TSS Franconia Passenger List - 17 October 1931

Front Cover - 17 October 1931 Passenger List, TSS Franconia, Furness Berbuda Line

Front Cover, Passenger List for the TSS Franconia of the Furness-Bermuda Line, Sailing from New York to Bermuda on 17 October 1931, Commanded by Captain G. Gibbons, RD, RNR.

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain G. Gibbons, R.D., R.N.R
  2. Chief Engineer W. Sutcliffe
  3. Surgeon H. Scudamore
  4. Purser T. H. Cullum, R.D., R.N.R
  5. Senior Assistant Purser A. E. Martin
  6. Chief Steward A. E. Jones

Furness Bermuda Line Staff Representative

  1. Captain L. F. Banyard
  2. R. Pushie, Purser's Dep't

The above officers are on board in the interest of Passengers, and may be communicated with in case of any dissatisfaction or any difficulties which may arise.

List of Passengers

  1. Mr. L. Atherton
  2. Mr. Lee Ashcroft
  3. Mrs. Ashcroft
  4. Mrs. C. R. Alleyne
  5. Mr. Elictt Atwater
  6. Mr. S. Aaron
  7. Mrs. Aaron
  8. Mr. R. E. Apelt
  9. Mrs. A. Apelt
  10. Miss Susan Austed
  11. Mr. O. Alden
  12. Mrs. Alden
  13. Mr. B. M. Allen
  14. Mr. Arthur A. Abbey
  15. Mrs. Abbey
  16. Miss Alice A. Abbey
  17. Miss M. Artz
  18. Miss Frances Alizio
  19. Mr. J. Ace
  20. Mrs. Ace
  21. Miss C. Aqua
  22. Mr. Augen
  23. Mr. B. L. Bender
  24. Mr. Bender
  25. Miss Blackborn
  26. Mrs. M. Bowen
  27. Mrs. C. L. Brookins
  28. Miss M. Beagan
  29. Mr. N. Biern
  30. Mr. Harold Barnes
  31. Mr. Paul Brown
  32. Mrs. Brown
  33. Capt. Frank Brown
  34. Mrs. Brown
  35. Miss H. F. Beck
  36. Mr. L. Brust
  37. Miss M. Breeman
  38. Mrs. R. L. Bradshaw
  39. Miss Lena Brintzinghoffer
  40. Mrs. L. Brintzinghoffer
  41. Miss H. C. Brewer
  42. Mrs. G. M. Brown
  43. Mr. George Bray
  44. Mrs. Bray
  45. Mr. George R. Bock
  46. Mrs. Bock
  47. Mr. H. W. Burger
  48. Miss C. V. Buchanan
  49. Miss H. Brown
  50. Miss J. Brown
  51. Mr. E. Bode
  52. Mrs. Bode
  53. Mr. W. L. Brooks
  54. Mrs. Brooks
  55. Mrs. Charles C. Berry
  56. Miss Berry
  57. Miss Helen L. Beckwith
  58. Miss S. Bigclow
  59. Mr. George S. Barker
  60. Mr. A. E. Benton
  61. Miss Hazel Brown
  62. Miss Evelyn Baer
  63. Mr. J. Buchanan
  64. Mrs. Buchanan
  65. Miss Braham
  66. Miss J. Bowne
  67. Miss V. Burke
  68. Mr. J. Corbin
  69. Mr. W. H. Chapman
  70. Mrs. Chapman
  71. Miss M. Career
  72. Miss H. C. Clarkson
  73. Mr. Thomas Campbell
  74. Mr. E. Collins
  75. Mrs. Collins
  76. Mr. G. W. Curtiss
  77. Mrs. Curtiss
  78. Mr. W. Cook
  79. Mr. Connover
