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RMS Umbria Passenger List - 16 August 1890

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 16 August 1890 from Liverpool to New York.

Front Cover of a Saloon Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line, Departing Saturday, 16 August 1890 from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain Horatio McKay. Illustration by Waterlow & Sons, Limited, London Wall, London. Publishers: The Edwardes Menu Company Ltd. GGA Image ID # 15a2707abc

Notable Passengers included: Horace Chilton, Robert Kerr Chisholm, Sidney Hauxhurst, Robert Freeman Hopwood, Thomas Buckland Jeffery, Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood, Annie Lowe, James MacDonald, Major General Donald Macintyre VC, William Henry Moody, John Milliken Parker, Donald Alexander Smith, George Edward John Mowbray Rous, 3rd Earl of Stradbroke.

RMS Umbria

Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss F. S. Adams
  2. Miss Anna Adams
  3. Mr. J. J. Allen
  4. Miss Florence Allen
  5. Mr. W. Andrews
  6. Mr. George Andrin
  7. Miss May Andrin
  8. Miss Kate Andrin
  9. Rev. F. Arbuckle
  10. Mr. W. H. Armitage
  11. Mr. P. D. Armour, and Secretary
  12. Mr. T. C. L. Armstrong
  13. Mr. C. Ashford
  14. Miss Ashley
  15. Miss J. F. Ashley
  16. Mr. Gresham Bacon
  17. Mrs. J. H. Baker
  18. Miss Mande Baker
  19. Mr. E. Baker
  20. Mr. W. W. Bakewell
  21. Miss M. E. Baldwin
  22. Mr. A. It. Bancroft
  23. Mrs. A. M. Barnes
  24. Mr. James Barrett
  25. Miss Joanna Barrett
  26. Mr. George Bartlett
  27. Mr. Batney
  28. Miss Beers
  29. Miss Helen Beach
  30. Mrs. M. Bell
  31. Mr. E. K. Bennett
  32. Mr. J. H. Berry
  33. Miss A. H. Berry
  34. Miss L. D. Berry
  35. Miss C. F. Berry
  36. Miss A. Berry
  37. Countess Bertinatti
  38. Mr. A. Bishop
  39. Mrs. Bishop
  40. Dr. E. L. Bissell
  41. Mr. F. L. Bodine
  42. Miss Bodine
  43. Miss Bogle
  44. Mrs. J. C. Bowden
  45. Miss A. C. Bowen
  46. Miss A. Boyd
  47. Mr. A. S. Bradbrook
  48. Mr. Bremner
  49. Mr. Daniel Brosnan
  50. Mr. Lyman Brown
  51. Mrs. M. Brummitt
  52. Miss Marie Brummitt
  53. Mr. Andrew Buchanan
  54. Mrs. Buchanan
  55. Master R. Buchanan
  56. Miss Jessie Buchanan
  57. Mr. J. G. Burke
  58. Mrs. Burke
  59. Mrs. Burrows
  60. Master Burrows
  61. Mr. George Callingham
  62. Mr. W. R. Campbell
  63. Mr. John Campbell
  64. Mr. J. S. Cannon
  65. Mr. C. T. Cannon
  66. Miss C. W. Carpenter
  67. Dr. Fleming Carrow
  68. Mr. B. G. Casseres
  69. Miss M. Caulfield
  70. Mr. H. F. Caven
  71. Miss Chadbourne
  72. Mr. Thomas Chadwick
  73. Miss Emma Chamberlain
  74. Mr. V. R. Chapman
  75. Mrs. E. Childs
  76. Mr. H. H. Chilton. Horace Chilton (December 29, 1853 – June 12, 1932) was a printer, lawyer, and Democratic United States Senator from Texas
  77. Mr. R. K. Chisholm. Robert Kerr Chisholm (May 26, 1819 – February 27, 1899) was a political figure in Oakville, Ontario, serving as mayor in 1866
