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RMS Oroya Passenger List - 22 January 1925

Front Cover - Passenger List, Pacific Line (PSNC), RMS Oroya, 22 January 1925

Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Oroya of the Pacific Line (PSNC), Departing 22 January 1925 from Liverpool to Valparaíso via La Pallice, Corunna, Vigo, Lisbon, Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Port Stanley, Punta Arenas, Coronel, and Talcahuano, Commanded by Captain A. W. Pearse, R.N.R.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: A. W. Pearse, R.N.R., Commander
  2. Chief Officer: J. Jackson
  3. Second Officer: F. J. Martin
  4. Third Officer: G M. Lewis
  5. Fourth Officer: P. H. Ray
  6. Junior Fourth Officer: A. R. Ness
  7. Surgeon: J. Fulton Barr
  8. Purser: A. H. Eglen, O.B.E
  9. Assistant Purser: E. W. Dunkley
  10. Assistant Purser: E. S. Howe
  11. Chief Engineer: J. G. Webster
  12. Chief Steward: H. Collins
  13. Wireless Operator: A. W. N. Evans
  14. Wireless Operator: E. C. Forbes
  15. Wireless Operator: G. W. G. Mackie

List of First Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. G. S. Ägero
  2. Dr. Alfredo Alcaino
  3. Mrs. L. de Alcaino
  4. Mr. L. E. Alcivar
  5. Miss D. V. Amil
  6. Mrs. E. de Antlres
  7. Miss A. de Antlies
  8. Mrs. A. Balbuena de Mejia
  9. Miss T. Mejia Balbuena
  10. Miss L. Mejia Balbuena
  11. Mr. C. Mejia Balbuena
  12. Master L. Mejia Balbuena
  13. Miss A. Mejia Balbuena
  14. Capt. G. A. Balfour
  15. Mr. W. R. Baseden
  16. Capt. K. B. K. Bibby
  17. Mrs. Bibby
  18. Miss Q. Bird
  19. Mr. David Blair
  20. Mrs. Blair
  21. Miss L. Blair
  22. Miss G. Blair
  23. Miss A. Blair
  24. Miss B. Blair
  25. Master J. Blair
  26. Mrs. Bianca de Bombal
  27. Admiral Francis Clifton Brown C.B., C.M.G., R.N
  28. Lady Clifton Brown
  29. Miss J. W, W. Brown
  30. Mr. H. H. Bunting
  31. Mr. C. Caryallo
  32. Mrs. Carvallo
  33. Miss T. Carvallo
  34. Master A. Carvallo and Governess
  35. Miss C. G. Cumming
  36. Mrs. M. Dayies
  37. Master O. Davies
  38. Miss S. Davies
  39. Mrs. M. Nau de Diaz
  40. Miss L. de Diaz
  41. Mr. H. Dixon
  42. Mrs. Dixon and Maid
  43. Mr. H. W. M. D ulley
  44. Mr. C. Eduen
  45. Mr. G. K. Ford
  46. Mr. R. W. Frazer
  47. Mr. A. Furber
  48. Mr. Francis Gardiner
  49. Mrs. Gardiner
  50. Mr. M. Gomez
  51. Mr. J. Grundy
  52. Mrs. Grundy
  53. Master W. H. Grundy
  54. Mr. R. de la Guardia
  55. Mrs, de la Guardia
  56. Master R. de la Guardia
  57. Miss C. de la Guardia
  58. Mr. H, W. Heseltine
  59. Mrs. Heseltine
  60. Mr. D. E. Heselton
  61. Mrs. V. G, Hobley
  62. Miss B. M. L. Hobley
  63. Mr. A. Hogg
  64. Mr. F. O. N. Hurdle
  65. Mr. Y. M. Janer
  66. Mrs. Janer
  67. Mrs. G. Jardi
  68. Mr. J. Kelly
  69. Mr. J. F. C. King
  70. Lt. Cmdr. R. C. Kinnear, R.N
  71. Mr. G. S. McLay
  72. Mrs. McLay
  73. Mr. T. Marsano
  74. Mrs. C. Marsano Campodonica
  75. Miss A. Marsano
  76. Mr. T. Meares
  77. Mrs. M. W. Moir
  78. Mr. E. D. Monteiro
  79. Mrs. Monteiro
  80. Mr. L. P. Napier
  81. Mrs. Napier
  82. Mrs. M. Erick de Nail
  83. Mr. A. Nazabal
  84. Mr. A. G. Nicoll
  85. Mrs. Nicoll
  86. Miss K. Nicoll
  87. Miss J. Nicoll and Nurse
  88. Mr. G. A. Nicoll
  89. Mr. Luis Nossardi
  90. Lt. Col. R W. Oppenheim
  91. Mr. A, D. Palmer
  92. Mr. F. A. Perez-Falacio
  93. Mr. George Pflug
  94. Mr C. R Finder
  95. Mrs. T. Pingaud
  96. Miss M. Pingaud
  97. Miss J. Pingaud and Maid
  98. Mr. A. Pinillos
  99. Mrs. L. Bingham Powell
  100. Mr. N. Prebble
  101. Mrs. A. de Rangel and Maid
  102. Miss P. Rogers
  103. Miss F. Rogers
  104. Mr. A. Rosado
  105. Miss J. T. Sharland
  106. Mr. R. J. C. Shipley
  107. Mrs. V. Siccoli
  108. Col. R. J. Stordy
  109. Mrs. Stordy
  110. Miss M. D. Stordy
  111. Mr. A. G. Thompson
  112. Mr. F. C. Tyrrell
  113. Mrs. R. Valiancy
  114. Miss P. Valiancy
  115. Mr. L. Velez-Lopez
  116. Mrs. Velez-Lopez
  117. Mr. A. W. Wade
  118. Mr. E, P. Waldron
  119. Miss E. Watkinson
  120. Mr. S. Williams
  121. Mrs. Williams
  122. Mr. A. L. Wodehouse
  123. Mr. P. Woods
  124. Miss C. Woods

