SS Oranje Nassau Passenger List - 17 August 1936

Front Cover - Passenger List, SS Oranje Nassau, KNSM, August 1936

First and Second Class Passenger List for the SS Oranje Nassau of the Royal Netherlands KNSM, Sailing from Curacao on 17 August 1936, Commanded by Captain P. F. Smit.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: P. F. Smit
  2. Chief Engineer: P. Mensch
  3. Chief Officer: C. Dolman
  4. Physician: S. Van Praag, M.D
  5. Chief Steward: H. A. J. Van Doesburg
  6. Wireless Operator: O. Wilken

First Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. A. de Aradel
  2. Mr. L Baez-Elizondo
  3. Mrs. M. de Baez
  4. Mrs. F. E. H. Bilouin
  5. Miss C. J. Billouin
  6. Mrs. C. H. Brown
  7. Miss O. H. Brown
  8. Mrs. R. Brown
  9. Mrs. H. A. Bunker
  10. Master J. Castro
  11. Miss L. Castro
  12. Mrs. M. Castro
  13. Mrs. E. Chamberlain
  14. Mr. H. D. Chamberlain
  15. Master F. Condé
  16. Mrs. L. V. de Condé
  17. Miss L. Conde
  18. Master L. Conde
  19. Master F. Conde
  20. Mrs. H. Coombe
  21. Mrs. C. Could
  22. Mr. E. Davidson
  23. Miss J. R. Deal
  24. Miss G. P. Deal
  25. Mr. F. Duerre
  26. Master J. J. Ebbers
  27. Mr. M. A. Ebbers
  28. Mrs. M. M. Ebbers
  29. Master M. A. Ebbers
  30. Miss U. Equi
  31. Mrs. D. Equi
  32. Miss L. Equi
  33. Mrs. N. M. Fernandes
  34. Mr. A. Flores Leiret
  35. Mr. A. Godoy
  36. Mrs. N. M. Gorey
  37. Mr. W. H. Gray
  38. Mrs. L. Gregor
  39. Miss C. M. E. Harries
  40. Miss I. Heyman
  41. Mrs. S. M. Holzer
  42. Mrs. A. de Lima
  43. Mr. F. de Lima
  44. Mrs. C. Martinez
  45. Mrs. M. May
  46. Mrs. I. C. McNames
  47. Miss F. Neubart
  48. Mr. G. Perez
  49. Master A. Pimentel
  50. Miss P. Pimentel Picon
  51. Mrs. M. Pimentel
  52. Mrs. E. Prieto
  53. Master J. Prieto
  54. Miss L. Prieto
  55. Mr. P. Quintero Garcia
  56. Mrs. E. Rurdquist
  57. Mrs. J. Sanabria
  58. Mr. N. Sanabria
  59. Mrs. R. Scholtz
  60. Miss J. P. Smart
  61. Mrs. A. Smith
  62. Mr. M. T. J. Smith
  63. Mr. R. S. Sullivan
  64. Mrs. M. D. Tucker
  65. Mr. S. Tucker
  66. Mrs. M. E. Tydings
  67. Mrs. M. Tyler
  68. Mr. S. Tyler
  69. Dr. N. A. Weber
  70. Mr. E. J. Willems
  71. Miss M. Willems

Second Class Passengers

  1. Mrs. M. T. Crouch
  2. Master R. Crouch
  3. Master J. Crowe
  4. Mr. A. Duccuret
  5. Mrs. I. E. Griffith
  6. Mr. T. K. Gung
  7. Mrs. A. Holder
  8. Miss Y. Holder
  9. Mr. T. K. Joe
  10. Mr. T. T. Kien
  11. Mr. L. A. Loong
  12. Mrs. M. de la Luz Cruces
  13. Mr. J. S. MacKenzie
  14. Miss M. A. Martin
  15. Miss I. Ogle
  16. Mr. S. Sandra
  17. Mr. J. Saune
  18. Mr. B. Soberate
  19. Miss O. Vivas
  20. Mrs. R. Vivas

General Information For Passengers

Passengers Are Advised To Read Carefully the Following Information Which Is Intended As a Guide to Customs and Practices On Board

Conditions. — Passengers travel by the Company's vessels on the conditions and exceptions printed on the passage tickets.

The Purser's Office is open daily from 8:00 am to noon and from 4 to 5.30 pm, but money will be exchanged only between 10 and 11 am and 4.30 and 5.30 pm

Baggage. — Enquiries relating to baggage should be addressed to the purser or to the baggage master. Full information concerning customs regulations in respect of baggage may be obtained from the purser.