  78. Mrs. R. K. Chisholm
  79. Mr. W. Clark
  80. Mr. Jefferson Clark
  81. Mrs. Clark
  82. Mr. Oscar Cobb
  83. Mr. Frank Cockshutt
  84. Mrs. Cockshutt
  85. Miss Jennie Cogle
  86. Mr. George Coldbeck
  87. Mr. W. G. Collins
  88. Mrs. Collins
  89. Miss Torah Conley
  90. Dr. M. P. Conway
  91. Mrs. S. S. Cornahan
  92. Mrs. E. Covert
  93. Miss A. L. Covert
  94. Miss L. Covert
  95. Mrs. M. W. Covert
  96. Mrs. Fannie Crawford
  97. Miss Lillyan Crawford
  98. Miss Sadie Crawford
  99. Miss Leona Crawford
  100. Mr. S. Crawshaw
  101. Mr. E. Crompton
  102. Mr. E. B. Cromwell
  103. Miss Kate Cronin
  104. Mr. Joseph Crowther
  105. Mr. J. F. Crutchfield
  106. Miss Jennie Cunningham
  107. Mr. H. H. Curtis
  108. Mrs. Curtis
  109. Mr. George E. Dana
  110. Miss S. J. Dennin
  111. Mr. S. B. Dicks
  112. Rev. F. Donoghue
  113. Miss Teresa R. Donohue
  114. Miss Mary J. Donohue
  115. Mr. P. Dorney
  116. Mr. Moses H. Dow
  117. Miss Mary Doyle
  118. Mr. W. M. Dudgeon
  119. Mr. Richard Dudgeon
  120. Mr. Dudley T. Dudley
  121. Mr. James Dunn
  122. Mr. Joseph Dunn
  123. Mr. O. W. Dunn
  124. Mrs. Dunn
  125. Mr. J. Dwyer
  126. Mrs. Dwyer
  127. Mr. Eade
  128. Miss Eade
  129. Mr. James M. Eder
  130. Mr. Eder
  131. Miss Louisa Eder
  132. Miss Dora Eder
  133. Miss A. M. Elton
  134. Mr. Edwin H. Ely
  135. Mr. George Everall
  136. Mr. Victor Fags
  137. Mr. F. D. Fairbanks
  138. Mrs. Fairbanks
  139. Miss R. W. Fanning
  140. Miss Farquhar
  141. Mrs. Stewart Fassett
  142. Miss Florence Ferrald
  143. Dr. D. La Ferte
  144. Mrs. Finlay
  145. Mrs. Mary J. Fish
  146. Mr. E. A. Fitts
  147. Mr. Joseph Flather
  148. Mr. H. L. Flather
  149. Mr. Edward Flather
  150. Mr. J. Singerley Fleming
  151. Master Harry Fleming
  152. Miss Flockhart
  153. Miss Alice Flynn
  154. Miss A. C. Fordham
  155. Mr. Charles Forth
  156. Mr. A. L. Foster
  157. Mr. Franckel, and Friend
  158. Miss Madge Frederick
  159. Mr. C. A. Fry
  160. Mr. James Fugle
  161. Mr. M. B. Fuller
  162. Mr. George E. Fulton
  163. Mr. W. H. Furness, III
  164. Miss C. A. Furness
  165. Mr. W. Fyson
  166. Mr. Leo Gans
  167. Mrs. Gans
  168. Mr. F. George
  169. Mr. A. George
  170. Mr. W. Giles
  171. Mr. Godden
  172. Mr. M. S. Goss
  173. Mr. W. Grace
  174. Mrs. Grace
  175. Mr. W. Grace, Jr.
  176. Mr. J. C. Graham
  177. Mr. James A. Gray
  178. Mr. Harry Growtage
  179. Dr. R. Grunhardt
  180. Mr. J. W. Gwinn
  181. Mr. J. B. Haggin, and Manservant
  182. Miss E. R. Hall
  183. Mr. Halliday
  184. Mr. W. O. Hamilton
  185. Mr. James Hamilton
  186. Mr. Alex. Ilardie
  187. Mr. James J. Harrison
  188. Mr. H. W. Hartmann
  189. Miss Minnie Harvey
  190. Miss Marie Harvey
  191. Mr. F. Harvey
  192. Mr. Sidney Hauxhurst. Co-founder of Roundy's Supermarkets (Roundy's) is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based supermarket chain. The company was founded in 1872 in Milwaukee as Smith, Roundy & Co. by William E. Smith, Judson Roundy and Sidney Hauxhurst
