TSS Cassandra Passenger List - 12 May 1920


Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the TSS Cassandra of the Anchor-Donaldson Line, Departing 12 May 1920 from Glasgow to Québec and Montréal.

Front Cover of a Cabin Passenger List from the TSS Cassandra of the Anchor-Donaldson Line, Departing 12 May 1920 from Glasgow to Québec and Montréal, Commanded by Captain James Black. GGA Image ID # 207cbc16f0


Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Commander: Captain James Black
  2. Surgeon: Dr. John Brown
  3. Purser: R. S. Willoughby
  4. Chief Officer: D. Kennedy
  5. Chief Steward: J. Gillespie
  6. Matron: Mrs. McIntosh
  7. Stewardess: Mrs. Seaton


Cabin Passengers


▓▓▓ "A" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Theresa Adams
  2. Miss J. M. Allan
  3. Miss Jennie Anderson
  1. Miss Annie S. Arnott
  2. Miss Elizabeth Askings


▓▓▓ "B" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss D. Bartholomew
  2. Miss J. Bartholomew
  3. Mrs. Annie Beattie
  4. Mr. G. L. Black
  5. Mrs. G. S. Black
  6. Mr. R. M. Black
  7. Miss A. C. Black
  8. Mrs. Minnie Black
  9. Miss Allison Boyd
  1. Mrs. Brown
  2. Miss Isa Brown
  3. Master Walter Brown
  4. Miss Mary Brown
  5. Miss Jessie Buchanan
  6. Mr. W. Buchanan
  7. Mrs. W. Buchanan
  8. Mrs. Robina Burdick
  9. Miss Betsy Burns


▓▓▓ "C" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss C. Campbell
  2. Miss Mary S. Campbell
  3. Mrs. Isabel Campbell
  4. Miss M. A. Campbell
  5. Mr. James Canning
  6. Mr. Fred. Cartlidge
  1. Mrs. Cartlidge
  2. Mrs. J. T. Clark
  3. Miss Anna Collingwood
  4. Miss Elena de Cox
  5. Miss Margaret Cox
  6. Mr. Hugh Crossan


▓▓▓ "D" ▓▓▓

  1. Mrs. C. Darling
  2. Master J. Darling
  3. Miss Jane Davis
  4. Miss Margaret Davidson
  5. Mr. Rupert M. Deacon
  6. Mr. David W. Dean
  7. Mr. John S. Dean
  8. Mr. Wm. H. Dewhurst
  9. Mr. R. Donaldson
  10. Mrs. C. Donaldson
  1. Miss Margaret Donaldson
  2. Miss C. Dowal
  3. Mr. Alexander Duncan
  4. Mrs. Betsy Duncan
  5. Mrs. Annie Duncan
  6. Mrs. E. Dunn
  7. Master R. Dunn
  8. Mrs. Christian Dykes
  9. Master Richard Dykes


▓▓▓ "E" ▓▓▓

  1. Mrs. Easton
  1. Miss Jeanie Easton


▓▓▓ "F" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Margaret Findlay
  2. Miss Claude Findlay
  3. Mrs. C. H. Fingland
  4. Miss M. M. Fingland
  5. Mr. John Ferguson
  6. Mrs. Mary Ferguson
  1. Miss Isabella Ferguson
  2. Mr. John Ferguson, Jr.
  3. Mrs. Isabella Ferguson
  4. Mrs. Elizabeth Friend
  5. Master James Friend
  6. Miss Elizabeth Frame


▓▓▓ "G" ▓▓▓

  1. Mrs. Margaret Gardiner
  2. Master David Gardiner
  3. Miss Agnes Gardiner
  4. Mrs. J. Gibson
  5. Mrs. Agnes Gilchrist
  1. Mrs. M. Gourlay
  2. Miss Annie Gourlay
  3. Mrs. Isabella Graham
  4. Mrs. Euphemia Guthrie