  80. Mrs. Connover
  81. Mr. H. M. Cobb
  82. Mrs. Cobb
  83. Mr. R. C. Conyers
  84. Mrs. Conyers
  85. Mr. Gilbert Cooper
  86. Mr. Jack Curran
  87. Miss L. Conklin
  88. Mr. G. Clifton
  89. Mrs. Clifton
  90. Mrs. T. Cushing
  91. Mr. H. Canal
  92. Mrs. Canal
  93. Mr. Jack H. Clement
  94. Mrs. Clement
  95. Mr. P. J. Connell
  96. Miss Marg. Carroll
  97. Miss Marietta Crane
  98. Mrs. H. L. Chapman
  99. Miss Sarah L. Chapman
  100. Mr. John Codrano
  101. Mrs. I. Cunningham
  102. Miss Betty J. Cunningham
  103. Miss Mary S. Coe
  104. Miss Elmina Coe
  105. Miss R. Casey
  106. Miss M. Congdon
  107. Mr. George Deyell
  108. Miss Del Monte
  109. Miss M. Driscoll
  110. Mr. Thos. J. Davis
  111. Mrs. Davis
  112. Mr. Diamond
  113. Miss G. Doherty
  114. Miss F. Day
  115. Miss E. Drun
  116. Miss A. Darrows
  117. Miss L. Donnelly
  118. Miss J. D'Amatto
  119. Mrs. E. L. Dickeson
  120. Miss L. Dreyer
  121. Mr. A. Dreyer
  122. Miss A. Delaney
  123. Mr. Maxwell De Voe
  124. Mrs. De Voe
  125. Miss Florence C. Delasent
  126. Mr. F. M. Dorsch
  127. Mrs. Dorsch
  128. Dr. C. G. D'Onech
  129. Mrs. D'Onech
  130. Capt. T. A. Enson
  131. Mrs. Enson
  132. Mrs. A. Edwards
  133. Mr. J. Ellis
  134. Mrs. Ellis
  135. Mr. I. Eliasberg
  136. Mr. A. Eberhart
  137. Mrs. Eberhart
  138. Mrs. R. Everlove
  139. Mrs. L. Everlove
  140. Miss K. Eagan
  141. Miss F. A. Eldridge
  142. Mr. H. Evers
  143. Mrs. Evers
  144. Mr. H. A. Formbals
  145. Mrs. S. Fetfer
  146. Mr. J. Flood
  147. Mr. M. Friedman
  148. Mrs. Friedman
  149. Miss G. Feldman
  150. Mr. Joseph R. Funk
  151. Mrs. Funk
  152. Miss Delia Fahey
  153. Mr. Frederick Forde
  154. Mrs. Forde
  155. Mr. Chas. P. Figueira
  156. Mr. A. N. Farries
  157. Mrs. Farries
  158. Mr. Fred Ford
  159. Mrs. Ford
  160. Miss Dorothy Franklin
  161. Mrs. C. A. Frith
  162. Mr. E. Guest
  163. Mrs. Guest
  164. Mr. Griffin
  165. Miss C. Goldman
  166. Mr. C. G. Greenbalgh
  167. Mrs. Greenbalgh
  168. Mr. Gutlenberg
  169. Mr. H. A. Greenberger
  170. Mr. H. W. Grosselli
  171. Mrs. Grosselli
  172. Mr. David S. Garland
  173. Mr. C. W. K. Gibbons
  174. Mrs. Gibbons
  175. Master C. K. Gibbons
  176. Miss Rose M. Gibbons
  177. Miss Gibson
  178. Mr. A. Gaubis
  179. Miss B. Guion
  180. Miss Helen Gannun
  181. Mr. V. Ganong
  182. Miss M. Greenwood
  183. Miss A. Gloster
  184. Mr. J. D. Howard
  185. Mr. J. Heher
  186. Mr. E. E. Hutchinson
  187. Mrs. Hutchinson
  188. Mr. George Hutchinson
  189. Master A. Hutchinson