  193. Mr. J. Healing
  194. Mr. Heintz
  195. Mr. George Henderson
  196. Mr. T. H. Hendrickson
  197. Mrs. Hendrickson
  198. Miss Hendrickson
  199. Miss E. C. Hendry
  200. Mr. P. A. Hendry
  201. Mr. Henry G. Hicks
  202. Mr. John Nevin Hill
  203. Mr. James W. Hill
  204. Miss J. F. Hilton
  205. Mr. E, F. Hilton
  206. Mr. Hobart
  207. Miss M. Hooper
  208. Mr. Robert Hopwood. Robert Freeman Hopwood (July 24, 1856 – March 1, 1940) was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
  209. Mrs. Mollie Horrocks
  210. Mr. Charles H. Howard
  211. Mrs. S. W. Hunter
  212. Mr. John E. Hurst
  213. Dr. W. S. Huselton
  214. Mr. C. S. Hosted
  215. Mr. H. D. Ingraham
  216. Mr. Inman
  217. Mrs. Inman
  218. Mr. W. F. Jackson
  219. Mrs. Jackson
  220. Miss Helen F. Jackson
  221. Master John J. Jackson
  222. Mr. F. N. Jackson
  223. Mrs. Jackson
  224. Mr. P. Jamieson
  225. Mr. Thomas B. Jeffery. Thomas Buckland Jeffery (5 February 1845–2 April 1910) was an inventor and manufacturer of bicycles and early automobiles
  226. Mr. George F. Jewett
  227. Miss Jodrell
  228. Miss D. Johnson
  229. Mr. Duncan Joy
  230. Mr. J. Kahn
  231. Mr. P. Kaiser
  232. Dr. A. Kaiser
  233. Mr. J. A. Ketby
  234. Mr. George Kennedy
  235. Mr. Charles Kerney
  236. Mrs. Kerney
  237. Dr. C. Killing
  238. Mr. George Gordon King
  239. Mr. T. F. Kingsmill
  240. Mr. Harry A. Kingsmill
  241. Mr. J. De Klyuo
  242. Mr. De Klyno
  243. Miss Knight
  244. Mr. Henry Knoblock
  245. Mrs. Knoblock and Child
  246. Mr. T. H. Koch
  247. Mr. J. F. Koester
  248. Mr. Lee Kohns
  249. Mr. Thomas Lailey
  250. Mrs. Lailey
  251. Dr. W. J. Langfitt
  252. Mr. W. Laughlin
  253. Mr. Evan A. Leigh
  254. Mrs. Leigh
  255. Mr. George E Lewis
  256. Mrs. Lewis
  257. Miss Lieb
  258. Miss C. Lieb
  259. Miss Annie T. Lincoln
  260. Dr. S. H. Linn
  261. Mr. David Lisner
  262. Mr. A. A. Little
  263. Mr. E. Lloyd, Jr.
  264. Mrs. Lloyd
  265. Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood. Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood (October 24, 1830 – May 19, 1917) was an American attorney, politician, educator, and author. She was active in working for women's rights. The press of her day referred to her as a "suffragist," someone who believed in women's suffrage or voting rights. Lockwood overcame many social and personal obstacles related to gender restrictions. After college, she became a teacher and principal, working to equalize pay for women in education. She supported the movement for world peace, and was a proponent of temperance
  266. Miss M. M. Logan
  267. Miss S. S. Lombard
  268. Miss Edith Lombard
  269. Miss Annie Love
  270. Mr. L. H. Low
  271. Mr. Harry E. Lowe
  272. Mrs. Lowe
  273. Miss J. Lowe
  274. Miss Annie Lowe. Annie Lowe was a suffragist in Victoria, Australia. She and Henrietta Dugdale founded the Victorian Women's Suffrage Society in 1884.