▓▓▓ "H" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Stuart A. Hall
  2. Miss Norah Halliday
  3. Mrs. Florence Hamilton
  4. Miss Florence Hamilton
  5. Miss Mary Harper
  6. Mr. W. Harrison
  1. Mrs. Mary Harvey
  2. Miss Mary Harvey
  3. Miss Isa M. Heath
  4. Miss E. Highet
  5. Mrs. Jeanie Hunter
  6. Miss Janet Hunter


▓▓▓ "K" ▓▓▓

  1. Mrs. Annie Jack
  2. Mr. James Johnston
  3. Mr. Thomas Johnston
  4. Mrs. Thomas Johnston
  5. Mr. William Johnston
  1. Miss Elizabeth Johnston
  2. Miss Margaret Johnston
  3. Mr. James Johnstone
  4. Miss Marie Johnstone
  5. Miss Grace Johnstone


▓▓▓ "K" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. James Kinniburgh
  1. Mr. William Knox
  2. Mrs. William Knox


▓▓▓ "L" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Robert Lennox
  2. Mrs. Mary Lennox
  3. Miss Jessie Lindsay
  4. Miss Helen Little
  5. Miss Agnes Lockerbie
  1. Miss Mary Longrigg
  2. Mrs. Loudoun
  3. Master David Loudoun
  4. Miss Elsie Loudoun


▓▓▓ "Mc/Mac" ▓▓▓

  1. Mrs. Mary McDonald
  2. Mrs. Florence McDonald
  3. Mrs. Jessie Macdonald
  4. Miss G. E. McDougall
  5. Miss Gladys McDougall
  6. Mr. Henry McEwan
  7. Mrs. Margaret Macfarlane
  8. Miss Janet Macfarlane
  9. Miss Elizabeth Macfarlane
  10. Mrs. Agnes McGregor
  11. Mrs. Elizabeth McHugh
  12. Miss L. McHugh
  13. Mr. William McHugh
  1. Mr. Dugald MacIntyre
  2. Miss Jean McKay
  3. Mr. James MacKellar
  4. Mrs. Mary MacKellar
  5. Miss Mary MacKellar
  6. Mrs. Elizabeth McKillop
  7. Mr. Thomas McKirdy
  8. Miss C. McKirdy
  9. Mrs. J. Maclachlan
  10. Rev. Donald F. Macleod
  11. Mr. John McLelland
  12. Miss Jeanie McLelland
  13. Miss J. McPherson


▓▓▓ "M" ▓▓▓

  1. Mrs. R. J. Mack
  2. Mr. Charles B. Mack
  3. Mrs. Marshall
  4. Miss Jenny Marshall
  5. Miss Jean Martin
  6. Mrs. Annie Martin
  7. Miss Mary Martin
  8. Miss Annie Martin
  9. Miss Margaret Meek
  10. Mrs. Jane Melrose
  11. Mr. William Milroy
  12. Miss Grace Mitchell
  13. Miss M. H. Moffat
  1. Miss Evelyn Murray
  2. Mrs. Violet G. Murray
  3. Master Alexander Murray
  4. Master David Murray
  5. Mr. James A. Murray
  6. Mrs. Isa. S. Murray
  7. Master Alexander Murray
  8. Mr. William Murray
  9. Mrs. Janet Murray
  10. Mrs. Annie Murray
  11. Master George Murray
  12. Miss Jessie Murray
  13. Mr. James Mushet


▓▓▓ "P" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Peter Peel
  2. Mrs. Emily Peel
  3. Mr. Joseph Peel
  1. Master Peter Peel
  2. Miss Mary Potter


▓▓▓ "R" ▓▓▓

  1. Mrs. Mary Reid
  2. Miss Margaret Reid
  3. Mr. Duncan Reid
  4. Mr. B. F. Rhodes
  5. Mr. A. H. Robertson
  1. Miss Jean Rorison
  2. Miss Lizzie Rorison
  3. Mr. Gordon Ross
  4. Mrs. Mary Ross
  5. Miss Margaret Ross
  6. Miss Mary Ross