All baggage is carried at passenger's risk. The baggage room is open at regular intervals. Details are published on the notice board.

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Etc.. — These must be entrusted to the baggage master who will arrange for their welfare during the voyage.

Passengers are not allowed to take their domestic pets into the cabins, saloons or on to the promenade decks.

Arms and Dangerous Goods may not be kept in the cabins, but must be surrendered to the captain for the voyage.

Deck Chairs (including cushions and rugs) may be hired from the deck-steward, to whom application should be made on embarkation, and who will allot deck chair positions.

Seats at Table. — Unless previous arrangements have been made, seats at table should be reserved through the chief steward after embarkation.

Times For Meals

Early tea or coffee from 6.30 am from 6.30 am
Breakfast 7.30—9.30 am 7.30—9.30 am
Luncheon 12:30 pm 12:30 pm
Afternoon tea 4—5:00 pm 4—5:00 pm
Dinner 7:00 pm 6.30 pm
Sandwiches and (on request) tea or coffee 9:00 pm 9:00 pm

A gong will be sounded 30 minutes before mealtime and again when meals are ready to be served.

Coffee will be served after luncheon and dinner in the social hall and smoking room.

Children. — Children under 12 years of age take their lunch and dinner one hour earlier than the adult passengers in the same class. Parents are recommended to inform the chief steward of their children’s requirements.

Guests. — Circumstances permitting, passengers may invite friends from shore to have their meals on board.

The charges are as follows:

Breakfast fl. 1,00 fl. 0,75
Lunch fl. 1,50 fl. 1,20
Dinner fl. 2,50 fl. 2,00

Bar. — The bar is open from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 11:30 pm The captain has the authority to change the hours according to circumstances.

A choice selection of wines, spirits, beers, mineral waters, cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, chocolate and sweets is obtainable at reasonable prices as per wine lists exhibited on board. Passengers, if they so desire, may sign vouchers for wines, etc. served to them. Accounts will be rendered weekly or at any other time by arrangement.

Passengers are not permitted to bring on board liquor for their own consumption.

Service.— The service of stewards etc. ceases at 11:30 pm except for sick passengers.

A night watchman will be on duty throughout the night. When his services are required please use bell for cabin steward.

Lights in the public rooms are extinguished at midnight.

Changing Cabins.— Passengers desirous of changing their cabin should apply to the purser.
If superior accommodation is desired a supplement as per tariff must be paid. In this case a supplementary ticket will be made out by the purser.

Admittance to Other Classes. — Passengers are not allowed to visit the accommodation, decks or social rooms etc. of other classes without the special permission of the purser.

Hairdresser.— The hairdresser's saloon is open:
for ladies from 10:00 am to 11.30 am and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
for gentlemen 7:00 am to 8:30 am; 9:00 am to 10:00 am; 11.30 am to 12:30 pm; and 5:00 pm to 6.30 pm

The authorized charges for the hairdresser's services are posted in the hairdresser's saloon. Toilet articles and an assortment of various articles, novelties etc. etc. are obtainable at reasonable prices approved by the Company.

Medical Attendance. — The surgeon will treat free of charge any passenger in need of medical attendance. A small charge is made for vaccination. Medicines prescribed are free of charge.

Library. — Each vessel carries a suitable library including a selection of books regarding the countries at which the steamers call.

Passengers are requested to return books to the steward in in charge in good time before disembarkation.

Laundry. — Passengers' requirement in laundry work can be attended to on board at the tariff rates authorized by the Company. For full information apply to cabin steward.

Ironing Rooms. — Certain ships have an ironing room with table and electric irons for passengers' use. The key is obtainable from the stewardess.

It is dangerous and therefore not allowed to use the electric connections in the cabins or elsewhere for electric irons, hair-dryers or any other electric apparatus.

Bathrooms and washbasins must not be used for laundry purposes.

Photography. — The m/s "COLOMBIA”, s/s "COSTA RICA” and s/s "SIMON BOLIVAR” carry a photographer whose services are at the disposal of the passengers at authorized charges.
Photographic accessories are obtainable at reasonable prices, authorized by the Company. A dark room is available for passengers wishing to develop films.

Swimming Pools. — The m/s "COLOMBIA” is equipped with a tiled swimming pool. The other vessels have a canvas swimming pool on deck.