  275. Mr. G. M. Lynch
  276. Mrs. T. Lynch
  277. Mr. James Macdonald. James MacDonald (1857 - fl. 1938) was a British trade unionist. In 1888, MacDonald worked with Lewis Lyons to united both East End and West End tailors, which became the Amalgamated Tailors' Union. He then founded a newspaper, Journeyman, and joined the Independent Labour Party (ILP)
  278. Mrs. Macdonald
  279. Mr. H. Mace
  280. Mrs. H. Mace
  281. Miss Allan Macfarlane
  282. Mrs. MacGowan, Two Children, and Maid
  283. Mr. H. W. Mack
  284. Mr. John Mackey
  285. Major-General Donald Mackintyre. Major General Donald Macintyre VC (12 September 1831 – 15 April 1903) was a Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces
  286. Mrs. Mackintyre
  287. Mr. Charles Hair
  288. Mr. A. S. Malcomson
  289. Mr. M. F. Maloy
  290. Miss Maloy
  291. Mr. James H. Mannigan
  292. Mr. Mansley
  293. Mrs. Mansley
  294. Mr. J. J. Mapel
  295. Mr. F. G. J. Margetson
  296. Mr. John E. Marshall
  297. Mrs. Marshall and Maid
  298. Mr. D. Martin, Jr.
  299. Mr. J. E. Maximilieu
  300. Miss S. J. McCaffrey
  301. Miss C. E. McCaffrey
  302. Mr. James McCreery
  303. Mr. Robert S. McCreery
  304. Miss M. A. McDonnell
  305. Miss Kate McDonnell
  306. Mr. George H. McFadden
  307. Mrs. McFadden
  308. Miss Ella McFadden
  309. Mr. J. G. McIlwraith
  310. Mr. A. W. McLean
  311. Rev. A. J. McNamara
  312. Mr. F. McNulty
  313. Mrs. E. S. Mead
  314. Mrs. K. Meerloo and Child
  315. Miss G. B. Mellersh
  316. Miss H. Mellersh
  317. Mr. W. D. Mellersh
  318. Miss Merkur
  319. Miss E. M. Meyer
  320. Miss A. C. Meyer
  321. Mr. Livingston Middlemost
  322. Mr. Warwick P. Miller
  323. Mrs. Miller
  324. Miss Eliza H. Miller
  325. Miss Isabel Miller
  326. Miss Janet Miller
  327. Dr. F. D. C. Miller
  328. Mr. W. J. Milligan
  329. Mr. J. Milliken
  330. Mrs. Milliken
  331. Mr. G. Mitchell
  332. Mr. Walter J. Moat
  333. Mrs. Honing
  334. Judge E. A. C. Monson
  335. Mr. W. H. Moody. William Henry Moody (December 23, 1853 – July 2, 1917) was an American politician and jurist, who held positions in all three branches of the Government of the United States
  336. Mr. F. Morgan
  337. Mr. Dave H. Morris
  338. Mr. Stanley Mortimer and Valet
  339. Mrs. Mortimer and Maid
  340. Mr. C. Moseman
  341. Miss P. E. Murch
  342. Miss Montolien Murray
  343. Mr. Edward Murray
  344. Mr. K. L. Murray
  345. Mr. Cecil Murray
  346. Miss E. M. Murphy
  347. Miss Kate J. Murphy
  348. Mr. P. Musson
  349. Mrs. Musson
  350. Miss L. L. Nelden
  351. Mr. C. B. Nelson
  352. Master C. Newman
  353. Mr. H. G. Nichols
  354. Mr. A. H. Nichols
  355. Miss M. Nicholson
  356. Mr. D. K. Nicholson
  357. Mr. John Nickson
  358. Mr. R. W. Nickson
  359. Mr. W. H. Nunn
  360. Mr. Thomas O'Connell
  361. Miss M. O'Connell
  362. Mr. J. J. O'Donohue
