mr. J. B. Drake
  68. Master J. Drake
  69. Miss B. Drake
  70. Mrs. J. B. Drake, Jr.
  71. Mr. G. S. Delafield
  72. Mrs. Delafield
  73. Master Delafield
  74. Miss M. Dolan
  75. Mr. W. E. Dittmar
  76. Mrs. Dittmar
  77. Miss W. Doucette
  78. Miss M. W. Downes
  79. Miss C. Egan
  80. Miss M. Egan
  81. Miss T. Edwardsen
  82. Mr. E. J. Emmott
  83. Mrs. Emmott
  84. Miss M. J. Evans
  85. Miss K. Egbert
  86. Mr. H. J. Engel
  87. Mrs. Engel
  88. Mr. E. V. Frith
  89. Mrs. Frith
  90. Miss V. Finn
  91. Miss S. Freeman
  92. Mr. L. Forster
  93. Miss M. Folan
  94. Mr. W. Ferguson
  95. Mr. H. R. Ferguson
  96. Miss M. Feite
  97. Mr. E. N. Gall
  98. Miss A. Gillespie
  99. Mr. F. E. Garvey
  100. Mrs. Garvey
  101. Miss F. Gelbstein
  102. Mr. Louis Geiss
  103. Mrs. Geiss
  104. Mrs. E. B. Gorman
  105. Miss O. Gaudinier
  106. Mrs. H. Guny
  107. Mr. W. Gerringer
  108. Miss M. K. Gallary
  109. Miss H. F. Gallary
  110. Mr. E. Goff
  111. Mrs. Goff
  112. Miss M. Greany
  113. Miss M. Hailock
  114. Mrs. J. E. Hooper
  115. Mr. G. M. Holdsworth
  116. Mrs. Holdsworth
  117. Mr. W. H. Harris, Jr.
  118. Mrs. Harris
  119. Miss T. V. Hanlon
  120. Miss E. F. Hanlon
  121. Mr. J. S. Hampton
  122. Mr. J. A. Horty
  123. Mrs. Horty
  124. Miss L. Henke
  125. Miss M. Hoerner
  126. Mr. W. Hoey
  127. Mrs. Hoey
  128. Mr. F. W. Hineline
  129. Mrs. Hineline
  130. Mr. E. E. Hennessy
  131. Mrs. Hennessy
  132. Mr. R. Horton
  133. Mr. F. Hendricks
  134. Mrs. R. Hughes
  135. Mrs. S. A. Holme
  136. Mrs. H. Hamilton
  137. Mr. Max Jaffe
  138. Mr. Seth Jacobson
  139. Mrs. Jacobson
  140. Miss E. Juliano
  141. Miss F. Johnson
  142. Mrs. W. L. Johnson
  143. Mr. C. S. Katz
  144. Mrs. Katz
  145. Miss H. Kirch
  146. Mr. P. H. Keating
  147. Mrs. Keating
  148. Mr. Morton Koshland
  149. Mrs. Koshland
  150. Miss M. Knapp
  151. Miss F. Kitchell
  152. Mr. P. H. Kline
  153. Mrs. Kline
  154. Mr. H. C. Kohout
  155. Miss M. Koops
  156. Miss H. Koops
  157. Mr. G. C. Keiser
  158. Mrs. Keiser
  159. Mr. D. L. Lieberman
  160. Mrs. Lieberman
  161. Mrs. O. Long
  162. Mrs. N. G. Long
  163. Mr. P. Lazenby
  164. Mr. T. C. Linn
  165. Miss C. Lynn
  166. Miss L. W. Larkins
  167. Mr. O. H. Linck
  168. Mrs. Linck
  169. Miss M. M. Luby
  170. Miss J. Luchtenberg
  171. Miss R. Lee
  172. Miss H. J. Lovejoy
  173. Miss E. Litschert
  174. Miss V. Lowry
  175. Miss L. E. Litchard
  176. Miss R. Lazear
  177. Mr. Robt. Merriman
  178. Mrs. Merriman
  179. Mr. Leo Milde
  180. Mr. E. H. Mackay
  181. Miss G. L. Marie
  182. Mr. J. A. Morris
  183. Mr. F. C. Mostoller
  184. Mr. R. E. Merriman, Jr.
  185. Miss Marie A. Murphy
  186. Mr. I. F. Myer
  187. Mrs. Myer
  188. Miss W. Mell
  189. Mr. H. E. Menard
  190. Mrs. Menard
  191. Mr. Harry Malloy
  192. Mrs. Malloy
  193. Mr. J. P. Moll
  194. Mrs. Moll
  195. Mr. P. A. Mathews
  196. Mrs. Mathews
  197. Mrs. B. T. Moore
  198. Mr. W. F. March
  199. Miss S. Miller
  200. Mr. W. Mitchell
  201. Mrs. Mitchell
  202. Miss M. E. Murray
  203. Mr. R. More
  204. Miss H. Minus
  205. Mr. James Maier
  206. Mr. J. Mcderios
  207. Miss G. Mullen
  208. Mr. J. J. McDonald
  209. Mr. John McDowell
  210. Mr. J. B. McCabe
  211. Mrs. McCabe
  212. Dr. W. J. McCarthy
  213. Mrs. McCarthy
  214. Mr. C. McCormack
  215. Mrs. McCormack
  216. Miss M. McCullough
  217. Mr. T. J. McGrath
  218. Miss M. McAvoy
  219. Mr. A. McKnight
  220. Mrs. McKnight
  221. Mr. T. McCormack
  222. Mrs. W. B. McNaughton
  223. Miss M. McNealy
  224. Miss S. McNealy
