RMS Aurania Passenger List 26 February 1887


Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Aurania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 26 February 1887 from Liverpool for New York.

Front Cover, Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Aurania of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 26 February 1887 from Liverpool for New York, Commanded by Captain Hains. Illustration by Waterlow & Sons, Limited, London Wall, London. Publishers: The Edwards Menu Copmpany, Ltd. GGA Image ID # 15a0114e02


Notable Passengers: Mavroyeni Bey


Saloon Passengers

  1. Mr. G. M. Almy
  2. Mr. James R. Baily
  3. Mr. George Bain
  4. Miss Bateman
  5. Mr. Charles G. Beard
  6. Major W. R. Bell
  7. Miss Bell
  8. His Excellency Mavroyeni Bey, Turkish Ambassador to U.S.A. (Note 1)
  9. Mr. J. F. Blood
  10. Mr. W. R. Bolto
  11. Mr. Bradweil
  12. Mr. H. A. Bryce
  13. Mr. F. W. Callender
  14. Mr. Champion
  15. Miss Clough
  16. Mr. Abram Combe
  17. Mr. E. B. Cooke
  18. Mr. Benjamin Davy
  19. Mr. W. H. Donnell
  20. Mr. James Eaton
  21. Mr. Lunnar Eklund
  22. Dr. J. R. Fairbanks
  23. Mr. E. H. Fennessey
  24. Mr. C. W. Foster
  25. Mr. G. F. W. Francis
  26. Mr. Oscar Goerke
  27. Mr. James C. Gillies
  28. Miss Gillies
  29. Mr. W. Greaves Hall
  30. Mr. R. T. Heath
  31. Mr. Steer Helling
  32. Mr. J. K. Hindle
  33. Mr. G. M. Hislop
  34. Mr. T. Hitchcock, Jr.
  35. Captain Hunter, A. D. C
  36. Mr. Ichikawa
  37. Mr. Ijuin
  38. Mr. Jerada
  39. Mrs. Johnson
  40. Miss Hilda Johnson
  41. Master Sidney Johnson
  42. Master Edward Johnson
  43. Count Kuroda
  44. Mr. Fergus Kennedy
  45. Mr. Komaki
  46. Miss Lee
  47. Mr. G. T. Legg
  48. Mr. H. W. Lewis
  49. Mrs. Lewis
  50. Mrs. G. E. Lewis
  51. Mr. Luzuki
  52. Mr. Martin
  53. Mrs. Martin
  54. Mr. Marx
  55. Mr. Mayeda
  56. Miss McIntyre
  57. Mr. Herbert McMickan
  58. Mr. Philip Milford
  59. Mr. J. S. Miller
  60. Miss Alice Miller
  61. Mrs. Mort, Child, and Nurse
  62. Mr. George F. Munn
  63. Mr. H. T. Nugent
  64. Mr. J. Ogilvey
  65. Mrs. Owen
  66. Mrs. J. F. Parker
  67. Miss E. A. Parker
  68. Mr. G. E. Parkes
  69. Mr. James Pike
  70. Mrs. James A. W. Pine
  71. Mr. R. Pugsley
  72. Mr. S. Ravenscroft
  73. Hon. J. B. Roche, Two Children, and Servant
  74. Mr. E. A. Russell
  75. Mr. Saito
  76. Mr. Adam Smith
  77. Mr. E. J. Smith
  78. Mr. Arthur C. Smith
  79. Mrs. Smith, and Child
  80. Mr. L. Soliague
  81. Mrs. Soliague, and Child
  82. Miss Soliague
  83. Mr. P. Max Stadler
  84. Mrs. Stadler
  85. Miss Florins Stadler
  86. Mrs. E. Stein
  87. Mr. J. C. Stirling
  88. Mrs. Stirling
  89. Mr. W. J. Stocker
  90. Mr. J. Sutcliffe
  91. Mr. Charles Vouga
  92. Mr. W. H. Walbaum
  93. Mr. Isaac Walker
  94. Mr. T. T. Watson
  95. Mr. C. S. Watson
  96. Mr. T. K. Webster
  97. Mrs. Webster
  98. Mr. W. E. Whitehead
  99. Hon. S. G. Wilder, and Manservant
  100. Miss Selina Wilkinson
  101. Mrs. L. Wilson
  102. Mr. Wolfenden
  103. Mrs. Wolfenden, and two Children


Passenger Notes

  1. Mavroyeni Bey (1848-1929) who ended his diplomatic career as the Ottoman Ambassador to Vienna on the eve of the Balkan Wars appears to have been an independent spirit, delighted in initiating schemes for which he would later try to obtain official endorsement. Sinan Kuneralp, "Ottoman Diplomacy and the Controversy Over The Interpretation of Article 4 of the Turco-American Treaty of 1830" The Turkish Yearbook, Vol. XXXI, Page 14. Accessed 2014-08-12 at http://dergiler.ankara.edu.tr/dergiler/44/671/8541.pdf.


Leading British Hotels and Railway Announcements, 1887.

Leading British Hotels and Railway Announcements, 1887. Back Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Aurania of the Cunard Line, Dated 26 February 1887. GGA Image ID # 15a052d0d1


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