List of Second Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. A. Anacreon
  2. Mr. 0. C. Banwell
  3. Mr. J. L. Barda
  4. Miss E. Bascombe
  5. Mrs. A. Bethe
  6. Mr. P. S. Blaneard
  7. Mr. E. ßotur
  8. Mr. L. Bossu
  9. Mr. ]. Boulay
  10. Miss Y. Boutonnet
  11. Miss J. Boutonnet
  12. Mrs. M. Bruce
  13. Mr. W. Cann
  14. Mrs. Cann
  15. Miss J. Castro
  16. Mr. M. Garcia Chamoso
  17. Mr. W. G. Charlton
  18. Mr. W. E. Clayton
  19. Mr. D. G. B. Collis
  20. Mr. A. Cosso
  21. Mr. IC. Coudtay
  22. Mr. T. L Dawson
  23. Mr. L. Delery
  24. Mr. E. l)iaz
  25. Mr. A. A.:. DouailLier
  26. Mr. P. A. Duez
  27. Mr. A. Duguet
  28. Mr. E. J. Everest
  29. Mr. E Rojas de Fernandez
  30. Mrs. de Fernandez
  31. Master J. L. de Fernandez
  32. Miss A. de Fernandez
  33. Mr. A. G. Fontaine
  34. Mrs. Fontaine
  35. Miss A. Francis
  36. Mr. F. Fulbrook
  37. Mr. R R Garcia
  38. Miss F. Garcia
  39. Mr. L. Gomez
  40. Mr. R. K. Green
  41. Mr. J. Guennec
  42. Mr. R A. Hitchcock
  43. Mrs. Hitchcock and Child
  44. Mrs. R. Hockless and Two Children
  45. Mr. A. Howson
  46. Mr A. Janyier
  47. Mr. V. J. Jessop
  48. Mr. E. J. W. Johnston
  49. Mr. E. Kirchhoffer
  50. Mrs. Kirchhoffer
  51. Master J. Kirchhoffer
  52. Mr. A. L. Knight
  53. Mr. Z. G. Lagache
  54. Mr. P. Lahr
  55. Mrs. Lahr
  56. Mr. G. L. Lambert
  57. Mr. R. L. Lois
  58. Mr. A. K. Lowder
  59. Mr. G. Masey
  60. Mrs. Masey
  61. Master A. J. Masey
  62. Master S. G. Masey
  63. Dr. J. Meneses
  64. Mr. R. Mischer
  65. Miss A. Mocourt
  66. Mr. J. E. Moore
  67. Mr. P. Mura
  68. Mrs. Mura
  69. Miss O. Mura
  70. Miss M. Pagola
  71. Miss A. Pastor
  72. Mr. W. E. Penny
  73. Mr. E L. Perrot
  74. Mr A. L. Quilbe
  75. Mr. A. M. Raffet
  76. Mr. j. T. Roberts
  77. Miss R. Sarano
  78. Mr. A. Siebenmann
  79. Mrs. Siebenmann
  80. Master R. Siebenmann
  81. Master G. Siebenmann
  82. Mr. F. Smith
  83. Mrs. Smith
  84. Master J. Smith
  85. Master L. Smith
  86. Miss M. A. Smith
  87. Mr. J. Smith
  88. Miss D. Stone
  89. Miss O. Suchicr
  90. Mrs. A. L. Triggs
  91. Mr. Santiago Yidales
  92. Mrs. Santiago Yidales and Child
  93. Mr. W D Webb
  94. Mr. C E. Wyatt
  95. Mr. P H. Zijderyeld

Information for Passengers

Letters Of Credit for limited amounts—payable at specified Agencies—are issued at the Head Offices of the Company free of charge. They must be obtained not later than the day before sailing. Sums of £25 and under are payable on demand; above that amount at one day's sight.

Surgeons are authorized to charge for professional attendance. The fee for each visit is 7s. 6d. for first-class passengers and 2s. 6d. for second-class passengers.

Accounts will be rendered by the Surgeon before the termination of the voyage.

Medicines prescribed will be supplied by the Company free.

Animals, birds, etc., cannot be accepted by the Company's passenger Steamers, unless by special arrangement. They are not allowed in Cabins or on the passenger decks, and must be handed over to the care of the Official appointed by the Commander. Rates for conveyance of Livestock will be furnished on application.

No livestock, including dogs, cats, birds, etc., will be conveyed to England, unless a special permit from H. M. Board of Agriculture is produced to the Company's Officials before embarkation.

Deck Chairs may be hired on board. For charges apply to the Purser.

Baggage Regulations, Insurance of Baggage. Full particulars about the Company's Baggage Regulations, Insur-ance of Baggage, etc., will be found in the separate pamphlets supplied by the Company.

Baggage is carried by weight or measurement at Ship’s option.

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