  225. Miss K. McFadden
  226. Miss M. McKenna
  227. Miss J. McDermott
  228. Mrs. F. McKenna
  229. Miss M. McMahon
  230. Miss M. McNichol
  231. Dr. W. A. Nye
  232. Mrs. Nye
  233. Mr. G. Nason
  234. Miss F. K. Nixon
  235. Miss P. E. Nelson
  236. Mr. C. Oliphant
  237. Mr. G. F. Ordeman
  238. Mrs. Ordeman
  239. Mr. E. O’Connor
  240. Mrs. O’Connor
  241. Miss M. Otterstedt
  242. Mrs. L. Otterstedt
  243. Mr. W. F. Ofgant
  244. Miss T. Oison
  245. Mrs. R. D. O’Neil
  246. Mr. George Perlin
  247. Mr. R. Pentland
  248. Mrs. Pentland
  249. Dr. I. G. Pyle
  250. Mrs. Pyle
  251. Mr. A. E. Post
  252. Mr. R. O. Pearson
  253. Mrs. Pearson
  254. Miss A. Powers
  255. Mr. F. Padden
  256. Mrs. Padden
  257. Mrs. C. Pell
  258. Mr. C. B. K. Poole
  259. Mrs. Poole
  260. Mrs. W. H. Peckham
  261. Miss B. Peckham
  262. Miss V. Roach
  263. Mr. W. Reid
  264. Mr. L. J. Rosier
  265. Mrs. Rosier
  266. Miss M. Rapp
  267. Rev. P. R. Roffe
  268. Mrs. Roffe
  269. Mr. H. Richardson
  270. Mr. W. F. Ruwell, Jr.
  271. Mr. H. Richards
  272. Mr. F. Remy
  273. Mrs. Remy
  274. Mr. G. Roberts
  275. Mrs. Roberts
  276. Miss E. V. Roche
  277. Miss G. Rinison
  278. Miss E. Rieker
  279. Mr. J. W. Rese
  280. Mrs. Rese
  281. Mr. H. F. Rough
  282. Mrs. Rough
  283. Mr. T. M. Rowland
  284. Mrs. Rowland
  285. Mr. W. P. Stevens
  286. Mr. P. B. Smith
  287. Mrs. Smith
  288. Mr. W. G. Schultz
  289. Mrs. Schultz
  290. Mr. Milton Sobel
  291. Mrs. Sobel
  292. Mrs. E. B. Stuckey
  293. Mr. Frank R. Sharar
  294. Mrs. Sharar
  295. Mr. E. M. Smith
  296. Mr. F. L. Stevens
  297. Mrs. Stevens
  298. Mr. Geo. Smith
  299. Miss E. Smith
  300. Mr. F. S. Smith
  301. Mrs. Smith
  302. Mr. Wm. O. Strong
  303. Mrs. Strong
  304. Miss H. D. Scott
  305. Mr. S. Solomon
  306. Miss M. Seixas
  307. Dr. De W. H. Sherman
  308. Mrs. Sherman
  309. Miss R. Small
  310. Mr. R. Small
  311. Miss D. Smith
  312. Mr. P. Schienger
  313. Mrs. Schienger
  314. Master E. Stettinius
  315. Mr. C. H. Scherf
  316. Mr. I. E. Southmayd
  317. Mrs. Southmayd
  318. Miss B. Stettinius
  319. Mr. D. Sullivan, Jr.
  320. Mrs. N. Shannon
  321. Mrs. G. Stebner
  322. Mr. P. Stevenson
  323. Mrs. Stevenson
  324. Miss R. Semmer
  325. Mr. C. W. Sisk
  326. Miss T. Schroetter
  327. Mr. G. Stedman
  328. Miss E. Swiny
  329. Miss E. Schindel
  330. Mrs. A. I. Strang
  331. Miss S. Slawson
  332. Mr. A. I. Strang
  333. Mr. A. F. Strang, Jr.
  334. Mr. T. A. Sheehan
  335. Mrs. Sheehan
  336. Miss R. Thompson
  337. Miss V. Tretsch
  338. Miss E. Tripp
  339. Miss C. J. Tobin
  340. Miss M. Taylor
  341. Mrs. S. Trowbridge
  342. Miss H. Trowbridge
  343. Mr. D. Ulfinger
  344. Mr. D. Van Deusan
  345. Miss N. Van Stalten
  346. Mr. Geo. Whitten
  347. Mrs. Whitten
  348. Mr. Jacob L. Williams
  349. Mrs. Williams
  350. Mr. Walter Wadson
  351. Master D. Wadson
  352. Miss J. Williams
  353. Mr. A. L. Weeks
  354. Mrs. Weeks
  355. Miss G. Walsh
  356. Mr. G. C. Williams
  357. Mr. A. E. Ward
  358. Mrs. Ward
  359. Miss Eliz. Wixon
  360. Mr. John Whalen
  361. Miss M. Weeks
  362. Mr. Jack Watt
  363. Miss J. Wendling
  364. Miss G. Wilkin
  365. Mrs. K. Wentzel
  366. Miss L. Wellar
  367. Miss M. Wieland
  368. Mr. Geo. Wagner
  369. Mrs. Wagner
  370. Mr. D. Woodhouse
  371. Miss E. Waechter
  372. Miss E. Williams
  373. Mr. F. Wagner
  374. Mr. G. Wagner
  375. Mr. R. Wettach
  376. Mr. Robt. Wood
  377. Mrs. Wood
  378. Mr. H. Wentworth
  379. Mrs. Wentworth
  380. Miss M. Wenaca
  381. Miss A. Young

