TSS Letitia Passenger List - 22 August 1930

Front Cover - TSS Letitia Passenger List - August 1930

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List for the TSS Letitia of the Anchor-Donaldson Line, Departing Friday, 22 August 1930 from Glasgow to Québec and Montréal via Liverpool and Belfast, Commanded by Captain David Taylor. GGA Image ID # 159243a1a9


Senior Officers and Staff Members

  1. Captain: David Taylor
  2. Chief Officer: Robt. C. Young
  3. Chief Engineer: Alex THomsoN
  4. Surgeon: Dr. Sharman
  5. Purser: A. H. Wotherspoon
  6. Chief Steward: James Gillespie
  7. Conductress : Miss Livingstone

List of Cabin Passengers

  1. Mrs. S. Ainsworth
  2. Mr. E. Anderson
  3. Mr. O. N. Anderson
  4. Miss Gladys Bastedo
  5. Mr. Angus Baxter
  6. Mr. John W. Beattie
  7. Mrs. Beattie
  8. Miss Ruby Bellas
  9. Miss L. Biltcliffe
  10. Miss C. F. Bird
  11. Mr. H. H. Black
  12. Miss S. Blackman
  13. Miss E. F. Briley
  14. Mr. T. Burrows
  15. Mr. Delwin Campbell
  16. Mrs. Ellen A. Carnes
  17. Miss Maureen Carnes
  18. Mr. A. N. Chase
  19. Mrs. Chase
  20. Miss L. W. Chase
  21. Mr. Walter Chisholm
  22. Miss Jane Chisholm
  23. Mrs. I. P. Clark
  24. Miss J. Comes
  25. Miss Lily Cummings
  26. Mrs. M. Darragh
  27. Rev Canon W. H. Davidson
  28. Miss P. Dike
  29. Mrs. G. P. Eckman
  30. Miss N. Eckman
  31. Miss L. Eller
  32. Miss Gladys E. Esson
  33. Miss N. Farrady
  34. Mr. Robert Fleck
  35. Mrs. Ethel Fleck
  36. Master Robert Fleck
  37. Rev. Edgar Gee
  38. Mr. F. Godel
  39. Mrs. Helen Goff
  40. Miss Hazel Goff
  41. Mr. J. Hamill
  42. Mrs. Hamill
  43. Master T. M. Hamill
  44. Mrs. G. Harrison
  45. Mr. J. Harrison
  46. Miss P. Hawarth
  47. Mr. John Hepburn
  48. Mr. W. J. Heyting
  49. Mrs. E. Horton
  50. Mrs. L. Hutchinson
  51. Mrs. Mary Kennedy
  52. Miss Helen Kennedy
  53. Miss Lillian S Kerr
  54. Mr. R. F. Kerr
  55. Mrs. Kerr
  56. Mr. W. R. Knott
  57. Mrs. Knott
  58. Miss R Knott
  59. Mrs. Dorothy Krumwiede
  60. Mstr. Theodore Krumweide
  61. Miss Dorothy Krumweide
  62. Mr. Theodore Krumwiede
  63. Mr. E. Johnson
  64. Mrs. Johnson
  65. Miss Margaret A. Johnston
  66. Mr. Malcolm Jones
  67. Miss Florence Laidlaw
  68. Mr. C. S. Landsberg
  69. Mr. C. D. Lane
  70. Mrs. Lane
  71. Rev. Thos. J. Larkin
  72. Mr. T. C. Leighton
  73. Mrs. M. A. Leighton
  74. Mr. Herbert Leyland
  75. Mrs. Anne Leyland
  76. Mr. James Lindsay
  77. Mrs. Florence Lindsay
  78. Lt. Col. Michael Egan Lindsay
  79. Mrs. Helen I. McLeish
  80. Miss Ruth McLinn
  81. Mr. H. C. Maben
  82. Mrs. Maben
  83. Miss M. M. Maben
  84. Miss J. M. Maben
  85. Mrs. Elsie May
  86. Miss Margaret May
  87. Miss Louise Moseley
  88. Miss Muggeridge
  89. Mr. Thomas Mulholland
  90. Mrs. Eleanor Mulholland
  91. Miss Adele M. Murphy
  92. Miss Marion Murphy
  93. Mr. John Murphy
  94. Rev. S. Banks Nelson
  95. Mr. John Nesbitt
  96. Mr. J. N. Ogle
  97. Miss Olive J. Smith
  98. Dr. Ralph Smith
  99. Mrs. Mary Smith
  100. Master Adam Smith
  101. Master Allan Smith
  102. Miss R. E. Smith
  103. Mrs. W. F. Snow
  104. Mrs. L. Sterne
  105. Mrs. C. E. Sword
  106. Mrs. Annie Taylor
  107. Mr. J. Thorpe
  108. Mrs. E. Tucker
  109. Mrs. E. A. Peake
  110. Miss Mabel A. Phillips
  111. Miss Margaret H. Porter
  112. Miss Hope L. Potter
  113. Miss Catherine Reid
  114. Mrs. Sarah J. Reid
  115. Miss V. Reynolds
  116. Miss Jean Rigby
  117. Mr. G. M. Samuelson
  118. Mr. G. J. Sargent
  119. Mrs. Sargent
  120. Mr. James Sharp
  121. Mrs. Barbara Sharp
  122. Miss Margaret Sharp
  123. Master James Sharp
  124. Mrs. Deltha Smith
  125. Miss Lois Smith
  126. Mr. James A. Walker
  127. Mrs. Marjory Walker
  128. Miss Jean C. Walker
  129. Miss Margaret E. Walker
  130. Mr. Thomas D. Wardlaw
  131. Miss Mary E. Wardlaw
  132. Mrs. B. M. Washbourne
  133. Miss E. Weir
  134. Mr. H. A. White
  135. Master Harry White, Jr.
  136. Master Roger White
  137. Mrs. H. A. White
  138. Miss Kathleen White
  139. Mrs. M. Wicks
  140. Mr. H. Wild
  141. Mrs. Wild
  142. Miss E. Williams
  143. Mrs. E. Williamson
  144. Miss E. Williamson
  145. Dr. C. R. Wilson Mr. J. L. Woodward
  146. Mrs. Woodward
  147. Miss Wren