  190. Miss C. Hogan
  191. Miss B. Howard
  192. Mr. Hill
  193. Mrs. Hill
  194. Mr. S. L. Howard
  195. Mrs. Howard
  196. Miss M. Howard
  197. Miss H. Howard
  198. Miss E. Hediger
  199. Hon. J. P. Hand
  200. Miss E. L. Harmon
  201. Mrs. E. Harihan
  202. Mrs. Harry Holt
  203. Miss Eliz. Horiharn
  204. Miss M. E. Hungerford
  205. Mrs. Eliz. Horender
  206. Miss E. E. Humphrey
  207. Mrs. Fred Hunt
  208. Mrs. C. V. C. Horne
  209. Miss B. Haydes
  210. Miss C. Haydes
  211. Mr. R. D. Holman
  212. Mrs. Holman
  213. Mr. Earl Holzman
  214. Mr. R. M. Houk
  215. Mrs. Houk
  216. Miss M. E. Harlow
  217. Miss Ruth W. Hummell
  218. Miss M. K. Hansen
  219. Miss Lillian Horwath
  220. Miss Eliz. Hamlin
  221. Miss Marg. Hallenbeck
  222. Miss O. A. Hurley
  223. Miss Emily Hauck
  224. Mrs. Chas. Hauck
  225. Miss P. Hildebrand
  226. Miss K. Holland
  227. Mr. Chas. Henry
  228. Mrs. Henry
  229. Mrs. A. Iles
  230. Mr. R. B. Jarrett
  231. Mrs. Jarrett
  232. Mrs. A. T. Jaffe
  233. Miss Lilly L. Jarrett
  234. Mr. W. E. Johnston
  235. Mr. M. C. Jeffers
  236. Mrs. Jeffers
  237. Mr. Chas. E. Jones
  238. Miss Isabelle Johnston
  239. Miss E. D. Johnson
  240. Dr. J. B. Jacobs
  241. Miss S. Jablow
  242. Mrs. Jacobs
  243. Mr. W. Kydd
  244. Mrs. Kydd
  245. Miss Lorraine Krogman
  246. Miss M. Kuschert
  247. Mr. L. P. Kirkbride
  248. Mrs. Kirkbride
  249. Miss M. Kane
  250. Miss J. Kane
  251. Miss Marg. Kenny
  252. Mr. S. Khouri
  253. Miss E. L. King
  254. Mr. H. G. Kraus
  255. Mr. A. B. Lynch
  256. Mr. L. B. Lewis
  257. Mr. E. H. Lorenz
  258. Master R. Lee
  259. Mrs. Lorenz
  260. Mrs. R. Little
  261. Mr. H. H. M. Lee
  262. Mrs. Lee
  263. Mr. George Levin
  264. Mrs. Levin
  265. Miss I. Limberg
  266. Mr. Arthur M. Levy
  267. Mrs. Levy
  268. Miss C. Levy
  269. Miss H. Lemke
  270. Miss E. Lemke
  271. Mr. H. W. Lee
  272. Miss Helen Lask
  273. Miss I. Lerned
  274. Mr. M. O. Lange
  275. Mrs. Lange
  276. Mr. L. Larsen
  277. Mr. L. F. Lambert
  278. Mr. H. H. Lambert
  279. Miss Thelma A. Lacey
  280. Miss A. G. Lynch
  281. Mr. O. Middleton
  282. Miss S. Mitchell
  283. Miss H. Moss
  284. Hon. Clay Merrill
  285. Mrs. Merrill
  286. Mr. G. Morton
  287. Miss E. Mourer
  288. Miss B. Mitchell
  289. Mr. Henderson Matthews
  290. Mrs. Matthews
  291. Miss F. Markgraf
  292. Mr. C. C. Moskowitz
  293. Mrs. Norman Munro
  294. Mr. John G. Murray
  295. Mrs. Murray
  296. Mr. A. A. Mueller
  297. Mrs. Mueller
  298. Mr. A. F. Mitchell
  299. Mrs. Mitchell