  363. Mrs. O'Donohue and Maid
  364. Mr. J. A. Ogilvy
  365. Mr. T. Luis De Onativia and Manservant
  366. Mr. E. M. Osborn
  367. Mr. John Owen
  368. Mr. H. B. Palmer
  369. Mr. C. W. Pardridge
  370. Mrs. Pardridge
  371. Miss Eva Pardridge
  372. Miss Mary Padridge
  373. Mr. E. W. Pardridge
  374. Rev. W. E. Park
  375. Mr. J. M. Parker. John Milliken Parker (March 16, 1863 – May 20, 1939) was an American Democratic politician from Louisiana, who served as the state's 37th Governor from 1920 to 1924. He was a friend and admirer of President Theodore Roosevelt
  376. Mrs. Parker
  377. Miss J. T. Parker
  378. Mr. L. S. G. Parker
  379. Mrs. Parrish
  380. Miss Edith Parrish
  381. Miss Katharine Parrish
  382. Mr. De Pasquale
  383. Mr. M. E. Pavy
  384. Mr. James Pearson
  385. Mr. George F. Peduzzi
  386. Mr. Penfield
  387. Mr. E. Perkins
  388. Mr. W. S. Pierce
  389. Mr. Pinney
  390. Mr. J. H. Platt
  391. Mr. J. D. Plunkett
  392. Mr. George Potter
  393. Miss Mary Potter
  394. Mr. Chas. Potter
  395. Mr. Webster C. Powell
  396. Mrs. Powell
  397. Mr. N. H. Pratt
  398. Mr. F. J. Preston
  399. Miss A. L. Prichard
  400. Mrs. E. Pritchard and Child
  401. Mrs. Anna Putnam
  402. Miss Josephine Quan
  403. Sister M. Reins
  404. Mr. W. C. Rennolds
  405. Miss M. Renwick
  406. Mr. A. J. Reynolds, Jr.
  407. Mrs. Reynolds
  408. Miss Sara A. Rhodes
  409. Mr. L. C. Riggs
  410. Mr. T. Ritchie
  411. Miss Roberts
  412. Dr. W. T. Robinson
  413. Mrs. W. T. Robinson
  414. Mr. Robinson
  415. Mr. F. Robinson
  416. Mr. A. A. Rockwell
  417. Mr. T. R. Ronald
  418. Mr. A. de Ronde
  419. Mrs. Rondebush
  420. Mr. R. E. Ross
  421. Mr. W. E. Russell
  422. Mr. G. R. Ryan
  423. Rev. James Ryle
  424. Mr. F. A. Salmonson
  425. Mrs. Sampson
  426. Miss A. Sanger
  427. Mr. L. Sanger
  428. Mr. R. C. Schaller
  429. Miss C. Schaller
  430. Mr. M. O. Schmidt
  431. Mr. S. Schmidt
  432. Mr. Scott
  433. Mr. Henry W. Scott
  434. Mrs. Scott
  435. Mr. Scroggie
  436. Miss Mary Scudder
  437. Rev. Dr. Seehan
  438. Mr. Seller
  439. Mr. F. Seymour
  440. Mrs. Seymour
  441. Mr. Hugh Shaw
  442. Mrs. Shaw and Child
  443. Mr. Silver
  444. Mr. David Simons
  445. Mr. William Simons
  446. Mrs. J. Singerley
  447. Mr. T. H. Sissons
  448. Dr. Eugene Smith
  449. Miss Kate Smith
  450. Miss F. R. Smith
  451. Sir Donald Smith and Valet. Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, GCMG, GCVO, PC, DL (6 August 1820 – 21 January 1914) was a Scottish-born Canadian who became one of the British Empire's foremost builders and philanthropists. He became commissioner, governor and principal shareholder of the Hudson's Bay Company. He was president of the Bank of Montreal and with his first cousin, Lord Mount Stephen, co-founded the Canadian Pacific Railway