  • Miss Ruby Bellas should read Miss Raby Bella
  • Mrs. M. Darragh should read Miss M. Darragh
  • Rev. Canon W. H. Davidson should read Rev. Canon W. H. Davison
  • Miss M. Faraday should read Miss N. Farrady
  • Miss P. Howarth should read Miss P. Hawarth
  • Miss L. Hutchinson should read Mrs. L. Hutchinson
  • Mrs. Jean Rigby should read Miss Jean Rigby
  • Mrs. B. M. Washburne should read Mrs. B. M. Washbourne
  • Miss M. Wicks should read Mrs. M. Wicks

Additional Passengers On Board

  1. Miss V. Best
  2. Mr. O. Hultman
  3. Mr. J. Johnson
  4. Mr. P. Wright

Not on Board

  1. Mr. O. N. Anderson
  2. Mrs. Helen I. McLeish
  3. Mrs. Elsie May
  4. Miss Margaret May
  5. Mr. John Murphy
  6. Mr. J. N. Ogle
  7. Miss V. Reynolds
  8. Mr. G. J. Sargent
  9. Mrs. Sargent

Anchor-Donaldson Head Office
12 -I6 ST VINCENT PLACE, Glasgow.

Anchor–Donaldson Line
Information for Passengers

Additional Payments.— Passengers should obtain a receipt from the Purser, on the Company's form, for any additional passage money paid, or for payments on account of rugs, chairs, excess baggage, freight, etc.

Baggage.—Enquiries regarding baggage on board ship should be addressed to the Purser. Passengers are specially requested to claim their baggage after Customs examination at landing port, otherwise considerable delay and extra charge for carriage will be incurred in forwarding to destination any baggage not accompanying Passengers on the railway.

Passengers are advised to insure their baggage as the Company's liability is strictly limited in accordance with the contract ticket. Trunks, wraps, etc., will be stored and re-shipped by the Company for the return voyage. Wardrobe trunks which are too large for staterooms will be placed in the Held.

Barber's Shop.—This is located on " C " Deck amidships. Ladies are attended to by appointment. Confectionery, souvenirs, etc., are on sale at the Barber's Shop.

Bars.—The bars close at 11:00 pm

Berthing of Passengers.—No alterations can be made except officially through the Purser.

Berth Ladders.—These may be obtained from the Stateroom Steward or Stewardess.

Complaints.—Complaints of incivility, carelessness or inattention on the part of any of the ship's staff should be immediately reported to the Purser.

Deck Chairs and Rugs.—These may be hired for the voyage at the Company's offices or from the Deck Steward. Printed receipt should be obtained by Passengers for this hire which is payable on board ship.

Divine Service may be held on Sundays at 10:30 am
Requisites are provided for the celebration of Mass.

Dogs, Cats, etc.—Returning Passengers are notified that dogs, cats, or other animals cannot be landed in Great Britain unless a licence has been procured from the Board of Agriculture, London. Forms of Licence can only be obtained by direct application to the Department before the animal is taken on board. Animals can only be carried by special arrangement with the Company prior to embarkation. Whilst on board they are not permitted in any of the public rooms or staterooms.