  300. Mr. Alfred G. Metlass
  301. Miss M. Murphy
  302. Miss A. Murphy
  303. Mr. C. R. Meyrick
  304. Mr. E. M. J. Morrissey
  305. Mr. M. M. Malvy
  306. Mrs. Malvey
  307. Mr. H. Martens
  308. Miss B. Mathews
  309. Mrs. Robt Murray
  310. Master Robt. Murray
  311. Miss C. Murray
  312. Mr. Edw. R. May
  313. Miss A. R. Mazzei
  314. Mr. H. R. Miller
  315. Mr. A. Main
  316. Miss Helen Munson
  317. Mr. C. G. McClarin
  318. Mrs. McClarin
  319. Mrs. R. J. McDonald
  320. Mrs. K. McEvoy
  321. Miss C. McEvoy
  322. Miss L. McGreechan
  323. Mrs. R. B. MacDowell
  324. Miss C. McDonnell
  325. Mr. M. J. McSweeney
  326. Miss H. McKinney
  327. Miss C. McCullough
  328. Mr. W. J. McBride
  329. Miss A. V. McGowan
  330. Mr. H. J. MacKenzie
  331. Mrs. M. E. MacDougall
  332. Miss C. MacDougall
  333. Mr. W. Nield
  334. Miss Mae Nick
  335. Mr. A. . Nisbet
  336. Mrs. Nisbet
  337. Miss A. Noll
  338. Mr. George Nelson
  339. Mrs. Nelson
  340. Miss B. M. Noll
  341. Miss B. O'Leary
  342. Miss L. Odencrantz
  343. Miss Eileen O'Connell
  344. Miss Mary O'Donnell
  345. Mr. C. A. O'Brien
  346. Miss E. W. Owens
  347. Miss M. Olsey
  348. Miss B. O'Sullivan
  349. Mr. W. Powers
  350. Mrs. Powers
  351. Mr. W. J. Pakinham
  352. Miss E. Pikarch
  353. Miss G. Pike
  354. Mr. W. E. Pierce
  355. Mrs. Pierce
  356. Mr. Ed. Pierson
  357. Miss Helen Phelps
  358. Miss M. Palmer
  359. Rev. A. T. Peters
  360. Mrs. Peters
  361. Master Peters
  362. Miss Beryl Paynter
  363. Mr. C. D. Phipp
  364. Mrs. A. Preusser
  365. Miss Elsa Preusser
  366. Mr. R. M. Pinkerton
  367. Dr. F. Prives
  368. Mrs. Prives
  369. Miss D. Planker
  370. Mr. F. E. Quinn
  371. Mrs. Quinn
  372. Mr. T. M. Robertson
  373. Mrs. Robertson
  374. Mr. E. Rauenbuehler
  375. Mr. Robinowitz
  376. Miss M. Robinson
  377. Mrs. L. Rowe
  378. Mr. H. J. Reiner
  379. Mr. Herman Richter
  380. Mrs. Richter
  381. Dr. W. E. Ross
  382. Mrs. Ross
  383. Mr. Lester Rowe
  384. Mr. Clarence L. Roberts
  385. Mrs. Roberts
  386. Miss A. Ryan
  387. Miss Marie Rowley
  388. Miss Florence Rachlow
  389. Mr. C. Rathenacher
  390. Mr. Andrew S. Ross
  391. Mrs. Ross
  392. Mr. W. Richardson
  393. Miss M. Rosenberg
  394. Miss M. Reynolds
  395. Mrs. G. Ribeiro
  396. Mr. 0, Ribeiro
  397. Miss E. Z. Ryder
  398. Miss Z. L. Ryder
  399. Miss Elsie Richardson
  400. Miss Eleanor Richards
  401. Mr. K. C. Randall
  402. Mr. R. A. Russell
  403. Mrs. Russell
  404. Mrs. Eliz. A. Richter
  405. Mr. A. G. Smith