  452. Mr. C. Harold Smith
  453. Mr. L. C. Smith
  454. Mrs. Smith
  455. Mr. Burns Smith
  456. Rev. P. E. Smyth
  457. Mrs. H. C. Sondifer
  458. Mr. L. L. Spofford
  459. Mr. M. P. Springer
  460. Mr. W. W. Stanley
  461. Miss Grace Steele
  462. Mr. Charles Sternbach
  463. Mr. Sternbach, Jr.
  464. Mr. Stevens
  465. Mr. John Stevens
  466. Mr. E. Stevens
  467. Mr. C. Stevens
  468. Mr. R. Stevens
  469. Mrs. Stevens
  470. Miss Stevens
  471. Miss M. Stevens
  472. Miss C. Stevens and Two Maids
  473. Mr. W. Stewart
  474. Mrs. Stewart
  475. Miss E. F. Stickney
  476. Mr. R. B. Stone
  477. Mrs. It, B. Stone
  478. Miss A. J. Stone
  479. General Stone
  480. Mr. Richmond Stone
  481. General Roy Stone
  482. Mrs. Stone
  483. Miss E. M. Storey
  484. Mr. Charles Storrow
  485. Mrs. Storrow
  486. Miss M. C. Storrow
  487. Mr. Edward C. Storrow
  488. Mr. C. L. Stowell
  489. Mrs. Stowell
  490. Earl of Stradbroke. George Edward John Mowbray Rous, 3rd Earl of Stradbroke, KCMG CB CVO CBE VD TD (19 November 1862 – 20 December 1947) was a British noble and the 15th Governor of Victoria, Australia
  491. Mr. Jesse Strauss
  492. Mr. J. K. Strayer
  493. Mrs. Strayer
  494. Dr. D. L. Streeter
  495. Mrs. J. C. Stumpf
  496. Mr. L. L. Sturges
  497. Mrs. Sturges
  498. Rev. Father Sullivan
  499. Mr. James H. Tallman
  500. Mr. W. M. Tate
  501. Mr. C. E. M. Taylor
  502. Charles C. Taylor
  503. Hon. F. Thellurson
  504. Miss A. Thomson
  505. Mr. R. Ticehurst
  506. Mr. Ticehurst, Jr.
  507. Mr. Edward Tinnerty
  508. Miss Jeannette Todd
  509. Mr. Toovey
  510. Mr. Town
  511. Mrs. Tracey
  512. Miss E. L. Trevette
  513. Mr. W. O. H Tripp
  514. Mr. W. Turner
  515. Mr. Uppington
  516. Miss Violette
  517. Mr. D. Wadley
  518. Mr. George P. Wadley
  519. Mr. H. G. Wadley
  520. Mrs. Wadley
  521. Mr. F. B. Wagner
  522. Mrs. Wagner
  523. Mr. John Wain
  524. Mrs. Wain
  525. Miss Walser
  526. Mrs. Walton
  527. Mr. S. A. Ward
  528. Mr. E. D. Warfield
  529. Dr. S. M. Wells
  530. His Excellency Baron de Westemberg
  531. Mrs. de Westemberg
  532. Mr. F. W. Whitaker
  533. Mr. T. E. White
  534. Mrs. White
  535. Mr. White, Jr.
  536. Mr. A. J. White
  537. Mr. M. White
  538. Mr. W. E. Whitehead
  539. Mr. Francis Whiteley
  540. Mrs. Whiteley
  541. Mrs. James Whiteley
  542. Miss Whiteley
  543. Mr. James Whitley
  544. Mr. Milton J. Whiteley
  545. Mr. W. J. Wigg
  546. Mr. Lewis Wight
  547. Mr. C. Wight
  548. Mrs. Lewis Wight
  549. Mrs. Mary Wilford
  550. Major E. Calvin Williams
  551. Mr. Henry J. Wills
  552. Mr. A. L. Withington
  553. Mrs. Withington
  554. Mr. C. F. Wolfenden
  555. Mr. Wolff
  556. Mr. L. D. Woodin
  557. Mr. W. Young

Leading British Hotels, Leading New York Hotel, and Railway Announcements, 1890.

Leading British Hotels, Leading New York Hotel, and Railway Announcements, 1890. Back Cover of a Saloon Class Passenger List for the RMS Umbria of the Cunard Line Dated 16 August 1890. GGA Image ID # 15a2725405

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