SS President Jackson Passenger List - 18 September 1934

Passenger List, American Mail Line SS President Jackson 1934

Passenger List for the SS President Jackson of the American Mail Line, Departing 18 September 1934 from Kobe to Seattle via Yokohama, Commanded by Captain M. M. Jensen, U.S.N.R.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: M. M. Jensen, U.S.N.R
  2. Chief Officer: J. Bridge
  3. Chief Engineer: E. R. Lacey
  4. Purser: L. M. Manor
  5. Assistant Purser: J. H. Smith
  6. Medical Officer: A. E. Stuht
  7. Chief Steward: J. W. Tellgren

List of Passengers


  1. Mr. J. M. M. Alves
  2. Mrs. Dolores Aguilar
  3. Mr. B. T. Basil
  4. Mr. C. M. Correa
  5. Mr. John Carr
  6. Mrs. R. F. Franco
  7. Mr. K. C. Hu
  8. Mrs. Lansing Hoyt
  9. Mr. H. F. Jonas
  10. Mrs. M. Maitland
  11. Mr. E. M. Margues
  12. Mr. R. Nazarin
  13. Mr. Augusto Ocampo
  14. Mr. V. Y. Pan
  15. Mr. L. Rosa Pereira
  16. Mr. E. B. Roza
  17. Mr. Pedro Nolasco da Silva
  18. Mr. C. Thurnyssen
  19. Mrs. C. Thurnyssen
  20. Mr. Tan Keng Liang
  21. Mrs. Tan Keng Liang
  22. Mr. M. B. Weill
  23. Mr. J. C. Warner
  24. Mr. F. Walker
  25. Mr. Yu Yuen Fok


  1. Mrs. R. Arthur
  2. Miss B. Arthur
  3. Mr. C. W. Bushed
  4. Mr. C. M. Cox
  5. Mrs. C. M. Cox
  6. Mr. J. M. Gomez
  7. Mr. Frank Grose
  8. Mr. A. W. Hughes
  9. Mrs. G. McGarry
  10. Mrs. M. B. Muller
  11. Mr. Hilton Smith
  12. Mrs. Hilton Smith
  13. Mrs. M. J. Speare
  14. Miss S. M. Speare
  15. Mr. A. Walder
  16. Mrs. A. Walder
  17. Miss J. S. Walder


  1. Mr. Philip A. Adler
  2. Capt. C. H. Carlson
  3. Cmdr. H. C. Cooper
  4. Mrs. H. C. Cooper
  5. Mstr. Robert Cooper
  6. Mstr. Samuel Cooper
  7. Miss C. Cooper
  8. Mr. Stanley Chin
  9. Mr. Chao Ming Chen
  10. Miss Hok Hui Chen
  11. Capt. E. R. Duncan
  12. Lt. Cmdr. Wm. H. Funk
  13. Mrs. Wm. H. Funk
  14. Mr. How Men Yet
  15. Mr. F. A. Kraudelt
  16. Mr. John D. Jennings
  17. Mr. Lew Yin Cho
  18. Mr. John Lee
  19. Mr. D. B. Poindexter
  20. Mr. H. G. Snyder
  21. Mrs. H. G. Snyder
  22. Mrs. A. K. Wong
  23. Miss Madelaine Wong
  24. Miss Peggy Wong
  25. Miss Lucy Wong
  26. Mr. C. P. Wong

Information for Passengers

Sailing Hours as shown in schedule are subject to change and passengers are requested to note departure time posted near gangway.

Stopover Privileges are permitted at all ports except as noted in tariff and unless previously arranged the Purser should be notified in advance. Valuables. A safe is provided in the Purser’s office where passengers may deposit valuables for safekeeping. The company accepts no responsibility for loss or damage however arising.

Medical Attendance. Each vessel carries a duly qualified Surgeon whose services are provided free in case of illness originating on board ship. No charge is made for medicines.

U. S. Alien Head Tax paid by transit passengers will be refunded on appli-cation to the Company making collection and upon presentation of U. S. Immigration Certificate of Departure, form 514, together with tax receipt, if U. S. Government regulations have been fulfilled. Divine Service. Sunday morning there will be Divine Services by , a clergyman if there is one aboard. Requisites for Mass are provided.

Lock Staterooms in Port. Passengers are requested to keep their cabin doors and ports locked when they are on shore, as a protection against petty thievery. Please leave your stateroom keys in the Purser’s office. Laundry. A modem laundry is part of the ship’s equipment. Laundry lists and prices may be obtained from your room boy.

Radio. Messages will be accepted by the Purser for all shore stations and other ships. This service is very fast. Envelopes for mailing this Guest List will be furnished on application to the Purser.

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