  406. Mrs. Smith
  407. Mrs. S. A. Samuels
  408. Mrs. M. O. Stockbauer
  409. Miss R. Strauss
  410. Miss Helen Steden
  411. Mrs. Anna Steden
  412. Miss B. Spero
  413. Mr. John F. Simons
  414. Mrs. Simons
  415. Miss Simons
  416. Mr. I. Schwartz
  417. Mrs. Schwartz
  418. Mr. Harold Shaffer
  419. Miss F. Smith
  420. Mr. T. A. Stanford
  421. Mrs. J. Summers
  422. Mrs. R. Schneider
  423. Mr. A. T. Schniedt
  424. Mrs. Schniedt
  425. Mr. W. Sondheim
  426. Mrs. Sondheim
  427. Mrs. Stetson
  428. Miss Frances Smith
  429. Miss Mary Storm
  430. Mr. C. B. Staats
  431. Miss R. Shephard
  432. Miss Cath. Stihick
  433. Miss F. A. Smolan
  434. Miss L. M. Stedman
  435. Miss Clara Stetson
  436. Mr. Albert E. Seep
  437. Mrs. Seep
  438. Miss B. L. Swarz
  439. Miss B. Schwartz
  440. Miss E. E.V. M. F. Sidney
  441. Mrs. Jemima L. Smith
  442. Mrs. Fred W. Smith, Jr.
  443. Mr. G. R. Smith
  444. Mr. H. D. Syle, Jr.
  445. Mrs. Syle
  446. Miss Claire Stark
  447. Miss M. V. Say
  448. Miss W. Say
  449. Miss J. Strecker
  450. Miss Ruth Searing
  451. Miss Helen Slater
  452. Miss N. Schmidt
  453. Mr. F. F. Stockwell
  454. Mrs. Stockwell
  455. Mr. V. Stortz
  456. Mr. G. H. Talbot
  457. Mrs. Talbot
  458. Miss E. Thielsman
  459. Comm. G. T. C. Turner
  460. Mrs. J. W. Tighe
  461. Miss Laura Theall
  462. Mr. Frank Trout
  463. Mrs. Trout
  464. Mr. H. F. Tucker
  465. Mrs. Tucker
  466. Mr..N. R. Tukey
  467. Mr. Clyde Ulric
  468. Mrs. Uihlein
  469. Miss K. P. Van Ness
  470. Miss Hazel Voorhis
  471. Miss M. B. Vogts
  472. Miss D. Vielkind
  473. Mrs. E. Vickey
  474. Mr. George W. Vilain
  475. Mrs. Vilain
  476. Mr. E. Wagner
  477. Mrs. Wagner
  478. Mr. C. C. Watson
  479. Mrs. Watson
  480. Miss T. Wormsley
  481. Mr. G. H. Walters
  482. Mrs. Walters
  483. Miss E. Woods
  484. Miss Lety Weber
  485. Miss A. L. Weiman
  486. Miss G. Wilson
  487. Mr. C. D. Wright
  488. Miss F. Wasservogel
  489. Miss E. Wilson
  490. Mr. H. S. Wilson
  491. Mrs. Wilson
  492. Miss W. Weinstein
  493. Miss A. Webster
  494. Miss Carrie Wall
  495. Mr. D. F. Warwick
  496. Mrs. Warwick
  497. Master D. F. Warwick
  498. Mr. H. C. Williams
  499. Mrs. Williams
  500. Mr. A. Westerberg
  501. Mr. T. W. Walker
  502. Mr. Harry Weiss
  503. Mrs. Weiss
  504. Miss Willis
  505. Miss M. Walsh
  506. Miss G. Wilson
  507. Miss M. Ward
  508. Mr. Raymond Yerg
  509. Mrs. Yerger
  510. Mr. G. Yazetta
  511. Mrs. Yazetta
  512. Mr. W. N. Zippier
  513. Mr. E. Zurn
  514. Miss Clara Zoble