Information for Passengers

Passengers are earnestly requested not to smoke in their staterooms, also to exercise care in disposing of cigars, cigarettes, and matches given the severe consequences which can arise from carelessness in this respect.

Throwing lighted cigarettes, etc., overboard should also be avoided, and passengers are requested to use receptacles provided for the purpose in the various parts of the ship.

Passengers are also earnestly requested to read carefully notices posted in their staterooms, giving the location of their emergency station and lifebelts in their stateroom.


Barber Shop
Experienced barbers—located on B deck amidship—Haircutting, shampooing, massage, and manicure.

Beauty Parlor
Situated amidship on B Deck. Fully equipped with modern appliances. Skilled operators— Waving, shampooing, facials, and manicuring.

On A deck bordering the dance floor.

Cocktail Bars
Are placed to serve all public rooms such as the Dining Saloon, Cafes, Smoking Room, and the Lounges.

Dance Floor
On A deck aft, tables for refreshments.

Dining Saloon
On D deck—First sitting breakfast served from 8:00 to 10:00, Luncheon at 12 noon and Dinner at 6:30. The second sitting breakfast from 8:00 to 10:00, Luncheon at 1:00 and Dinner at 7:45.

On A deck aft, wholly equipped with rowing and riding machines, weights, etc. The company assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained by passengers while using the gymnasium.

Forward through the Lounge on A Deck. Books may be borrowed from Steward in attendance. For books lost, there is a charge of $2.00.

On A Deck and balconies on the sun deck—Tea is served here in the afternoon.

Purser's Office
On C deck amidships. Inquiries concerning Baggage insurance, customs, etc., should be made here.