Baths. — Arrangements regarding hot and cold water baths should be made with the bathroom steward.

Sea-water baths should not be taken while the ship is in port.

Deck Sports and Pastimes. — Deck sports such as shuffle board, deck tennis, bull board, deck golf, table tennis, etc. are provided for the amusement of passengers. They are under the supervision of the deck steward. Chess, draughts, backgammon, dominoes, "mah jong”, etc. can be obtained from the smoking room steward.

The purser will willingly arrange for tournaments and informal contests.

Afternoon Rest. — From 2—4:00 pm passengers are requested kindly to refrain from playing any kind of deck games or musical instruments. Parents are requested to see that their children do not play on the decks during that time, so that passengers desirous of resting are not disturbed.

Wireless Telegraphy. — All vessels of the Company are equipped with the latest type of radio apparatus and passengers can communicate with friends on shore or vice versa. Full information may be obtained on application at the wireless office.

Wireless News Bulletins are posted daily on board for the information of passengers.

Exchange. — Passengers may exchange money with the purser for the currency of any country at which the steamer calls. For rates of exchange consult the list of currencies posted on the notice board.

Cheques. — Travellers* cheques, issued by the following Companies are accepted:

  • American Bankers Association
  • American Express Co. Inc
  • Banca Commerciale Italiana
  • Barclay’s Bank Ltd
  • British Overseas Bank Ltd
  • Canadian Pacific Express Co
  • Thos. Cook & Son Ltd
  • Dean & Dawson
  • District Bank Ltd
  • Lloyds Bank Ltd
  • Midland Bank Ltd
  • National City Bank of New York
  • National Provincial Bank Ltd
  • Westminster Bank Ltd

The Company’s rules do not permit the cashing of private cheques.

Valuables. — Passengers may hand to the purser money and valuables for deposit in the ship's safe for the voyage, but the Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused.

Passengers are recommended not to leave valuables in their cabins and to close the portholes and lock cabin doors during the vessel’s stay in port.

Correspondence and Telegrams. — Letters, postcards, etc. should be posted in the letter box near the purser's office. Such correspondence must bear postage stamps; for stamps and information regarding postage rates, application should be made to the purser’s office.
Telegrams for dispatch immediately on arrival in port should be handed in at the purser’s office not later than two hours before arrival.

The Company accepts no responsibility for letters handed to the stewards. Passengers are requested to apply to the purser’s office for their mail before disembarking.

Changes In Time.— There is a difference in time of 5 hours between Central America and Europe. Westbound the clock is put back from 10 to 35 minutes every day; in the reverse direction the clock is advanced daily from 10 to 35 minutes. The alteration in time will be announced regularly on the notice board.

Life-Belts and Boat Station Drill. — Passengers are particularly requested to attend this important practice, notice of which will be given by the ship’s siren.

A notice indicating the position of life-jackets and the number of the lifeboat allotted to each passenger is placed in each cabin and passengers should acquaint themselves with the position of their particular boat as soon as possible after embarking.

Smoking. — In the interest of safety passengers are requested to put burning cigar or cigarette ends in the trays and not to throw them away, not even overboard in which case they may be blown into portholes and set fire to the cabins.

Captain’s Inspection. — The ship’s passenger accommodation is inspected by the captain or his officers every day.

Travel Guides. — For the information of passengers the purser has a collection of current travel guides, such as Cook’s Continental Travel Guide, Bradshaw, The A.B.C. etc..

Excursions. — Very interesting excursions can be made in several ports of call; for information please apply to the purser.

Rail Tickets for the journey Havre—Paris can be obtained at the purser’s office at tariff rates.

For the journey from Plymouth to London train seats, sleepers etc. can be reserved on board.

Landing.— Passengers are requested to follow the directions of the purser with regard to landing formalities whenever local authorities board the vessel in order to examine passports and other documents.

Gratuities. — Passengers are requested not to offer refreshment to the stewards and other servants.

Passengers should be guided by their own inclination in regard to gratuities, but the purser will willingly give information on this subject.

Complaints. — In the event of passengers having cause to complain about the food, the service or the accommodation, they are requested to bring the matter to the notice of the purser without delay and, if necessary, to the captain or to the Company. The Company welcomes any suggestion which may contribute to the comfort of all on board and for this purpose has provided a box for suggestions.

F. 3026-25.000-6- ’ 35 de B.
Printed In The Netherlands

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