SS Orient Archival Collection

Orient (1879) Orient Steam Navigation Company Ltd.

Built by John Elder & Co, Govan. Tonnage: 5,386 grt. Dimensions: 460' x 46.3'. Single-Screw, 5,400 IHP, 15 Knots. Passengers: 120 first class, 130 second class and 300 steerage. Note: When it was launched in 1879, the Orient was the largest steamship yet built for the Australian migration trade.

When it was launched, the Orient was the largest steamship yet built for Australian migration trade. It offered unprecedented creature comforts, including a promenade deck, refrigeration and, later, electric lighting. The Orient originally carried an auxiliary sailing rig, but became completely steam powered in later years. On its maiden voyage between Adelaide via the Cape of Good Hope, the Orient set a new record, taking just under 38 days. Remaining in service on the Australian run for 30 years, the Orient was one of the longest-serving steamships of the era. (1)


1899-04-28 Passenger Manifest for the RMS Orient

1899-04-28 RMS Orient Passenger List

  • Steamship Line: Orient Line
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 28 April 1899
  • Route: London (Tilbury) to Australian Ports (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Albany) via Plymouth
  • Commander: Lt. A. T. Pritchard, R.N.R


Note 1: McFadzean, M. (2012) Orient Steam Navigation Company Limited (Orient Line), 1879-1909 in Museums Victoria Collections