▓▓▓ "S" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Jemima Stanger
  2. Miss Catherine Stanger
  3. Lieut. Col. C. Skinner
  4. Mrs. Skinner
  5. Mr. William Stewart
  6. Miss Margaret Stewart
  7. Miss Margaret Stewart
  1. Mr. David Stewart
  2. Mrs. Annie Stewart
  3. Mr. Robert Storrar
  4. Mrs. Mary Storrar
  5. Mr. David Storrar
  6. Mrs. Margaret Storrar


▓▓▓ "T" ▓▓▓

  1. Miss Mary Torrance


▓▓▓ "V" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. George Vallance


▓▓▓ "W" ▓▓▓

  1. Mr. Robert Wallace
  2. Mrs. Robert Wallace
  3. Miss Margaret Wallace
  4. Mr. William Wallace
  5. Mrs. H. Wallace
  6. Master Clive Wallace
  7. Mr. Alexander Watt
  8. Miss Agnes C. Weir
  9. Mr. William White
  10. Mr. D. G. White
  11. Mrs. White
  12. Mr. Robert D. White
  13. Mrs. Jessie White
  14. Miss Marion White
  15. Master Robert White
  16. Mr. Robert Wilson
  1. Mrs. Helen Wilson
  2. Miss Margaret Wilson
  3. Master Robert Wilson
  4. Master John Wilson
  5. Miss J. W. Wilson
  6. Miss Helen Wilson
  7. Mr. Thomas Wilson
  8. Mrs. Isabella Windram
  9. Master Andrew Windram
  10. Mr. James Wood
  11. Mrs. James Wood
  12. Mr. James Wood, Jr.
  13. Miss Annie Wood
  14. Miss Margaret Wood
  15. Mrs. E. Wright
  16. Miss M. Wright


Information for Passengers

Meals will be served at the following hours—

  • Breakfast, 8 a.m.
  • Lunch, 1 p.m.
  • Dinner, 6 p.m.

The bugle will sound promptly at the above hours and also half an hour before breakfast and dinner.

It is strictly forbidden to serve meals in staterooms unless ordered by the Surgeon.

Lights will be extinguished in the saloon at 10.30 p.m., and in the smoking room at 11 p.m.

The bar will be closed punctually each night at 11 p.m.

Passengers are not allowed to change their staterooms without the sanction of the Purser.

Passengers are warned against opening the portholes. The stateroom stewards will do this whenever practicable.

Divine service held once only on Sunday, at 10.30 a.m.

Deck chairs and steamer rugs may be rented for the trip at 75c. or 3s.

VALUABLES.—Jewelry, money, and other valuables should be given to the Purser for deposit in his safe. He will give a receipt for same, but as no charge is made for carriage of valuables, the Company does not accept responsibility for their loss or damage.

A printed receipt should be obtained for all money paid on board.

Letters for Quebec and Father Point should be mailed on board ship one hour before arrival at either place.

Letters for passengers should be sent to the care of Purser.

The Chief Steward has the arrangement of seats at table.

Baggage.—Only hand bags and steamer trunks, which will fit underneath the berths, are allowed in staterooms.

All complaints of inattention or incivility on board ship should be made in the first instance to the Chief Steward, and failing satisfaction to the Purser.

Smoking in corridors, or in the saloon, music room or staterooms is prohibited. This regulation will be strictly enforced.


Marconi Wireless Telegrams with Rates to Canada, United Kingdom, and Ship to Ship, TSS Cassandra Cabin Passenger List - 12 May 1920.

Marconi Wireless Telegrams with Rates to Canada, United Kingdom, and Ship to Ship, TSS Cassandra Cabin Passenger List - 12 May 1920. GGA Image ID # 207cd232a2


Back Cover, Track Chart of North Atlantic Ocean, Distances, and Memorandum of Log for Daily Run, TSS Cassandra Cabin Passenger List - 12 May 1920.

Back Cover, Track Chart of North Atlantic Ocean, Distances, and Memorandum of Log for Daily Run, TSS Cassandra Cabin Passenger List - 12 May 1920. Note: Top and Bottom are Duplicated from the Left and Right Sides for Readability. GGA Image ID # 207d1465fd


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