Information for Passengers

Baggage. All inquiries regarding baggage should be made in New York or Bermuda or on board ship of the Baggage Master. Passengers are recommended to insure their baggage as in the event of loss or damage the Company cannot accept liability beyond th_ limit specified on the steamer contract ticket.

Customs. Passengers are cautioned to be particularly careful to inform themselves of the Rules and Regulations of the Custom Authorities and to exercise all care in filling out the Customs Declarations.

Coin plaints. Passengers having any cause for complaint are requested to communicate particulars to the Captain, Purser or Chief Steward at once and not wait until the end of the voyage.

Dogs. Proper and suitable quarters for the care of dogs and other small animals are provided aboard the Company's ships. Therefore they cannot be allowed in staterooms and other places provided for the comfort and convenience of Passengers.

Life Belts will be found in every stateroom. They should be put on in the same manner as a jacket and tied firmly in front.

Library Books may be obtained on application to the Library Steward. A charge of $2.00 per volume will be made for books lost from the library.

Table Reservations may be secured at the Chief Steward's Office during the hours of embarkation. Passengers holding advance reservations should claim their tables before sailing, otherwise they will be released.

First Sitting
Breakfast from 8 A. M. to 10 A. M.
Luncheon 12 Noon
Dinner 6 P. M.

It is respectfully requested that the Passengers on the First Sitting will attend the Dining Room punctually, to enable the Second Sitting service to be operated promptly.

Second Sitting
Breakfast from 8 A. M. to 10 A. M.
Luncheon 1 P. M. Dinner 7 P. M.

It is impossible to provide facilities for the general serving of meals on deck, but a limited deck menu has been specially prepared for those who are unable to use the dining saloon.

Pillows, Blankets, Etc., are not to be removed from staterooms.

Passengers should obtain a receipt on the Company's form for any additional passage money or freight charges paid on board.

Purser's Office will be open at the following hours:
9:00 A. M. to 11:00 A. M. 4:00 P. M. to 6:00 P. M.
8:00 P. M. to 9:00 P. M.

Ports are under the supervision of the Chief Steward and Passengers are requested not to open them without his permission.

Steamer Chairs may be hired at a cost of one dollar per trip on application to the Deck Steward.

St. George Hotel. Passengers for St. Georges and the St. George Hotel will transfer by Tender at Murray's Anchorage. They are requested to hand in their names at the Purser's Office and secure Tender tickets.

Steamer Rugs may be hired at a cost of SO cents per trip on application to the Deck Steward.

The Surgeon is authorized to make customary charges, subject to the approval of the Commander, for treating any passenger, at their request, for any illness not originating on board the ship. In case of sickness occurring on board no charge will be made and medicine in all cases will be provided free.

Valuables. A safe is provided in the office of the Purser in which Passengers may deposit Money, Jewelry or other valuables. As no charge is made for carriage, the Company cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Property retained by the passenger in cabin or upon person must not be left lying about the ship or cabin, but, when not in actual use, must be locked in trunk, etc. Failure of Passengers to observe these requirements shall, in case of loss, etc., be deemed negligence of the passenger.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in any of the Staterooms, Library and Dining Saloon.

Reservations for return trip to New York should be engaged as much in advance as possible, and Passengers are especially requested to call at the office of the Agents, Messrs. Watlington & Conyers, in Hamilton, within twenty-four hours after arrival and claim accommodations reserved, or make reservations if accommodations not already secured.

Wireless Messages are accepted at the Marconi office only.

Warning: It has come to the knowledge of the Furness Bermuda Line that some Passengers, on arriving at New York, or subsequently, have been communicated with at private addresses by a person representing himself to be one of the ship's personnel who has offered to supply them with liquor. The Furness Bermuda Line desire to warn Passengers against this, and to inform them that no member of the ship's personnel is permitted to indulge in such a practice.

The Barber Shop is located on "B" deck aft. The following charges have been authorized:
Ladies GENTS
Marcel Waving $1.00
Waving and Curling .75
Cutting and Singe 1.00
Shampoo 1.00
Shampoo Special 1.25
Face Massage .75
Scalp Massage .50
Manicure 1.90
Haircutting $ .60
Shaving .25
Shampoo .50
Shampoo Oil .75
Singeing .25
Face Massage .60
Face Massage Oil .75
Scalp Massage .50
Tonic Dressing .15
Manicure 1.00

Souvenirs and Perfume Are Sold at the Barber Shop


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