RMS Carmania Passenger List - 5 June 1906

Saloon Passenger List, RMS Carmania Onboard Publication of the Cunard Daily Bulletin for 7 June 1906.

Saloon Passenger List from the RMS Carmania of the Cunard Line, Departing 5 June 1906 from New York to Liverpool, Commanded by Captain John Pritchard. Cunard Daily Bulletin: SS Carmania, 7 June 1906. GGA Image ID # 1311a603df

Senior Officers and Staff

Commander: Captain John Pritchard

Saloon Passengers

  1. Miss Ethel Austin
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Beckwith
  3. Miss Beckwith
  4. Lady Evelyn Baring and maid
  5. Mr. D. H. Beckett
  6. Mrs. M. W. Burt
  7. Col. Edward Lyman Bill
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Valentine Bliss
  9. Miss Bliss
  10. Mr. Cornelius L. Butts
  11. Mrs. Grace H. Bacon
  12. Mrs. Wm. P. Boyd
  13. Miss Margaret Boyd
  14. Mr. Wm. P. Boyd
  15. Mrs. G. Barton
  16. Miss Bartlett
  17. Mrs. J. Bueno
  18. Mr. C. Bortoli
  19. Mr. and Mrs. Geo P. Cutler
  20. Mr. A. G. Clarke
  21. Miss Callender and maid
  22. Mr. Arthur Cook
  23. Mrs. Herbert Carter
  24. Mr. Cecil Cochrane
  25. Mr. Wm. Carr
  26. Dr. R. J. Cooke
  27. Mis. George Crouch
  28. Master Arthur G. Crouch
  29. Mr. Henry M. Cohen
  30. Mr. Nathaniel Cohen
  31. Miss Fannie Cohen
  32. Miss Small Cohen
  33. Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Constable
  34. Miss Dorothy Constable
  35. Mr. John Cheshire
  36. Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Cooke
  37. Mr. S. W. Cropper
  38. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Cunningham
  39. Miss Cunningham
  40. Rev. W. H. Campbell
  41. Mr. Frederic Cliff
  42. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dickinson
  43. Mr. E. N. Dickerson and Valet
  44. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Douglas
  45. Mr. T. Dryden
  46. Mr. F. G. Dixon
  47. Mr. J. G. Dickson
  48. Miss Marie Ewing
  49. Miss de Forest
  50. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Fraser
  51. Master Duncan Fraser
  52. Mr. Brinsley Fitzgerald and valet
  53. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. F. Fowles
  54. Miss Gertrude F. Fowles
  55. Miss Gladys M. Fowles
  56. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Field
  57. Miss Doris Field
  58. Miss Myra Field
  59. Rev. and Mrs. Geo. Freeman
  60. Mr. W. T. Giesse
  61. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gross
  62. Mr. C. J. Garland
  63. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Haines
  64. Mis» Julia Haines
  65. Miss Lydia Haines
  66. Mr. F. J. W. Hunter
  67. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Hodgens
  68. Master Thomas Hodgens and maid
  69. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hyman
  70. Miss H. B. Mewson
  71. Mr. and Mrs. C. Hodgson
  72. Master Hodgson
  73. Miss Hodgson
  74. Mr. C. F. Harding
  75. Mr. Eward Harrison
  76. Miss C. Harrison
  77. Capt. and Mrs. H. K. Hayter, infant, and nurse
  78. Mrs. S. M. Hofhheimer
  79. Miss Gertrude Hirst
  80. Mrs. S. Hudson
  81. Mrs. VV. L. Horbury
  82. Mr. Fred Hewetson
  83. Mrs. Janis
  84. Miss Janis
  85. Mr. Robert Jackson
  86. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Johnson
  87. Mrs Edward B. Jermyn
  88. Miss Emma Jermyn
  89.  Mr. George N. Jennings
  90. Dr. C. H. Jennings
  91. Mr. W. H. B. Kleiner
  92. Mrs. E. Kingsand
  93. Mr. S. H. M. Killik
  94. Mr. Gordon W. Kitchen
  95. Mrs. J. Kemp
  96. Mr. Ï. Kukuchi
  97. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Keim
  98. Mr. George M. Keiser
  99. Mis. Wm. C. Keiser
  100. Miss Frances H Keiser
  101. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Kent
  102. Master R. B. Kent
  103. Miss Emiiy Kent
  104. Mr. A. Kitchener
  105. Mr. James Knott
  106. Mrs. J. Lawrence Lee
  107. Mrs. Henry L. Lee
  108. Miss Margaret Lee and maid
  109. Mrs. A. Laurie
  110. Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Large
  111. Mr. A. H. Lloyd
  112. Mr. Chas. Lang
  113. Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall
  114. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Meyer
  115. Miss Ethel L. Meyer and governess
  116. Master Chas. H. Meyer
  117. Mr. and Mrs. John Mullins
  118. Rev. F. E. Mortimer
  119. Mr. H. A. Macintyre
  120. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin MacVeagh and maid
  121. Mr. Chas. Macdonald
  122. Miss Macgregor
  123. Mr. Eugene Meyer, Jr.
  124. Mr. and Mrs. V. Michaelson
  125. Mr. F. Henry Mahoney
  126. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer
  127. Miss Meyeland maid
  128. Mr. McNulty
  129. Sir Andrew McDonald
  130. Mr. Hugh Miller
  131. Miss U. E. Malcolm
  132. Mr. E. O. Moyna
  133. Mr. M. \V. Muir
  134. Mr. Harold E. Nash
  135. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Nason
  136. Miss Frances Ogden
  137. Mr. Chas. H. Owen
  138. Mrs. Annie Price
  139. Miss Margaret Post
  140. Mr. W. A. Powell
  141. Mr. L. B. Purdey
  142. Mrs. Julia Purdey
  143. Mr. Austin Porritt
  144. Major Parkin
  145. Mr. W. F. Pitel
  146. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Platt
  147. Mr. Chas. H. Parsons
  148. Mr. J. W. Palmer
  149. Dr. J. A. Phillips
  150. Mrs. J. Phillips
  151. Mr. A. W. Pearse
  152. Mr. J. Percival
  153. Mr. A. W. Pearse
  154. Lt. A. H. Pullman
  155. Mrs. C. Rapelye
  156. Mr. Ernest Rennie
  157. Mr. Robert Rankin
  158. Miss Mary Y. Robinson
  159. Miss Anna B. Robinson
  160. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reiber
  161. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Re Qua
  162. Mr. Haven Re Qua
  163. Master Howard Re Qua
  164. Miss Catherine Re Qua
  165. Miss C. Rawlimon
  166. Dr. N. N. Riddle
  167. Mrs. Reynolds
  168. Miss Reynolds
  169. Miss Reynolds
  170. Mr. W. Richardson
  171. Mrs. A. W. Rhodes
  172. Miss May Rhodes
  173. Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Robinson
  174. Mr. W. G. Schnitzlein
  175. Mr. J. Henry Smith and valet
  176. Mr. W. P. Stewart
  177. Dr. J. J. Suckert
  178. Mr. W. T. Stern
  179. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Shainwald and maid
  180. Miss Maisie Shainwald
  181. Miss Marion Shainwald
  182. Miss M. Sammis
  183. Mr. Frederick H. Swan
  184. Mrs. Frances B Swan
  185. Miss Anna Scherz
  186. Miss M. J. Stuart
  187. Mr. W. B. Skinner
  188. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Scott
  189. Mr. R. A. W. Sloan
  190. Mr. Win. Stewart
  191. Miss Stina Stewart
  192. Mr. K. Sudzuki
  193. Miss M. R. Sherman
  194. Mr. Geo. M. Spiegle
  195. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shrigley
  196. Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Thompson
  197. Master Roosevelt Thompson
  198. Hon. Lambert Tree and manservant
  199. Mr. Frederick Trapp
  200. Mr. and Mrs. Percival Tatterslield
  201. Miss Olga Tatterslield
  202. Master Gerald Tatterslield
  203. Mrs. James E. Tatterslield
  204. Miss Alice Wardman
  205. Mr. Alfred Willis
  206. Mr. G. (i. Willis
  207. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Winslow
  208. Miss Mabel Winslow
  209. Mrs. and Mrs. Frederick C. J. Wiss
  210. Mr. J. Robert Wiss
  211. Master Norman F. Wiss
  212. Miss Florence S. Wiss
  213. Mrs. H. A. Wolff
  214. Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Weekes
  215. Mr. John Wilson
  216. Mr. Emerson Wood
  217. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. I. Woodland
  218. Mr. Arthur Wardle
  219. Mr. W. H. Wilson
  220. Mr. A. G. Whitney
  221. Mr. G. Creighton Webb
  222. Mr. Muir Wright
  223. Mr. George Warren
  224. Mr. James Zilver
  225. Mr. Louis Zilver

Passenger List Information

Saloon Passenger List for the eastbound voyage of the RMS Carmania was published in the 7 June 1906 Carmania Edition of the Cunard Daily Bulletin. Captain John Pritchard was not explicitly stated as the commander, however, he was assigned to command the RMS Carmania until October 1907 when he was appointed commander of the new RMS Mauretania.

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