Drafts are issued, free of charge, payable in currency at any of the offices of the Company in the United States and Canada; and, similarly, drafts are issued in the United States and Canada payable at any of the Company's offices in the United Kingdom in sterling or at the Company's offices in Europe in the currency of the country on which they are drawn.

Letters for despatch should be handed in at the Purser's office. They must be fully prepaid.

Library.---Library books and periodicals can be obtained on application to the Library Steward.

Lifebelts.—Lifebelts must not be removed from staterooms, except in cases of extreme danger and necessity.

Lights in Saloon until 10.30 pm; in Public Rooms until 11:30 pm

Mail.—Passengers may have their mail, telegrams and cables sent to them in the care of the principal Anchor-Donaldson offices.

Meals.—Breakfast, 8:00 am to 9:00 am; Lunch, 1:00 pm; Dinner, 7:00 pm

Ports. — Passengers should request the Bedroom Stewards to open and close the ports. It is inadvisable for Passengers to do this themselves.

Postage Stamps can be purchased at the Purser's Office.

Railway Time Tables may be consulted on application to the Library Steward.

Smoking.—Smokers are requested to be careful when smoking on deck to see that their cigars or cigarettes are extinguished before being thrown away. Children are not allowed in the Smoking Room.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Captain, for treating Cabin Passengers at their request for any illness not originating on board the ship. In the case of sickness contracted on board no charge will be made and medicine will be provided free.

Table Seating.—The Chief Steward has the arrangement of table seating. Application may be made in advance, however, to the principal offices of the Company.

Telegrams.—Passengers wishing to send ordinary telegrams ashore for despatch by land wire should hand them to the Wireless Operator, who is the only person authorized to receive them.' Blank forms can be had at the WIT Office and the Purser's Office.

Tobacco, Spirits, etc.—Tobacco, cigars, etc., wines, spirits and perfumery are subject to duty on being brought into the United Kingdom, and even the smallest quantities should be declared to the Customs Authorities.

Reprints of copyright books and music are subject to confiscation.

Valuables should be placed in charge of the Purser for deposit in his safe, and a receipt will be given on the Company's form. As no charge is made for carriage the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage, however arising. Passengers are cautioned against leaving money and, valuables in staterooms and are advised to protect themselves by insurance.

Customs Notice To Passengers Residents of Canada

Are required to declare to the Customs Officer at Port of Landing in Canada, all articles purchased or obtained abroad whether as gifts or otherwise. Failure to declare goods leaves same liable to seizure.

All goods, whether liable to duty or not, are required to be presented for Customs examination, and Passengers are warned when in doubt as to whether or not an article is liable to duty, it should be produced for examination by the Customs Officer.

Tourists' Outfits

"Temporary Admission.—Persons visiting Canada for a limited period of time, for health or pleasure, may bring with them such articles of tourists' outfits or sportsmen's equipment as they may require while in Canada for their own use and not for gain or hire, upon reporting same to the Customs Officer at the Canadian frontier port of entry, subject to departmental regulations."

The Customs Officer may require all packages of baggage to be opened for his examination; and responsibility for opening, unpacking and repacking the packages rests with the passenger or his agent.


Any person giving, offering or promising any bribe, recompense, reward or tip to an Officer is liable to severe penalties.

Through Baggage

Passengers en route to destinations outside of Canada may have their checked baggage forwarded " In Bond " to a frontier port under Customs Manifest without examination of same by a Customs Officer.


( Such as carried by commercial travelers, are required to be delivered to the Customs Officer for entry purpose, and invoice or statement in detail showing the price — wholesale, of each sample as sold for home consumption, such invoice or statement should be attested to by the traveller).

Settlers' Effects

( Free, if actually in use for six months before removal to Canada, but are required to be produced upon landing to Customs Officer for examination and entry).

Wireless Telegraph Rates

Ship To Shore Messages

Via British Stations.—For messages to the United Kingdom the rate is lid. per word, inclusive of landline charges.

Via United States Stations.—The rate via New York, Chatham, Mass., East Moriches, is 9d. per word, plus landline charges.

Via Canadian Station.—The rate is 7d. per word, plus landline charges.

Note.—All charges must be prepaid. Every word in the address, text, and signature is counted and charged for.

Ship To Ship Messages

The rate on ship to ship messages is 8d. per word.

Wireless Letters

A Wireless Letter consists of a' message transmitted to a ship traveling in the opposite direction and posted on her arrival at destination by "Registered Post." These messages are only charged for at the rate of 5s. for the first 20 words, with 2d. per additional word to a maximum of 100 words.

At certain times during the day a wireless operator is in attendance in the passenger quarters for the purpose of giving information and receiving messages for transmission. Notices giving time and place are displayed throughout the ship. At all times, however, Passengers may conduct their business at the Wireless Office if they prefer to do so.


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