SS Washington Luncheon Menu - 6 July 1933

Menu Card, SS Washington Luncheon Menu - 6 July 1933

Expansive Depression Era Luncheon Menu Card for Thursday, 6 July 1933, Makes This Tourist Cabin Luncheon a Feast for the Passengers. The Bill of Fare From the SS Washington of the United States Lines Features a Chef's Special, Home Cured Corned Beef and Steamed Green Cabbage, Boiled New Bermuda Potatoes & Bran Biscuit. GGA Image ID # 155d4ae96f


Menu Items

Hors d'Œuvres

  • Smoked Salmon à la Russe
  • Herring Salad
  • Sour Mixed Pickles
  • Azia Cucumbers
  • Dill Pickles
  • Grgen Olives

Cold Buffet

  • Leg of Lamb, Bretonne
  • Westphalian and Prague Ham
  • Home-made Headcheese, Vinaigrette
  • Salade Du Barry
  • Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, Sauce St. Vincent
  • Various Kinds of Fresh and Smoked Sausages


  • Cream of Tomatoes, Paradise
  • Petite Marmite, Ann Morgan
  • Hodge Podge of Ox Tail, Scotch Style


  • Fried Flounder, Tomato Sauce - Potato Salad, Parmentier
  • Boiled Red Snapper, Sauce Rubens


  • Chef's Special: Home Cured Corned Beef and Steamed Green Cabbage
    Boiled New Bermuda Potatoes - Bran Biscuit
  • Hungarian Gulyas - Buttered Band Noodles with Ham, Dill Pickle
  • Sauté of Lamb in Curry and Saffron Risotto, Oah Style - Chutney


  • Broiled Chicken on Toast - Watercress


  • Saffron Risotto
  • Green Kale with Pinkel
  • Home-made Noodles with Minced Ham, Cheese


  • New Parsley Baked


  • Hearts of Lettuce
  • Cucumber in Chive
  • French or Plaza Dressing


  • Apricot Pie
  • Raspberry Ice Cream
  • Assorted Biscuits


  • Liederkranz
  • Gervaise
  • Gorgonzola
  • Assorted Crackers


  • Coffee, Tea, Milk
  • Iced Tea or Iced Coffee
  • Fresh Fruit Basket


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