SS Santa Rosa Passenger List - 10 December 1937

Front Cover - 10 December 1937 Passenger List, SS Santa Rosa, Grace Line

Front Cover of a Passenger List for the 10 December 1937 voyage of the SS Santa Rosa of the Grace Line, departing from San Francisco and Los Angeles for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama Canal, Colombia, Havana, and New York, Commanded by Captain Curt Zastrow. GGA Image ID # 1e173cac21


List of Officers

  1. Captain CURT ZASTROW Commander
  2. Chief Officer ELMER G. ABBOTT
  3. Chief Engineer William J. SYKES
  4. Purser Joseph W. SCHEUCH
  5. Asst Purser Joseph DE MartinI
  6. Surgeon R. MUELLER
  7. Chief Steward ALFRED HAMMELEF

List of Passengers

From California

  1. Alexander, Mr. W. G
  2. Allison, Mr. L. R
  3. Allison, Mrs. L. R
  4. Allison, Frances
  5. Arntz, Mr. Robert W
  6. Baca, F. Mr. Gonzalo
  7. Bell, Miss Floy
  8. Bieghler, Mr. Enoch B
  9. Bieghler, Mrs. Enoch B
  10. Birmingham, Miss Sadie
  11. Booth, Mr. Walter
  12. Booth, Mr. Robert
  13. Breuchaud, Mrs. J
  14. Brownback, Mrs. Leda
  15. Brownback, Miss Mary Jane
  16. Burnham, Dr. Clark
  17. Burnham, Mrs. Clark
  18. Burt, Mr. Grinnell
  19. Burt, Mrs. Grinnell
  20. Burt, Master Maclay
  21. Colburn, Mr. D. S
  22. Colburn, Mrs. D. S
  23. Coleman, Mrs. George E
  24. Craig, Mrs. G. N
  25. Dreher, Mr. Fred L
  26. Dreher, Mrs. Fred L
  27. Dreher, Miss Rita
  28. Dreher, Mr. Robert
  29. Dwyer, Miss M
  30. Esquerra, Dr. Eduardo
  31. Esquerra, Master Guillermo
  32. Esquerra, Sra. Alicia de
  33. Esquerra, Miss Lucia
  34. Esquerra, Miss Helena
  35. Farish, Mr. F. L
  36. Fite, Mr. Edward J
  37. Cannon, Mr. Willard T
  38. Cannon, Mrs. Willard T
  39. Cantlen, Mr. J. J
  40. Green, Mr. Floyd S
  41. Cantlen, Mrs. J. J
  42. Groner, Mr. Fred
  43. Chase, Mrs. Edith
  44. Groner, Mrs. Fred
  45. Chiperfield, Mr. C. E
  46. Guyer, Mrs. Raymond
  47. Chiperfield, Mrs. C. E
  48. Guyer, Miss Elise
  49. Hall, Mrs. C. B
  50. Morrison, Mr. A. E
  51. Hall, Miss Betty
  52. Harrison,Miss Sallye
  53. Morrison, Mrs. A. E
  54. Morrison, Master Eugene
  55. Hasbrook, Mrs. S. V
  56. Mullenbach, Mr. Joseph L
  57. Herrera, Mrs. M
  58. Howe, Miss Georgia B
  59. Nielsen, Master Merritt
  60. Nittler, Dr. A. N
  61. Johnson, Miss Joan Pratt
  62. Keegan, Mrs. Harry
  63. Kellams, Dr. J. R
  64. Kellams, Mrs. J. R
  65. Knowles, Mr. E. H
  66. Knowles, Master Stanley
  67. Knowles, Mrs. E. H
  68. Knowles, Master Gordon
  69. Liebes, Mr. Lloyd
  70. Liebes, Mrs. Lloyd
  71. Lord, Mr. R. O
  72. Lord, Mrs. R. 0
  73. Macias, Dr. Luis A
  74. Maingot, Mr. H
  75. Maingot, Mrs. H
  76. Maingot, Master Norton
  77. Maingot, Miss Elizabeth
  78. Miller, Mr. Harry E
  79. Miller, Mrs. Harry E
  80. Millison, Mr. Z. Harry
  81. Millison, Mrs. Z. Harry
  82. Mitchell, Miss Louise A
  83. Oden, Mr. Clyde
  84. Oden, Mrs. Clyde
  85. Osborn, Miss Margaret
  86. Osen, Mr. Frank
  87. Owen, Mr. D. R
  88. Peterson, Mr. E. G
  89. Peterson, Mrs. E. G
  90. Pimental, Mr. J. Garcia
  91. Plundeke, Miss Bertha
  92. Preuse, Mrs. Gisela
  93. Preuse, Miss Gisela
  94. Reger, Mrs. Cleo Mills
  95. Risley, Mrs. Harry W
  96. Robbins, Miss Caroline
  97. Schoenbackler, Mrs. C
  98. Sigler, Mrs. Robert
  99. Sleepack, Mr. Harry F
  100. Stewart, Mr. Mitchell
  101. Stewart, Mrs. Mitchell
  102. Stewart, Mr. John
  103. Sweet, Mr. Homer N
  104. Sweet, Mrs. Homer N
  105. Tallant, Mr. Roy L
  106. Thompson, Mr. E. W
  107. Tipton, Mr. H. R
  108. Tipton, Mrs. H. R
  109. Tipton, Miss Barbara
  110. Tipton, Miss Nancy
  111. Toledono, Mrs. Georgianna
  112. Tweed, Mr. Chris
  113. Weisman, Mr. Nate
  114. Weisman, Mrs. Nate
  115. Weisman, Miss Rosalie
  116. Widom, Mrs. Rose
  117. Winn, Mr. H. T
  118. Winn, Mrs. H. T
  119. Woronin, Mr. Nick
  120. Woronin, Mrs. Nick
  121. Yoden, Mr. J
  122. Yoe, Mrs. C. P
  123. Zimmerman, Mrs. Elmer
  124. Washburn, Miss Mabel C
  125. Zimmerman, Master Evan

Passengers on board the SS Santa Rosa in 1937

Passengers on board the SS Santa Rosa in 1937. GGA Image ID # 1e1752632f


Information for Passengers Arriving in U. S. A. Port

Upon arrival at the dock in a U. S. A. port, Passengers in order to land, must present the landing card at the gangway, after it has been stamped lay the United States 1 Immigration Officer. Cards are supplied by the Purser.

Passengers not citizens of the United States in order to obtain refund of the U. S. Head Tax must leave the United States within sixty days after their arrival and should so state their intention when appearing before the Immigration Inspector and secure a Form 514 "in Transit Certificate."

Representatives of the Passenger Department will be aboard ship to assist Passengers and-furnish information about baggage, hotels, trains, etc.

After passing the Customs Inspection, Passengers will find representatives of a Transfer Company outside the baggage enclosure with whom arrangements may be made for forwarding baggage, etc., to destination.

The Grace Line has no connection whatsoever with any Express Company, but after careful investigation has found the ones on the Pier to be reliable and reasonable in price.

The Grace Line will appreciate it if any apparent overcharge, incivility or other unsatisfactory service is reported at once to the General Passenger Traffic Manager, 10 Hanover Square, New York, or 2 Pine Street, San Francisco.

Grace Line Services

California-Mexico, Central America-Panama-Colombia-Cuba-New York


New York-West Coast of South America Service


New York-South America-Cabin Service


Pacific Coast-West Coast South America Service



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