Physician and Surgeon
Office on C Deck Aft.—Consulting hours: 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Urgent cases at any time. No charge for sickness originating on the shipboard. For illness not arising on board, customary charges for this service are authorized subject to the approval of the Staff Captain. In all cases, medicine is given free.

Amidship on B deck—Souvenirs, candies, magazines, books, and toilet articles.

Smoking Room
On the sun deck aft. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the staterooms.

Sports Decks
Aft on the sun deck and A deck—All sports with horse races a unique feature in the afternoon.

Swimming Pools
Aft on A deck and amidship F deck "MONARCH OF BERMUDA*.
Aft on A deck "QUEEN OF BERMUDA."

The company assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained by passengers while using the swimming pool.

Writing Rooms
On either side of the entrance to Library on A deck.

Baggage • • •
Questions relating to Baggage should be referred to the Chief Steward or Purser's office.

Baggage Insurance
Passengers are recommended to insure their luggage, as in the event of loss or damage, the company cannot accept responsibility beyond the limit specified on the steamer contract ticket. Baggage insurance can be arranged through the Purser's office.

Changes in Accommodations
The Purser alone is authorized to make changes in accommodations and may only do so on payment of any difference in fare, which may be required according to the company’s current tariffs.

Passengers are respectfully advised that the Purser cannot accept Personal cheques.

Passengers having any cause for complaints are requested to communicate the particulars to the Staff Captain, the Purser, or Chief Steward, at once, and not wait until the end of the voyage.

Deck Chairs and Rugs
Deck Chairs, Cushions, and Rugs are available for hire and can be obtained through the Deck Steward either before or after the vessel leaves the Dock, at the following rates:— Chair, $1.00 — Cushion or Rugs, 50c each article.

Divine Service
Anyone wishing to hold Divine Service is welcome to do so. Please apply to the Purser, who will make the necessary arrangements.

Dogs and other animals are under no circumstances allowed in the Passongor's Accommodations, Public Rooms, or Passenger Decks. Proper facilities have been provided for the carrying of all animals.

Life Boat Station and Drill
Passengers are earnestly requested to acquaint themselves with the notice in the Staterooms regarding lifeboat and fire stations.

The Captain specially appeals to passengers to assist him by promptly mustering at their appointed stations at all times when passenger boat station muster is being held. Only by immediate attendance at this critical muster can passengers obtain the necessary instructions which are so vital to the well being of all on board. The cooperation of every passenger is earnestly desired.

Life Preservers
Are in every stateroom. Put them on over the head, with arms through holes like a jacket, tying both tapes firmly in front. Do not attempt to tie the tapes at the back.

Payment of Additional Monies
Passengers should obtain a company's receipt for any monies paid on board.

It is dangerous for passengers to handle the Ports. They are requested to ask the Bedroom Steward to open or close the Ports as Required. Ports can only be opened when the weather conditions permit.

Professional Gamblers
They are reported as occasionally traveling on Passenger Vessels. Passengers are warned to take precautions accordingly.

Radios, etc.
Radios or other electrical appliances must not be operated or connected to the Ship's electrical circuits without Official approval.

Telephone Ship to Shore, and Wireless Messages
Apply to the Radio Operator on A deck, midships entrance.

U. S. Customs
All Passengers on their return to New York are required to make a declaration of personal Baggage for the U. S. Customs authorities. Blank declaration forms are obtainable from the Purser. On Return Voyage Returning Residents of the U. S. must declare all articles acquired abroad.

An exemption from duty on $100.00 worth of purchases is allowed each returning resident subject to certain conditions, which will bo detailed by the U. S. Customs officer in N. Y. Penalties are imposed upon passengers who make false declarations.

Valet Services
Are available by applying to the Barber—Service for both Ladies and Gentlemen.

A safe is provided in the Purser's Office, in which passengers may deposit money, jewelry, or other valuables. As no charge is made for carriage, the company cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. In their own interest, passengers are advised not to leave articles of value lying about.

Back Cover, Extract from Bermuda's Book of Wisdom

Back Cover, Extract from Bermuda's Book of Wisdom, Furness Bermuda Line SS Monarch of Bermuda Cruise Passenger List - 17 September 1938. GGA Image ID # 1316ede92c

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